FBI Warns Terror Attack Could be Coming Very Soon: ISIS Looking at Using Ebola Attacks

As the world watches our government’s complete incompetence in handling our nation’s first Ebola case, intelligence officials are warning that terror groups are looking to use the Ebola outbreak in Africa as a chance to weaponize the virus and use it as a bio-weapon. FBI Director James Cornet told CBS on Sunday, that militants were planning an attack on “the United States or our allies, and looking to do it very, very soon.”

After watching how easily an infected person could gain access to the United States, followed by the almost criminal neglect shown by our federal government in their handling of the crisis, intelligence officials are worried that groups like ISIS and al-Qaida may intentionally infect themselves in West Africa in an attempt to wreak havoc across the globe. A few infected individuals could then easily spread the virus via the world’s transportation systems.

It’s a frightening threat, one that’s become increasingly likely after the world watched our government’s inability to handle just a single case of Ebola. Had this been an easier to transmit virus, or a deliberate terror attack – something that there’s growing evidence to support – the CDC’s handling of this case shows just how unprepared this country really is for any large-scale outbreak.

The Complete Breakdown of the Government’s Emergency Management Planning

I’ve talked about how unprepared this country’s emergency planners are in the past; in fact, I’ve shared my experiences sitting through meetings with these people where their only concern was PR and how the country perceived their agencies after they failed to do their jobs. It’s one of the main reasons I wrote my new book, and is why I continue to warn people that they need to take their preparedness into their own hands.

Although I’ve known for some time how little this country’s emergency planners know about emergency preparedness, I must say that even I was shocked at how incompetent these people really are.

You need to be Prepared: These people CANNOT Save you from anything!

Whether it’s Ebola, natural disasters, or some future pandemic threat that’s yet to be seen, this country’s emergency responders are not prepared to save anyone. One look at how they’ve responded to this single case of Ebola in Dallas, Texas should tell you everything you need to know.

I wish I could tell you this was a joke, or perhaps some internet Hoax, but this is an actual photo taken from WFAA TV’s news helicopter of a crew that was sent to clean infected vomit of a sidewalk FIVE DAYS after the Ebola patient threw up on the sidewalk. NO Hazmat Suits… Just spraying the infected materials everywhere…

The CDC No-enforcement Quarantine: None of the possibly Infected Patients are being watched.

One of the biggest jokes so far is the supposed quarantine of the nearly one-hundred people that the Ebola patient came in contact with, including people who actually handled his waste filled bedding and will likely come down with the virus. On multiple occasions these people have left their self-imposed quarantine, with one of the five exposed school children actually showing back up at school after being told to stay home.

Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, said the family was notified Tuesday about the need to keep the students home, but nobody in the government actually required anyone to quarantine themselves from the public. “Everybody was aware. Maybe he took it upon himself to go to school,” Thompson said.

Dallas Independent School District Spokesman Jon Dahlander told local news agencies:

“Regarding the Tasby student who showed up for school yesterday: We’re not sure why the Tasby student showed up for school on Wednesday but, once he was identified, he was asked to go to the Nurse’s office so that a parent could be contacted.”

Nation’s Nurses Sounding Alarm Bells on Preparedness Efforts

National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in U.S., is warning that most of their nurses believe U.S. hospitals are not prepared for Ebola or any Pandemic outbreak.

In a survey of nearly 700 RNs at over 250 hospitals in 31 states released last week:

  • 80 percent say their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding potential admission of patients infected by Ebola
  • 87 percent say their hospital has not provided education on Ebola with the ability for the nurses to interact and ask questions
  • One-third say their hospital has insufficient supplies of eye protection (face shields or side shields with goggles) and fluid resistant/impermeable gowns
  • Nearly 40 percent say their hospital does not have plans to equip isolation rooms with plastic covered mattresses and pillows and discard all linens after use, less than 10 percent said they were aware their hospital does have such a plan in place
  • More than 60 percent say their hospital fails to reduce the number of patients they must care for to accommodate caring for an “isolation” patient

NNU executive director RoseAnn DeMoro said, “we warned that it was just a matter of time in an interconnected world that we would see Ebola in the U.S. Now, everyone should recognize that Texas is not an island either, and as we’ve heard from nurses across the U.S., hospitals here are not ready to confront this deadly disease.

