Terror Attack in Orlando Florida: Terrorist Shooting at an Orlando Nightclub

A suspected Islamic terrorist is dead after he carried out a terror attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando’ Florida.  Police say the suspect killed 51 people and critically injured another 50 before he was ultimately killed by police following a hostage situation at the club.

The attack happened at 2:00 am EST when the club was packed at full capacity. Eyewitnesses say the shooter had a bomb strapped to his chest when he started the shooting.

Orlando police are calling the shooting “terrorist activity” that resulted in mass casualties, but are so far refusing to release the name of the suspect. Police confirmed that a large number of people had been killed in the terror attack but declined to give an exact toll. They added that people had been taken to local area hospitals and confirmed the gunman was armed with an rifle, handgun and “some kind of device”.

In a press conference early Sunday morning, an FBI spokesman said investigators believe the attacker may have had extremist beliefs, and possible links to Isis, but cautioned they were still pursuing multiple leads.

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  1. Sounds more like American turning on itself. As long as ya’ll keep clinging to your stupid second ammendment instead of growing up and ditching the fucking guns already, then this shit will continue to happen!!

    • What a genius! I was wondering how long it would take for some mentally unbalanced moron came to blame this on Trump or the Gun, all while ignoring the fact that yet another Islamic Attack was waged on this country. Amazing how people think criminals and terrorists are going to obey gun laws… The only thing gun laws do is make the innocent into targets who cannot defend themselves.

      • Yes ban Guns so they all magically disappear, great solution genius. One armed patron could have stopped this madman. How’d the gun ban work in Paris genius…? Total reality disconnect and moronic babbling from the left..
        Trump wants a secure border and a vetted refugee process, to STOP the darling radical jihadists from having an open door like France. What a terrible idea, facing reality.

    • God bless you,a person named “gotohell”! You are so blind! How can you even see and type correctly?! If the terrorist had used homemade bombs and machetes, would it please you?

    • You are a TROLL, a FOOL, or BOTH! If we had more good people who carried arms, this Isis Muslim attacker would have been taken out and most of these people would be uninjured and alive. If you had been there, you would have been praying for and would have used anything to defend yourself and the innocent people around you. Notice it happened in a gun free zone. Oh, but I forgot, only the terrorist and criminals are suppose to have guns in your world. Thank God our forefathers knew the right of it.

      It is good to have convictions. But when your convictions are not rooted in fantasy, they are called pipe dreams.

      • Sorry, that should have been “But when your convictions are rooted in fantasy, they are called pipe dreams.”

    • Your a complete idiot. Hope the terror comes to yur front door in person. Pic up yur mercades or bmw or maybe yur playstation push yur i got to have it button and fix my world concepts put them up yur rear end where the sun dont shine. I would never stand be side yu and protect america you complete and shining coward.

    • You can outlaw guns but if a person wants one I am sure they will be smuggled in. It could have been the bomb going off instead. Where there is a will there is away. Just like with the twin towers.

    • Stand back and do nothing you Moron and they will come for you soon enough. Since your not an American you have NO F…..G clue. I’ll bet you live in a country where we saved your ass and then rebuilt it for you. Crawl back in your hole you coward!

  2. The 2nd Amendment should NEVER be changed. The founders knew we must overthrow the tyranny of liberalism. The lie that you’re open minded, unless someone has a different opinion – then you FORCE your will on them.

    How about this….if Obama and liberals wouldn’t be in love with Muslims, this wouldn’t have happened. Just like they burned down their refugee camp in Germany.

  3. Wtf! How about you force your head out of your butt? You sound like the people that did this attack!

    • how about you grow up you idiot… rather you like it or not that right has been fought fir n died for thru out the history of this country, my family n many others hve shed their blood for this n even for people like you to hve your freedom to say as you like . so you need to respect n realize what price has been paid for YOUR freedom. its liberals like you n your dam obama that are the idiots of true freedom.. we who love our freedom respect n love the men n women from past to present for the sacrifice that has been made… its easy to handle these muslims but when idiots like you n your president love them n want to respect n give them our freedoms. then your freedom will fall… grow up do your history , obama n his socialist communist muslim agenda is americas biggest threat along with YOUR freedom… i will never surrender to the tryanny .. thats wat my ancestors hve fought n died for to give me that chance to fight back… so you take it for what it is a••hole…

  4. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And they will find them. And law abiding citizens will have NO WAY to protect themselves….

    • That’s what the left’s plan is exactly!! But,since we can’t carry a cop we will still need to carry a gun!

    • We are all sick of putrid rubbish that comes from the mouths and policy of Obaba/ Clinton! With Clinton losing on the polls can this horror be a coincidence or something other engineered from the left to get her more votes and thoroughly destroy or right?? The timing of this is very troubling! They know exactly how to shove their agenda down our throats!!

  5. Oooooohh nooooooh!I’ve been bested..hurggg…lol Guess I’ll go back to my country, because this is the internet. You have no idea who anyone is. Not everyone is from YOUR country. And unless we fallow YOUR opinion then you’ll FORCE us? The only ones being tyrants are you guys. Even thought this might not be a “Muslim/terrorist attack” and just some fear mongering from a delusional American? Doesn’t matter. Feel free to hate on and rant about how we won’t understand because we’re “not American” and love Muslims… How about you pay attention to the world outside of the states. Because we definitely outnumber you…

    • You might outnuber us. We still have the best fighting men in the world, the most freedom, the most inventions, like the computer you use.. or the cell phone, the world reserve currency, the biggest balls, the strongest military. Come and take it. Or move to Saudi Arabia where gays are executed and women can’t drive. I’m sure you’ll be right at home.

