Was Trump put in place to Pacify Patriots, and Destroy the United States of America?

Trump Clinton

I know this isn’t going to be a popular post, I REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT. We’ve already been shadow banned from most social media platforms, and frankly we’ve never shied away from telling it like we see it, so why stop now?

For the last four years, time after time of being betrayed on the MAGA principles that we voted for, demented idol worshippers tried to attack us as being “liberal”, oddly for pointing out how Trump was screwing real patriots on things like the 2nd amendment, the Constitution, and breaking basically every campaign promise he ran on – the wall, locking her up, draining the swamp, etc…

It seems these mental midgets have zero clue of what they voted for, and just like their demented counterparts on the left, they just scream talking points and mantras the moment you say anything bad about their idols, after all, they don’t vote for the ideology, they vote for the idol!

It’s like George Carlin warned, it’s a BIG FUCKING CLUB and you ain’t in it!

It was NEVER 4D CHESS. And QAnon was a ruse to make you look stupid!

It’s now painfully obvious that the whole Q bullshit was a distraction to get the useful idiots all riled up, so they could make way for the downfall of our country.

It’s now a full year after the Chinese declared economic war, by using the China virus into scaring the United States into closing for business, and oddly there are still a whole lot of “MAGA folks” out there refusing to acknowledge they were played – as they mask up with their Americana Flag masks to make themselves feel better about complying!

The warning signs were there, why didn’t people listen?

Why did American Patriots tie their hopes and dreams to one man, and allow our country to go down in flames?

And then we have the good old China virus, where Trump rolled over and allowed our country to go into permanent lockdown.

Anyone remember 15 days to stop the spread, that has now become take your rights away forever?

If you look back on the Trump presidency, without worshipping the idol or falling for Q bullshit, it’s beyond obvious what happened!

Here are just a few of the anti-MAGA highlights!

  • A long list of D.C. Swamp hires including warmonger John Bolton, Nikki Haley, and countless George W. Bush Administration officials.
  • Firing almost everyone who helped get him into office including Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon.
  • Helping RINOs like Mitt Romney get elected to the Senate.
  • Keeping Fauci on as he destroyed the US economy and locked down our nation.
  • Signed emergency order that funded state lockdowns, and never got rid of it.
  • Three weak SCOTUS appointments, who did nothing to stop the election fraud or the unconstitutional lockdowns.
  • Signed the CARES Act and added Trillions to our debt.
  • Signed a second disastrous stimulus/budget bill after claiming he was going to veto it, without getting a single concession.
  • Support for ‘red flag’ laws that give the FBI the power to strip an individual’s second amendment rights, without trial.
  • Did jackshit to stop the election fraud, besides ranting on Twitter!
  • The fake defunding of the WHO, that then got redirected to the Gates/WHO sponsored GAVI Alliance.
  • No arrests, no indictments, no ‘swamp drainage’. Literally everybody got away with literally everything.
  • No pardon for Julian Assange, without whom there is no Trump White House.
  • A legacy of Executive Orders, all of which will be made null and void by the fraudulent Biden administration.

At this point, there are really only two options:

  1. He was in on it!
  2. They found a useful idiot with a huge ego that was never really this master negotiator and kind of let shit just happen around him like one big reality T.V. program.
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    • Thanks! People like you highlight how fucking dumb and brainwashed our populous has become! Fucking morons who vote for idols instead of ideology! The fact that you can read this article and not be pissed off on how you were betrayed by your idol shows how utterly brainwashed you really are!

      • You have to pick your battles. If he went as hard as you wanted he would have been destroyed even earlier than he was. He walked the tight rope in order to get a second term. Then he could have gone a little harder, but still its a balancing act. Its taken 60+ years for the elite to get us to this situation. If you think you can reverse it in 4 years your delusional. Its a slow … chipping away.. getting into the establishment and marching through institutions like the left did that will reverse it. Trump got many aware and fired up… the rest is up to us. Teach your children well it will be them that reverses it after years of slow, constant hard work.

    • Another brilliant response, yet again proving the article dead on accurate! Who said anything about Biden? We didn’t vote for Biden, we don’t support Biden, but I guess working with the facts is hard for some people!

      We voted for Trump because of the policies he promised, it looks like you voted for an IDOL! We haven’t abandoned MAGA, most Trump supporters have!

  1. Thank you for this…have been saying this from day one….when he said he was going to run…no one listened….you dont abandoned a party that made you rich with money and suddenly decide to move to the other side….he used the GOP to get what he wanted just like he used everyone in his life…

  2. Food for thought. We were dumbfounded by the events that took place. Nothing like we were expecting, especially on the 6th. We were anxiously waiting for all of the proof of election fraud to be unveiled. Instead we get storming the capitol?

