Thousands of Violent Street Thugs Riot, Loot and Assault Innocent people in Baltimore

All hell broke loose in Baltimore, Maryland last night as thousands of thugs took to the streets spreading chaos and destruction throughout the city.

Violent thugs, masquerading as protestors demonstrating the death of a young African-American man, assaulted people, smashed police cars and shop widows, and looted multiple businesses. Things got so bad that 15,000 people were trapped in Oriole Park at Camden Yards as the stadium tried to prevent violent thugs from spreading the chaos into the stadium.

thugs smashing windows
Violent thugs smashed cars throughout the city
thugs attack bar
Violent Street thugs attacked an innocent sports bar full of people enjoying their Saturday night.
stores looted
Stores were vandalized and looted throughout the city.


Man robing women
Multiple people were robbed on the streets, including these three women who were photographed while being assaulted and robbed.

Obama Stokes the Flames as Chaos Erupts

As the city exploded in violence, President Obama helped spread further racial anger and hostility when he spoke at the White House Correspondents’ Diner. At the diner he brought a comedian on stage during his speech to act as his alter ego or “anger translator,” telling the audience to “hold on to your lily white butts,” and saying things like “we can count on fox news to terrify white people with some nonsense.”

Describing the speech is almost unbelievable, and I know there are some people out there that think this man can do no wrong, so I will just post the video so you can see what our President and the news media was doing as Baltimore was on fire with violence.

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  1. Why do you only call them thugs when they are black?? When the rioters in Kentucky did the exact same thing after losing a damn ball game I never seen the word thug used at all, in fact, when any white person breaks the law I have never seen the word thug used!!

    • Anyone who acts like this should be in jail, regardless of the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or whatever else.. The issue is with what happened to a person while in police custody.. Overhaul the police, not sure how but with animals like this no wonder the police dept has turned so violent. Not justification in any sense.. Gene your fueling the racial tensions more then the writer. Why is it though that most of these incidents happen in the black communities? Its because they are animals in the communities, but not because the color of their skin its because they feel entitled.. So what if their ancestors were slaves, we are all slaves now.. get over it and fix the world and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

    • Would douchebags be more appropriate? Anybody who goes to a protest or any other large gathering to start looting and rioting is a thug regardless of sex,color,creed or nationality.

    • I’m sorry for something people I am not associated with in any way other than appearance did hundreds of years ago. facepalm.

    • Nice try Gene; but I refer to anyone who attacks an innocent person as a THUG no matter what race they are.

      • But Gene has a valid point. I didn’t see any mention when the surfers, hockey fans, college fans tore up blocks of cities because they won or lost a game. If your not prejudice then be fair.

        • People like you make me sick! Go somewhere else with your phony accusations of prejudice. I on many occasions have talked about the dangers associated with rioting after sporting events, sorry that doesn’t fit your agenda!

      • “Thousands” of “violent thugs,” huh? Considering the estimated number if demonstrators was around 2,000, that would mean half of them turned violent, which is utter bullsh*t. How about giving due credit to the vast majority of demonstrators who lawfully exercised their First Amendment right to free assembly? What’s your motive for publishing falsified information?

    • They will not be happy until they attack or try to harm the wrong person..Then that person/persons will deploy their legally concealed weapons and drop these assholes so fast their heads will spin…And will it all be worth it? I wonder if they will continue to riot when 25 of them lay dead on the street from this stupidity.

      • That would be true in Baltimore if the average citizen were able to be able to get a CCP. Currently it is near impossible to get one unless you own your own buisness.

    • Because they are Thugs! Why would affiliate thugs with just black? White can be thugs too… Why is it when a black man is killed this is how people react and it is always a racial thing. But when the white man is killed by a black man it doesn’t get the coverage it so deserves and its never a racial thing. Gene if you are so offended by the comment… Then it makes you a thug, those peoples actions are thug actions!

    • I live in Baltimore.I was at the Ball game.This whole story was embellished , fostered, blown out of per portion, massaged and encouraged by the media , to divide the people even more. Black vs White, old vs young , rich vs poor, dem vs rep. Death by a thousand cuts, how many more ways can we be divided?divide and conquer, United we stand divided we fall . Wake up! Blow up your TV, throw away your paper and live your life in peace!

      • You are either a liar or one of the people rioting! I live here also and maybe you should tell your theory to the countless people I witnessed being assaulted. Hell the video and the images in this article would tell any rational person what really happened.

        This is demented liberalism at its finest. Excuse violent behavior or cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist otherwise you would have to face the facts that it’s liberal ideology, welfare programs and cultural immorality that created these animals.

    • That is not the point, it’s the fact innocent people were harmed by rioting, skin? Fuck that, gender? Fuck that, the actions the issue, murder is bad oh most definitely, but dose a murder make a riot at the wrong people justifiable?No, it’s like the school shooting, the anger filled man goes in and shoots, even at people who said nothing but kind things to him.

  2. That’s all you got from this…?…they are thugs when they do this..white or black…your mentality of always searching for an injustice even in an article showing thugs being thugs..proves the blindness

  3. Stop Running.and resisting…police have to do better or white all training.wrong..fix it.more cameras on polic vehicles going all distances around police cruisers….

