Supreme Court Okays Destruction of Gun Industry: Rules ‘Victims’ can sue if their firearms are used in crimes.

Gun control advocates just received the victory they have been hoping for. They will now be able to go after the second amendment by suing gun companies out of existence.

Today, the United States Supreme Court refused to reverse a ruling from the Connecticut Supreme Court, allowing ‘victims’ of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers. The Supreme Court said Tuesday that a survivor and relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting can pursue their lawsuit against Remington Arms, the maker of the rifle used to kill 26 people.

By refusing to hear the case, SCOTUS has effectively made The Connecticut Supreme Courts earlier 4-3 ruling the new standard.

Back in 2015, we warned that these activists were coming for our guns via the court system; in fact, during a 2015 campaign event Hillary Clinton proudly announced her plan to bankrupt firearms manufacturers by suing them for crimes other people committed with their products.

Think of the absurdity of being able to sue a manufacturer for what someone else did with your product. If this is the new normal, then we now

  • Sue Ben and Jerry’s for making people fat?
  • Sue automakers when their cars are part of an accident that causes a death?
  • Sue Rappers who inspire inner-city thugs to rob, steal and deal drugs?
  • How about when an auto-makers truck is used in terror attacks, is that any different than a gun?

This is nothing more than a full our assault on gun owners. They couldn’t get rid of the second amendment, but if they can bankrupt firearms manufacturers by sewing them for everything that goes wrong in the world then they have still achieved their goal of getting rid of guns.

Sandy Hook shooting lawsuit to go forward

The court’s order will allow the lawsuit filed in Connecticut state court by a survivor and relatives of nine victims who died at the Newtown, Connecticut, school on Dec. 14, 2012, to go forward.

The lawsuit says Remington Arms should never have sold a weapon as dangerous as the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle to the general public. It also alleges Remington targeted younger, at-risk males in marketing and product placement in violent video games.

Opponents of the suit contend that gunman Adam Lanza alone is responsible for killing 20 first graders and six educators. He was 20 years old. “I support the Second Amendment and the right to own firearms and guns, but on the other hand there’s reckless advertising and marketing,” said Neil Heslin, whose son, Jesse Lewis, died in the shooting. “There should be accountability and responsibility for that.”

Fucking Bizarro world man!

Instead of suing the Sheriff’s office who were warned of killers homicidal plans before the shooting, but failed to do anything to stop him we now live in a world where the killer is no longer the bad guy. Now instead of people who could have stopped the shooting being prosecuted, or maybe holding the actual killer responsible,  a tool that the killer used  is on trial.

The main gun industry group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which happens to be based in Newtown, said it was disappointed the Supreme Court declined to review the case but is confident Remington will win in the trial court.

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“Nothing in Remington’s advertising of these products connotes or encourages the illegal or negligent misuse of firearms,” the group said in a statement. “We continue to feel sympathy toward the Sandy Hook victims, as NSSF is headquartered in Newtown, but Adam Lanza alone is responsible for his heinous actions.”

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  1. I believe that Remington will win in the courts. Suing the manufactures of firearms defies logic, common sense and the naked truth. Prepare.

  2. Say what? Supreme court judges refusing to reverse should be disbarred and removed from their office on grounds of conspiring against the public and failure to uphold oath of office. Which then opens up the road for charges of treason…

    Can we bring back public tarring feathering and hanging? Maybe its time they be reminded who the real final arbiters of law are.

  3. The ruling sets “precedent” for allowing any manufacturer to be sued if their product is used in a crime probably forcing them out of business. Say goodbye to cars, knives, hammers, baseball bats, etc., etc., etc.

  4. All I can say is wow… if anyone get sued, it should be the sheriff’s office for ignoring the warnings of the killers homicidal plans before the shooting!

  5. Stanley makes screwdrivers that have been used in attacks.

    Louisville Slugger makes baseball bats!

    Hey, those auto manufacturers continue to make vehicles knowing that someone is going to get drunk and get behind the wheel.

    Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with laws like this?

    And then in Sparks, when six of my weapons were stolen from a friend’s house, the cops had great big KFC looking fingerprints all over the windows obviously from the perpetrator as my friend was a neat freak … but the cops? The cops in Sparks Nevada were so concerned that they would not even come and fill out a report.

  6. So gun manufacturers can be held liable for people who misuse thwir product, but vaccine manufactures have been granted blanket immunity for the use of their product that is designed to improve health and save children when it kills or causes Severe Adverse Events such as health problems and seizures. Follow the money, you may find Pharma backing these gun lawsuits…

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