Attack on Americans: Survivalists, Patriots, and Military Vets Being Targeted by Government Media Complex

We have a Government & a Media that’s declaring war on the thoughts, opinions and principles that founded this country.

Self-reliance, Patriotism, and Freedom: three things that were once valued in this country, have now become dirty words that make you a danger to the greater good.

Who would have thought that our country – a country that was founded upon individual freedom and self-reliance – would one day turn into a place where over half of all Americans receive at least one form of government assistance?

Even worse, who would have thought the values that founded this country would become things that could cause you to be persecuted by your own government?

The Demonization of everything American

flagEarlier this morning I read a piece by Salon Magazine that, although shocking, has become pretty common in today’s media. The article was a disgusting display of everything that’s wrong with this country, in which the author tried to make the case that anyone who “loves their country, their flag, and everything it stands for,” is somehow an ignorant racist who seeks to destroy the government.

While an article like this might easily be dismissed as mere politics, or the ravings of a complete moron, I believe it’s actually part of a larger narrative designed to demonize and destroy anyone who dares believe in self-reliance.

Over the last couple of years a disturbing pattern has emerged, one in which self-reliant patriotic Americans have been not only demonized by the media, but targeted by the federal government as well.

If the article I read this morning was an isolated event, it could easily be dismissed. But sadly, it’s not a one-time event. In fact, over the last couple of years these types of articles and attacks have grown in frequency, and in my opinion are being used to crush the very ideals that our country was founded upon.

Here is just a small sample of what I’m talking about:

Again, even some of these reports could be dismissed; after all, when these things come to light, they’re usually quickly excused away as some low-level government employee acting on his own. But when you take all of these these reports into account, and then start to think about the numerous spying scandals that have emerged over the last couple of months, you really start to see the bigger picture.

Our country is being fundamentally transformed into something that our founders would not recognize. And before anyone thinks this is about politics, let me remind you that although things seem to be quickening under this administration, it was previous administrations who set the stage for this all to happen.

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  1. I actually read the Salon article before I read this article and it really bothers me when people pull this crap. As a black man who “loves the flag and his country” I find it beyond sick that they would try to make this about race.

    Since when is being patriotic about race? Since when is being a prepper about politics? These people and our current government are sick!

    • Its sad isn’t it, it is divide to conquer, but that’s ok, as a vet I can say I have had the honor of serving with men of all colors, and together down range we have accomplished many a task. At the end of the day, we were not white, black or any other color. We were just brothers in arms doing what we thought was Serving our Country. Call us what you want, you have been labeling us for years. You will never break us, we have already proven our will is stronger then yours.

  2. what is really shocking is how all of this is out there and no one seems to put two and two together.

    I really thought when the spy scandals came out people would finally have had enough with these politicians, but here we are with another election coming up and everyone seems to have forgot that everyone of these bozos allowed this crap.

  3. You are correct sir! It started way back when. The following terms, set the stage for today; SOCIAL security, mediCAIDE, mediCARE, the list is longer, but you get the message. Tie that to the devaluation/fiat money crap and yadda yadda yadda, and you have TODAY!

  4. The government once to be in total control and take away our constitutional right so that they have no resistance, and most people turn there heads blindly and let them do it and have no voice. Out for fathers I’m sure are rolling in their graves because none of this would be accepted or allowed to happen but nowadays to many people are on the governmental tit milking it for all they can get out of it.

  5. As usual I enjoyed your article. You are generally on point about the state of the world. As for all of the comments, I agree with each one of you. It’s a joy to see that there are others who know what is really happening to America … and the world … by the Illuminati, and their henchmen. Hopefully we’ll get more to join the ranks of the “awakened.” I don’t know if it’s too late (it appears that it is), but the more people that can be awakened the better.

    • The problem with the fix is that we all want to do something, but we are scattered and far apart from one another,,,,,We whom care and want to make a change need a focus, leader, someone to bring us all together and attack the problem.

      • Yes, Sniper, that IS a problem. And the globalists (working together for a New World Order) know this. They’re very smart and very powerful. They control corporate media and Hollywood. And most of the SHEEPLE get their news from these sources. Another major problem is that mainstream, corporate “churchianity” is in league with the Illuminati controlled globalists.

  6. What so many Americans have a hard time understanding is that this is a Socialist/Communist takeover of our government and done in a gradual way so as to maintain the loyalty of lazy, ignorant Americans and like minded followers.

  7. Jake you are so right. We are the proverbial frog in the pot. They turn up the heat gradually so we don’t jump out of the pot.

    • Actually the experiment you are referring to was preformed with a frog that had half it’s brain cut out. Not that it matters most of the population is Brain dead on pills anyway.

  8. Actually, I think the Founders would recognize this government, and would call it by its rightful name – tyranny.

  9. If anyone has played the game RISK, life is basically the same thing. Only someone else is playing with all the pieces on the board “innocent lives”, and you have “NO SAY”. If your not one of the soldiers who died fighting a war for power, your a mere peon who is a slave working until you die. with hopes of ONE DAY… becoming rich, getting a nice house, car, boat, whatever It all means nothing. Enjoy every minute of life, i’m headed to the 5th dimension after time here is up. Its not in religion but spirit. You have to be ready, for life, and death. or else you will come right back here to hell again.

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