Two Mass Shootings in 12 Hours: Media blames Guns and White Nationalists – New Terror Threat

Mass shooting

In the span of 12 hours, two mass shootings rocked the nation. In El Paso, Texas, 29 were killed with another two dozen injured at a Walmart. Just hours later gunfire erupted in Ohio, where at least nine were killed and another 27 injured outside a popular neighborhood of bars and restaurants.

Just last week, another mass shooting captivated the nation when a maniac gunned down dozens of people at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Liberal Media and Politicians Blaming Trump, White Nationalists, and gun owners!

As expected, the usual set of dipshits in the media and congress immediately started attacking this country’s law-abiding gun owners, claiming they are the problem. We knew this was coming, but this time, something seems different. On top of the usual hysterics, there seems to be a coordinated effort to push a narrative that these attacks are a new form of domestic terrorism by white nationalists, linking them to the MAGA/Trump movement.

On Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press,” while interviewing White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney anchor Chuck Todd accused President Donald Trump of spending the last month on twitter stoking racial resentment.”

Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro “pointed to a ‘toxic brew’ of white nationalism and said Trump needs to do more to “unite Americans instead of fanning the flames of bigotry.” 

Todd said, “The president has spent the last month on twitter stoking racial resentment in different ways. You can try to rationalize he was speaking about specific incidents but taken together these sick people; they hear what they want to hear. Does the president not have a responsibility to higher moral rhetoric when it comes to violence and refugees.”

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” South Bend, IN Mayor and 2020 democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg declared this is “white nationalist terrorism.”

Buttigieg said, “This is terrorism, and we have to name it as such. It is very clear that the loss of American life in Charleston, in San Diego, in Pittsburgh by all appearances now in El Paso too is symptomatic of the effects of white nationalist terrorism. ”

Sunday on MSNBC, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) said a manifesto railing against immigrants posted online moments before the mass shooting in El Paso, had the quote “that could have come out of a Donald Trump rally.”

Ryan said, “The culture right now is the problem. I mean, when you read that manifesto, there were quotes in there that could have come out of a Donald Trump rally, and when you have the president talk about send them back, and people are chanting send them back, and this jackass drives ten hours to go shoot Mexicans, that’s a cultural problem the president is throwing jet fuel on making matters worse. You need laws, but presidents are the cultural leaders of the country, whether you like it or not. They can inspire us to reach for the stars or create an atmosphere of get out of here and go back to where you came from.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday asked O’Rourke, a former El Paso congressman: “Do you think President Trump is a white nationalist?” “Yes. I do,” O’Rourke said on CNN’s State of the Union. The Democrat also referenced Trump’s record of insulting Mexicans as “rapists” and describing asylum-seeking migrants as an infestation. “The things that he has said both as a candidate and then as the President of the United States, this cannot be open for debate,” he said.

Law enforcement officials claim, then refuted, then claimed again the four-page manifesto posted to the online message board 8chan was written by the suspected shooter.

And then minutes later…

And then a reporter form the Washington Post…

So is the Manifesto real? Or are these horrific acts being used to go after political opponents?

Oddly, just last week the FBI put out a warning claiming conspiracy theorists were potential domestic terrorists.

An FBI document, first reported by Yahoo News, identifies conspiracy theories as potential domestic terrorism threats, specifically identifying QAnon, a group that believes there is a “deep state” working against President Trump, in the memo.

The FBI pointed to QAnon and Pizzagate, as examples of groups whose messages could lead to “violent acts.”

The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. 

“The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts,” the document, dated May 30, reads.

It also goes on to say the FBI believes conspiracy theory-driven extremists are likely to increase during the 2020 presidential election cycle.

The coming crackdown

Let’s face it, the internet is a shell of what it was even a few short years ago.

Sites like this struggle to stay alive, as the silicon valley assjacks have all but killed free expression on social media. But these latest shootings are being used to further kill the internet and free speech as democrat lawmakers, and now a bunch of gutless republicans, take to the airwaves claiming we need to start shutting down independent websites.

Remember the so-called conservative (who helped found the never-trump movement) that was used to push Michael Savage off the airwaves? Well he has a new mission, connect the shootings to Whites and Trump.

