Terror Attack? Two Bombs go off at Boston Marathon

Multiple Explosions just rocked the Boston Marathon; local reports are saying at least two explosions went off at the end of the Boston Marathon.

Reports from the scene are suggesting that at least two different garbage cans exploded into a crowd of onlookers near the finish line of the Boston Marathon just before 3 p.m. EST.. Multiple people have been injured and first responders are still hitting the scene.

A local Boston Herald reporter Chris Cassidy said “I saw two explosions. The first one was beyond the finish line. I heard a loud bang and I saw smoke rising, I kept running and I heard behind me a loud bang. It looked like it was in a trash can or something…There are people who have been hit with debris, people with bloody foreheads.”

Live Updates Below:

Boston Marathon Explosion

boston marathon bomb blast

Update: 3:41 EST. Boston’s Lenox hotel just evacuated, local officials treating incident as possible terror attack. Cities around the U.S. under heightened alert.

3:48 EST. Local Boston Reporter,  Jim O’Sullivan is reporting that secondary devices are still being found throughout the city. They are warning people to stay home as there still may more explosions.

3:58 EST Third loud explosion just heard. According to Boston-area emergency scanner activity: Boston Police are now setting off a “controlled explosion” on Boylston St. where they found a possible secondary device.

4:03 EST. Cell Phone systems are jammed throughout Boston as networks are overwhelmed by incoming and outgoing calls.

4:22 EST. AP Reporting 2 more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon; being dismantled

4:45 EST. Commonwealth Avenue mall at Gloucester being evacuated after another device found. Boston Globe Reporter Tweets from the scene: “It’s not safe to be here.” – Boston Police evacuating Commonwealth Avenue mall at Gloucester.

4:48 EST.Flights into Boston halted: Boston Logan airport: “Traffic destined to this airport is being delayed at its departure point,” the FAA has advised.

4:48 EST. Boston Police Commissioner confirms in Press Conference JFK Library explosion in now being investigated as possible third attack.

5:00 EST. AP REPORTING Boston Cell Phone Service Shut Down to Prevent Remote detonation of possible devices that have not been found.

5:20 EST. New York Post reporting Authorities ID possible suspect in marathon bombings, 20-yr-old Saudi national now under guard at Boston hospital. Boston Police Denying that they have anyone in custody.

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  1. Too early to tell if terror or accident. Hopefully an accident. I hope the media restrains themselves from needing to be first to report and strive to be the most accurate in reporting.

    • Exactly!

      Reports will continue to change over the next couple hours until they figure our what actually happened. That being said, everyone throughout the country needs to be watchful and be on alert in case this was a terror attack.

  2. $20 says this is another FBI orchestrated false flag. Time will tell but the truth won’t matter as people are generally too thick to get it.

      • And how did your comment help anything, SJ? Do you have anything constructive to say besides just poking at others’ comments? If your intelligence is SO laudable (yes, that’s a real word) why don’t you provide some real response to david which adds some value?

        Have you examined the history of US govt false flag operations? Do you realize such operations have a STRONG strategic place in US history? David is well within reason to suggest it might be a false flag op.

        Anyway, I’ll take your bet, and up the ante. I’ll bet $60 that you won’t find a constructive comment that can be traced back to SJ anywhere on the internet.

    • i think it was a drone strike. it seems obvious from the videos of the event. but you should really trust alex jones because he gets his news directly from the voices in his head.

  3. Hearing it could have been a gas leak, possibly devices, who knows. My guess is that it was a fluke accident, or a false flag. We shall see how this all plays out.

    • Boston Police Commissioner confirmed that all the explosions were caused by an explosive device and they are considering this an attack.

  4. How terrible. If it does turn out to be an attack, I hope that someone in the media points out that the perpetrators didn’t need “assault weapons” to do it.

    • I hope someone points out that there’s a time and a place for politics and this has nothing to do with gun control, but I would like to point out that Runner is evidence that you don’t need “a brain” to post.

