Surveillance States of America: Silicon Valley Creates Robocop that will Start Patrolling Streets this Year

It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie or an Orwellian Novel about a government gone mad with power; unfortunately, it could be our very near future: Robocops and drones keeping tabs on everyone.

A Silicon Valley company called Knightscope is currently testing a prototype robot that they say will help patrol the streets of America – monitoring the public and using analytical data to “predict future crimes.” The Knightscope K5 is a five-foot-tall autonomous robot that looks closer to R2-D2 than it does Robocop, but this robot is no Hollywood creation, it’s the real deal.

Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machine

According to the company, the new Robocop is built to “Predict and Prevent crime.” William Santana Li, CEO of Knightscope, says the robot is, “everything that’s great about Silicon Valley, its robotics, big data, predictive analytics, its sensors,” and it could be patrolling your neighborhood very soon.

The company not only hopes to use these robots to track your every move, but they’re seeking to combine them with social media platforms so everyone can become a mini-spy for the police state.

From the companies website:

Data collected through these sensors is processed through our predictive analytics engine, combined with existing business, government and crowdsourced social data sets, and subsequently assigned an alert level that determines when the community and the authorities should be notified of a concern.

If an alert is pushed, the K5 machine will turn on all of its sensors to allow the entire community to review everything and also contribute important real-time information. Our approach alleviates any privacy concerns, engages the community on a social level to effectively crowdsource security, and provides an important feedback loop to the prediction engine.

Silicon Valley is the Big Brother Surveillance State we all feared.

Over the years, Silicon Valley companies have generated a treasure trove of information. These companies control massive databases filled with private information on everyone who has ever spent any time on the internet. Things you would be reluctant to tell even your doctor, are sitting somewhere in a database profile because you searched for it online.

I don’t think people realize how much information these companies, and the government, really have. Between the information you share on social media, to the pictures you upload from your smart phones, they pretty much have it all. Your face, your habits, the things you buy, and anything you’ve ever done online is sitting somewhere inside a massive database just waiting to be abused.

We used to fear the Big Brother surveillance state, but for some reason people looked the other way when these private companies started to build detailed profiles on every person in the world. Now, there’s really no turning back.

knightscope k5
The Knightscope K5 capabilities include facial recognition, the ability to connect to massive databases and profiles, the ability to instantly pull in social media data, and what the company claims is “the ability to predict crimes.”

These companies are actively pushing for the surveillance of everybody, and every square inch of the world. Is this video below, the company shows how it’s Robot can be combined with drone technology to create an atmosphere where no one can hide.

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    • My thoughts exactly! When I read about these things a few months back, my reaction was that I should be taunting these things. F’um in the ear.

    • Maybe I’m wrong, but when I was a kid this would just invite boys to want to screw with this thing. Put tape over the camera, spray paint it, put up barricades to stop it, boy I could go on….

    • Take a pensil and scrub the graphite into power. Whenever on passes, blow the graphice dust in a little crack and it will short circuit.

      Graphite is electric conductive and shortcircuits any electrical divice.

    • It I’d connected to drone technology. drones are now being programmed to work in swarms by their own intelligence as a army. that’s just the beginning. well this is the new reality of life I was expecting to start seeing more of this year lol. no matter how anything goes from this point the future is positive though. godspeed.

  1. ALL THESE ROBOTS ARE, are guards in a prison. It’s really that simple. This robot does not prevent crime, it is for spying on people, period. To fix this problem, shoot it from a distance, hitting it with a car, EMP pulse, pushing it off an edge, etc. Just cover your face, cover your tag, and do what must be done to remove big brother disgusting itself as “for your safety”. The tech mentioned that it is no different then you being at an ATM with a security guard. Ummm, the security guard has a gun. The best protection is you carrying a gun.

    • What would happen if some kid put a large garbage bag on this thing? What a waste. Would a cop have to come out and “rescue” it? Yea…another expensive boondoggle.

  2. License plates covered, Check
    Tow ball down, Check
    Ramming speed, Check
    Run this bitch over with my truck!

