Another Off-Grider Shutdown: History Channel’s Mountain Man Targeted by Government Zoning Officials

After 26 years of living off the land, and teaching scores of people about the American Heritage way of getting back to nature, Eustace Conway, who was featured on featured on The History Channel’s Mountain Men, has been forced to close his nature school.

Eustace Conway

Eustace, who purchased a large amount of land outside Boone, N.C., has been using his land to teach people how to live closer to nature. But now, thanks to government officials who don’t agree with his lifestyle, Eustace is being forced to fight for his way of life and to keep his school open.

Like many of the stories we’ve covered over the last couple of years, Eustace is another in a long string of people who are being “zoned” out of existence. From the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes, who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, to the Off-Gridders in California who are being illegally forced back on to the grid, what’s happening to Eustace seems to be a calculated attack on anyone who dares live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

It’s really sickening when you look into what’s really going on. We have government officials across our land who are threatening people, arresting them, and forcibly taking their land; and for what?

When did it become acceptable for the government to intimidate someone off their land? When did it become acceptable for the government to tell us how we can live on our own land? These aren’t people living in some urban area, where you might be able to make a case for zoning ordinances; these are people who live in rural areas of the country on large plots of land.

In the case of Eustace Conway, this is a man who lives on a large plot of rural land who isn’t doing anything to disturb anyone in any way. Yet county officials have literally shut him down and told him he can’t teach people how to live off the land unless he makes changes that would go against his way of life.

Here is his Story:

Government Crack Down on Self-Reliance and Liberty

Uncle Sam Propaganda Poster

While some dismiss these cases as localized issues, I believe they’re part of a larger movement to control the way Americans live. What we are seeing here is a coordinated attack on traditional American values and an all out assault on the self-reliant lifestyle.

I think evidence of this can be seen:

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. No sympathy from me. It’s his own damned fault. The idiot wanted his 15 minutes of fame on TV, and brought himself up on the radar.

    • he was not looking for 15 minutes of fame. he was looking to inspire more people to live the way he does. which honestly is the way we were meant to live. and they approached him about being on the show, he didn’t go out looking for tv crews to bring home. the worst part is there are many others living this way in boone nc, (i went to college there) and there is no way to shut them ALL down…they are just trying to make an example of him.

      • Just sit back and waite look how people responded to carnival triump we ever have to rely on our own people will commit mass suscide thy can not live in the wild.

        • If you would have to live the way Eustice lives you would never survive he wants to live that way that’s his business I always heard about attacks on personal freedom here it is

      • Exactly right , I call it government overreach they all about solar power wind generators this and that , but when people actually do it the damn government throws a hissy fit . They want our 2cents and everything we own .

    • How can it be his own fault if you listened to the video he clearly states that the county has come out previously and told him things were good? This is an awful act being committed by our government. He is teaching history and how to live off the land when the government can’t protect us anymore. Now I see a very big problem with this. We have allowed our government to take control of so many aspects of our lives all in the name of common good. All the new laws and everything. It sickens me that all these government officials think they can tell us how to live and we let them.

    • you say that like living off the grid is illegal, or something people should be ashamed of, you seem paranoid or dumb, one of the two

    • He , probably ,did the show to fund his school and not for fame. He was cutting wood to pay property taxes on his land in one show. you can scream fame but I holler funding.

      • Sorry, buddy, but that was a lie. That whole scene was stupid. The paper you saw was a Notice of Rights to Claim Exemptions. That was from a civil suit where Eusless was sued and lost. That forms only apply to civil suits and not taxes. No property is exempt from a tax lien. Eusless is a known liar and womanizer. Why have you never seen inside his house on the show? Because he is damn well not living off the grid. Almost every scene of that show has been proven fake. Eusless owns a nice house in Gastonia, NC and has a lot of cash in the bank. He is not losing his land to a tax debt.

        • its funny again, he is a womanizer, well so what? is it illegal? is it your business? you have GOT to be libtard…but wait, womanizers are good for the abortion business…im surprised you dont salute him…ignorant waste of breating air…stop breating intelligent peoples air!!!

          • You have to be kidding me. The womanizing was one small part of his point. His point is that show is a lie and not accurate. That he is lying about the issue and taking advantage of the system. Then skewing it to look as though he is the one being taken advantage of. I hope you are not breathing any of that intelligent air either.

          • Calling people names for their political beliefs and attributing things to them that are wildly made up by you – is a sign of weakness…and impotence. Just thought I’d let you in on that.

          • Hey Kentucky woman! Sounds like the idiot in the White House who I’m sure you voted for!

