8 Shot 2 Dead at Texas A&M Mass Shooting Ignored by Cable News: Is it because Victims & Shooter are Black?

Commerce A&M Shooting

In yet the latest example of mainstream media hypocrisy, an overnight mass shooting near Texas A&M University-Commerce campus has gone virtually unnoticed.

Yes, there have been a few below the fold stories, but nothing like the usually frantic 24/7 coverage that stretches on for weeks at a time. Oddly, no Democrat Presidential candidates are heading to Texas for the vigils, we don’t see Texas boy, Beto O’Rourke camped out with news cameras in front of the campus, and Anderson Cooper from CNN isn’t devoting his normal 24/7 coverage trying to tie the shooting to White Nationalist Trump Supporters.

But why is this Mass Shooting any less important?

  • Could it be because it happened at an unsanctioned, off-campus Twerking Party for Blacks?
  • Might I dare say that it’s not being covered by the media because all of the victims are black?
  • Or could it be that none of the black witnesses will cooperate with police and are refusing to give a description of the shooter, who in all likelihood was black?

You see, the mainstream media and the democrat party don’t give two shits about gun violence, especially when it happens in black communities — which they also don’t really care about. If they can’t spin the story into some neo-nazi fantasy shooting that can be used to go after all white gun owners, then they have nothing to say on the subject.

The Dirty Details: A Mass Shooting at a Black Party that was Promoting Prostitution and Debauchery

Attendees of the Twerk or Treat party — an unsanctioned, off-campus whore-fest held during Texas A&M at Commerce’s homecoming weekend — have not been cooperating with investigators.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said.“It appalls me that, as many folks that were there, [they] have not been able to give us a better description of this shooter,” he told reporters during a news conference.

Outside the so-called “venue”, Halloween masks and other debris were strewn about. Pools of blood could be seen on the ground. Video from the scene — which we are not showing because it serves zero preparedness value, shows people on the ground outside the venue with others screaming in the background.

The sheriff said his office had never handled such a large shooting. He noted that his staff was supposed to attend a seminar on mass shootings next week.

“Wish we could have had it a week before now,” Meeks said.

Instagram posts that advertised the events all started being pulled late last night, but we saved one so everyone knows what kind of party this really was.

Commerce Twerk Party

Oddly, the #MeToo crowd is also amazingly silent and has nothing to say about parties where girls are routinely assaulted and raped. Here is just a taste of what happens at these Texas A&M Commerce Parties…

I honestly can’t put anything else up here because some of the videos being promoted by these people are beyond even what you can show on internet pornography. I mean we are talking about people shoving things in holes inside public grocery stores and then putting them back on the shelves for “white people” to eat. If you really want to see, here is one of the links to one of the losers who oragnizes these events throughout the ghettos of America — I warn you though, it is beyond disgusting!

Hmmm… maybe that’s why this isn’t being covered by the mainstream media, because then they would have to report on what’s really happening in these cultures and how the ghettoization of America should be considered one of the largest threats we face.

Then they would have to cover these stories as well:

They would then have to acknowledge who the actual “victims” are, criminal gang-bangers who post their crimes on Twitter and Facebook, post their illegal guns on social media channels, all without having to worry about being arrested.

Isn’t it odd that Facebook’s algorithm can identify and remove so-called “conservative posts” but they can’t seem to identify known gang members posting illegal activity all over facebook?

Kevin Berry aka Choppaboy Wess: was one of the gang member/criminals that were shot at the Twerk Party. Here he is posing with his illegal guns on facebook — odd how the democrats never talk about taking their guns away, I guess their bill protecting gang members is starting to make sense!

Pictured, Kevin Berry aka “Choppaboy Wess”. Image via Facebook

And before the snowflake liberals get triggered and start crying RACISM… this has nothing to do with race, it has to do with Ghetto culture! There are just as many black folks sickened by this as well, only they aren’t allowed to speak out otherwise they are demonized by the white mainstream media as Uncle Toms. So I ask you who are the real racists?

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    • Yep, another reason this isn’t going to be covered by the media or talked about by the democrats. Wholey shitballs, I followed that link to the lowers facebook page and can’t say it’s shocking the loser was killed! His whole page is shit he stole, posing with illegal guns, making gang threats, etc…

      The author of this story is correct, this isn’t being covered because then they would have to cover this culture and how it is a threat to everyone in America

    • Name says it all buddy.. Btw i ever see that produce aisle bullshit going on my first stop will be the toy/sporting goods aisle for the baseball bats, and some extra ammo.

      Cause after that a serious ass beating is going to commence, to make up for all the years a dad SHOULD have been whooping that ass for such asshat douchebag fuckery.
      That way my kids get a good lesson too, dont act like a less than human peice of shit.

  1. Whore fest? Prostitution and debauchery? The mindset of the person who wrote this is a large part of the problem. Disgusting excuse for journalism. I pray for the families of the victims and hope this outlet finds better journalists.

    • Way to go after the journalist rather then the real issue, acting like a sub-human troglodyte, and thats giving the trogs a bad name.

      Dont like reading it fix the problem with what hes reporting on.

  2. Debauchery –
    excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.

    I would say it fits the definition according to the poster.

    Is it a sad tragedy? Depends on your view.. If he was making gang threats, and has actually utilized his illegal weaponry to purport criminal activity or assault others, then that one dead really isnt that sad as it means he cant continue to purpetuate his violence.

    Yay for all those potential victims of the future that saving just one life means everything for.

    Besides if this is the culture you want to expand into all facets of life, then becoming “living challenged” should be expected.

    I am curious as to what the lifestyle of the second “living challenged” was.

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