Congressman warns Terror Cells Active inside U.S. Says Americans need to Prepare for Attacks

Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC), the chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, is warning the American public to prepare for coming terrorist attacks.

The Congressman released a 24 page Terrorism Preparedness Manual to help prepare the public for what he says are multiple terror cells working inside the United States. He warns that these cells are already here, and says the public needs to prepare for what could happen.

I warned about the threat in The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide, and outlined what Americans need to do to be prepared for this very real threat. The fact is, our government is well aware of these terror cells, and people from both sides of the political aisle are warning that there are known sleeper cells operating inside the U.S.

In January, Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, warned that there are terrorist sleeper cells operating in the U.S. similar to the ones that claimed 17 lives in France earlier this year.

“I think there are sleeper cells not only in France but certainly in other countries and, yes, in our own,” she told CNN. “This calls for vigilance. … Hopefully, we can be more active in terms of doing those things which enable us to find terrorists, see who they’re communicating with and to track that.”

The pamphlet warns that people need to be prepared for a wide range of attacks including:

Explosives – Explosive devices are typically the most common and most accessible due to readily available information and how easily they can be detonated from remote locations.

Biological Threats: Biological threats are not always as noticeable in comparison to other attacks. Signs of these particular attacks usually correspond with patterns of unusual illness or waves of people seeking emergency attention. Many have extended incubation periods before they manifest themselves as diseases or sickness in individuals.

Chemical Threats: Chemical threats can have an immediate effect on people, animals or plants. Many chemical threats may be odorless and tasteless and have the ability to dissipate rapidly. Signs of a chemical attack include difficulty breathing, experiencing eye irritation, losing coordination, becoming nauseated, or having a burning sensation in the nose, throat and lungs.

Nuclear Threats: Nuclear blasts carry intense light and heat, a damaging pressure wave and widespread radioactive material that has the potential to contaminate the air, water and ground surfaces for miles around.

Cyber Attack: Cyber threats do not give major signs of an attack and are often times difficult to identify. Cybercrime, state-sponsored hackers, and cyber espionage can pose national security risks to our country. They are extremely dangerous, and can be detrimental to businesses, government, and personal privacy.

Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD): RDDs are far more likely to be used than a nuclear weapon due to the lack of technical knowledge they take to build and deploy. Most often called “dirty bombs”, RDDs are designed to scatter dangerous and sub-lethal amounts of radioactive material over a general area.

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  1. So the cow feinstein warns us of terror cells in the United States. But wants to take our guns. I think I’ll keep my guns and take my chances on the sleeer cells.

    • Feinstein warns us, to be “vigilant”, OK, Dianne, what would YOU do? Besides, faint, plead or heaven forbid, negotiate with these scum bags?
      I agree with Scott above, I would rather have to face the “sleeper cells” that have been here a LONG time, since before 9/11, than rely on Feinstein’s call for “vigilance”. I have zero faith in her DHS lackies as well. I’ve seen them “training”, their tactics are abysmal. ANY local law enforcement agency in the US is far better than the schlubs at DHS. They cannot even control our southern border worth a crap. Sorry, Dianne, your platitudes no longer have any meaning with anyone but your own fellow Demo-Marxist-Proglodytes. You all deserve each other. I’ll take the US Constitution every single time.