          • everyone here seems to miss the point..government interference in your personal life, or with your personal property is illegal.. so property taxes according to the Constitution…I bet maybe only one or two on this entire page of comments realizes that the government you answer to is illegal. It’s called legally ..USA Inc. It was established in 1925 and its only lawful jurisdiction is about 8 or so square miles of land called the District of Columbia.And they extort you daily, they kidnap you if you dont pay. The right to own property can not be legally taxed. Pay the extortionists and leave those who are Constitutional Americans out your minds. We the Living Men dont accept your tyrannical authority.
            The End.

        • There is a reason the locals call this guy “Useless” Conway. Biggest fake/phoney ever. On the TV show he did it once showed him riding his horse several hours to town. He could have walked in the less time.

          • In that scene riding into town on his pony he was going to a hearing where he took out a loan and did not pay it back. Does he think he can put up some land for a loan and not repay it? Have you seen that Turtle Island website where he wants you to come work for him (volunteer) and pay him to do it? Shut his ass down!!

      • This reminds me of growing up in a court ordered boys camp owned and run by jack eckard ( owner of eckards drug stores) that was funded by the state of North Carolina !!!! Emuntalee boys camp in low gap North Carolina !! No running water , no electricity , and no school for one year!! We lived off the land, built our own sleeping quarters by cutting trees down and carrying them back to campsite and wrapping it in mylard plastic all at the age of 12-14!! Camps like this all over the state, low gap, n. c. !! Swanniowa nc. Etc!!! Where is code enforcement and child welfare???????????????????

    • Actually if I recall right they were attempting to shut him down before the show aired so the show was not the cause it just let alot more people know about it.

    • YOU are the idiot sir!
      Have you ever heard of “Agenda 21”?
      Agenda 21 is a UN sponsored bill signed by Bill Clinton in the 1990’s and basically what it says is that for the sake of ecology, people will be restricted to urban living and will need special permission to enter rural areas. The goal is to contain or corral people and control us in an enclosed area.

      This man in this video, Eustace Conway, was teaching people to survive in the woods and be self reliant. However, the government and globalists have another agenda, to control the public through one government, police state, ID chips, total dependance on the government for services, and restricted movement. That is an Orwellian state of 1984.

      For you to say he is an “idiot” is totally uncalled for because your ignorance is sitting deep in your mouth like an over sized foot.

      • Dude, don’t take the brown acid. It scares me that people like you are in the world. I would prefer people that think like you were put out in the woods and left to whatever the hell you wanted as long as you didn’t breed.

        • your a minority of ignorant emotional to be scared by the truth so. The fact that you exist is much more frightening. And I’m glad ‘you people’ abort so much..imagine a few million more of you around? Way to many emotional mentally deficient hypocrites as is. Just because you cant govern yourself doesnt mean we cant. You have been indoctrinated well little Ewok..scurry off to your concrete hole.

        • Rob m ….. Another liberal moron who will pay for his stupidity by being enslaved by the un and the rest of his retard heroes

      • First of all, there is no such thing as a “U.N.” sponsored bill. The U.N. does not write legislation for the United States.

        Second of all, Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development – in many countries across the world. Implementation varies from NATION STATE to NATION STATE – which is what other countries of the world are formally called (which you would know if you had a formal education).

        Third, Bill Clinton had nothing to do with it. It was Pres. George H.W. Bush who signed the final text of the agreement – which is not legally binding but is a statement of intent – at the Earth Summit conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 178 heads of government signed, so this is a global agreement, not just for the U.S.

        Because the U.N. doesn’t sponsor or write legislation for the U.S., and because this isn’t a treaty but rather a “statement of intent”, the U.S. Senate was not required to debate it or vote on it. Therefore, it is not considered law under Article Six of the U.S. Constitution.

        Because this is not law, some States and local governments have passed legislation banning the implementation of Agenda 21. Alabama and Alaska, for example.

        If you don’t like it, and I agree it seems to be serving to take over people’s land by hook or by crook, then organize and get it banned in your local community or State.

        But at least know wtf you’re talking about before you open your mouth. Do some research…because clearly, you haven’t.

      • I bet you 99% of the people commenting here have never heard of the attrocity known as the “Georgia Stones”..look it up you brain dead liberal emotional freaks. If it doesnt scare the living ‘Shiite moslem’ out of you.. then you deserve whats coming. the only bad thing about the 1st amendment is it lets arrogantly ignorant people talk “Shiite”.

    • So we should just hide in the shadows like a lizard and let them pick us off one by one? That’s your idea of free men living in a free country? Home of the brave and all that?

