Trump Issues Coronavirus Public Health Emergency – Quarantines on Americans who have been to Hubei province

The Trump administration and hos Coronavirus Team declared on Friday a public health emergency in the United States, and announced that people who pose a risk of transmitting the disease will temporarily be suspended entry into the U.S.

Oddly, they refused to ban all air travel from China even though 3 US Carries are taking down all their Chinese flights. These Carries are responsible for only 40% of flights from China to the United States.

Earlier today, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases said the CDC is “preparing as this is the next pandemic.”

What we know about the Public Health Emergency Declaration

  • U.S. declares coronavirus a public health emergency.
  • U.S. will ban foreigners who visited China within the last 14 days from entering the country, but they have not cut off all travel from China.
  • Americans who have been to Hubei province within the last 14 days will be subject to a mandatory quarantine for up to 2 weeks.
  • US Citizens arriving who have traveled in other parts of China in the last 14 days will be funneled through airports, screened, and will enter a 14 day at home quarantine.
  • Admits accuracy of Coronavirus test in doubt.

Watch the full White house Briefing and Announcement Here:

Current Worldwide Coronavirus Outbreak Numbers

There are currently 12027 confirmed cases worldwide, including 259 fatalities.

Last update: 1 February 2020 at 9:51 a.m. ET

MAINLAND CHINACasesDeathsNotesLinks
Hubei province
(including Wuhan)
7,153249956 serious, 338 criticalSource
Zhejiang province599041 serious, 10 criticalSource
Guangdong province535050 serious/criticalSource
Henan province422236 serious, 5 criticalSource
Hunan province389054 seriousSource
Anhui province29703 criticalSource
Chongqing247120 serious, 6 criticalSource
Jiangxi province286033 seriousSource
Shandong province206012 serious, 1 criticalSource
Sichuan province208*14 criticalSource
Jiangsu province20202 seriousSource
Beijing16817 criticalSource
Shanghai16916 serious, 3 criticalSource
Fujian province14408 serious, 3 criticalSource
Guangxi Region10007 serious, 3 criticalSource
Yunnan province9105 serious, 3 criticalSource
Hebei province9618 seriousSource
Shaanxi province10101+ seriousSource
Hainan province6211+ seriousSource
Heilongjiang province80212 seriousSource
Liaoning province6306 seriousSource
Shanxi province4702 serious, 1 criticalSource
Tianjin37015 seriousSource
Gansu province3505 serious, 1 criticalSource
Inner Mongolia2303 serious, 2 criticalSource
Ningxia Region2602 seriousSource
Jilin province170Source
Xinjiang1804 serious, 1 criticalSource
Guizhou province2905 seriousSource
Qinghai province901 serious, 7 stableSource
TOTAL11,8602591,795 serious
243 recovered
17,988 suspected

Hong Kong130Source
TOTAL3000 serious

Thailand1907 recoveredSource
Singapore180All stableSource
Australia1202 recoveredSource
France602 seriousSource
United States70Source
South Korea120Source
Vietnam601 recoveredSource
Sri Lanka101 recoveredSource
TOTAL13702 serious
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  1. I wonder why more people aren’t commenting on this website. This can and might be some really serious SHTF stuff starting this month in the USA.n

    • Partly because we have been shadow-banned on social media; we were informed by Facebook a couple of days ago that our reach was being limited because they don’t like the news we are sharing! This is the world we know live in’ a bunch of little commies going around reporting sites like this because they don’t believe we should be given a platform! Over 300,000 followers on Facebook and the article is seen by only a couple hundred people. We used to have 100,000 of thousands of people hit the site in a single day, now a fraction of a fraction of that! Welcome to the Free and Open Internet.

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