They want to Purge Patriots! Olberman Calls for Trump Supporters to be Removed from Society

Yesterday, Former MSNBC and ESPN host Keith Olberman said that following the election Trump supporters must be prosecuted and convicted and “removed from our society”. These people are beyond insane, they literally want to purge patriotic Americans and rebuild our country into some 1984-style dystopian nation.

Time to start preparing for what’s coming. This last year was never about a virus, it was part of the plan to overthrow the country and purge anyone who doesn’t agree with their vision. The masks were just a test to see how far they could push us!

While most so-called “conservative commentators” are focusing on the big names he mentions, listen close to what he actually says. He is talking about purging 60+ million people from our society…

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  1. Wait a minute? The democrats Biden Pelosi Harris they are trying to take power of all of us. Im convinced they created this virus with China in hopes to make Trump look bad. So the democrats causing race wars, calling our troops stupid bastards, manipulating and lying, and telling Antifa to go harder and burn hotter isn’t the cause for all the hate? This guy is a brainwashed fucking idiot! They are behind all of it all because they dislike Trump as a person. Im sorry but this guy can go straight to hell. If hes for pedophiles and murdering babies, burning our cities to the ground, and agreeing with the BLM terrorist. Then hes a fucking fool. I want to know what he got paid for this?

  2. This guy is a raving lunatic and what makes it worse is that there are in my estimation millions of these people in our country. I just don’t understand what goes through there heads. How can anyone say what he said (Olberman) and actually believe and understand what he is uttering. It must be hate related. Olberman dislikes Trump and conservatives that much that he is willing to in public make these statements about fellow Americans. Olberman has a right to free speech but does not have the right to belittle us and wish us harm. Let the war begin…. I believe it has already started.

  3. They’re not going to let Trump win… The writing is right there
    on the wall,so you better read it. The votes will be manipulated to
    suit there agenda. The majority of people can’t see what’s happening.
    Our media platform is nothing but one big lie and they believe it.

  4. the Kyle Rittenhouses need to be removed? i think not, that kid was scared out of his fucking mind, and being attacked. and he killed FELONS, all three of them he shot, FELONS. saved the taxpayer having to feed and house two of them after their next arrest. and made it difficult for the 3rd to feed himself with anything other then his left hand.

  5. Oberstfuehrer Olbermann:
    There is a saying in Texas. “Come and Take It” (Battle of Goliad, Texas).

    Please begin your persecution at my house. I. am. ready.

  6. with the demonrats crimes along with
    pedo joe and berry brokeback on genocide selling the virus to china to acts of war on America treason and high treason how many Americans would wear a mask when pulling the lever for the gallows when they are found guilty of their crimes?????

  7. this type of person wants his dead-end lifestyle to be the only style he wants crime ridden streets along with crap covered
    streets the smell he loves same type of person that has the lowest morals

  8. Amazing indeed. Amazed all the way through this insane wonderland maze ending at the death trap. All who think they’re part of the group who will live on to procreate, think again. Nothing but sheer terror, suffering, pain in store for everyone. Of this I am certain. Stalin, Hitler, the racist democrats of the 1860s…they cannot compare to these modern demons. Choose to starve. Avoid the vaccine.

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