The state of the American Man: Woman gets Punched, Boyfriend watches does NOTHING

Is this really where we are at as a country? How has the American man fallen so far, allowing themselves to sit ideally by as a piece of shit ghetto thug attacks their women?

Where have all the men gone?

Sadly, the last 18 months of the so-called “pandemic” have shown how many American men will sit ideally by and do nothing as their freedom, their family’s freedom, and their country slips away.

A vast majority of these so-called men, have accepted the compliance masks, accepted unconstitutional mandates, and accepted having some teenage clerk cuck them into submission, as they walk into Walmart bowing their heads in shame while they tell their kids to put on their masks.

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  1. Katie bar the door – it would have been on at the time he raised his hand the first time. If he’d swung at my wife he’d had double trouble as we both would have been on him like a bad rash – we’re getting older and not taking that crap from a street bully.

  2. wow that dude is a pussy. he can’t defend his family!? this video makes me sick. I can’t believe I just watched that.

  3. I have been seeing this for years, men not being men. Not standing up for what’s right and freedom and their and family’s safety. Afraid of conflict and standing their ground. I have been trying to instill in my sons and and grandsons to be men, open doors for ladies and treat people with respect and love God and country. Hollywood and the media have been on the attack of the American man for a decade. There is more excuses to be a weak than taking responsibility for their own actions and not backing down when they know their right.

  4. clearly the guy is nuts, Why antagonize him??? Why did she think it was smart to say anything??? And then think someone should save her !

  5. I would have kicked his ass. But your rhetoric has nothing to do with being a man. So-called “pandemic”, your a tool.

    • Awe, is someone upset because they fell for the government propaganda and wears a mask all day like a fucking child?

      • Don’t waste your precious seconds on guy, he obviously hasn’t read up on the psychology studies of long term isolation. He also thinks a mask with 3.0 micron holes or larger will work against a virus in aerosol droplets smaller then that with the virus itself being 0.125 microns in size.

        If that man is being belligerent and someone tells him “man chill out” and he did that to my wife. I woulda grabbed him and head butted him then proceeded to womp on him like his missing daddy should have womped on him.

        I’m so sick of this behavior from blacks because media promotes it and our indoctrination education implants it. Zero tolerance.

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