Thugs Ransack Walmart, Attack Customers: This is why Learning about Real-World Urban Survival is so important.

In the wee hours of the morning, shoppers at Macon, Georgia Walmart were taking by surprise as 40 – 50 street thugs rushed into the store flashing gang sings, smashing merchandise and even dragging a disabled man down the aisle.

The degenerate thugs rushed the store at 1:50 a.m. Sunday, in a pre-planned attack. According to the local Sheriff’s office, Floors in parts of the store were “coated with broken merchandise,” and “The length of the store from front to rear was lined with items which had been shattered, destroyed, turned over and thrown about.”

Walmart Thug
This genius criminal, the one who police say led the mob into the store, was arrested after returning to the Walmart to retrieve a cellphone that he dropped during the attack.

Once law enforcement arrived on scene the crowd began to flee in multiple vehicles. According to a Walmart employee, one of the teens told the employee that “this was a planned event … to see how much damage they could cause.”

Why you need to take this type of Threat Seriously

Walmart Store
If it can happen where you shop, it can happen anywhere!

I’m sometimes asked why I cover these stories, or why I devoted an entire section of my book to understanding and protecting yourself from criminal attacks; I did so because these are the threats we face, not some fairytale Bear Gryll’s wilderness survival situation that most people will never have to face or worry about.

While I’m definitely not against learning about wilderness survival — I spend a lot of my time talking about it, teaching wilderness skills, and living them the lifestyle as I venture out into the wilderness — the reality of the world is that most people are not going to face that type of threat. It’s the threats created by our sick society that pose the greatest danger to you and your family.

The reality of preparedness is you need to be ready, and know how to face these types of threats.

Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge increase in these types of mob attacks, riots, active shooter situations, and violent outbreaks throughout the country. Much of this has been egged on by morally bankrupt politicians who make excuses for this type of behavior; blaming it on some perceived social injustice that somehow excuses these thugs from their criminal behavior.

You need to be able to protect yourself and your family!

One of the things I always tell people is that you can’t count on 911 to keep you safe. You must be able, and ready to defend yourself from these types of violent criminal attacks.

Law enforcement does not have a legal obligation to protect you from these types of criminals.

In fact, back in 2005 the Supreme Court ruled that police officers do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. This Supreme Court opinion strengthened an earlier ruling, Warren v. District of Columbia, where the District of Columbia Appeals Court ruled that police do not have to provide services to citizens.

While I do believe a vast majority of law enforcement would like to protect the public, when seconds count, you simply can’t rely on them to be there to save you.

You are the only person who can protect what’s yours!

To truly be able to protect yourself, your family, and what’s most important to you, you must take matters into your own hands. You need to develop a self-defense mindset, and you need to start thinking about how to protect yourself from criminal attackers.

Self-Defense Tips for Protecting Yourself from Violent Mobs

  • Arm yourself: In my opinion, the violence in this country is reaching epidemic proportions; you need to learn how to protect yourself and your family and part of that means learning how to safely and responsibly use a firearm.
  • Study the art of Self Defense: Having a preparedness mindset means knowing the ins and outs of self defense; that means going beyond just “carrying a gun.” Any idiot can carry a gun; but knowing how to use it properly in a self-defense situation – or knowing what to do should it fail – is something that takes practice and commitment.
  • Situational Awareness: Being able to protect yourself begins with having a good sense of your environment and how the people in that environment fit in to the surroundings. The ability to quickly access the situation is one of the most important skills you can take into any dangerous situation.
  • Trust your Gut: If a situation seems odd, if anything about your environment seems out of place, or your gut tells you that something just isn’t right, listen to your instincts and don’t wait around to find out what happened.
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  1. NOW.!! that they did a successful W/Mt. attack they are surely going to do it again. maybe to other stores. Hit 2 stores at the same time- different sides of town–W/Mt will NOT prosecute!!!
    my 2 cents.

  2. Wow!! I always carry a pocket knife, but the scary thing is that the least safe places are sometimes where weapons are not allowed~~ schools, courthouse, ECT . . .

    • That is correct Karen, the thugs can read a little at least enough to read the sign that says safe zone, no guns or weapons, makes you wonder how smart the people are that put theese signs up really are.

  3. What I find strange is that there are no articles about Dylann Roof on this site. If these guys are thugs, What would you call him?

    • What I find strange are the people who come here with their political agendas trying to push their crap! And for the record, I talked about the sicko last week in my gun control article and said the guy was a psycho, but I’m sure that’s not enough for the unbalanced wackos who want to make everything about race.

      As for the people who somehow think the word Thug is the new racist word of the week, I’ll repost what I posted to the site’s facebook page:

      There is nothing racist about calling violent criminals thugs – It’s actually the very definition of the word.

      Simply saying criminal doesn’t actually tell you what the person did. Thus, using the word THUG instantly tells a rational person who understands the English language exactly what the author is talking about, without having to go into extra detail in the headline.

      DEFINITION OF THE WORD THUG: a violent person, especially a criminal.
      SYNONYMS include: ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain.

      I’m really getting sick of the politically correct crap and people who like to accuse people of being racist over a word like Thug. Somehow the P.C. crowd has hijacked the English language and now uses it to push their agenda. If you equate the word thug to a certain race instead of the actions a person has taken (specifically a violent criminal act, not just a criminal act) then maybe you have the problem!