    • You’re an idiot, that was a stupid remark, to think Eustis
      wanted his Fame. He don’t give a damn about city life he likes to live on the land. Something that you do not understand obviously!!!

    • Even if a part of him desired money or fame…its hard to really believe this was his goal considering he lived completely off grid for over 40 years. People asked him for his help and knowledge. Our government is way out of control!

  2. I keep saying to keep your mouths shut. Don’t be bragging about what you are doing in front of government watchdogs. These people going on TV and broadcasting their lifestyle are just setting themselves up for a government intervention. I watch some of these programs and sit there wondering how many goverment agents are watching and taking notes. One episode of Doomsday Preppers featured a guy making pipe bombs and setting them off around his property. I would not be suprised to see him in the national news, being arrested by BATF agents.

    • JAS, so what are you doing about this out of control government. We aren’t the one’s that should be changing our lifestyle for this radical government. I hope you are doing “something” to change it. We all need to do what we can, right now!

      • I applaud the life style Eustace has chosen. I am not suggesting we change our lifestyles. Currently the only thing we can do is vote and write your elected officials to let them know where you stand. Join groups like the NRA. The government, or more specifically the big international companies that control the government,do not want anyone doing anything that is outside the box. They want everything controlled to their advantage and will try to force you into this mold. My only suggestion is that we go about our lives without broadcasting what we are doing. I can forsee them trying to ban longterm storage of food under the guise that it is unsafe and could cause people to die, or making it against the law to have more than 5 gallons of gas on your premises, since it could leak and polute the world. Anything they feel doesn’t fit their ideals, can be outlawed by the ones they control. I vote, call and write my representives and support groups like the NRA. But most importantly, I don’t stand in the middle of the street and scream out who I am and what I do. I want to be below the radar. As with everything we do, we must look at our chosen lifestyle from others eyes and how they will look at it. I have a legal right to carry a weapon, but I try not to let anyone know I do since it just brings more of the idiots out against it.

        • your probably the smartest man on this page sir. we all have a legal right to carry, open or otherwise both by the laws of nature as living men and by the 2nd amendment which says so.. I live off grid in a state that is mostly desert and has open carry laws yet is democratic controlled ..go figure right? but fact is all the conservatives in the USA arent all republicans or libertarians..JFK was a conservative and the DNC killed him for it tho. USA Inc established in 1925 has only jurisdiction in the 8 square miles of the District of Columbia.. you allow them to break the laws and rule you outside that area. Personally I have friends who infiltrated USA Inc. and war is coming people unless you continue to submit to these criminals who truly have no right to govern you neither by tyhe laws that established them or the laws of the Constitution or the laws of nature ( and in my case the laws of God). At least if it comes i wont be standing their holding my pecker.. I will expire a free man. most of you will expire ..still a slave as you always have been to USA Inc. good comment tho sir.. I salute you for your common sense and intelligence and your guts to put it out there for these indoctrinated simians to have siezures over… ;)

  3. Things like this make me so INFURIATED that I could just scream! And reading about them taking someone’s land?! Oh, you can bet EVERYONE would know about it! It would be ALL OVER the news!!!!

  4. They pass more and more laws to try to make you go “green”, but when this guy is living closer to nature than any of these green people, he is shut down. Just shows it’s not about green. It’s about control.

    • Those laws you speak of are in conformity with the signing of “Agenda 21” by Bill Clinton in the 1990s

      Agenda 21 is cloaked as an ecological preservation of the land and thus needs protection. The protection will come with restrictions to living in rural areas. People will be encouraged to not drive vehicles, but public transportation or non-motorized transports. Travel outside of the confines of urban areas will be done with permits.

      This is not a theory, nor is it my definition, it is goal of the UN to control populations and is spelled out in the Agenda 21 mission statement. Many towns in the US already have signed on board because they were led to believe its an ecological goal instead of the more sinister goal of public control.

      Google “Agenda 21” and learn how future generations will be limited in more than where they live.

  5. Help him by finding him a way (to counter sue them) for trying to stop him from utilizing HIS land as he sees fit. Its no different from selling a bunch of hand made yarn hats that (you make) to earn money to pay your own property taxes…

    • D. White, several of us have done and do what we can to help others in our profession but to maintain a career we have to walk that fine line of enforcement that comes from the position. I always give others their digintity and I am more of a teacher mentality than a abusive govt official. I believe in putting the servant back into the “Public Servant” roll….

      • If you had any moral character, you would NOT BE MAINTAINING A CAREER working for this corrupt government. You would develop the skills and confidence to be independent of this sick system…kind of like Eustace.

