US Military & International Troops Conduct Urban War Drills and Mock Terrorist Attack in Tampa

urban drillYesterday in Tampa, the public watched on as CV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircrafts, Chinook helicopters, Zodiac boats, and ground-mobility vehicles conducted military drills in preparation for the Republican National convention in August.

The urban training drills included an assault by land, sea and air which simulated a mock terrorist attack that included terrorists kidnapping Mayor Bob Buckhorn. The Special forces included international troops from around the world with countries like; Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Jordan, Norway, Poland, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates all playing a role in the drill.

The mock attack comes less than 100 days before 50,000 people are expected to occupy  Tampa for the Republican National Convention.

Major Increase in Urban Warfare Drills

From the urban warfare drills in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles to the gigantic show of force during Chicago’s NATO summit, some are starting to wonder what these drills are really all about. While we get that our troops need to train, the overwhelming number of recent urban warfare drills on the streets of America really makes you wonder what’s about to go down. Does the government have intel that suggests a future attack, or is this just to desensitize Americans to the site of military patrolling the streets of America?

In the past, this probably wouldn’t have raised much concern. But when you read stories about the Obama administration installing a Death Czar, Congress giving the White House the power to detain American citizens without a trail, and the Attorney General of the United States suggesting that the White House has the power to kill American citizens; a few alarm bells start to go off.

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  1. I apologize to everyone who commented on this story yesterday. Our database was somehow messed with last night and we lost everything from yesterday.

  2. I was wondering what the heck happened. Tried to send it to a friend this morning and poof nothing there.

  3. Well i will repeat what I said yesterday. Even if this is normal (which I highly doubt) why in the world would we let Columbia and the United Arab Emirates train with us?

    • Blackwater USA, Erik Prince and our corrupt government is why. They’re building a secret army over there. It’s the dirty little secret that they openly flaunt in your face.

      • Bull shit dude, iv’e worked for Blackwater “now XE” Erick prince will not send his retired special ops personnel, private security, and close protection agents after americans.

        sure his employees everywhere world wide is gonna hop on a plane and, play genocide bathists when they been black listed by the public already during the Bush jr admin. XE company would rather make contracts in third world un developed countries, and there employees earn money else where.

        you should be more worried about foreign troops, United nations presence, local law enforcement including our us military here attacking us state side. forcing communism on you i and everyone else whom isnt for the obama even these asses in congress

    • i’d worry about the clintons, and other left-wing corrupted persons {DOJ holder, nancy pelosi etc] including members of the weather underground have pull still.

      Hillary Rotten clinton has used our own US Delta force; to go after Randy Weaver, and alike such as branch davidians posed as ATf agents. Hillary clinton was protected by joseph bannon he isnt one to be fucked with, which in turn allot of former secret service, often contracted graduates of the ESI ltd program “owner bob duggan former communist guerilla from Latin America” his students are not only taught Ep or PSD tech there bread on butter is intelligence collection with hit and run tactics that make normal infantry, and some special ops units look like shit to this present day

      i would seriously be worried about left-wingers whom are in bed with Marxists “korea, china, iran and russia”

  4. drones, mercs and nato troops are all here and here to stay… get ready because the excuses used for this training are but smoke and mirrors for the eventual move against the American People as a whole… along with this comes the intimidation factor

  5. 90 to 130 Million firearms in this Country, and lots of very angry Veterans. The foreign clowns don’t have a chance!

    • i know we have millions of patriots, but against trained military, drones 17,000 by ’15- 30,000 by ’20, they wouldn’t stand a chance. also 2,700 light armored tanks. also anyone who is a leader like yourself, who speaks out, will be taken out right away. i’m to old but they will come for me too.

  6. You can’t kick a rock around here without some conspiracy theory. The Active Duty Military has absolutely no authority on US Soil. They can’t do anything on non-government owned property that even remotely interferes / impacts the daily life of US Citizens. They can’t as much as even direct traffic at a public intersection. Any Active Duty troops you see “on the street” are under strict control of a Dual Status Commander who is put into place to ensure the States rights are not infringed upon. Furthermore, these troops cannot operate at all off of government owned property without the expressed consent of the Governor of that State. Anything that requires a military effort on US Soil is primarily the responsibility of the National Guard whose sworn allegiance is to the Governor…. Not the President. If you can’t trust your Governor…. We are all in pretty sad shape.

    • i hear what you are saying, but the DHS has taken that away. this started sometime back in a small town in the south. i don’t remember the name and an alarm went out then, but was laught at by the MSM. so, here we are and i think it has changed. tanks in ks,mo for a month. miami hit 3 times, boston, houston, galveston, austin, l.a., virgina,etc. at least 10 cities. never have i in 70 years heard of the mil. using amer. cities to drill.

  7. If this is not proof of the world going to the NEW WORLD ORDER! People are being brainwashed by bought media. Since WHEN does every country suddenly move into the U.S. and take control in a MOCK setting. We are no longer the U.S. WE HAVE been taken over and we aren’t being told. This is stunning. The dictator will not allow a Trump President. Get ready, they are.

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