Trump Administration Announces Bump Stock Ban

Earlier this year we warned gun owners that the NRA and the Trump administration were pushing for unconstitutional ATF/DOJ gun control regulations that included a ban on Bump Stocks. Of course, the sheep who continue to believe the NRA is for gun owners and not simply lining their own pockets with donations – despite years of helping push some of this nation’s strictest gun control measures – screamed and sent us emails calling us Anti-gun because we dare speak badly against the sacred Republican party and the NRA.

Trump and the NRA

Well thanks to the NRA backed push to ban bump stocks, the Trump administration just announced that bump fire stocks have officially been banned. The new federal regulation reclassifies a bump stock as a machine gun under the National Firearms Act

As CNN gleefully reports,

Under a new federal rule, those who possess the devices, commonly known as bump stocks, will get 90 days to turn them in from the date that the final rule is published in the federal register, which is likely Friday, the officials said.

When the issues first surfaced, the Justice Department rightfully said they did not have the constitutional authority to regulate the sale of gun bump stocks without congressional action. But the department later decided “screw the constitution,” and said they could ban the devices as an executive action after President Trump directed the DOJ to find a way to prohibit them earlier this year. 

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker signed the new regulation Tuesday morning.

Thankfully we still have one gun rights group left with a pair of balls!

Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation are filing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). The group is hoping an injunction will be granted, which would prevent the new rule from going into effect.

GOA’s executive director, Erich Pratt, explained the group’s decision:

As written, this case has important implications for gun owners since, in the coming days, an estimated half a million bump stock owners will have the difficult decision of either destroying or surrendering their valuable property– or else risk felony prosecution.

ATF’s claim that it can rewrite Congressional law cannot pass legal muster.Agencies are not free to rewrite laws under the guise of ‘interpretation’ of a statute, especially where the law’s meaning is clear.

The new ATF regulations would arbitrarily redefine bump stocks as ‘machineguns’ — and, down the road, could implicate the right to own AR-15’sand many other lawfully owned semi-automatic firearms. ATF’s new bump stock regulation clearly violates federal law,as bump stocks do not qualify as machine guns under the federal statute.


To all the dipshits who can’t see past what CNN and FOX News feed them on a daily basis; This will now stop with Bump Stocks.

I know, we have a bunch of sheep out there who hate bump stocks, claim this has nothing to do with the second amendment, and a bunch of other lame ass excuses to help shred the constitution and hand over their liberties like a bunch of pussies, but this is not about bump stocks.

If the ATF can now regulate bump stocks, you have just given them the power to regulate triggers, bolts,magazines, and any other gun part that they want to claim is an accessory or “scary.”

Every gun owner needs to pay attention here, whether you like Bump Stocks or not this sets up a dangerous precedent.

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  1. I for one will NOT turn in anything to the Federal Gov’t…nor the State…nor the local authorities to include any firearm, firearm accessary or any part of a firearm to include my ammo. In short, the “Government” can kiss my dead A$$ when it comes to this issue. Any questions?

    This has to be a dream. Am I dreaming this?
    Great Website.
    A patriot.

  2. I for one will NOT surrender a firearm nor any part of a firearm nor any accessory to the Federal government nor state or local agency if legally obtained.
    I’m hoping that the GOA will succeed in blocking this outrageous rule/regulation. This will NOT…I say again NOT stop any terrorist attack or mass shooting in the future. And, the NRA has just lost a long time member to the GOA.

    Thankyou “Off-grid Survival” for printing this news. It is greatly appreciated.

  3. Anyone known to be pushing Gun control should never get anyone’s Vote.
    They want us defenseless, it’s easier to control people who are defenseless.
    Always know before you Vote..

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