        Stop making excuses about careers, I was only following orders, it’s my job, etc. People that work for government are the problem. NON-COMPLIANCE IS THE ANSWER.

        • Jeez Hava Conscience give the man a break. We do need codes and safety when it comes to our buildings, public and private. People like you really live in a dreamland if you think we do not need some common rules and regulations. Think a little before making such ignorant statements.

        • Flashmiester is obviously indoctrinated well. we dont need codes, we less government. You be a slave .I’m keeping my off grid home. The Constitution says I can take arms against anyone who would take it. You obviously would die if you tried to live like this..and govern yourself. Because you nor any others of USA Inc. govern this living man.arrogant jerks.

        • Trust me…I have been harassed by code enforcement to the point of having a building condemned and demolished at my expense BUT you have to have some regulations otherwise your neighbors might put a trailer park next to your 400,000.00 house or make their own septic system or build a tin shed…. many things are in place for good reason, others are overkill. North richland hills texas code enforcement and zoning are VERY corrupt.

        • You have to be the most ignorant walk of life. Disgrace to America and what it was built on. Take your nonsense and shove it up your ass!

        • There is no judgemental here and we are all “getting” to where we are going. I think it is helpful to have people with integrity in these positions and remember, not all counties, cities and governments are corrupt and acting counterintuitively to the people.

        • What your preaching is anarchy. Turns out some people in Oregon recently tried this and it didn’t work to well for them. While I agree the govt tends to way over reach, I think some common sense is in order. Stop trying to shame a man for not throwing his career away. Besides we need more people like him, if all good people in the govt quit then all that would be left are the bad ones. See the flaw in your logic yet?

        • A lot of big Mouth Keyboard Quarterbacks. Easy for you to tell someone else to quit their jobs. Easy for you to run your mouth but little or no help after he quits.
          Trying to clean the government up from the inside out is the only way.

        • Grumpy you are no different than the politicians you so vehemently and ignorantly berate. You take our constitution and perversely manipulate it to suit what you want. No where in the constitution does it say you can take arms against someone trying to take your property. You have the right to bear arms yes, but it doesn’t say you can do so against the government no matter how messed up and corrupt it is. I am a patriot and a constitutionalist and I will defend my country and all my countrymen from all threats both foreign and domestic. I doubt you can say the same.

        • Jerry there is nothing wrong with living in a Mobile Home or having a tin shed. That’s better than being homeless. A lot of people can’t afford a hundred thousand or more dollar house so they depend on mobile home parks to find a place to live. I’d love to live off the grid. Thats one the reasons why I love camping in a tent. But in my state if you don’t have running water or electricity then dhr will come in and take your kids away. But you can live like that in Alaska and its ok. That doesn’t make sense. You should be allowed to live the way you want and as long as your kids are safe and you have food for your kids then they shouldn’t be taken away. If your living off the grid dhr (Department of Human Resources)(the government) should not even be allowed to come in your house.I would love to live off the grid so that my kids could see there other stuff they can do without tv and internet. They love camping. I know they would love living off the grid.

        • @hava consciene: Says the guy posting this on the internet. you know…that information medium brought to by the gubmint. You ignorant whackadoodle thinking you’re some lone wolf fighting for the good of all men. you’re a nut job who can’t accept that anarchy is a failed system. for millennia. You’re not a super hero…you’re just a cranky sociopath.

        • Way to go!!! “Have a conscience” indeed!!! You moron…non compliance is only a tool not the end all means of change. The best position for change is from the inside…being outside the working of any organization is just a quick way to be dismissed…so instead of belittling those who may be able to help us maybe you shut out your big girl panties on and try to talk they things before resorting to an infantile tantrum….and yes this is a bunch of crap…if it was my land I’d want to do as I saw fit as well…the government should have no say in how I live as long as I am able to coexist with my neighbors in an amicable fashion.

        • I’m grateful for building rules and regulations whenever I walk safely in and out of an establishment and you just aren’t smart enough to realize you are too. What about walmart if they don’t want to follow safety laws should we allow that too?

        • You’re an idiot. Lord knows how many decent & moral government employees are trying to fight governmdnt corruption from the inside so to speak. If we all left our jobs then only the corrupt will be left.

        • It would be helpful to have sympathizers working for us on the inside though. If enough of them get hired in, it would be easier to make real changes happen from the inside.

          Until then, they can advise us and give us insider’s information on how to fight their bosses.

        • Hey Hava Conscience . . .

