Is the Obama Administration about to sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty that could ban Firearms?

Gun and the Constitution The U.N. Firearms Treaty that we told you about last month is now in the process of going through the final stages of negotiations. The much feared, Arms Trade Treaty is rumored to include language that could ultimately restrict Americans 2nd Amendment right to own a gun. In response to the Obama Administration’s participation in the U.N. negotiations, 130 Congressmen have sent a letter to the Obama Administration demanding that they cease negotiations.

The letter warns the Administration that the 2nd Amendment guarantees Americans have the “fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms” and says the Obama Administration has no right supporting a treaty that nullifies the Bill of Rights. They go on to say that the President has not asked for or received the required consent of the Senate to agree to any such treaty.

Part of the letter reads:

The U.S. must not accept an ATT that infringes on our constitutional rights, particularly the fundamental, individual right to keep and to bear arms that is protected by the Second Amendment, as well as the right of personal self-defense on which the Second Amendment is based. Accordingly, the ATT should not cover small arms, light weapons, or related material, such as firearms ammunition. Further, the ATT should expressly recognize the individual right of personal self-defense, as well as the legitimacy of hunting, sports shooting, and other lawful activities pertaining to the private ownership of firearms and related materials.

If the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is signed by the Obama Administration they will be yet again violating the Constitution, as only Congress is allowed to regulate international commerce. By signing a treaty that would restrict the import and export of individual private weapons, the Obama Administration is not only violating the law, they will be handing over the power to decide how Americans can buy and sell firearms to the United Nations.

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  1. ah the obama administration. Why not violate the Bill of Rights? After all, as an illegal alien he has no right to the Oval Office.

  2. He is full of shit.There shall be no law passed that i will obey that infringes on my rights as a U.S. citizen.Or my rights as a citizen of the great state of TEXAS.As Emiliano Zapata said.It is better to die with your boots on than to live on your knees.

  3. This government is out of control. But like you touched upon in your article yesterday I blame the people for letting this happen. We have become a country of fat lazy morons who drool at the T.V. for hours on end.

    We allowed this government to get out of control and we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting it happen. We let them take our freedoms inch by inch and now there is barely anything left to grasp.

  4. You might all want to actually READ the treaty, and find out it does NOTHING to your right to bear arms.

    • You might want to pull your head out of your smelly area and stop letting the mainstream Obummer media feed you lies. This sure as hell effects our right to bear arms and it sure as hell is a violation of the Constitution. The President does not have the legal power to enter into any treaty.

      • yep If you let one law pass that has any gun control for what ever reason you will find that all will be lost some morning over your cup of coffee in news paper or tv all is in real pearl of being gone with this lame ass pres we have now, do not be thinking one border control on arms will not turn into full control of US arms !!!

    • FK the UN and Obama all the way down the line. The UN has openly declared it wishes to steal guns from Americans, and it’s New York office has a big metal “art work” even illustrating that desire.

    • BTDT, if you literally read it and take the words a face (every day use) value, it’s rather benign. Now look at those phrases through the eyes of a diplomat or lawyer, their meanings now swing 180 degrees. Visit the various sites like the Knox Coalition, ILA, &c. to see what’s really being said.

    • Well, that would be difficult. It is NOT available for reading by the populace til it is accepted. However, the text of the action so far includes BAN OF SEMI-AUTOMATICS and GLOBAL REGISTRATION + lots more fun things. Don’t be fooled. It is an attempted END RUN or “Stealth” play against the 2nd amendment.

    • Hey Mark, that is the problem with many liberals, they don’t see the big picture. You intend to ignore the warning signs but the rest of us will not. Yeah, it is up the the conservative movement in this country to protect American freedom like we have in the past, while you sit back on your haunches and enjoy watching other protect you. You no doubt could not smell crap if it was stuck
      on the end of your nose.

  5. Yeah: Barack Obama is about to ban firearms. That’s because Obummer (so clever!) HATES AMERICA AND THE CONSTITUTION. AND YOU CAN ONLY STOP HIM IF YOU TALK REALLY, REALLY TOUGH ON TEH INTARNETS.

    You jagweeds.

    • I must apologize to all for the nonsensical gibberish above. My dumb cay was walking on my keyboard.

      An old Arab saying: How do you eat and elephant? One bite at a time.

      Give the them an inch of control and they will take it all.

