Another Off-Grider Shutdown: History Channel’s Mountain Man Targeted by Government Zoning Officials

After 26 years of living off the land, and teaching scores of people about the American Heritage way of getting back to nature, Eustace Conway, who was featured on featured on The History Channel’s Mountain Men, has been forced to close his nature school.

Eustace Conway

Eustace, who purchased a large amount of land outside Boone, N.C., has been using his land to teach people how to live closer to nature. But now, thanks to government officials who don’t agree with his lifestyle, Eustace is being forced to fight for his way of life and to keep his school open.

Like many of the stories we’ve covered over the last couple of years, Eustace is another in a long string of people who are being “zoned” out of existence. From the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes, who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, to the Off-Gridders in California who are being illegally forced back on to the grid, what’s happening to Eustace seems to be a calculated attack on anyone who dares live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

It’s really sickening when you look into what’s really going on. We have government officials across our land who are threatening people, arresting them, and forcibly taking their land; and for what?

When did it become acceptable for the government to intimidate someone off their land? When did it become acceptable for the government to tell us how we can live on our own land? These aren’t people living in some urban area, where you might be able to make a case for zoning ordinances; these are people who live in rural areas of the country on large plots of land.

In the case of Eustace Conway, this is a man who lives on a large plot of rural land who isn’t doing anything to disturb anyone in any way. Yet county officials have literally shut him down and told him he can’t teach people how to live off the land unless he makes changes that would go against his way of life.

Here is his Story:

Government Crack Down on Self-Reliance and Liberty

Uncle Sam Propaganda Poster

While some dismiss these cases as localized issues, I believe they’re part of a larger movement to control the way Americans live. What we are seeing here is a coordinated attack on traditional American values and an all out assault on the self-reliant lifestyle.

I think evidence of this can be seen:

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  1. I think we should be allowed to live off the grid if we choose to. In Alabama if you don’t have running water or electricity in your house DHR (Department of Human Resources) will come in and take your kids away. They should not allowed to come in your house much less take your kids away cause you want to live off the grid as long as your kids are warm and not hungry and you have food then they should not be allowed to take your kids away. I would love to live off the grid but I don’t want my kids taken away. You can live in Alaska like this, you should be allowed to live in the lower 48’s like this.

    • It happened to us in the mid 50s. Good-time Charlie Wilson was the fore runner in promoting the expansion of the “Big Thicket”. Dad met with him and he promised that he would not use the term”immanent domain”(hope I spelled it right). Two years later the government took out land. Bet you never heard that about Wilson. Now Kevin Brady is wanting more with Kay Bailey Hutchinson backing him. A dictatorship isn’t what our founding fathers thought the government would turn into. I’ve been asked if I’m against my government. I simply return with a question, Is my government against me? What do you expect?

  2. What we have here is a failure to communicate !!!
    We live in a time when our own president blatantly turns his nose up to the greatest living document ever created , our constitution !!!! He considers it out dated !!!! It’s high time we stop all this politically correct bull crap and call it like it is …. Treason !!!! We don’t need new codes or laws to enforce !!!! We need to enforce the ones our forefathers provided us with , the constitution!!!! If enforced properly we can clean out these treasonous, felonious, criminals that have invaded our government!!!! We already have what we need to impriison 90% of the elitist in dc …. Obama has not only committed high treason , but also perjury ,dereliction of duty and fraud …. As per the laws we have he should be tried and executed….. Biden all of the above/tried and executed …. Pelosi ditto….. And the list goes on and on ….. Wake up people before it’s too late !!!! We don’t really give a shit if you want to to live in ur 400k prison in ur gated dumbdivision just don’t try to infringe upon our God given rights to do it !!! No one is entitled to a damn thing in this country except those that have fought to protect it !!!! If you think otherwise you need to move the fuck on …. Don’t tread on me unless you’re willing to accept the consequences…. This is government run amuck and that’s it ,plain and simple ….. This is exactly why there is a 2nd amendment and it’s time we start using it !!!!

  3. I believe we’re by far over regulated but to say we don’t need regulations wonder how these people would feel when the neighbors up the creek run the sewer in the creek that runs by their house?

