TAKEOVER OF AMERICA: Seniors held by Armed Guards in National Park & Feds Arrest Vietnam Vets for Visiting Memorial

Senior Citizens held by armed guards at National Park

closedsignEarlier this week a group of Senior Citizens were making their way to Yellowstone National Park to see the sights, what they saw was far from what they ever expected to see here in America.

The seniors, and thousands of other people on tour buses, found themselves inside Yellowstone National Park just as the Government Shutdown started. When they tried to make their way out of the park, they were confronted by armed park police who locked them inside a Yellowstone National Park hotel.

Rangers then systematically started to remove visitors out of the park. Buses were told not to stop anywhere on the 2.5 hour trip out of the park, and banned the buses from even stopping at private bathrooms along the route.

To ensure the buses had nowhere to stop along the route, park rangers threatened a private dude ranch, where tour groups normally stopped during the tour, that their license would be revoked if they allowed buses to stop and use their facilities.

Vietnam Vets Arrested for Visiting War Memorial

Late last night the Federal Government ratcheted up their tactics as they targeted and arrested Vietnam Veterans who were visiting the Vietnam Memorial Plaza in New York City.

The vets, who gathered at the memorial to read the names of deceased US soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan, refused to let the Federal Government tell them they couldn’t exercise their first amendment rights. After refusing to leave the outdoor War Memorial, the Vets were rounded up, placed in paddy wagons, and arrested for exercising the first amendment rights they vowed to protect.

Vets Arrested Outside Vietnam Memorial Plaza

Vietnam Vets Arrested Outside Vietnam Memorial Plaza

Feds Tell Park Rangers to Inflict Pain on the Public

As the government shutdown enters week two, the White House is actively trying to inflict as much pain as possible on the American Public. According to a Park Ranger in Washington D.C., the White House has ordered them to make the Shutdown as difficult as possible.

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.

As we reported last week, Park Rangers from around the country are doing just that. People are being kicked out of their homes, Vets are being arrested, and the American Public is being threatened with huge fines and jail time if they step foot in the National Parks.

The Militarization of our police forces that we’ve been warning about seems to be rearing its ugly head, and in my opinion, this might just be the beginning.  As someone who writes and talks about preparedness, I really have to wonder if what we’re seeing here isn’t part of a larger plan.

Did you ever think you would see the day where seniors, WWII Veterans, and Vietnam Vets were arrested and thrown in paddy wagons, simply for visiting a national park or monument?

What does it say about our freedom, and more importantly what does it say about our future and where this country is headed?  I think we might be in for some very rough times ahead; and if you’re not prepared to deal with them, you better start taking preparedness a little bit more serious before its to late.

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  1. It’s time for Americans to wake up! This is our country not the personal direction of a self appointed dictator. STAND UP AMERICA!!

    • Obama was Attempts to repeal the affordable care act failed 42 times. The supreme court ruled it legal under the constitution. How can you say Obab is self appointed or a dictator?

      • Slavery was also constitutional at one time. It’s not now is it………..Just because some doofa** judge ruled it constitutional doesn’t mean it’s right.

    • The thing that weighs heavy on my heart is why these park rangers didn’t have enough guts to just say NO to the bureaucracy. Orders or not, I would not done to the American public what these people have done. I would have given up my job first. This is the sad state that all our “public servants” have came to. Mindless government puppets.

  2. We are getting close to Communism! I know since my father in 1961 left Cuba. This is the way it started there. I was only four years old.

    I hope America is ready! God Bless America!

    • no we r not entering communism, we are entering fascism. the corporations run the show, our govt does thier bidding google political compass for good info on the difference

  3. It’s a test for bigger police actions against Americans to come. If people don’t engage in civil disobedience now, then think of the message this sends to our “leaders” -the aristocracy in D.C. And can you imagine how this pettiness looks to people around the world who have believed that America is the great and powerful and freedom-loving “City on a Hill”? Our government looks so small and tyrannical. Let’s not make them look or become more powerful than they are. Old vets and everyone else need to keep getting in the faces of these tyrants and their thugs. Let them arrest you; the MSM cannot hide the real agenda forever.

  4. Perhaps the Rangers and Police who are enforcing this BS to stand up and say “NO! I will not arrest veterans and others for visiting THEIR PARKS!”

    The national parks are an American’s Right. We pay the taxes on them. Obama needs to GO!

  5. They want to make it hard on us, they want us to rebel, so that they can impose “justifiable” harsher rules and stipulations. We cannot give in! This is yet another reason that must become self- sustainable! We need to separate ourselves from this monstrosity we call government. REFUSE TO FEED INTO THEIR MIND GAMES.

    • “…They want to make it hard on us, they want us to rebel, so that they can impose “justifiable” harsher rules and stipulations. We cannot give in!…”

      Great point. I’ve wondered if all these operations, drills, training exercises, and arresting of U.S. citizens, trampling our Constitutional and human rights, isn’t simply training for, and part of a larger plan. The NDAA and the Patriot Act grants broad sweeping power to infringe on our rights, not just as U.S. citizens, but as human beings. If the government is telling gov employees to purposefully make life hard on the public, then what is the purpose? Hopeful not just sadistic control for it’s own sake, right? So what’s the real reason behind their seeming to PUSH the public to it’s breaking point?