          It would be helpful to have sympathizers working for us on the inside though. If enough of them get hired in, it would be easier to make real changes happen from within.

          Until then, our insiders can advise us and give us insider’s information on how to fight their bosses Oppression.

        • Buildings in struggling countries collapse and kill hundereds all the time because of the lack of code enforcement. What it comes down to is PUBLIC safety, vs. PRIVATE safety. My opinion is, this guy is crossing into the public realm by teaching out of his “school”, which makes him subject to code enforcement. Its a real problem. What he needs to do is set up an area on his land that is for his business that has code compliance. It could be as simple as a steel shelter awning with signs that say, “No public Bathrooms” etc…etc…lots of disclaimers, and a massive liability waiver.

        • Read the Red Amendment and learn what has been done to you through the 14th amendment. You will also learn how to legally free yourself from their corporation.

      • Sounds like you like the power of the job and pretending to sympathize with victim while stealing their land for the government or shutting them down and forcing them to have utilities hooked up against their will just makes you no better than a badge-happy cop over stepping his authority! If you really care about these people you would quit your job immediately,find another and speak out publicly about these unlawful atrocities. Your are power drunk and do not care!!

      • It would seem that no one has the entire picture in their viewing glasses. Everyone is doing exactly what the “officials” count on and that is divide ourselves so they do not have to face a majority. Politics as ususal.
        Why don’t the vetran code “guys” get the the land owners and figure out what needs to be done to make this thing right?
        Why don’t the people of the applicable County and City get together to change the rules and regulations so that this is not an issue for anyone else?
        There is your solution “opinionites…” reunite for the common good. You know “for the People, by the People…” ring any bells?

        • Absolutley rustics needs community help. The more people in the county that would bond together, hold protests and let the county officials know the number of voting folks that are tired of see this type of injustice. Once they see numbers and understand that not righting wrongs of this nature could cost them their jobs is how we will get them to look at a different options.

      • “Maintain a career?” You just said what you do is more important, NOT because it’s what you feel is right, but because you are looking out for number 1, yourself. “I’d like to help , but uh, well, I like my cozy job better than doing what’s right.” It’s people like you that make everyone hate the govetnment, and have destroyed this country.

        • I don’t see anything wrong with a descent guy in the job. I had descent town inspectors who didn’t bother me about all kinds of things except when it was a real safety issue and the inspector told me to correct it – he didn’t give me a fine. Inspectors like him are much needed and appreciated. I still believe compliance should be optional but who wants to buy a home built by someone who didn’t comply? Let the market decide.

      • You do realize that when the bullets start flying because that’s the only way I think we’ll get the federal government out of our lives is another revolution and reinstate constitution of this great nation in its entirety without exception I will shoot people like you I won’t listen to your stupid excuse of I was trying to follow a career path you’re trying to follow your career path by protect your ass and let your fellow government workers come steal American citizens land for no reason wich in and of itself is tyranny and by watching your coworkers do it makes you guilty by association so quit now while there is still time

      • Anyone employed by the government is an enemy to Freedom and Liberty. This US corporate government is anti American and should be dissolved back into a real republic!

        • Lynn,Joe; Maybe it’s your way of thinking that causes Government to give amnesty to so many refugees! They have to have someone that will work for them! Government has employed more than 3.5 million Syrian, Afghani, and other refugees this year alone! While happy in your cave, lean-too, or tree house, I’m sure they are much happier in their penthouse working, with benefits like health insurance, college scholarships, and Government grants for their children’s educations! Go ahead, give it to them so you can just be you! SMH

      • When a government employee refuses to di what is right regardless of the consequences he is no better than those making the terrible rules! Our paychecks and personal comfort cannot be at the expense of others comforts! Otherwise you will be next!

      • This is why the government is fucked up. We civilians are not public servants. That’s what you government workers are supposed to be! You should be helping this man keep his personal liberties not “

      • You are on the wrong side. Grow a set stand up for what is right and dont be afraid to lose your job standing up for what is right. You are taking the easy road

    • These days I don’t trust ANY govt. official. They all have agendas for the “big govt.” they are bullies and only care about their wallet size. It’s pretty sad to see.

      • Hey Grumpypopeye, bite me you idiot. How about we change the system from within instead of talking big and doing nothing but sitting in the woods and talking ourselves? No indotrination here, just common fucking sense. You twit.

        • Flashmiester, I understand codes and rules in town but out in the woods? News flash, people move out to the woods to live better. There is no need for electric and cable and all the bills we get charged. A very small home or tin home is better than homeless. Common F***** sense….I don’t think so lack of HISTORY!!!!!!!! It will repeat again because people like you don’t pay attention!