A few were quick to point out the hypocrisy of his tweet…

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  1. The only racist people are the Democratic Party ,news media and the liberals. They are the ones that push this and weak minded people believe it.

  2. I honestly don’t have a solution to the problem of mass shootings. That being said , no form of gun control currently being pushed will stop mass killings. Claims that stronger gun control laws will mitigate mass shootings may have some some small grain of truth but killers will find a way to kill. Would these anti gun politicians feel better if the shooter had instead driven a truck into a crowded street festival ? Or used a fertilizer and fuel oil bomb to blow up a building ? I understand if politicians feel helpless that they grasp at solutions , no matter how far fetched they may be, but crushing personal freedoms , whether speech or gun rights is not the solution.

    • The issue is that weapons, typically used in warfare, are available for mass consumption. Military weapons are best left with the military. Ak47’s and similar weapons, while beautiful, should not be in the hands of non-military personnel. Other weapons, like handguns, rifles and shotguns are ok. I hate restrictions just as much as anyone, but when so many mass shootings continue we have to restrict.

      • Your an idiot.. Unless you have enough money to buy a pre 1985 full auto and pay for the 3 grand tax stamp your not getting military weaponry.

        The full auto requires anywhere from 15 to 25 grand or more usd to buy and requires purchase be made at a class 3 ffl you then have to submit to a MORE extensive background check and pay an additional 3000 dolars for the tax stamp to posses.

        The civilian look a likes may fire the same round caliber but are semi automatic one trigger pull one shot. They do not burst fire they do not full auto they are not assualt rifles. Dont push a narrative about a subject you are not familiar with.

        • Whether civilian or official military grade, the weapons used in these devastating events mimic or are military weapons. “The civilian look a likes may fire the same round caliber but are semi automatic one trigger pull one shot.” Yes; the point is that the semi or fully automatic are available, as are the bullets. These should be regulated. See my post about what guns should be allowed and not. This still arms civilians and reduces the likelihood of a 30 spray of bullets killing dozens of innocents.

          Perhaps the solution includes bullet control. Similar to tazers having traceable tags, bullets could be tagged and tracked per sale going forward.

          The 2nd amendment should remain. I love my guns and won’t give them up.

          Calling someone an idiot for their opinion is ignorant and does not further the dialogue. Contribute to meaningful conversation instead of bloviating.

          • But you are an idiot.. The 556 is a maiming round more then a killing round that is evidenced bybits grain weight.

            You really dont know the subject either.

            Twll me what american is going tondrop up to 30 grand so he can drop more money in the grands on ammo just to fire it full auto?

            Please tell me hownthe look alikes are any more deadly then saybthe riger mini14.. Same round just has a wood stock.. Whay about 30-06 more power and range then 556 and is meant for one shot one kill its even more powerful then 7.62 x 39 ak rounds.. It is a common hunting round. There is theb7.62×54 which is essentially a 308 winchester.. Another common hunting round..

            Then we can debate the fact your okay with giving away a freedom of choice for EVERYONE else based on your arbitrary opinion.

      • The 2nd amendment exists to enumerate a human being’s natural right to defend themselves. The right to keep and bear “Military weapons” are exactly what it was meant to protect. It has not stopped our government from passing unconstitutional laws to protect the people from themselves. There is already talk of removing the 2nd amendment. Is that because our government really doesn’t understand why it exists or is it perhaps because they do? Armed people are free people.

        • Just wait for thenthey didnt have automatics pre 1776 and pre 2nd argument roflmao.. Must habe never heard of superposed loaded flintlocks like the belton.. 7 round auto fire over 15 seconds.

  3. Letting the Government decide what citizens need or don’t need is a terrible idea and the first step down the road to tyranny. No one in this country needs alcoholic beverages. Think about the thousands of lives that could be saved if there were no more drunk drivers or no alcohol fueled domestic incidents. No one in this country needs a car or truck that can travel over 70 mph. How many speed related crashes and deaths could we avoid by putting governors on all cars. The real question is how much more of your already diminishing freedoms are you willing to give up because a tiny fraction of the population misuses a certain type of firearm , whilst the vast majority of so called assault weapons will never be used in a crime. There is a joke/ meme going around that asks “how can you stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers ?Take the sober drivers cars away. “That pretty much sums up the concept of mandatory gun buybacks.

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