      People should THINK about that before they go spouting angry bravado that they’re going to “defend my country at all costs”, because they’re fools if they think they can go against the power of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex if all it’s might is brought to bear on our own country.

      This is a battle won with PEACE, not revolution. It will be a war fought in the courtrooms and voting booths of our nation.

      If you knew the gov was looking for any justifiable reason to enact the laws that will take away your freedoms, would you really be so foolish as to give them that reason?

      People need to THINK before they ACT. Don’t simply REACT out of emotion.

      • Eric, YES! You have your head in the game, now please, continue to spread this message.

        “If you knew the gov was looking for any justifiable reason to enact the laws that will take away your freedoms, would you really be so foolish as to give them that reason?
        People need to THINK before they ACT. Don’t simply REACT out of emotion.”

        Do not fight their war. Build our peace.

      • I have to agree to both but have to disagree. This is how it started with Hittler. Do you know what happened to all the Christians that looked for peace and gave there guns up. They were put on there knees and shot in the head plus stacked on each other and dirt throwed on them. Cuba was the same. I would rather go out fighting on my feet than on my knees. Everyone needs to wake up and say no to the government childish games and live for America. America needs us and everyone is stabbing her in the back. Look at what they are doing to our Veterans and Soldiers plus us. I am disgusted with our government and our people.

  6. I can’t believe people have the audacity to blame Obama for the shutdown…I am no fan of his, but this is the Republicans all the way! And more importantly, I agree with the general sentiment that the people have allowed our government to become waaaay too powerful overall, but so few are willing to do anything about it. For those who wish to bring our country down through acts of terror, now all they need to do is be patient…we are destroying ourselves from the inside! Soon America will no longer be a country WORTH saving if it keeps up!

    • Hmmm, are your purposelessly ignoring the facts or are you a paid Obama truth teamer?

      1. No other president closed the monuments during past government shut downs.

      2. No other president closed roads and parking lots to block people from viewing these monuments.

      3. No other president setup gates and then asked the police to arrest anyone who entered the parks.

      4. Congress(the republicans) offered a bill that would fund the parks during the shutdown, the president rejected it and threatened to veto any bills like it.

      5. Some states offered to fund the parks during the shutdown, Obama again said no and sent park rangers to gate off the parks.

      6.Congress offered to drop the Obamacare defunding demands if the president and congress agreed to be part of Obamacare. The President and the democrats (and many republicans) decided they were above the law and said no.

    • Wow Damon, you just showed your true colors. Not a single person from what I’ve read in the comments suggested doing anything that would be an act of terror. Thanks for showing yourself to be the government instigator that I am now sure you are.

    • all of them are power hungry both party’s are just as bad as the other we need new political party we’ll call it the freedom party our country needs the follow our founding fathers rules and what they fought so hard to protect

  7. I thank we will end up with a civil war and a new government may be if it happens we wont put douche bags in to office to run it in to the ground agen

  8. Such nonsense. Time enough with holding our country hostage. Do your job congress and pass a budget already. Enough is enough!

    • The county is 17 trillion in debt and you want to blame congress? What about the president? We are broke obama congress the senate and everyone else in D.C needs to go.

  9. As a 70 year old Viet-Nam War Veteran, SP\4 Rubio, Hear a plea from this old man. We have defended many Countries all through the world, wars that were not even our own. Thousands of young soldiers that to me, died useless deaths but because our Country supposedly needed us, we were willing to give our lives for? Well my Brother Americans,It has become obvious, hoping its not too late, that our families, our children and their future needs us, if we were willing to shed our blood for causes that didn’t really concern us, it is time to be willing to die for our homes, families and our Country. Long live the USA, One Nation Under God, Indivisable, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”GOD BLESS AMERICA”. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! You’re like a cobra, Don’t Tread On Us, Obama!

  10. I am just a house wife but I have been crying for America for years now. Have talked to lots of people can’t find one person that voted for Obama. So how did he get back in office? Have listened to everything I can about this problem that we have. Obama is trying to push us into a civil war so that he can declare Marshall Law and bring in UN troops to disarm us and take away all of our God give rights. So to me the dilemma is do we give him what he wants and hope we can take back our great country or do we take what he can give and hope he gets out of office before we don’t have a country left. Either way as American’s we need to be as prepared for ever is to come. United we stand Divided we fall. That is what he is doing dividing us. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Sherrie you have one of the most important jobs i the world,raising our next generation of leaders, do not call yourself just a house wife.

  11. It doesnt matter if your Republican or democrat people are people. The Military and the Police needs to unite with the American People and stand up against the government and tell them to stop the Bull@#$%! Honor our Vets for fighting for our freedoms that are being taken away by Obama and the Government

  12. Let’s get the facts straight. The park is in New York City and belongs to the City of New York. The arrests were made by NYPD. The park ” closes ” at 10PM. These folks were anti-war protesters. They were there well after 10PM. Very few if any are vets.
    There are plenty of things to blame on the feral Gov’t. This just is not one of them.

  13. I would like to remind our government, that is becoming a dictator style, that the National Parks belong in title to the people of the United States, not the government. For you to threaten your own legal citizens with arrest and armed force is an abuse of power and beyond ignorance. In fact, those giving such orders in our democracy should be the ones arrested!!

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