        • Nice way to win people over to your way of thinking. Sounds like you’d shoot the guy if you had your government guns with you.

      • The government do not want us to know how to live on our own. I see nothing bad about what these people are doing. They are not free loaders like the govt giving all the free money to all the lazy people.that will not work for a living. They want us to depend on them. They have no right to do this to these that want to live off the grid, grow their own food. They are not in anyones way. The government has over stepped their bounds. The guys that are going in and stopping these people that want nothing for the government should be left alone. Thus country has gone to the dogs after all the supid people that voted for the Muslim obum. It’s scary that he has another year.The next year he’s in office , he should be filled with impeachment. Maybe that will help stop some of his evil plan he has up his sleeve.Why did he buy all that ammo, more than all the gulf wars used.He has his own people to kill anyone that will not do things his way.Then these officials that think they r doing right will regret it. They are just pawns.

        • I agree .: what is so wrong with supplying for your self.. Actually that’s what the bible teaches.. And the Amish are ok to live the way they want with out people saying anything so why is this different .. The government should be happy that someone is trying to survive with out all the wants of the world .. I give him props.

        • Rick you are a flipping turd. Our president is not Muslim first of all. Second everything that has been going on that you are talking about did not start with him. Look back. All these crazy laws came from republicans. Learn something about your countries history before you start laying blame. That is all.

      • I agree with Mickey Mouse 100% If they can do it in Alaska why can’t we do it hear. That man is a smart individual and that is what the government is scared of. We pay taxes on our land so we should be able to do what we want to on it…..

    • Its the starting of martial law…..lock obuma up..he destroying america big time before he leaves..he an evil pig that is racist and hates his mother

      • Yep, I knew eventually the racists would come out blaming it on Obama.
        Martial Law, Obama hates his mother……are you not taking your meds today or what?

    • Sue them for deprivation of civil rights. Their ex-post facto zoning changes amount to a taking of his income. Should be handled under the takings clause of the Constitution.

    • Building codes were meant for modern buildings in urban areas where anyone could enter. And there are people in this country that are so stupid that they can’t do anything without being told how. Legally if his clients sign a waiver upon entering I do not see the problem. The EPA is recently becoming a tool of the government to control the people who don’t know better. The Constitution was supposed to protect life, liberty, property, and the persuit of happiness. As I see it these laws are infringing on 3 of those making the laws he’s supposedly breaking them selves unconstitutional and illegitimate.

    • Comment above “Help him by finding him a way (to counter sue them” only shows that you mean well but are disconnected from the real justice system……plz allow me a miniute: first he would need somewhere between $5000 and 20,000 disposable cash to hire a lawyer to ‘research’ his case. Before any papers are filed. Then and here is the fun part this will be tried in a federal administrative court by U S Attorneys with unlimited tax paid funding of their salaries and team needs. Endless funding. They will practice delay tactics and more carry in out for years. Then understand that the federal courts with federal judges and federal charges by EPA, BLM HHR and any other agency represented in your county by liason agreements that we citizens let slip by under it will help your county and your citizens to safer something or other. so if the fed courts who pass the fed laws don’t get cha the state courts and state paid attorneys will as they are ‘guided’ by the feds behind the scenes. hope you go this. You will give in now or later and you wil bow and scrape to the feds ie the king. OR you can stop believing he has a chance in hell of prevailing years from now…..and fight with emails and complaints however we can….There is a place called Oregon where over 50 families were abused with no respect for the bill of rights for any of them and when they said no more…listen to us..they got the added love of a liberal media who ridicules ppl who like living off the gird….It is beginning and it is time.

  6. My wife and i live in Alabama and travel to the Carolina’s and Tennesse alot, quess we will not be going as far north as we used to. I just added up some receipts and we spent around $2,600.00 last year in N.C.,,,,NEVER AGAIN.

  7. When did it become acceptable or the government to force people off their own land you ask ? When they got away with taking land away from the Indians, thats when……and they havent and arent going to stop now.

  8. Richard I am right there with you. Been an inpspector for 22 yrs and really have a problem with this agenda 21 crap… One day a set of plans came across my desk for a Flouride treatment addition to our water system and I complained about it but was overruled. I guess we have to go through what Detroit is suffering from before we can get back to farming.

    • Stop working for the CRIMINALS and doing their bidding. IF the workers would REFUSE to participate in actions against their fellow man, this would stop.