  4. People who have zoning jobs and live in their perceived way of comfort eventually become just paycheck collectors. The reality of their position with zoning will never protect anyone from losing home values during a recession or depression. Their job is meaningless against the flex of dropping home prices and their worth. Many including those who perceive million dollar homes are their castles lost home values. Tax collectors never returned dollars previously collected on a false higher value of one’s property. The process is not relevant anymore in times of declining economies.

  5. If we only we were refugees and immigrants! We’d have limitless government support. Free housing, food, education, financial stability, medical insurance, unlimited freedom, etc… The government even supplies the the BMV with the documentation needed for them to relieve a driver’s license! The license branch and workers are powerless and cannot deny them. The foreigners cannot speak a word of English. They are given 4 hours to take a test that has 26 questions, given to them via headphones and the questions translated on special computer setups made for them. I’ve seen it. I took pictures and asked the workers questions after I entered the local LB (in Perry Township of Marionette County, Indianapolis) full of Burmese immigrants brought here by the thousands since 2011. I was shocked. No one spoke any english, the workers had no way to communicate and I watched one female worker walk a Burmese out and point at her license plate in explaining something! you should have seen the looks, and heard the helpless disgust in vouces when I asked what was going on, and then where they got the documentation that makes it hard for a person like me to come up with even being born within 5 miles away. I cannot post the pic i took here but it is the same every day in that branch. Releasing these people to drive on they same streets our kids drive on. The local school teachers are even more upset with what to do with all the non English speaking children. They all have nice cars and live in nice communities in this nice south suburb of indy, houses i cant afford to live in. I struggle as a single and ONLY parent of 2 amazing boys, to get by, but this has me depressed and beyond frustrated. Google the Burmeses immigration. I’ll warn you though, the stats and details are upsetting as hell. American Veterans, children, and the poor are everywhere here, struggling to stay aluve. My 2 boys and I do what we can to help them with food, but it doesn’t help my head. It’s hit me hard, I’m not a weak emotional person by any means. It’s a disgrace beyond comprehension. idk anything anymore. It’s all fucked up.

  6. Yep have him say he is Muslim. They will give him monthly money plus more land. As a veteran makes me sick what I thought I was fighting for. They should be ashamed Dustin Jolly US Army

  7. Tell the county to mind it’s own business,quit impeading our right to pursue happiness,recall the PUBLIC official who starts this crud.

  8. This just makes me sick! It shows me that the gov’t. is now attacking their “own” (meaning Caucasian). I think Mr. Conway now KNOWS how the First Nations peoples feel and have been feeling for a few hundred years. Sickening!! Mother Earth and all upon it is so out of balance and here is a fellow who is trying to live in balance and his reward is to be attacked…WTF I say…

  9. Great Job building sympathy for the man, without every mentioning the county’s issue. Then you have a video talking about how he’s willing to die for his beliefs, which apparently include bridges with only 1 hand rail…. Really? It’s oppression to put up another hand rail? I’m all about living off the land, but if you’re going to run a business, there’s a code, which most of the time was forged by pain and blood. If nobody had ever fallen off a bridge, we wouldn’t have rules like handrails. Some things are common sense, and saying things like you’d rather die than put up a handrail is insane talk, not a patriot fighting for his way of life. I’d bet some other complaints the county has are probably fire code related, once again, forged in blood and pain. If nobody died in a building fire, there would be no rules. It’s simple common sense, safety rules aren’t oppression as much as they are protection these days, with lawsuits around every corner. Lawsuits, which are rarely from the government, but from your fellow citizens. I wish this man the best, and hope dearly that someone with a bit of common sense can give him some advice, so he can continue what he does.

  10. I think that the government should leave him alone! It is only right for him to live his life the way he wants! There’s nothing wrong with the life style he lives!I have saw his shows and I think it’s interesting! God gave us this Beautiful world!He’s not hurting anyone! So I think that they should leave him alone!