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  1. I have never seen such incompetence in my life. Why do we pay billions of dollars to these agencies that have no actual plans to keep us safe? What the hell does the CDC actually do, becuase I don’t see them doing anything to stop this. Seems like they are actually encouraging the spread by allowing in illegal Aliens and infected people.

  2. for sure……..this Elitist want this virus spread all across the globe AGENDA 21 plans laid out some fifty years ago is in full swing now……population control….in a way in which you would not think it was your government KILLING you off Natiz extermination camps reborn….suck it up people this is going global you can not win this one ……but the virus only has a 70% mortality rate …this Elitist have the finances to isolate themselves from it AND THAT’S HOW YOU SURVIVE THIS….. ISOLATION …….

  3. This is just inaccurate. First of all, the Ebola germs being washed of the sidewalk would have been dead. Ultraviolet light had been shining on that spot for 5 days already. Almost every single adult female in the United States can tell you that in a manicure shop, an ultraviolet machine is what is used to sanitize instruments from hepatitis and it only takes 20 minutes. If Ebola was sturdy and easy to catch everyone in Africa would be dead already. The news photographer that just came home infected got it from cleaning the inside of a vehicle that had areas not exposed to sunlight. The children and the wife of the doctor from Ft. Worth did not come down with it and not only had they been with him in Africa but the wife had relations with him. The hosipal that the Dallas patient had gone to and been sent home from is crimally negligent because the fact that he had just come back from Africa was on his intake paperwork and the doctor that examined him didn’t bother to read it. One of the children that was supposed to not leave the house did and did go to school but now that family is under house arrest with an armed guard at the door. That is what quarantine is. Prior they had just agreed not to leave the house but because the teenager did, they have an armed guard 24 hrs a day making sure that doesn’t happen again. The hazemat suits are not so much to protect the cleaners from the virus but to protect them from the chemicals they are using. The suit also creates a total barrier that makes it so that the cleaning team will not have to be monitered after they are done working. The family is in a horrible situation that will have lasing mental effects on those children. The boy went to school to try the convince his classmates that he was not one of the people exposed because he thinks his life is over. That he will be stigmatized forever. He is a Jr high school aged boy. Think about his mental state right now. What that family REALLY needs is a publicist because the entire country is fixated on what is going on and phone interviews and book advances should bring in a huge pile of cash and would certainly change the way they are dealing with this emotionally. You are all survivalists, think about this. The people who survive this will be capable of anything. If you were exposed to Ebola and lived through it, you wouldn’t be scared of anything ever again.

    • Wow there really are some brainwashed folks in this country that will believe anything obama and his media goons tell them. Maybe you need to look into what’s required to actually handle the Ebola virus in a lab and then you might change your tune. Even the researchers are terrified of this virus.

      Oh and by the way I don’t care about the mental state of some illegal alien child I care about our nation and it’s survival. I love how all these liberal idiots feel so sorry for the family and pretend they are some kind of victims. They are all here illegally and this infected goon from Africa knowingly got on a plane and came to America with the virus. I don’t feel sorry for people who knowingly try to infect others.

      And to suggest that the family needs a publicist shows just how much liberalism has warped your mind. The family needs to be put on a plane and sent back to the damn country they came from. Who do you thinks paying the damn medical bills for these people? I’m so sick of illegals being treated better than the damn citizens of this third world obama nation.

    • Greg’s right. If you feel so sorry for them and believe this virus is so hard to catch well then maybe we can send them all to your house.

    • I am more worried about EvD68 virus coming from southern Mexico. This is basically Polio and nobody is really talking about it. THis could be the actual pandemic killer. Pretty weird though that both appear at same time huh?

    • WOW! this one ate the colors of the rainbow right out the crayon box didn’t he?

