This is Why you Teach Your Kids Self Defense: Thugs Brutally Beat Innocent Teens

Once again the mainstream media is ignoring yet another racially motivated attack. Sadly these types of attacks are happening throughout the country, but rarely receive the coverage they deserve.

If you have children, you need to be aware that these things are happening at an alarming rate, and you need to understand that your kids are growing up in a whole different world than we grew up in.

Earlier in the week, a group of kids were brutally attacked while hanging out at a boardwalk in Quincy, Massachusetts. The story received zero national coverage, and only one station in Boston even bothered to report on it after police asked for help identifying the thugs – of course, the news station blurred out their faces because being politically correct is apparently more important than helping the police identify violent criminals.

A warning to viewersThe video is graphic and disturbing. I wasn’t going to give these dirtbags the attention they are craving, but as a parent, you need to see what your kids are up against in today’s sick society. 

Why do we cover these stories?

I started covering these types of stories for a couple of reasons.

  1. We are a preparedness website; for the idiots who don’t understand how these types of issues are preparedness related you are following the wrong site, and frankly, you are part of the problem.
  2. The mainstream media refuses to cover these stories. Apparently it’s not politically correct to show these types of things to the public; after all, we wouldn’t want people to know what the threat looks like.
  3. I’m sick of innocent people being targeted by these cowards. You need to teach your children how to fight back, how to be situationally aware of their environment, and not to let political correctness blind them from the realities of the world we live in.

I dedicated an entire section of my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, to self-defense topics and understanding the criminal mindset. Here are a few tips to help you start the conversation.

Help Your Child Develop Situational Awareness

  • The number one thing you can do to protect yourself from violent attacks is to be aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Don’t let your kid be a Zombie! Make sure they stay off their phone, remove the headphones, and pay attention.  Criminals look for easy victims.
  • Start when they are young. Take the time to show them examples of what they should be looking for while out in public. See who can find the most exits at the store, and who can spot the quickest way to those exit points from various spots in the store. These are the kinds of things that will prepare them to face threats and disasters.
  • Teach them to be aware of their surroundings, and to start developing mental maps of places they visit. This will help them during any disaster including natural disasters, fires, or any other situation where they might have to make a quick exit.

Additional Self-Defense Reading:

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  1. These Dindu Gangs are out of control. Local Malls look like prisons here and people are afraid to even step in the doors. When will people take a stand and say enough is enough?

  2. I agree 100%!
    Yet some folks wonder why some kids get shot or beat down once they are alone, seeing things like this is it really any wonder now days?
    I use off grid survival rss feed on my site and
    I share it on the media sites ta boot!

  3. The “Boys and Girls Club” had boxing for kids for free years ago.

    If you pay for martial arts classes, it will help to keep your child healthy. A good diet of 50% vegtables, 25% protein, 25% healthy grains like buckwheat and amaranth. Teach him to reject alcohol and drugs.

    A healthy body is the secret to a healthy mind. Courage and confidence are the rewards for a health driven life.

    Boxing, jumping rope, and walking are great exercise. Stay fit, stay strong.

    Wear good shoes. Did you notice, the first kid struck was wearing thongs and was the shortest.

    Bullies can instinctively smell fear. They are observant because they don’t want to get hurt. Rarely will bullies attack a muscleman in his twenties or thirties. Lift weights for thirty minutes three times a week. Only pick up weight you can pick up very slowly.

    Fast for twenty four hours once a week.

    Be a lean, mean, fighting machine. Start today.

  4. …and THIS is why I took up self defense when I was 11 yrs of age. Grab the biggest mouth and choke him till he wets himself, sure you will take some shots but he will never look at a potential victim the same way again.
    Did you notice how a victim’s friends deserted him?
    My grandfather told me that, “If you want to pitch you will have to learn to catch.” When the bad-guys have to pick their teeth up from the ground like a bunch of Chiclets they will stop screwing around!

  5. No racism.
    just fights: angels vs demons.
    Angels keep patience.
    When they’ll fight back demons will gone frome the Earth.

  6. Now, just imagine a SHTF situation where your family and you were bugging outt in or around that immediate area. The same group of teens will be around and knowing there will be no civil control, their behavior will certainly escalate. In this case you have two choices, kill them so they can’t hurt your family members or you, or run like hell if you can which in any case based on the shape the punks were in they might catch you.

    Lethal force would seem to be the only feasible option, as just fist fighting them allows then to regroup and possibly attack again. In today’s world with anger and violence being the norm you need to learn a mantra we were taught in the Army. STRIKE HARD, STRIKE FAST, STRIKE TO KILL,! Show no mercy when you are bugging out if you are accosted, because none will be shown to you.

    I’m not sure in this case if self defense would have worked well because it looked like 8-10 against 4. Unless your a black belt I doubt this situation would have turned out any better then it did. It’s a shame what happened to those kids, but it’s just a taste of what we will be facing in a real serious SHTF situation.

    • In a SHTF/WROL situation, those things would be taking the “room temperature challenge”. I have already made up my mind, what my response to unprovoked agression will be. Sorry dude,but you should have left my family and me alone.

  7. I was picked on and bullied both in grade school and high school, Dad said to fight back and when I did, it seem to get worse and Mom said to just ignore them, well, that didn’t do any good either. To this day I am or have been pretty much a loner. Yes I like being around people ( up to a point ). And even with my wife of 48 yrs ( I buried her 3 wks ago – brain cancer ) I still was loner of sorts. So when I hear about someone being picked on and kills themselves or fights back and still gets into trouble because of it, I feel for them because I know what they are going though. If Dad would have had a handgun or something, and if I knew how to use it, I would probably still be in prison today. There have some of those people have come up to me in later years and want to be buddy buddy and talk over old times. My wife, when she was alive, would always chew me out for not being courteous and polite and answer has always been the same ” Bleep the sob’s “.


  9. the best defense is a 45 auto in your belt. Saved my bacon a few times Other times I have acted like I had a hand gun under my coat and they backed off any way. I had martial arts classes as a kid and in college I used it when grabbed from behind by a guy who would not let go while his friends were watching. it works wonders. All the practice left mental memories that my body followed on I wanted to remove him. Bam he was on his back and the rest just stared open mouthed. Teach the kids and make them go One day they will thank you

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