  4. It’s obviously a staged event. Welcome next your urban American militia to harass you and rob you of your weapons.

  5. So out of curiosity, why isn’t jade helm 15 being launched in northern states where this BS is going on? Think this would give Jade Helm 15 the experience they are training for! Great experience!

    • I agree with you. Jade helm should start up here but the reason that they are starting down there is because they divided that region so it looks like what they would see on a world map when you look at the middle east. It will spread up here very fast. Im not concerned about it because i have plans in place for if something like this were to happen i could escape and try and live my life as normal as possible. Jade Helm is waiting and it will strike when no one is expecting it. Its coming so be prepared!!

  6. So these men are a disgrace to all men. Where where the real men trying to stop this? MLK… turning in his grave right now. So ashamed. Prices of shit.

  7. What I find amazing is how the general news media is down playing the violence. For instance ABC reports it as demonstrations with a small group looting a convenience store and breaking windows. CNN reports a week of peaceful demonstrations but police are at fault because they wore riot gear and wouldn’t leave when demonstrators chanted for them to go home. Wish society would wake up and see how our pathetic news media is creating the bias that will cause our nation’s down fall. Report the facts and truth only.

  8. Thanks for including the anger translator video. The fact that you blamed the rioting on that made the video just that much funnier.

    • The fact that you don’t see the problem with it, or can’t see how it relates is actually pretty sad!

      • The anger translator is a skit that has been done multiple times by Key and Peele. This is just the president inviting a comedian to the dinner in order to take advantage of the popularity of that skit. Conflating the skit with “stoking the flames” is misguided at best. You write this as if they decided to do this skit as a response to the violence. I don’t in any way think that Obama can do no wrong, but I’m not so deluded as to connect this speech with having any relevance to the violence in Baltimore.

        • There is nothing funny about the president promoting racism against white people. If this was a white president making fun of blacks you would have riots in the streets over it.

          • No kidding!! the whole country would gasp and ask each other why he would say such a thing.Then again the world is full of bleeding hearts they cry over nothing.

          • You’re right, there is nothing funny about the president (or anyone, for that matter) promoting racism against anyone. However, that didn’t happen in the video. No violence was promoted.

          • Gregory, if you can watch that video and not see or admit what is going on then you are blinded by your blind political dogma or another useful stooge of the Obama administration.

  9. I’m thinking, “did an actual President of the USA really just give such a speech? ” it’s a hoax right? I cannot believe that anyone could be allowed to disrespect such an office like that. It just makes a total mockery of the position he holds, highly embarrassing. I could not watch it all tbh

    • You are aware that the speech was from an annual dinner in Washington, a roast of the media, not an official state speech…right? And if it was happening concurrently, the president would have little to no knowledge of the what was happening, much less be able to devise the root cause of any disturbance…

  10. Question to all white men.
    Do non whites in america have the right to dissent? Do they have to do it exaclty the way u think? You people did not take the abuse from the uk lightly, why should we from you?

    • Last time I checked we were all Americans… Pretty damn sick of people trying to continually push this race crap as an excuse to commit crimes. Quite ironic that the same people accusing the police of being criminals are the same ones who think attacking innocent Americans is somehow just fine.

      It really doesn’t matter what race you are; the moment you attack another INNOCENT person to push your bullshit agenda you are officially a criminal piece of crap.

      • Iagree with what you are saying,you are absolutely right on what,s going on in the streets and citys,every body has a right to protect friends and family from animal’s like this,excuses excuses,

  11. Careful wat u say as political correctness will be implemented and the words we use will be manipulated.

  12. This is stupid!!! So let me get this straight they were protesting because of a man that was killed. and they started doing this? First i want to say i’m not glad this man died i wish he was still at home but these people have no right to start robbing people and looting stores and everything else they were doing. Why do they play the race card? Because they want an excuse to commit crimes. Thats the only reason why and there will never be another reason. They do that so they have a justified way to commit crimes that they would have gotten arrested for in normal curcimstances.

  13. Ok , 1st off every one of those THUGS should have been shot on sight ! BY ANYONE!!! 2nd . Coloreds constantly whine about being picked on ..answer don’t be dope dealing thugs , gang bangers, thieves etc.. There is NOWHERE on EARTH that Colored People run that isn’t a SEWER!!!! Look at Africa since They took control….Enough Said. White s are 50 times more likely to be attacked by coloreds than coloreds be attacked by whites … Time for the whites to fight back! They want to burn there city then let them pay to re-build it with their EBT Cards!

      • Wow! Call a person a racist and then a Faggot, Your no better than the people you are defending. You need to get rid of your white guilt and open your eyes to what’s going on in this country. These people are looking for any reason to break the law do what they do without being held responsible for their actions. It doesn’t matter what their ethnic background is, or what was done to their ancestors, we should all be Americans first
        and put this political BS behind us. We have 435 people that run this country and should be replaced by honest non corrupt people that have no political agenda, and want to see us succeed as Americans.
        Sorry for my rant, but comments like this just get my blood boiling.

  14. Thugs… animals… whatever you want to be called. I’ve been to Baltimore a few times and wish I hadn’t. I would suggest letting the slumbags in this city self-destruct. And maybe in a few years clean that piece of crap out with a flamethrower to decimate the remaining parasites before rebuilding.

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