      Yes, in this case the people who committed the thuggish acts in this article were black. Should I now be afraid to report the facts? If these were White people doing the same thing they would be thugs as well, does that now make the word less racist? People really need to stop living their lives getting offended by everything the mainstream media tells them is offensive.

    • They are thugs because they used violent tactics to commit a senseless crime. Roof is a murderer. Labels are useless.

  4. Let’s be honest sir. The only ‘thing’ that will stop this type of nonsense is the death of the attackers. The courts don’t work, except to generate revenue for the system at taxpayer’s expense: The cops don’t have to and are not obligated to help us in any way expressed or implied. The bastards terrifying the public are certainly not going to repent and become productive citizens. That is why I carry a gun, with extra clips, go to the range every week, receive proper training, and will damn sure take down an attacker with extreme pleasure. You said crime was epidemic levels in America and you are correct. We have to defend ourselves and we have to do it without hesitation, reservations, or regrets. If every customer in walmart that night had had a license to carry and had unloaded on their asses…well, I just love thoughts of it. There is no greater tranquilizer than spilled blood. thanks for the article and God bless.

    • You are so dead on, the more they get away with the more violent and frequent theese type of actions will happen,Kill a few up front and the followers will think a little harder next time.

  5. Let me be clear…I never said that the individuals in the Wal-Mart case were not “thugs”. You jumped to that conclusion. I only said that I did not see the article about the “psycho”. That article is not easily accessed even though it is still news.

    Carry on…

    Love your articles about Survival…We never know when the “Big One” will hit..

    • The comment was less directed at you, and more so directed at some of the nasty comments that we received via email or through Facebook on this topic. Didn’t mean to specifically single you out, it’s more of a blanket statement because lately it seems like no matter what I post someone is offended. I’ve also had people mad because they think I should put more focus on the fact that these people were black. Seems like I can’t win either way.

      I really don’t care what color you are, when you do this type of stuff you are a thug. As for the shooter in South Carolina, no I don’t think he is a thug and I probably wouldn’t have used that word to describe him, but that has nothing to do with the fact that he was white. It has to do with the fact that what he did goes far beyond being a thug, and goes into the realm of being an evil psychopath.

      My main purpose on this site is help people better prepare themselves and to become more self-reliant. That being said, I don’t have a lot of filters on what I say, and I don’t really check my articles for political correctness.

      Also for anyone who cares, I try to cover the things that I think are important from a preparedness prospective. I can’t get to every piece of news that is out there, and I generally try not to post more than one news related article a day.

      Please keep in mind that I write 99% of the articles on this site, so it is difficult to find time to write more than what I already post on the site. I am trying to find some experts that can contribute to the site, but until I find the right people it’s just me writing these things.

  6. I like the article on WALMART and the way you answered the people a thug is a thug black, white brown or yellow.

  7. Hey, I carry a smith&wesson tactical folder knife, tanto blade, razor sharp, 4.5 inch blade. Would this be a weapon to use against these type of people?

    • Only in a defensive manner to clear a route of escape. They probably had guns too… you know the saying. Even if you have a gun, there is 40+ hardened criminals in a maurader mob, and no one is that good of a marksman carrying that much ammo in Walmart. In this situation, the only sane use of force is to clear an escape route and GTFO.

      • …and before any Rambo’s respond with the moronic thought of “I’d just go to the hunting gear and break open the cases, grab an AR and the ammo, and take them out”, if I were in this rampaging mob, that would be the very FIRST place I would be running to. With the shock and chaos an attack like this would create, I can promise you wouldn’t even have time to dump out a box of rounds, much less loada magazine, before you’d have a gang of guys kicking your ass and taking that gun from you.

        • You are correct sir, but if all the customers and cashiers in wally world had been armed there would have been a good chance of wiping out that entire thug gene pool. It is my unshakable Christian belief that some people should be denied the right to reproduce. Thanks for the article and God bless.

  8. These cowards attacked a disabled man, terrorized customers and destroyed property. Looking at the mug shot of this punk, not only does he not give a sh!t but he and his homies will do it again.

  9. You know, the sporting goods section has shotguns and ar’s now, as well as all the ammo you could possibly need. Simply ask the employee if they want to live, or get beaten to death by the thugs, you could easily organize a group in the sporting goods section for takedown, either deadly or with some 550 para cord for handcuffs. You could also utilize the aisles for large group takedown tactics.

    • Read the comment 5 places above yours… this is a Rambo fantasy that you’d never have time to implement. These situations move much too fast. Been there, seen it.

      • Depends on if you are by yourself or with a group that practices situations and take down methods.

        if you and your family practice, you have a 3 man squad, here we are allowed to O.C. handguns, the same tactics apply since it is C.Q.

        no Rambo fantasy about it. detain or defend if necessary, don’t NEED to use a firearm either, if anyone comes at you, hold your keys ( most keys are well rounded and padded now thanks to SKIM modules) and jab at the throat, eyes or abdomen, stick to corners of aisles for the en caps as they are sharp, grab heads and slam them into them if necessary.

        you can say it happens so quick, but if you have decent S.A. you should be able to pick up on it before they start getting into the hooligan rhythm. and either exit the premises, or get to a safer, more defendable area.

        oh yeah, the glass cases are a nice head slammer too, they are tempered so they will get a lot of little pieces stuck in their face/head. that way in the E.R. they get to think about their actions every time the nurse pulls a piece out.

        might I suggest you practice situational reaction thought processes and actual practice in a safer environment as well as self defense combat, such as MMA or Krav Maga ?

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