        • Sniper and TP, you have absolutely no understanding do you? It is people like you that are typically the ones begging for local, state, and even federal aid when your community is flattened by a natural disaster or man-made hazard. Do you even realize most of these, law enforcement employees only are able to have a job funded because of DHS grants. Not to mention you seem completely oblivious to the fact that DHS employees exist at the local level. I myself grew up where I work as a DHS employee, do you really think people like us don’t prioritize our friends, families and everyone in our communities? Get over yourself and maybe pick up a book that is actually educational so you can maybe learn all that the DHS has done for you and this entire country. Go ahead try and take down the DHS, take away our funding. See how many first responders also lose their jobs and see how fast the rest of the world sees that all of this as an opportunity to strike, simply because we lower our defense and are fighting among ourselves. It is absolutely pathetic, as a species we should be beyond this. Also, stop with the childish name calling of democrats, or are you that narrow minded that you don’t think a doctor, first responder, or other government and public officials don’t have democrats among them? These are the people protecting you or saving your life and you say an bigot minded and uneducated statement like that. Unbelievable, go ahead and act like you are the most patriotic people we have, but the constitution also says to separate church and state. Yet, we are still arguing over evolution, which is science, being taught in schools and wanting the bible taught. Not to mention, odds are you have children or family that are in or been in public schools for grade school level or public colleges. You realize the prices are 3 times or more at private schools and all these programs, leap start, kindergarten, and all public schooling agencies, discounted lunches, etc. Are the product of socialism. Accept that a country can be and must be diverse, their is no cookie cutter side that works. Just open your mind to the values of different views and listening for once. And stop pretending the DHS hasn’t directly benefited everyone of you, ungrateful, self entitled. Tired of it all.

          • Lorax, Your an idiot. Your enthusiasm is compelling, but your ignorant. Nowhere in our constitution does the term separation of church and state get mentioned. That references a letter, written by Thomas Jefferson, to a Baptist Church. Remember all had just faught a little war against England for independence. One of the many reasons they fought the war is for religious freedom. As part of England, you were expected to worship and affiliate with the, you guessed it, Church of England. All Thomas Jefferson was saying, if you were to correctly read the entire letter, so as to not take it out of context, was that they were establishing a government whereby you are free to worship however you choose, thereby establishishing the separation between church and state. He was was merely telling the Baptists to go be Baptists. Moreover, I am NOT among the sheeple that rely on anyone to take care of me. I learned along time ago that if I did not take care of myself, nobody would do it for me. The gentlemen who posted before that chastised were also apparently brought up self reliant from their parents. I wish them the best life has to offer. May God bless America!

          • Lorax:
            Sorry to burst your self-anointed “DHS Defender” bubble. I recently retired from Federal law enforcement(1811)and am intimately FAMILIAR with HOW the DHS works, having had to “work” with the mopes that were our counterparts in the DHS. While there are some agencies within DHS I like and respect, (just two)overall DHS employees are typical over-paid, under-worked federal employees, who fancied themselves on the front line of anti-terrorism. What a joke. Most of them have never gone hands on with ANY suspect, much less made even a misdemeanor arrest or a felony arrest. (hence the combined Federal-Local task forces so DHS employees won’t be embarrassed having to reveal how FEW arrest experiences they’ve actually had). Your typical condescension is completely reflective of my professional experience with the typical DHS employees I’ve had to suffer with. So, spare me the faux moral outrage and suck it up. Learn to be responsible and accountable for ONCE. DHS as a whole is not needed, nor is it effective, well managed, well run or accountable for it’s horrendous over-spending. It’s a bloated self-serving mediocre pustule on the buttocks of the Federal Governmental budget. (and youn know it) Hope you got “extra credit” for your post from your supervisor….

          • touchy are we,,,,you are correct about all of the programs that are government giveaways,,and that is why our not your great nation is in the shape that it finds itself in today,,you far left backward thinking @$#%&(%.

          • Lorax, if you’re seperating church and state, how come muslims aren’t included in that church bit? You’re worse than an idiot, you’re a self proclaimed DHS employee who’s scared they’ll lose their job because their agency is corupt and incompitent.
            And before you make childish attacks on it, I know I don’t spell very well- but auto correct has a habit of using the word it wants to, not what I said.

          • TPSnodgrass,

            Glad to see you posting. It’s been awhile.

            You definitely prove many points and not one being competence. The dhs isn’t responsible for our first responders, we had them centuries before dhs was spawned.
            We have witnessed dhs abilities, Katrina and Sandy to name just two with epic failures. How about the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber? They didn’t get stopped by dhs employees, just piss poor devices. How about the MILLIONS of illegals entering the nation?