      • Sandy Hook had nothing to do with gun control either, but the same commentary Runner made applied then as well. And it applied 5 minutes after the attack just as much as it does 5 months later.

        There is a time and place for politics? Yep – every single second until we either re-establish the Constitutional Republic our founders created, or we celebrate yet another Lexington and Concord event by which we’ve taken the country back from tyranny. You can bet the administration won’t waste one second of time trying NOT to politicize this attack.

        You obviously don’t need a brain in order to reply to a post either, so at least its an even playing field for discussion…

      • 99th percentile, fyi. I don’t know if you’re trolling, an authentic jerk, or just allowing the anonymity of the internet to bring out the worst in you. Either way, I forgive you.

  5. The cellular service is down in Boston, but not because the circuits are jammed. U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed they shut it down, or are jamming it intentionally, so as to prevent cell phones from being used as detonators for possible additional devices.

    • Good demonstration of the same types of tactics the Feds will be using on the rest of us some day soon. Plan on seeing cellular and internet services disappear immediately in the wake of any civil unrest (that we all know is only just beyond the horizon). Real attack or false flag really doesn’t matter does it? The end result will be the same: the administration will use it to further restrict civil liberties, constitutional rights, and all in all step deeper into citizens lives all in the name of “protecting us”.

      • Very good point! It looks like there system of turning cellphone off worked, they must have it all linked together, cellphone, internet, electric and water. They can turn it all off!!

    • Only the high capacity cans that can hold more than 5 pounds of trash at a time. Who needs more that 5 pounds of trash storage anyway? My fellow legislators and I will be introducing legislation this session to require all trash can lids be marked with warning signs, that public schools must educate our children on how to identify terrorists who may be about to use high capacity trash cans, that all cans must themselves be made of see-through mesh so its contents can be observed, and that anyone who owns more than one trash can must be psychologically evaluated and approved for continued use at least once every three years or face confiscation of their excess trash recepticals.

  6. What I just read on several different news agencies websites states that there were two devices at the finish line that went off and another went off at a later time, I think it was at the JFK museum? Not sure of its location but there was a third and also one site stated that two more devices were found and in the process of being dis-armed.

  7. Hey guys what is the date today? 4-15-2013 Right?

    Well 15-4 is 11 and 4-13 is 9 so this is 911

    Is this a code?

  8. Breaking news……DHS just had three drones to malfunction and crash over the northeastern united states dew to the operator miss judging his grip while throttling his joy stick an breaking a nail….purple hearts will be submitted……news@11:00…Do you won’t to know more??????

  9. Sadly the u.s. government will use this to strip us of more rights rather than solve the problem. Many ignorant americans are falling for this and their method of control. This marathon is celebrated on Patriots day which is the day the patriots act was created. Read into the patriots act and you will see how it is already striping us of our rights. The government uses disgusting and cruel methods of violence on its own people to strip us of more rights claiming it is to protect us. Sadly many are falling for this. Open your eyes people.

  10. This was brought to my attention earlier, but has anyone else noticed the figure on the roof top on the top left of the first photo?

    • Interstingly enough, Drudge is reporting this very question. I read your post yesterday and truly didn’t consider it until now. Take a look at Drudge Report.

  11. Look on the top of the roof on the first picture, up in the left hand corner. Theres a man,possible suspect?

  12. It can’t be a terrorist attack…according to the king THE war on terroism was over…it’s probably over a movie like in Bengazi.Barry and the libturd propaganda machine will find a excuse to cover Barry’s arse..They don’t care how many Americans they have to use.

  13. It could be worse…just think only two terrorist attacks on our soil since BARRY the Blamer and he merry libs declared the war on terrorism over…I bet it’s Bush’s fault or some movie…His blind faithful sheeple don’t care that he will sacrifice anyone For have s communist party….once again Odumbo stepped in his own poo like he did with the superintendent HE couldn’t wait to bring into our house and pin a medal on her for stealing a million dollars of our money to fix grades….one more thing the left propoganda rags don’t report….why? Because they are cheer leaders like they have in other commie parties…..the libs are the biggest danger to America.

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