The Great Internet Reset: The Purge is Here, Amazon, Apple and Google Push Parler Offline

Internet Purge

For over a decade of running OFFGIRD Survival we have warned this day was coming; the day when patriots and truth are completely purged from the internet. For over a decade, one by one patriots, truth tellers, and those that dare to questions the mainstream media have slowly been purged from the internet, and so-called patriots stood by and watched.

Those like Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, GAB, 8CHAN, were scrubbed from the internet – digitally assassinated.  Pieces of Human shit like Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro and other pseudo “conservatives” cheered — they are allowed to continue to push their brand of conservatism because if you haven’t figured it out by now, they are controlled opposition.

If you’ve wondered where OFFGRID SURVIVAL has been, we rarely post anymore:

Parler has now been killed by Amazon, Apple and Google

Parler has been targeted by Big-Tech and virtually eliminated from the internet. Apple and Google removed them from their App Stores, making it impossible to put the App on phones, then Amazon used their power to pull them off their servers – Amazon has

On one hand, I despise what is happening to Parler; on the other hand the site is run by “Fox News” “Conservative” types who sat by and did jackshit when the same thing happened to us Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, GAB, 8CHAN, etc…

They fear WE THE PEOPLE!!!


It’s time to start networking outside the system.


I’ve been warning our readers that this was coming for years! For the last 5-6 years, this site has been routinely censored and even suspended from a number of Social Media sites, simply for sharing our opinions — or in some cases factual news they deemed not acceptable. Here is what I suggested then, and here is what I still suggest today.

Limit, stop using, or take control of how you use these Social Media Ghettos!

For years now, Silicon Valley Tech Giants have been swallowing up content and killing organic growth for alternative media websites. These internet giants have created a system where it’s impossible to exist without them; they are literally swallowing up the Internet and forcing people into communities that they can control, censor, and regulate.

Out of the 400,000+ followers this site has on Facebook (Facebook has removed 100k of them), I’m lucky if Facebook shows my post to 1% of those people. And now with this latest hit, who knows!

While there still may be some value to sharing these types of articles, almost like going behind enemy lines, the fact is it’s almost impossible for alternative media to reach the people who want to see their stories.

Start your own website or online community.

I’m one guy; if I can do it, so can you. I started OFFGRID back in 2007, and I have slowly grown it one day at a time. It’s not easy, but I do believe it’s important.

In the process of building the site, I’ve talked to millions of people, written a book that helped expand my reach beyond the internet, started other websites like Country Hookers and Ham Radio Prepper, and helped a countless number of people become better prepared for the very real threats in today’s society.

So yes, it is worth it!

Even if it’s just a small blog, one that is only read by a handful of people, you have the power to create your own community that isn’t owned by Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any other media conglomerate. You can write about the things that are important to you, and you can share the stories and links that you think are important.

  • Don’t just leave comments on Facebook: Comment in the comments section on this and other blogs and free internet forums. This will help move the conversation off of these social media sites, and back into arenas where we control the content.
  • If you don’t want to start your own page, shoot me an email through my contact page and you can write for OFFGRID Survival or one of my other sites.

Go Old School: Monitor HAM, Shortwave and other Radio Frequencies

I don’t trust anything I hear from the mainstream media, and even the internet has become tightly controlled and a vast majority of the popular sites have been bought off long ago by large media conglomerates. For another look at what the rest of the world is saying, we suggest getting a radio to monitor international shortwave stations, local police and first responder frequencies, military communications, ham radio communications, and any other kind of radio transmission you can think of.

Click here to Read more on Radio Monitoring and Ham Radio.

Download and use an RSS Reader

While not many people still use RSS Readers — Facebook essentially killed them — it’s one of the best ways to collect the news you want to see. Instead of relying on Google or Facebook to tell you what’s important, Subscribe to our RSS feed and download an App like Feedly to subscribe to this, and other alternative media sites. With an RSS Reader, you choose what you see, when you see it, and how much of it you see.

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  1. I’ll post here what I posted on my own timeline on Facebook.
    Social media platforms curbing free speech… Let me think about that for a sec…
    Perhaps all social media platforms should be shut down permanently for everyone for their own good. That way the people in power (Governments, Businesses, and the Media) would have a far easier time controlling the masses (like they did before social media and the internet) if people were made more unaware of what they were doing. You would only be spoon fed what they wanted you to know.
    Social media platforms curbing free speech…. Brilliant!

  2. On Linux use QuiteRSS. I also have a large selection of news, finance, Military, etc feeds running. Works great. Very reliable and does not freeze. If interested I can share the .opml file. Or maybe share what you have in the RSS app? Maybe I’m missing something useful.

  3. ive been using an RSS reader to read a large # of blogs for years.
    The one i use is called “Theoldreader” and is designed to look like Googles old Reader app (which was discontinued years ago). There is a premium version, which i pay for mainly to support development.

    Most blogs support RSS, its a great way to get around filtering for awhile.

    Signal is a better way (long term). Eventually all conservative thought will have to be on an end-to-end encrypted means (like Signal).

  4. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are under much more pressure than ever before. The Communist Manifesto lists those freedoms as among the first that need to be removed to accomplish full socialism and establish migration to a communist dictatorship.

  5. In case the commies try to block your Web site, can we use your IP Address? And also, do you have an alternate plan to stay on the Internet?

    • Run the following command from a command window or cli terminal.


      That will return something like…


      You can run this on all your favorite websites. If they are hosted by AMA or GLG then this may present a problem in the future.

    • Most certs are created against the Fully Qualified Domain Name ( The IP address can change if the webpage is moved to another server, but the FQDN remains the same.

      • This is true Ron. If this site’s IP address changes we’ll adjust fire. It’s possible to host a Web site outside of the US but I would be concerned about security. Any electronic commerce done outside of the US can’t be fully trusted.

  6. I have followed your blog for years! I actually was concerned something had happened to you as you hadn’t posted in so long, which was so out of the norm of posting 1-2 posts a week. I am just sickened at what’s going on right now and that people are being silenced. It’s a scary world out there. Thankyou for this blog and all the information on it, I am sure I have read 80% + of the content. Following the advice you have given has made me feel slightly prepared in this crazy world, which gives me a little bit of comfort that I could take care of my kids if SHTF. Which is my biggest concern.

  7. I check almost everyday for new articles and or information. I hope you are around for a long long time. Thank you for being you.

  8. I love free speech. I’m so sick that these platforms have been shutting down sex workers and leftists for years now. I’m even more sick that nobody seemed to care until it was a bunch of conservatives that got oppressed… for probably the first time in their lives.

  9. I guess you don’t understand how the 1st Amendment works. It protects Americans from having their free speech censored by the government. Private entities are outside the reach of the 1st Amendment. So all your pathetic ranting about “free speech” makes no fucking sense. Any of you retards could easily create a website for discussion that would be out of the reach of Apple’s fucking App Store. For people who love the Constitution so much, you seem to have zero understanding of its text.

    • I guess your a communist piece of shit that enjoys having big tech take over his country cause you have no balls!

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