            The ONLY pieces of dhs that are actually doing some good are the ones who were performing their missions correctly BEFORE they were forced into dhs’s nest and now they have been curtailed and made impotent for the most part.

            As for being “ones who call on local, state or federal assistance”… I think not. I promote and advocate for people to be ready and prepared on their own. The biggest proponent I have in this is using dhs as an example of why we must be ready ourselves… So I guess, your money pit is good for something.

            Stay Alert, Stay Alive

          • He who would trade liberty for safety deserves neither,,,
            I prefer freedom as opposed to your variety of safety

  2. I work for a large Jewish organization that is admittedley a tempting terrorist target. I will remain vigilant and prepared. Lord knows the organization is not. Someone needs to take responsibility might as well be me.

    • thats the way,,,lead by example, if you show your organization what is going on and what you are doing others will follow,,don’t forget the women and children,never to young to shot a bow.

  3. We should remind ourselves once more that many, not all, of our legislators are a special kind of stupid. The stupidity comes when they try to legislate into their bills elements which weaken individual freedoms. Many times elements of their proposed legislation are simply “bones,” outrageous focal points we waste energy on. Stay clear. Stay focused. Get tribal. Take care of your own. Simplify.

  4. The ones who cry wolf to many times make people bored.Thats why no one cares or even believe them any more, I sure don’t, I want proof first.

    • You are not required to prepare, don’t believe it. It is simply what they believe as a Congressional Task Force on Terrorism. Which clearly, some of the resources and data they are gathering can’t be given to the public for security reasons especially if they are monitoring an individual or organization. They thought it to be their civic duty to warn the public, in hopes of someone calling in something suspicious or to get more people to prepare for worst case scenario so we don’t end up with the same situation at every disaster in this country where the store shelves are wiped clean and far too many people don’t have stockpiles food and water for their family even for just 3 days. If you don’t believe terrror plots aren’t being intercepted at all, then nothing can really be said to change that, but regardless, please prepare you and your family. Even if it is only for potentially natural or man-made disasters. Since those are the more likely to occur, significantly more likely. You can protect your family and if something were to occur with terrorism, you are prepared. Stay safe and keep your loved ones close.

      • Lorax:
        “man-made disasters” are referred to as terror attacks in ALL other agencies and departments of the Federal Government except for the schlubs at DHS.
        Are we going to be hit with a coordinated “soft-target” multiple location attack on a national scale? Our enemies are planning that scenario, and you had better hope your Department has ALL of the intelligence available and is disseminating it to all other Federal law enforcement agencies.(Which is is not, unless political expedient, and you know it.)

  5. would that be..ISIS or some CHRISTIAN ‘domestic’ type….due say please…or is that from the DHS via the ever trusting SPLC…

  6. We have swat teams swarming milk farms searching for unlabeled organic milk, but unable to infiltrate terrorist cells???

    America, what’s wrong with picture??

  7. ”’Feinstein warns us, to be “vigilant”, OK, Dianne, what would YOU do?”’

    Nothing, she has guards with armor.

  8. Translation: United States Government planning to attack itself (again) using a ‘wide-range of tools at its disposal to further facilitate the transfer of power from the citizens to the criminals in D.C.