  11. Geez… that really sucks! I think it’s good to have SOME zoning laws and codes, because I’ve seen people live in places that no creature should ever have to live in because of how unsanitary, or unsafe they are. Not only to the inhabitants, but to their neighbors at times. Provisions SHOULD be made in cases like that, but i think that rather than being evicted and imprisoned, they should receive some help to deal with the issue. (which in some cases you can get grants from local government to do so, but it’s difficult.) I think our government takes it way too far though. For instance, at the house i grew up in, the main electrical supply was connected to the house less than four feet from my bedroom window. Knowing this was against code, my father called the electric company to have them fix it. They said they would and never showed up. He wound up having to pay fines for it, because they wouldn’t do their jobs, but it was considered HIS neglect by the government. twenty years later or so, and that wire has still never been touched. another person i know was almost arrested, because he dredged his overgrown pond himself, instead of calling DEC and paying tens of thousands of dollars to have it cared for, because it might have hurt a fish, in a pond that had no fish and was not connected to a stream of any kind. If you ask me, that’s just stupid.

  12. The main problem is there’s too many overpaid underwork corrupt politicians in Washington and in the capitals of each state We have too many 6-digit paid Senators Congressmen aids getting paid doing absolutely nothing but causing trouble for the common ordinary everyday citizen eliminate all those useless jobs balance the budget save so much money get rid of all their cars their expense accounts All their secretaries their offices it’s such a waste of our taxpayers money that we do not have Let’s get together and have a revolution the people need to take back this country and get rid of these corrupt politicians that think they own the country

  13. Soon you will have the mark on your forehead or on your hand and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. It is written.

  14. Can some one please tell him the government starting taking the people’s land back in the day of the Indian……

  15. I know some people who inspected his place.

    He has cabin chimneys not venting outwice. Privies just uphill from water sources. Cabins without Windows.

    The county has worked with him for years on this.

  16. Local Governments wants your money to keep up their jobs,Robbing us without a gun,stronge arm of the law.

  17. I would help this man any way that I could. He’s living the way that I would love to live myself. I wish I could help him in some way but have no way of contacting him even thought he doesn’t love that far from me. I wish him the best of luck and if need be, he can contact me and I have connections that just may help. Best of luck to you Eustice. I’m behind you 110%!! -Brittany Grindstaff

  18. We need to stop attacking each other here. Just because some has opinions slightly different doesn’t make them dirt bags.
    It makes me angry if this is what the government is doing. I think it is wrong and this traditional way of life should not be destroyed.
    ….Having Said That…….
    Quote: “When did it become acceptable for the government to intimidate someone off their land? When did it become acceptable for the government to tell us how we can live on our own land? These aren’t people living in some urban area, where you might be able to make a case for zoning ordinances; these are people who live in rural areas of the country on large plots of land.”
    To ask this question is to forget our own history!

    When? Ask the local “Native Americans”. This Exact Same Thing happened to them many years ago!
    History is now repeating itself on it’s very own. This exact same Government is now taking land from it’s own people, so don’t be surprised since this same Government is the one who took it from the local natives. What goes around, comes around.
    I think the local natives would tell Eustace, “Now you know how we feel”
    I would love to live Off Grid, and I lived in NC and feel ashamed of what happened there, especially since land is set aside for the Cherokee Nation. Would that be taken back again?

  19. Too many unanswered questions here. Why is he being shut down? It says “he lives off the grid and teaches others to do the same”. Is he charging for these classes or doing them for free? If he is charging them, it is a business and he is required, everywhere that I am aware of, to have a business license. Are they shutting him down because refuses to get one? If he is refusing to, what every other business owner does, get a business license he needs to be shut down. Now, like said many unanswered questions and very vague on information. Let us stop throwing stones at each over a headline without knowing the facts. With that said, if he is doing it for free and no money is changing hands, the local government should leave him the hell alone!

  20. It makes me sick to think that the government officials are threatening the american citizans like this, it seems that americans have lost their freedom, the american people are been fed with fear and ridiculous laws and regulations that resemble a communist government. The government is nobody to tell you what you can do in your land, within the limits of your property, a court of law could easily turn this ridiculous requirements on their stupid faces…They have twisted what is written in the american constitution, and whatever is against it isn’t the law!

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