      Dude the puke has necessary bodily fluids for the virus to survive in, despite this magical “ultraviolet” you talk about.

      also manicure shops use a hell of a lot more then some UV to cleanse their tools, in fact I will ask my wife later tonight exactly what the cosmetology school uses to clean their tools, and it’s not a pretty little black light. bleach does a good job of killing things, but isn’t exactly the safest thing when used in concentration. and real quarantine clean up, the people in hazmat suits are also placed under observable quarantine for the duration of the incubation period, plus a few days, to ensure they haven’t contracted the virus.

      and to all the others who have replied.

      this Ebola allowance on flights, along with the “coincidental” EVD68 virus appearing in counties where the illegal children where migrated too spells out one thing I see, martial law through quarantine due to pandemic.

      and worst of all is, it is intentional it seems.

    • I have thought that same thing. Do not believe most understand what you are saying, however they will soon. We have to rise above the place where we find ourselves to see the true reality. All of this is illusion that we have been mired in for too long.

  4. it was bound to happen,that is -an uncontrollable pandemic reminiscent of the Bubonic plague. We have committed great depredations against the living organism that is earth and like a human body beset by virulent parasites – the great body of our world has reacted by releasing a disease that will kill the parasitic stressors: namely – ourselves. The secondary threat of our political enemies creating a bio-weapon of this plague? Wake-up people! We are in the frying pan and the fire is near out of control. Disease is the weapon that is our greatest current threat – and this is but the beginning.

  5. All I can say is, the Bible is fulfilling. I am not a religious fanatic, but I’m a spiritual person who believes in God. People need to read the Bible more, and pray, because we are living in an “evil” world.

  6. Do you sheeple not understand? The reason for the lack of control is by design. The rich & elite want this to happen, to allow them to gain more control via more laws to strip us of our rights.

    Take me as some crackpot joke & conspiracy posting mad man. Just remember these next words

    When the new cases of Ebola in America start popping up outside of Texas & into the midwest & east & west coast over the next few weeks, it was intentionally allowed by the government.

    • Interesting…

      Less than 24 hours of me typing this, Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, is now treating a “possible” Ebola patient. I work in Portland about 2 miles from the hospital.

      I started watching AMC’s Walking Dead last night (S1-E1)and now I’m sub-consciously watching my back! I don’t watch television, nor the news nor so I read the newspapers which intentionally “shields” me from the media’s BS and slander; a conscience decision I made years ago with the understanding that they only show us what they want us to see and use it as a means of control and coercion. It’s an extreme rarity for me to even watch a single episode of a television series but Walking Dead pique my interests from a friend talking about it’s entertainment qualities. Coincidence for me?

      “Big Brother” has control over all the media outlets for all to hear and see. The timely release of a media frenzy over this occurrence is interesting… What is happening that they AREN’T telling us?

      Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.

      I’m restocking my survival pack this weekend and my family and I are going over our emergency plans. I’m not in a state of immediate panic, but I don’t want to be ill-prepared for impending doom should it ever rain down on us.

      • Might I also add to my comment…

        My wife mentioned to me the patient that “potentially” has Ebola at MMC and now I’m researching the topic specific to this case here in my home state. All of the local news websites state that it’s currently not a confirmed diagnosis, that they aren’t releasing where the patient came from (we have an international airport) and that they’ve (Maine CDC and national CDC) “prepared” for the patients arrival. I call BS. The patient DOES have it, they know exactly where the patient came from and we should be more prepared as a community!

        My grandfather is 87 and has been in and out of that hospital in the past few years. My father as well for his health issues. I have friends and family that work there.

        Scarily enough, it’s in my home state within miles of where I am sitting right now. And symptoms don’t present themselves for days after. Should I be nervous?

    • Never underestimate the incompetence of the government. Our government couldn’t conspire its way out of a wet paper sack. The hand full of very wealthy people who own our government on the other hand are very competent and I promise you nothing happens in this country that isn’t part of there plan.

  7. tbh I hope that it spreads and knocks out 2/3 of the country this would could use a good hard reset it would be nice to go back to a time where a person didn’t have to check the updates on fb every hour or u can walk into a store with out someone burying their head into their phone texting or how about seeing kids actually playing in a park this world doesn’t need a virus to ruin it because its already full of zombies

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