  9. First let me say I enjoy coming to this site, most of the information is accurate and it gives me something to gnaw on in the back of my head. But I would like to address a few things. First, while a few Chem agents are odorless when pure, most are not, the only true “quickly” dispersing agent would be a blood agent (roughly 15-20 mins under ideal conditions of around 80F) the colder it is the longer they last. Some agents such as the V series nerve agents and blister agents last a few days at around the same temperature to a few weeks the lower the thermometer drops. (Former 5711 so it slightly irks me when bad CBRN information is spread, sorry). And second I’ve noticed a slight trend (especially in the comments section) that tend to be a bit heavy on religion. While I fully support the freedom of religion, I noticed most people take it a tad too far. Most people act as if it is only freedom for their respective religion, as opposed to anyone else’s. If we do not have a separation of church and state, then that would make the US a theocracy (as opposed to the republic it is) and no better than those countries under Sharia law. While I would certainly rather deal with groups such as the WBBC than those else where in the would, one cannot help but draw parallels between the thought process (convert or die/convert or leave your homeland) both processes eliminates any opposing views. The wonderful thing about the internet is it provides a to a truely free and open marketplace of ideas, as such no idea is free from criticism and scrutiny. And when it fails to stand on its own merits instead of just what the general population thinks/believes we toss the idea, advancing us that much farther as a species. And I know most will read that and say “oh they’re anti-Christian, get out of my country” well turns out there is such a thing as an “atheist in a foxhole” and I will fight to keep my home, the country that I grew up in and was willing to give all of my tomorrows for. So I will leave this: If you think that the United States is a Christian nation I think you should really think hard about how loyal you truly are to the Constitution, otherwise you are no better than those who what to kill you, me and every person on the face of the earth who refuses to bow to their religion.

    • The US was founded as on Christian values and morals, many quotes from the Founding Fathers point to that. It was however founded with the true free will of Christianity as a primary root of the Liberty Tree. If not, the Oaths of office would have required the taker to “swear to God” from the very beginning.

      The separation of church and state is not that religion is removed from the state, only the Constitution guarantees the Right that everyone may choose to worship (or not) according to their own personal beliefs. It does not force me to give up my beliefs, values or morals to be a supporter and defender of the Constitution.

      As for the “convert or get out”, that is not the case. We have a system in place that worked for our Nation. We had many religions here with no real issues beyond the criminal acts of idiots (kkk for example)but we also had no one group trying to forcibly make us fundamentally change our system to accomodate their cult or they would attack our schools, markets, etc as we see with islamists.

      I make my decisions based on the values and morals formed in my beliefs. I do not force my religion on others by threat or violence. If someone wishes to discuss it, I will discuss it but I do so open minded and they can make their own minds up. I stand against any for of tyranny, whether it is islam or socialism; those who are trying to usurp the Constitution and fundamentally change the US is my enemy. If they do not like our laws and way of life, then they should leave to find a form of rule they can live under, whether it is Middle Eastern, north korean, chicom, russia, etc.

      As for CBRN, they are much more prone to use chlorine attacks as they have in Iraq and elsewhere for the last decade at least. I know they have the more deadly bio and chemical weapons but chlorine is much easier for their cowards to obtain.

  10. I would strongly disagree agree on your first statement, on the grounds of one could argue that Christianity caused people to immigrate to these lands. And while I will admit (unless my copy of Bantam Classics’ Declaration and constitution has been perverted) does reference a creator, it never actually points to any particular deity, but more towards a broader sense. I would also disagree about no religion attempting to seek accommodation, a few off the top of my head are “In God We Trust” printed on our currency, “Under God” inserted into the pledge of allegiance our children recite daily (or at least should) both of which are relatively recent, (1950s) and the mockery of peer-reviewed study which is “intelligent design” as of late. One could argue these show a bias, if not blatant indoctrination.

    As for the “state out of church” I would agree, a governing body has no business with religion, however it is a double sided coin. Religion also has no business with the state. Marriage for example predates most, if not, all modern religions. As to why religion should play a factor into what is and is not legal, I cannot understand. (this I probably the only thing I agree with NYS on). Another example is Arizona’s bill passed either last year or the year before (if memory serves correct) where a business can choose who to/not to serve based on personal beliefs. (Funny how people will get angry over a no concealed sign, but not over this.)

    It is my personal belief that every person is entitled to their opinion and to live their life as they see fit, provide it leaves no direct/indirect affect on any other person’s choice of how to live. I do understand we as a society must adhere to a certain set of rules to function for the greatest possible benefit of all but thats about the extent of. It.

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