  6. You are all silly to believe this crap. This rag *asks* a question, never answers the question and a bunch of people jump to one side or the other accepting the various inferences and erroneous implications as if the writer had ever actually reported anything at all. Someone posted this in my newsfeed and I am totally amazed now that I have come here how quickly some people will jump to conclusions without a shred of normal expectations that a “reporter” actually “report” something at least remotely close to fact or actual action.

    A treaty, if it does indeed exist at all, regarding imports and exports would not in any way affect our internal policies about what citizens can do. How many weapons have any of you purchased from OTHER COUNTRIES recently, when and most importantly WHY when all the best stuff can be purchased for a much lower price and much higher quality right here in the U.S.?????

    The U.S. would want to do what so many gun toters have begged and complained about in terms of transfer of weapons across the southern border to those outside of our country… if such a treaty even exists in the first place. It wouldn’t be about YOU or ME, but about all the “THEMs” that most of you don’t like anyway!

    You beg for the government to do something for YOU and then complain when the gun manufacturers pull your strings about some conspiracy that may not even be real but definitely only would effect THEIR profits and not anything else at all (other than the availability of our weapons in the hands of drug cartel members south of the border.)

    Morons are so fun… NOT.

    • And you BarbaraEBj are the reason that this out of control government can get away with this type of thing.The treaty also includes a global gun registry but I guess that’s just a conspiracy as well.

      Barbara, we can smell gun hating liberals from a mile away so your attempt to cover for your pal obama is really obvious. The only one you are fooling is yourself. You are the reason we are losing our liberty and you are the reason that this country has turned into something that none of us patriots recognize. I really wish people like you would leave the country already.

      Your statement about people like us begging the government to do something just shows how little you understand about people like us. We don’t ask the government to do anything except to stay the hell out of our business.

      I guess it’s true. Liberalism really is a mental disorder

      • This is quite the intelligent response and it really sums up the basic arguments made here: Facts need not apply.

    • Barb your the idiot Pepsi buy guns and ammo every day from other countries. And get your facts straight yes we build some nice guns but so do a lot of other countries and they are much cheaper then guns made right here. ALso we import a lot of ammo from other places around the world that is much cheaper then here also the largest ammo maker in the us is run by none other then our government so if they decide to stop selling to citizens or raise prices to the point we can’t afford it what are we to do. gut I’m sure all you anti gun libs have it all figured out when our own government turns on the citizens you will go cozy up to us crazy gun loven proud to be an American. wake the hell up and pull your head out your a$$

    • With all due respect, you will likely find the informed even less to your taste than Morons.

      I appreciate this *Rag*, and so should you. It allowed yoru dis-information to be seen as you intended.

      IACT/UN Small arms treaty does indeed “exist”. The UN and globalist gun grabbers have tried since 2006 to phrase things sufficiently innocuously to have Americans take the bait and allow such nonsense to be passed.

      In addition to “international trade” the treaty is “comprehensive” and seeks to have signatory nations implement “policy” as a global “standard” that is then imposed upon the INTERNAL (ie, internal as opposed to cross border trade).

      I would address your statement about “gun toters”, but I cannot really decipher any real statement, just a slam/smear.

      To be clear, the only thing we beg the government for is to leave us alone and stop over-reaching.

      I bet dis-information specialists really do find Morons fun.

  7. ANY “treaty” MUST BE accepted and “ok’d” by Congress… for anyone in any of the 3 branches to sign any treaty without Congressional ratification makes that treaty null and void… i fail to grasp the reason why some of the posters come here with the exception that they enjoy being the stand-out in a crowd… even the slightest hint of a 0bamination’s or any other imp from his regime doing anything remotely like what this article proposes ought to raise the hackles of those blind and possess only a brain stem…

    • Actually, Prepping Preacher. The president can sign the treaty and the Senate ratifies it. And the senate is currently controlled by the progressives.

      • The Senate has to ratify a treaty with a 2/3 majority (67 Senators must vote to ratify). 67 Senators can’t seem to pass a bowel movement right now, so I think we’re good.

    • I wouldn’t count on the wimps in congress to do anything about it. Even if they tried, Obama has already gone around the congress on a number of occasions with declaring war on Libya, the drone strikes, and killing American Citizens without a trail.

      Still think it can’t happen?

