South Carolina & Oregon Legislators Rolling out Gun Bans

Last week we told you how California legislators were in the process of criminalizing most of the state’s law abiding gun owners. Well two more states can now be added to the list of places actively working to destroy the 2nd amendment.

South Carolina: House Bill 3575 banning semi-auto rifles and shotguns.

South Carolina is the latest in a string of states trying to take away your right to bear arms. Yesterday, South Carolina legislators introduced House Bill 3575, a piece of legislation that will ban most semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

The ban will go after:

  • All semiautomatic action, centerfire rifles with a detachable magazine with a capacity of twenty-one or more rounds.
  • Any part or combination of parts designed or intended to convert a firearm into an assault weapon, including a detachable magazine with a capacity of twenty-one or more rounds.
  • All semiautomatic shotguns with a folding stock or a magazine capacity of more than six rounds, or both.

Oregon: House Bill 3200

Not to be outdone, Oregon Introduced House Bill 3200, a bill that will ban almost all semi-automatic firearms.

The bill will:

  • Criminalize the possession and transfer of many commonly used firearms
  • Will Create a Gun Registry (which we all know eventually leads to confiscation)
  • Will limit ownership to one registered “assault weapon” and 3 magazines per person.
  • Will subject all gun owners to “inspections” by state police.
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  1. I find it a little suspicious how many states are actively pushing this type of legislation. Who is really behind all these bills? they are too similar for it not to be part of a larger plan?

  2. “All semiautomatic action, centerfire rifles with a detachable magazine with a capacity of twenty-one or more rounds. This means even a Ruger 10/22, with its new BX-25 Magazine, would be considered illegal in South Carolina.”

    I’m no expert but isn’t a Ruger 10/22 a rim fire and not center fire ???

    • 10/22 is rimfire… I was working on a separate article on similar legislation thats coming down the pipeline and forgot to take this out. Thanks for pointing it out, it’s been removed.

  3. Last i heard one of our SC reps was in contact to get magpul and remington to try and relocate to south carolina it made national news so now im confused

    • I call this bill H. 3575 the Charleston Idiot Bill. This has to be one of the biggest idiots in South Carolina to think he can get his bill passed. STUPID LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!

  4. VIVA MEXICO….where owening an assault weapon is still legal…And if you can’t aford one the US goverment will give you one…No mas amigos…

  5. this is so out of wack im a ca resident and i think you need to buy your ammo supplys now and reload from hear on out the frist thing i got when i got my frist gun was the stuff needed to reload and then re port them stolen and put it away tell shtf or this crap is overturned

    • Naw…what the BAD guys will do is attack the cops and Military, and take THEIR arms and Ammo! Of course, I would never do anything like THAT! Nope, I’m a GOOD little Sheeple; BAAAaaaa, Baaaaaa!

  6. Because we all know that a folding stock on a shotgun makes it so much more deadly (sarcasm). And a person that is proficient with changing magazines is only slightly hindered by magazine capacity restrictions (not sarcasm). If they actually cared about stopping crime, they would pass laws that affect criminals. Instead they pass laws to restrict and control honest, lawful people.

  7. Am I the only person who is going to see a confederate verses yankee war again. They want to talk about spending cuts but they spend almost 100,000.00 in warfare the first of this year. I wonder what they are going to be doing with all that warfare. HINT

    • I really hope we don’t go in that direction, but I’m afraid it may happen. I’m certain the government is getting prepared for that possibility.

  8. I’m an Oregonian and I’ve been following HB 3200. I’ve auto mailed every senator and representative regarding it and received dozens of personal replies back. This bill won’t pass, but it is scary to think it was even suggested in our state. Especially with a half dozen Co sponsors.

  9. In politics, NOTHING is by coincidence. There is some evil scheme in the works to criminalize all law-abiding citizens and attempt to confiscate our weapons. I say “attempt”. Are they really as willing to die to take them as we are to keep them? Once we knock off a few hundred of these gestapo wannabes, maybe they will rethink trying to disarm the populace.

    • I don’t think it will take a couple hundred, but it is a good goal, if they insist on behaving like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc….

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