  3. This is REALLY spooky !!!!! This “Robocop” is truly Orwells 84 in 20014. This bucket of bolts is actually gonna predict future crimes ?!?! Yeh, right ! All it’s going to do is put most people on “edge”, afraid this 5ft “Gestapo Agent” on wheels is will “finger” them for some crime that this 5ft “bucket of bolts”, “decides” they are gonna comit. If law enforcement really wants to fight crime, just STOP letting criminals out on parrole !!!! Law enforcement stats show that MOST violent crimes are done by REPEAT OFFENDERS !!!!! Career thugs who have BEEN in prison but are back out on te streets on parole. These F’ing MAGGOTS should be in jail for LIFE. I’m talking about rapists, murders, etc. The really EVIL thugs who will never be re-habbed. Keep ALL the really dangerous criminals behind bars FOREVER, and violent crime would drop like a ROCK. We wouldn’t need this new Robocop.

    • Capital punishment is a better solution for repeat offenders of violent crimes, heck even give them a 3 strike rule. But on that third strike, no questions, no needles, bullet to the back of the head.

    • Well, halting parole still wouldn’t address the root cause behind crime to begin with, and neither does this dumb electric egg on wheels. The masses have been pacified into believing that this current social order, based on competition, narcissism, inefficiency and waste, is the best we can do. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Competition is DEAD – time to COLLABORATE. Never mind personalities or parties, what matters are IDEAS. Unleash technology to create a world of abundance, end debt-slavery and servitude, freeing the masses from elitist control for the FIRST TIME in history while making war, poverty, disease, crime, drug addiction and suicide all things of the past. We’re allowing ourselves to be led by deceptive apes who only want to divide and conquer…time to reconsider.

  4. I’m confused. I thought libertarians were all for private enterprise. This is privately designed, privately built and patrols only privately owned buildings. What’s the beef? One swat with a baseball bat and this very expensive little unit is done for. It’s obviously unsuited for any kind of law enforcement work. Well, unless they make a model that can fly like a Dalek.

    • And you think the govt will just keep it in private buildings
      Do you really think the US public would stand up to stop them
      Its to late for them

  5. It’s very easy to fill a robocop full of exploding ordnance. Or one can take it out with a variety of effective methods. The bots will never work, total destruction is waiting for them.

  6. The idea is good. However how much acceptance and respect we give it will depend on how local governments use it. We all want genuine law enforcement. However what we get is policing for profit. Red light camera’s and over-zealous traffic cops are just two examples. This could just become another method of turning yuppies into ATM machines. Another cash cow for small minded politicians. Policing for profit is a perversion of justice and should be outlawed. If fines are collected in lieu of punishment, then they should be contributed to charity. No one should ever be allowed to profit from crime. Equally important no one should ever be allowed to profit from enforcing the law. That’s what we pay taxes for. Justice should be unbiased by profit. If this excellent invention is turned into another revenue generator I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a new victim in the knock out game.

  7. I`d like to see it attempt to “run away” when it recognises the little zip lock bag of thermite you’ve just placed on top of it hahaha

  8. Pepole,pepole, please, insted of just destroying it l, make it work for us. Can anyone say “reprogram”?

    • Thats the spirit! Guys, WE are big brother! They rely on us to give them data! Let me give you guys a term to think about the next time you post something on FB….


      Or we could just throw one in the back of a truck and hurl it through the local crack house window. With the real data you give the cops from that action, you’d walk. Maybe a half to pay for repairs, but thats the price of vigilante-style justice

  9. “predictive analytics” lol – ya ok. so when it ‘detects’ you raising your arms to shoulder level it starts bleeping “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” like B9 on Lost In Space?

    Kick this can!

  10. bringmehillaryshead 19.04.2014 14:35
    Arrest the autocrats and tyrants
    Hang them by piano wire from trees
    Burn the corpses
    Bury the remains in cesspools

    Then hold a trial in a peoples’ court to find them guilty

  11. Harmless robots patrolling the streets is a good idea and has a great potential to deter crime and as an educational tool. Unfortunately, gang kids and others will damage or destroy these devices at first, so future generations of these robots will likely have defense mechanisms to deter attackers, and one thing will lead to another. I don’t think the ‘rise of the AI machine’ can be stopped. /R/

  12. The 4th amendment is to protect us from “unwarranted search and seizure”. What that means is ‘no one’ can run a licence plate number just because you can, without “probable cause” of suspecting that person of comiting a crime! You can’t just willy-nilly run every plate to try and catch someone! Fake a traffic stop, get his license and take him in for something else(!) it’s totally against the bill of rights, and I know it’s going on in my town.
    You just can’t have an open warrant on every citizen!

  13. It I’d connected to drone technology. drones are now being programmed to work in swarms by their own intelligence as a army. that’s just the beginning. well this is the new reality of life I was expecting to start seeing more of this year lol. no matter how anything goes from this point the future is positive though. godspeed.

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