Terrorist Rioters turn D.C into battleground

As expected, loonie left-wing terrorists have taken to the streets in the nation’s capital, rioting, looting, starting fires, and attacking trump supporters. The criminals are threatening to attack trump supporters and plan to turn D.C. into a war zone.

Over 95 have already been arrested and hundreds are still on the streets attacking police with bricks, smashing windows, and starting fires on capital streets.

Cars set on fire

The terrorists have started fires in the streets in an attempt to block Donald Trump and the inauguration day parade.

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  1. This makes me sick. What needs to happen is for the police to use horses,herd them all into an inescapable area,then use video footage to arrest them. To my way of thinking, this borders on treason against our nation.

  2. Actually, the inaugural ceremony went off without incident. The event was very peaceful.

    Outside in the streets of DC, a few (approximately 200) gathered to express opposition; some by protest, some by vandalism. The police responded quickly to squelch the criminal behavior of those who destroyed property. Arrests were made. The press tried to make this look like a major coup, but it paled compared to the beauty and elegance of the official ceremonies, wherein hundreds of thousands congregated peacefully to celebrate the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald J. Trump.

  3. I was in D.C. this week it was peaceful until the anarchists communists arrived, people were attacked and assaulted, it was mainly women and the elderly but police and some men were also attacked. I’d also like to note that the streets were leafy clean for the most part by the inaguration festivity goers but was a disgusting mess after the femanazis were in town. Look up a video “Protesters littering the Streets of D.C.” I did, my hotel was unfortunately the epicenter for these ecoterrorists.

  4. What really chaps my hide is when these left wing nut jobs call us evil,dangerous, nazi, and the list goes on.
    I dont recall any Nationalist Movement, The KKK, White Supremacist Movement, Neo Nazi Movement, or anybody else for that matter rioting and destroying property and other criminal acts when barack obama was president for 8 years.

    The left wing is the most hate filled group out there.

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