        • We need the honest ones to stay. Otherwise we’re lost. Our county government in McHenry Co. IL got way out of line. Started telling businesses what color they should paint buildings. I can’t camp overnight my 10 acre farm because there is no house there. They said camping is living there.

        • Amen! We need HONEST people in all areas of our government starting with our President~ It won’t be so funny when Marsall Law Bops in! Be ready cause I believe it’s coming!!

        • People off grid can use computers, they can use their electric razor and a whole bunch of other small electrical appliances using batteries! It’s simple and relatively cheap. One 12 volt battery with an inverter attached and connected to the nice solar panel for charging the battery can hook up to the web with a PC or with a smartphone! They can even use their electric can opener for opening that big can of soup.

        • @Ethan’s?
          LOL, you’re absolutely right…. How are all of you who claim to be “off-gridders” and the ones who bellyache your silly roar of “NON-COMPLIANCE IS THE ANSWER” all over the internet like white on rice??
          I’m sure your waterfall electricity generator conjuered up just enough power to run that maple tree stick PC you’re using to preach to all of us about how we’re all “compliant” and you’re above all that… I’m sure your free-range chickens produced just enough freed up cash to buy the shirt on your back, or perhaps the LED tv in you posh living quarters covered by mad and straw, so you could watch the news to LEARN about such events “the gov’t” knows nothing about…… You sit there and play all of us who work like fools, said the man on a PC whining about “NON-COMPLIANCE IS THE ANSWER”……
          Quiet boy… Ya bother me..

    • All of the writers who subscribe and promote off grid living, especially from a military perspective, recommend going underground, literally, or keeping the lifestyle extremely secret. I agree with that philosophy. We the people have real enemies among us. We must function like we are inside of a war zone. if we are to remain free. The ones whom are getting caught are way to much in the public eye.

        • oh yes they do..and we are all around you..and so is USA Inc. We dont mean you harm we just want free of your insanity YOU, call a life. We have a LIFE, you are just existing, and only because your a willing slave…its not paranoia when you dont trust.. its’s survival. Your probably a fat 40 year old living in his mother basement..and even if your not, your programmed well in your ignorance.what we call a two legged sheep. But you are insignificant as you say…to them and to us..because your kind wont survive the first catastrophe that comes along, you will either expire quickly or if you live resort to cannibalism in the cities.

      • I think that was Eustis’s problem, he let them do a TV show about his lifestyle and kind of made people in town look bad. I love what he was doing, but these days you have to keep that stuff hush, hush.
        Prepare for the revolution, it’s coming, and it will not be televised.

  9. I really would like to listen to this story, but am not able. Seems that someone has made it impossible to hear by scrambling the sound. Any good working links would be appreciated. thanks

  10. I live in western North Carolina, and I will, and am getting ready to go off grid self-sufficient life style, I do not submit to childish laws for the incompetent. Example, the bridge with one hand rail, really, is that law for the dumb as that can’t figure it (pay attention, be careful) out or the nincompoop that is looking for a law suit. He should just let his guests walk through the creek, wet feet, that’s how it was done 50 years ago around these parts. Cityiots (city idiots) is why we need 100,000,000 laws on the books. And it is about green, money, whatever they can do to get a dollar.

  11. I was born in N.C. On the day I was born, the electric was turned on in Transylvania County. June 28, 1946. I think there was 1 light bulb in the house and just a few minutes after I was born that light came on.

    I now live in Ohio and the electric goes out pretty often. When it happens, I switch over to batteries, windmill, and generator.

    I would like to be able to go off the grid and am building up my system a little at a time.. The longest the power was off at my house was two days. I have seen my neighbor without power for 2 weeks once.


    • Husband (41 years) and I live in southeastern Ohio. We’re always prepared for the lights to go out, and have access to water when the pump won’t work. We’re as self-sufficient as we can be, and keep a low profile.

  12. So… he has this 1,000-acre parcel of property called Turtle Island Preserve.

    What is stopping him from placing a secluded trailer home on the property with a leach field (all within code)? The trailer could be the ‘official’ residence, so who cares if they chose to sleep in one of the ‘out buildings’ as long as their official address is the mobile home?

    Since it is already called a Preserve, offering training for primitive living skills, they could also set a designated camp site for the ‘students’ to pitch their tent in proximity to adequate facilities like an outhouse and water from a hand pump well (assuming they already have a well permit), keeping in line with the traditional experience for the duration of their event.

    This way, their official mobile trailer home is within code, their students stay in their own tents (or even provided ones) just as if they were camping; Eustace Conway gets to stay on his property, continue to provide skill training to students that sign waivers and keep on doing what he has been doing.