  3. LMFAO, what a waste of fucking space you are. Quit breathing already, the world will be a better place. OH YEAH, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT EITHER, COME AT ME FAGGOT.

  4. I woke up after the Bumpstock purge and began to question his Twitter rantings and his future moves. He was still better than Biden but, like some of your readers, I was wondering when he was going to expose the swamp dwellers which he never did. In the end, he wasn’t what we expected when we all voted for him.

    It is time for a party that fully replaces the Republican party, and it can’t be headed by Trump.

  5. I hate to say, but I wondered about this often during his term. In the end I arrived that he was just the lesser of two evils to make the swallowing of the pill easier for us. Glad to read that I’m not alone with this thought.
    Sad thing is both parties are part of the same pair of pants. To top it off Trump was sacrificed by the establishment because he was an outsider and they were done with him.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. It took research and prayer to have my eyes opened. The results saddened me. We have all been played by a master manipulator. Now, if the cards do fall he will be hailed as a hero and we will be led to the end. I am praying for people of all nations to open theirs eyes before it is too late.

  7. So basically you were a huge Trump and Qanon supporter, and JUST now all the sudden you’re realizing that they were both a bunch of bullshit. However, you still are a MAGA supporter based on the lies that Trump fed you, and also proud you voted for Trump a second time even after your anti-MAGA list. This shit is beyond hilarious and is the ranting of a child. Seriously, what the fuck is your point? Believing in the promises Trump made but ironically setting aside trump at the same time? This kind of idiocy makes me lose hope for America.

    • So, basically you’re a fucking idiot who can’t see past politics or understand anything that isn’t spoon fed to him by FOX, MSNBC or CNN!

  8. Funny but sad. The stolen election, you still believe that, but you say you are over and done with T****? Right, hundreds or thousands of poll workers got together and agreed to manipulate the votes so T**** would lose? Mass conspiracy, and now none of them have leaked it, they all got away with election fraud, that’s so delusional it’s funny, but sad. Or, they didn’t agree to commit election fraud, but it happened as a coincidence, people who never communicated with each other just happened to do the exact same thing to steal the election?? Even funnier. The plain, simple reality is that T**** lost the election, yet you and he are such sorry losers that you cannot bear to admit it, so you whine about all of these ridiculous excuses that are fabricated from nothing. It’s pretty simple: Biden got more votes, he won. No, there weren’t any electronic games being played with the voting machines, online or offline, thousands of ballots were not stolen or destroyed. T**** lost, he got fewer votes, that’s all. “Oh, I just know that he got more votes, but somehow, someone, somewhere did something to steal the election.” No, didn’t happen. And you should stop accepting the baseless utterances of people who say that they KNOW that it did happen. There just isn’t a giant conspiracy of all poll workers in 6 or 8 states, aided by MSM, to overthrow the pompous liar who deceived you all for so long. Give it up. Maybe it makes you feel strong to say you will fight against the vast majority because you KNOW you are right, but the truth is he lost, and you know that is true even if you won’t admit it. So rave on, but know, he lost.

    • It the sense that Biden is in the chair you’re right. But it is total BS that you act like you know whether the Dominion machines algorithms were rigged – you don’t know. You don’t know whether Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Maricopa County or Las Vegas all Dem stronghold cheated in the counts – you don’t know you weren’t there and no – a true investigation was never done because the courts wouldn’t hear the cases due to standing. So all you libnuts can drop the BS. He’s in office but you don’t know whether he got there by the Dem party cheating in key local areas or not.

    • You don’t need hundreds of thousands of poll workers to steal an election numbnuts, you just need to own the machines and the algorithms! Imagine being so brainwashed that you believe a guy who couldn’t get more than a dozen people to his sad ass rallies got the most votes in history.

    • Wow! It must be absolutely amazing to have all the answers and know everything! I mean, it’s crazy to think the government would lie to us, right? They’ve never lied to us before. Or that the left would orchestrate the biggest election fraud in history to get the bad orange man outa office. These damn right wing domestic terrorists and there even crazier conspiracy theories smh

  9. President Trump is one person. He saw what has been taking place within our government and had many successes and many things he wasn’t successful with getting accomplished. You act as if this makes he bad or something more. He is a human being fighting against thousands of entrenched buracrats who want to destroy our system. All the while you sit in your chair, arm chair quarterbacking. He was attacked from every direction and still accomplished a ton. It is sad to read garbage like this and act as if you could have done any better. Voting for him was a good choice and the only choice. We the people have been so comfortable for so long and now we want to blame everything on him. Ridiculous.

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