Vehicle Attack in Toronto – Nine people are dead, 16 Injured after Van Attack

Toronto Police have confirmed that nine people are dead and 16 more are are injured after a man purposely drove a rented Ryder van into pedestrians in the city’s Yonge and Finch area.

Ryder Van Attack

Police confirmed that the van has been located and the driver is in custody. Toronto hospitals have confirmed that they have received several patients from the scene.

Toronto police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray told reporters, “At this point it’s too early to tell what, if any, motive there was.” But according to independent journalist Laura Loomer, the suspect Alek Minassian, was known to police.

Minassian Was Arrested after Fleeing the Scene and Then Pulling What Looked Like a Gun on Police

Witness, Ali Shaker, who was driving near Minassian at the time, reports, “He just went on the sidewalk,” Shaker said. “He just started hitting everybody, man. He hit every single person on the sidewalk. Anybody in his way he would hit.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about the shooting, saying, “Our hearts go out to anyone affected. We’re obviously going to have more to learn and more to say in the coming hours.”

Jonathan Dienst of NBC News reported that Minassian had researched and chatted online about the Isla Vista killings in California in 2014. The Isla Vista massacre near UC Santa Barbara was a carefully prepared killing spree perpetrated by 22-year-old Elliot Rodger using a vehicle, knives, and firearms.

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  1. i’m confused, how is it a shooting if he was driving over people instead and didn’t pull the gun until after the arrival of police?

    • Good Point Moman! That was the first thing that came to my mind. The answer would be that the writer of the story has the unjustified shooting of firearms as the cause of all evil in mind constantly and that “the shooting” phrase just slipped out.

      The other day I was looking at TV listings and an old film Stalag 17 was listed. The content description said it was a film about G.I.s planning an escape from a Nazi “death camp”. How amazed my Uncle Bill would have been, had he lived this long, to have learned he’d been interned at a “Nazi Death-camp” instead of a POW camp after being wounded at the Battle of the Bulge and captured.

      The person writing that content description has seen every type of nazi concentration ( or other—like the transit camp Sobibor where Ian Demjanjuk briefly worked as a guard before deserting ) camp accused of being a “death camp” by overzealous promoters of the holohoax enterprise. So to someone steeped in this same Big Lie technique to which Goebbels referred when recommending the Third Reich fight that fire with the same sort of fire it’s almost automatic to type “Nazi Death-camp” when POW camp is more accurate.

      The frontal-lobe leak which resulted in the appearance of the phrase “the shooting” where “the van-attack” should have appeared is another example of the power of that technique.

      Wealthy agenda-mongers don’t pony-up the sorts of princely sums they do to own media outlets just because they like to sell advertisements to people attempting to become informed. They want to mold public opinion. And do they ever.

      That’s why Trumpner posts more tweets about the dangerous nature of the “fake news”/MSM to the cause of human liberty than about any other subject.

      The biggest news related to this incident is that something any lunatic with a valid credit-card can go rent killed more people than the naked-from-the-waist-down assailant at the Waffle House franchise “greasy-spoon” who was armed with the dread AR-15

      What would the odds be of someone in the midst of one of these motor-vehicle mass killings having to stop in the middle and make himself vulnerable to counterattack when the weapon runs out of “ammo” ( in tht case gasoline )and the assailant has to get out and pour some more fuel in the tank filler from a gas can? Not very likely. But it’s not that unusual to read of spree-shooters being reported to have had to pause to reload. For once someone exploited the opportunity to save their life ( Waffle House ). And the man admitted freely he was not trying to “be a hero” but merely saving his own skin. Old Diogenes saw the flame in his famous lamp flicker a bit when he read that…

      MSM overdoes sensationalizing shootings. I’ll bet for every column-inch published about the more-lethal Toronto van-attack there are 10 published about the less-lethal Waffle-House slayings where a firearm was the lethal weapon instead of a van.

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