      • They know how to use their “rights” to their advantage and to our disadvantage! They come here for the money and freedoms because they can’t even get jobs in their own countries! They want to live here and not actually be Americans!!

    • Isis has now claimed responsibility for this attack.
      How long does it take to shoot 100 people? There would have been plenty of time to take this guy out if anybody in there actually had a gun. But like all gun free zones the only people with guns are the criminals.

  6. In prison, criminals make weapons to kill other prisoners out of tooth brushes, National Geographic Magazines, damn near anything they get their hands on is used to destroy what another person created. Criminals graffiti. Normal people build. Criminals take down. Why would anyone not see that it is not the instrument used, it is the human being who has a criminal mind who must be controlled, contained, and isolated so they can not harm innocents.

    When a Country, or a particular group declares WAR, bringing them in is an act of Treason.

  7. Dance Monkey Dance!!! How about the government stop supplying the guns: “In the past two weeks Mateen legally purchased a Glock pistol and a long gun, ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge Trevor Velinor told reporters.
    “He is not a prohibited person. They can legally walk into a gun dealership and acquire and purchase firearms. He did so. And he did so within the last week or so” oh and Trump won’t go to hell. Because there is none. People die and get put in the ground. That’s it… So stop turning this into a who has the bigger penis competition and keep me entertained with your comments! ! But fist a moment of silence for the people killed.

    • you act think as tho you know all about this country, so as you say you may not be american n may be muslim. the point is its our right that men died for . for us americans to keep, honor n treasure what they sacrificed for.. so even if what you say is true ( you not being an american just an outsider), then this is none of your concern, about our 2nd amend. look at paris idiot. they are a gun controled country.. happened there. but your to ignorant to see this… gun control is only for law abiding citizens dumb ass… the criminal looks forward to gun control… and another thing …Reagan (11 mass shootings), Bush Sr (12 mass shootings), Clinton (23 mass shootings), Bush Jr (16 mass shootings), Obama (162 mass shootings)… whats wrong with this picture? your a joke… and your comment about his purchase of a weapon, well thats on your buddy obama… this freak has been on atf,fbi, and homeland security watchlist.. so tell me dumbass, wat does it hve to do with the gun dealer?

  8. Here is a math question for everyone to solve.
    What does 2 ISIS related FBI questionings plus 1 FBI gun background check equal?…….
    50 dead and 53 wounded in Orlando, Florida

    ……..Looks like the government is NOT doing their job to keep America safe

  9. YES!!! I’ve been trolling this entire time! And all of ya have shown just how hateful, racist, prejudice and downright appalling you bigots really are. I’m not here to take your land or claim to have the biggest penis. We all know Obama has the longest ;) I’m not Muslim or of any faith.. I’M A HUMAN and that’s all we are. Guess I’ll go back to my free Healthcare and smoke a joint in my clearly retarded gun free country and always remember: correlation does not imply causation

    • You’re cleary a pathetic excuse of a human who has perhaps killed off 1 too may brain cells by smoking pot.

  10. picture a circle of wagons with pioneers facing indians who are sharpening their tomahawks and leering at the pioneers families In comes the Obama cavalry who proceed to disarm the pioneers and wink at the indians as they leave. That is the fate planned for the country barbarians ad portas Barbarians are at the gate

  11. This is the start, when guns are gone, comes in the Nazis. Happened step by step for Hitler and history is repeating itself.

    Propaganda to convince you its not safe for guns to be allowed.Check
    Propaganda to convince you authorities will protect you. – Check
    Propaganda to convince you of a outside force that you must band together under a new flag to rise and vanquish this “evil” – soon to be checked.
    tampering with foods and waters – checked
    using subconscious adds to brainwash – checked.

    there’s more and more signs but this is enough. Now is the time to prepare if you havent already, its late in the game, but theres still time. UNITE or Fall DIVIDED. we are America, not them.
    dont forget the blood they spill are the blood of OUR people.
    Be ready my friends. Times are getting rough, and we are entering dangerous roads ahead.Your neighbors are you protectors and you are theirs. shoulder to shoulders as brothers in a fight we have only time to reveal. We have been seeing signs and heard of warnings. From news and this site, heed them, the future is uncertain and our time not guaranteed.

    As always friends be safe, be watchful and be ready.

  12. There was nothing talked of before 14th August 1947 when Pakistan was born as a result ofBritish policy of Divide and rule. A hatred compaign was let loose by Greatest power on earth at that time.
    2.Similar actions were taken in creation of Israil,South and north Korea by great powers tohave their influence in the area.
    3.By supplying funds throug NGO organisations to Terrorist and also supplyings arms to them throug their Military allies to maintain control andsay in the region throug Terrorist produced in their allies country particularly Pakistan where persons from different countries were trained in methods of hate and terror. and even big powers are still Pakistan to train Youth ofother countries in hate and terror compaign to contain other powerful contries suchas Russia
    They are hiding their faces by declaring WAR against Terroris through UNO which is essentialy an Organisation for Peace and Harmoney.
    The great powers hae erred hre by equall powere to terrorist as there is no restructions in War and it is fought between eqquals. How can there be a peace unless a Peace treaty is signed between two parties in War.
    So my suggession to U N O is to revoke this War on Terrorism resolution and replace it with fight against Terrorism to crush it.
    That big powers be asked not to divert funds and Arms and Armaments toterrorist by themselves so that terrorism does not spread in their own countries and destro any schools of terrost which are rinning inther countries or in other countries and help other nations to do the same.
    All types of terrorism whether for indepence of some countries or for containg powes ofsome other country or for keeping their influene in the area be condemned. other was these counties should be condemned for State terrorism toestablish their influence inthe area.
    This my submission.

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