  8. I have read the treaty, i say you all should take a wait and see attude about this, from what i have read it will make it harder for civilians to defend themselves if they dont already have these small arms and military grade weapons as it makes it harder for the international gun dealers to move these weapons by normal means.
    But this is not to say things wont get admended before the final vote of the treaty and they claim in the treaty it will not affect current weapon ownership rights in countrys that allow these rights
    But as they say take all with a grain and keep your powder dry.

    • I too have read what has been allowed to be disseminated so far. The current draft going on this month is designed to phrase things correctly to open the door in the US for passage. The actual work is NOT available to be read til ratification.

      It failed before because it DOES set policy for signatory states. It WOULD have outlawed home re-loading or at best converted a RIGHT to a PRIVILEGE on almost every item dealing with the 2nd amendment.

      Another great but subtle move, is to allow the terms of the treaty to be modified regularly. Thus, once signatory, THEN put in the grab.

      NO treaty should be signed that even begins to touch on our Constitutional rights.

      DO NOT “wait and see”. This is a disastrous mind set that allows freedoms to be taken.

      We already have Obamacare…so how about Wait and See on that one?

  9. It matters not what they do with that Damn Treaty. Hillary nor the President have the authority to sign it and/or administer it. Why do you guys insist on continuing to perpetrate this fraud? The Small Arms treaty has nothing to do with whether or not I can buy a new 12 Gauge….IT has do do with selling ARMS to 3rd world Terrorist Nations…… the term SMALL ARMS meaning anything smaller than an Aircraft Carrier and Non- Nuclear. For us to Join any treaty that would wipe out, or so much as even alter our second amendment requires nothing less than 75% of the Senate to Ratify it…….The Senate does not have the votes….And especially in this election year they know it would end their careers.

    • At first I thought you might be dumb, but upon further reflection I have come to the conclusion that you’re either a troll or someone working for the Obama Campaign. Just in case I’m wrong and it’s stupidity that’s causing you to have such a hard time with this concept let me try one more time.

      This treaty does matter. In case you have been living under a rock for the last 3 years Obama stopped caring about the Constitution and the Senate long ago. He has already unlawfully declared war on Libya without Senate approval, sanctioned drone strikes on American citizens without senate approval, signed the NDAA, passed numerous executive orders bypassing congress, and passed an executive order limiting peoples ability to protest.

      So again this doesn’t matter if the Senate has the votes or not. The Senate is filled with wimps who are afraid to hold this President accountable. If they did there job he would have been impeached for breaking numerous laws already. If this treat was about stopping terrorism (big lie started with bush and now used by obama) then it wouldn’t require a global gun registry and ban the import of weapons into America. The last time I checked we were not a third world country.

      One more thing. You show your cards when on one hand you defend the treaty and then in the same breath you say that it won’t be ratified. Can someone say Obama Truth Squad?

    • How interesting. Another “wait and see” / “matters not” / “only for international”?

      I am truly beginning to see a pattern here.
      That pattern is “go to sleep” / “Don’t Act”.

      Nuff said.

  10. This is the typical tactic used by the Progressives/Socialists/Communists…you simply “Nudge” the populace by only going an inch at a time…eventually you get to your destination…it may take generations, but eventually you can kill a great country like the United States and that’s what they’re doing one right at time, one law at at time, and one treaty at a time. Meanwhile we all sleep in front of our TVs taking in all the “lame stream” media feeds that don’t report the actual news….just B.S. media drivel. Go on about your business…nothing to see here!

  11. Funny, how shit works?. the government is more than Happy to sacrifice you’re Children, Husbands even Dad’s and Mom’s. But never ask you about “FREEDOM” Do you still want it?.The UN is a Joke, ive seen Africa what a complete waist of time and you’re money. Buy Guns , ammo, food hide it.

    • I think that if there is a repeal or infringement of the 2nd amendment, it will lead to another civil war in this country which will happen sooner then you would think.

  12. Hi All,
    This is a bit off topic, but I need some sound advice. As a fairly new prepper, I was getting ready to purchase a handgun for protection. I have been consistently increasing my food supply, my bugout bag is complete (almost). Here is my dilemma…why should I rush out and purchase a firearm for protection if the threat of the military or whoever can determine that I am a registered gun owner, come to my house, kick in my door and take it. I am a single female and am no match against this. So I suppose I am wondering why should I bother? Input would be greatly appreciated.

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