45 Million people To Take Thanksgiving Road Trips: Are you ready for Roadside Emergencies?

Snowplows on highway

Thanksgiving may not be for a couple of days, but the roads are already filling up with drivers heading away for the holiday weekend. According to AAA, 45 million Americans are expected to take a Thanksgiving road trip. Unfortunately, many of them are ill-prepared to face an emergency situation while out on the road.

A little bit of planning can go a long way!

According to the National Safety Council, Thanksgiving is the third most-dangerous U.S. holiday for driving, behind only Independence Day and Memorial Day. From drunk drivers and winter weather conditions to angry Black Friday shoppers and those looking to take advantage of the chaos, there are a number of things you need to watch out for while out on the road this week.

Here are some of our top articles and tips to help prepare you for the Holiday weekend and the dangers you may face out on the road.

Winter Driving Safety Tips: Staying Safe on Dangerous Winter Roads

Before you head out on the roads this Thanksgiving, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for whatever nature has in store. Now is the time to go over that winter weather vehicle preparedness checklist.

Get Home Plans: When Disaster Strikes Away from Home

When planning for disasters, people often overlook what will happen should one strike while they’re out on the road or away from home. Do you have a get home plan?

Get Home Bags: Everything you need to Safely Get Home During a Disaster

A Get Home Bag kind of like a bug out bag, but it serves a different purpose: having the supplies you need to safely make it home during a crisis or disaster situation. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, you need to seriously consider putting together a small bag full of essential supplies and winter weather gear.

Travel Bug Out Bags: Your Lifeline out on the Road

If a large-scale disaster or terror attack strikes while you’re out on the road, your survival will likely depend on your pre-trip planning and the supplies you have in your vehicle when trouble strikes.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for a Winter Snowstorm?

According to the National Weather Service, about 70 percent of winter weather-related deaths occur in an automobile. When winter weather hits, you better be prepared to deal with roadside emergencies.

Surviving a Winter Storm: Freezing Weather Survival Tips

While the danger from winter weather varies depending on where you live, even areas that aren’t prone to extreme winter weather can be affected this time of year.

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