    IMHO, it is all a matter of presentation.

    • Yes I agree Mike this is what Eustace should do.

      This isn’t just happening in the US, here in Australia many off gridders and people who live simply with a minimum of dependency are also being pressured due to zoning laws etc.

      Again people living very rural, people who made the conscious decision to cut the apron strings of governments control are being forced to comply or face heavy fines just like our brothers in the northern hemisphere.
      What many are doing here is putting in a bare minimum of construction that will bring things up to code, satisfying the beast so to speak. and continue to live how they see fit.

      • Example of property use stupidity…my parents property used to have a beautiful pond. They had to fill it in BECAUSE people on adjoining property decided to put in a large riding stable and it drained downhill into our pond. It was a hazard then because the pond drained down to some newly sold land. Where is common sense in land use laws? Cost a bunch to fix the problem we didn’t cause…but less than fighting 2 different property owners.

    • He paid for the land, right? So who are you or anyone else to tell him what he has to do on it? If people don’t like the smell they can move or not buy property near his.

    • your thoughts are awesome except for one GLARING issue..your capitulating to a criminal government. Yes your answers to the issue hold great merit..if you wish to continue as their all means do so.

  13. This is outrageous!…. We should be allowed to live the American Dream, no matter what that Dream maybe, as long as it does not Harm or Hurt anyone.. With the Goverment its all about MONEY! And what they can get out of you to make another Weapon. Leave people like this Alone!.. I think all Goverment officials are stupid!! And you have no right to say how a Person CAN or CANNOT live!.. It has become no longer OUR CHOICE!… But THEIRS!.. Americans NEED to STAND up for their rights!… Just like they stand up for their BELIEFS which are being Raped from them…

  14. Can’t someone help him like they did with Rosa Parks? their should be something someone could do to help fight the Government? but I guess this is just signs of the times or I guess you could say end of times per Revelations!!!

    • Rosa Parks was at least a puppet of Soviet Agents working in the Unites States. She had considerable organized support –immediately, or earlier– concerning her public transit situation. There was funding from Moscow via several cut-outs to make it all possible.

      I’m not saying that Blacks ought to sit here or there, but that the issue was used by foreign enemies for their benefit, much more than for hers or the “civil rights movement” of the post-Korean War era. The nation is still suffering from the fallout and enemy agents placed in positions of power. Just like what happened in the US Southern States in the 1870’s, Black individuals have appeared to benefit while Black and White US society has suffered greatly from ComIntern contact.

  15. If there is any truth to your statements, Diverdwn, please provide some sort of verifiable information. Otherwise, I am inclined to start up a Paypal donation to help out Eustace!

  16. The people who moved to the suburbs allowed government to gain control when they wanted their nice little additions with their strict little covenants – no fences, no metal swing sets, no vegetable gardens, no above ground swimming pools, no sheds, etc. Snobs!!! You buy a house and live like an apartment renter. How many of you responders live in additions like that and think it’s OK?

    Now the government wants to tell everyone how to live. This is just the start.

  17. Poor guy. Just trying to do what he loves, not to mention helping other people do what they love. Then our stupid government comes and ruins his life.

    • the government is not stupid they got away with this USA Inc was formed in 1925. My issue is with the illegal government and with the stupid people like many on this comment page who condone it,deny it, or are paid by it to comment their emotionally retarded insanity against this man this post is about. Thank God they are a minority that is extincting itself with its abortion and suicidal sadomasochistic fear of inanimate objects such as weapons. Now we just need to terminate their criminal illegal government..sadly thats is going to be messy and it is pretty much a given considering the criminals in government today.Its all about them using ignorant emotional puppets to gain totalitarian power and lately its been very succesful.. in my 57 years alone I have seen more freedoms removed than i can count days in a calendar year. I pray for the childrens sake we dont lose this war either.Because the leftist liberal emotionals will get us all killed or enslaved. At least my grand kids wont have to ask me why i allowed it..because they know I never have and never will. Pantywiasted emotional society rejects will never dominate me. Much of America’s occupants has grown exceedingly emotionally ignorant since I was a child. Sad that a minority of hypocritical spoiled emotionally retarded children in adult size clothing have been allowed to do so much damage without being stopped dead in their tracks by a majority. War will change that.

  18. All of the far left narrow minded cool aid drinking cattle that think that MR. CONWAY was wrong for teaching others a good way of life, will be the first to ask for his help when what is coming happens….

    one shot-one kill

  19. so many americans are in a downhill rush to give up our rights its refreshing to hear that they are still people that think the way our forefathers did

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