Urban Thugs Start Mall Riot/Fight just inches from Santa as parents scramble to protect kids

A group of Black Teenagers viciously started attacking each other in front of children waiting in line to see Santa. The riot/mob fight broke out at Cordova Mall in Pensacola, Florida this Saturday.

As usual, no arrests have been made and the latest case of urban thuggery goes unreported by the national media.

Videos of the fight show a group of about eight black teens kicking and punching each other. The fight happens just feet from toddlers and families waiting in line to see Santa.

“I thought there was going to be gunshots in the mall,” said Tamori Jackson. He works at a kiosk right next to where the fight broke out. He says the fight started in a hat store then escalated into the center of the mall.

“I saw people praying under the kiosk because they were scared,” Jackson said.

His co-worker Isiah King says parents were running with their kids.

“I saw dads jumping in and screaming at the guys,” King said. “They were trying to create a barrier of humans to prevent them from getting to the kids.”

PPD tells us mall security did call them to the scene, but the teens were gone within seconds.

“They all just ran,” King said. “It was right in the center of the mall so there are four exits so they all just dipped.”

During the last month we have covered numerous large-scale riots/brawls at malls throughout the country, including a 1,000 person riot in a New York Mall and an attack where thugs brutally beat a cop while he was defending woman at a mall in California.

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As we’ve pointed out, these attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence in this country; here are just a few examples that we’ve covered:

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  1. This kind of thing is happening up here in Canada too. But not just with black youth. In Toronto, it is black and brown. On our west coast, it is brown and Indian. In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta it is Indian. In Winnipeg, Manitoba retail store owners are routinely swarmed by Indian teenagers. The media and police are paralyzed with fear of being charged with racism. In rural areas, the police just don’t answer those calls until long after.

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