The tragedy happened because Anti-Gun Alec Baldwin was playing with a gun!

Alec Baldwin

I rarely write about, or get caught up in pop culture issues, but the never-ending articles today excusing Alec Baldwin from killing a woman on set, claiming it was a prop gun not designed to shoot live bullets has highlighted how hypocritical the Anti-Gun elites really are.

What happened was not an accident! It happened because Anti-Gun Hollywood elites REALLY LIKE PLAYING WITH GUNS

If this was a gun owner, they would at the very least be charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm or manslaughter. And in my opinion, rightfully so – YOU DON’T FUCKING PLAY WITH GUNS!

The fact is, when the media tells you this was a prop gun, they are flat out lying! There is NO SUCH THING as a “PROP GUN”

There is no such thing as a prop gun, this was a real, working firearm designed to fire live rounds. It was supposed to be loaded with blanks, which is a practice that should never be allowed, since any gun capable of firing blanks is capable of firing a projectile as well – a blank is essential a live round, with the bullet removed. Hollywood knows this, but again, they really like playing with guns!

Why these Hollywood morons insist on using what is essential a live round, is beyond criminal. First, should anything be in the barrel, that blank round now has the projectile to kill whatever is in front of the barrel. Second, it’s far to easy for an uneducated person to load a round with an active projectile. Third, held close enough to a target, even a blank can kill someone since it has the same explosive charge as a regular ammo cartridge — in fact, this is something that happened to Actor Jon-Erik Hexum in1984 when he started joking around on the set of a television show, loaded a revolver with a blank, spun the chamber, put the gun to his temple and fired.

Why the anti-gun morons think it’s okay to play with live guns on set, while lecturing us about banning firearms is beyond hypocrisy, and yesterday, that hypocrisy got someone killed!

There is no other way to look at this! Plain and simple, this was a Hollywood MORON playing with guns, in order to make his Hollywood movie look cool! If this were teenagers doing the same thing for a YouTube video, they would all be in jail!

What happened here was Anti-gun Hollywood morons playing with firearms, without understanding or even caring about the basic rules of firearm safety. Had they followed these three simple rules, and taken the time to be trained properly before PLAYING with guns, none of this would have happened.

  1. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN UNLOADED GUN: Assume any firearm you are handed is loaded!
  2. NEVER point the barrel of a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot! Once you pull that trigger, you can never get that shot back.
  3. GUN ARE NOT TOYS, You don’t pretend to play cowboys and Indians with them!
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  1. So glad this slug has this grief to deal with. naturally, he will be completely absolved because he is on the correct side of the Nazi regime. My condolences to the victem of Alec Baldwin.

    Fu&k Joe BID@N

  2. So glad to see this. I commented the same on a video about it. Anyone who is anti gun has no business using one in a movie or tv show because they don’t know the proper safety protocols. I’m not a gun enthusiast, but I respect the weapon and know you never point a gun at someone in jest. Hollywood are pure hypocrites.

  3. Hmm, I’m not surprised this has happened again in the movie industry. Years ago when I was thinking about joining a local National Guard unit, they were holding a fire arms safety class using an M-1 Grand rifle ( yes, I’m that old ( the two instructors was a WW 2 vet and the other was Korean war vet )). upon firing the weapon at a empty metal 5 gal bucket, at 10 ft, the paper and wax wad went though the side of the metal bucket. I later saw the same demonstration at Ft Leonard Wood some time later, only it was a army D.I. shooting an M-14 with a blank at an empty ammo can and yes the was went though the side of the metal ammo can at about 8 to 10 feet. So somebody should be held accountable for what has happened, even Baldwin should be held accountable for not using some common sense. And this is an example of people who want of change the world ( in their favor ). thank you, but no thank you

  4. Im betting Sir alex did not replace the Firearms expert with someone Qualified to oversee & approve the weapon usage on the set…If so alex being the producer may be charged with a manslaughter charge as that is on the lawbooks in new mexico/ minimum 18 months incarceration.. we are yet to hear from the weapons expert who left the set…

  5. Prop is just an abbreviation for property. Props are the tangible stuff used on movie sets. They are the property of the production company. Any prop can be real, modified or simulated. A squirt gun painted to look real might be used as a prop. A real gun, used as a prop, is still a prop.

    Any gun that goes bang can do harm. A cap gun, held to your ear, can do damage. A real gun, firing a blank while in contact with a skull, has killed an actor. The blast and debris of shotgun blanks can do some damage at considerable distances.

    Two live rounds (real bullets) had already been negligently discharged on the set of “Rust” before the Baldwin killing. The production should have come to a halt when the first live round was negligently discharged. Everyone responsible should have been fired after the first negligent discharge. As soon as the first live round was fired on set, they needed stop and to do a major overhaul of safety procedures. They pressed on and sent one poor women to her death.

    As producer, the ultimate responsibility for this ongoing gross negligence falls squarely in Baldwin’s lap. It would be his responsibility even if he hadn’t literally pulled the trigger. He deserves all of the derision and legal woes that come his way. I hope that he is convicted of manslaughter and sued into oblivion. Unfortunately, peons behind the camera are expendable. Big star producers are not expendable. Criminal charges are unlikely. He’s got too much liberal white privilege to go to jail. He may still be personally on the hook for the inevitable lawsuits. Insurance won’t pay if they find gross negligence.

    Don’t call this an accident. Accident is too kind a word. Alec Baldwin killed Halyna Hutchins.

    – Jake42

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