Riot Police Fire Pepper Balls at University of Dayton Students who Protest Coronavirus Shut Downs on Campus

University of Dayton

The constant drip of Coronavirus fear being pushed by the media and certain government officials now only has people on edge, but it has some people fighting back to what they believe is an overreaction by authorities.

University of Dayton students took to the streets after the school canceled classes, on-campus events, and gatherings, and closed UD student housing. Over 1,000 students gathered on Lowes Street by late Tuesday, jumping on cars and throwing bottles at police the University of Dayton said in a written statement.

Police demanded that the students disperse and leave the public gathering when they refused to leave they started firing pepper balls at the students.

The University of Dayton announced in-person classes will be suspended starting at 8 a.m. March 11. Online courses are to begin March 23, lasting until April 6. 

How to Prepare for Possible Coronavirus Social Unrest

From the beginning we have warned that these type of reactions to this virus will likely be more dangerous than the actual outbreak. We’ve seen mass panic and supply shortages at stores throughout the country, Italy putting the entire country on Lockdown, U.S. cities putting plans in place to use forced quarintines and lockdowns, and National Guard deployments and lockdowns in New York.

While we don’t know the real dangers of this COVID-19 virus, some suggest it’s actually not that high, we know how people and governments are going to react to it, and it’s not good.

I think we need to be prepared for the very real possibility of social unrest and that local, state and even entire regions could be caught up in a quarantines, where travel is severely restricted – possibly by force and martial law.

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  1. YOU don’t know the real dangers of covid19. Virologists do. For the love of God, go and listen to them. This reporting is not ethical.

  2. The headline is very misleading. There was no protest. It was a party broken up by the police. Coronafest was announced on Twitter hours before it started.

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