Urban Combat Drills at Houston School: Is the Army Training to Respond to School Shootings?

In the latest round of urban combat drills, it seems the Army and multiple law enforcement agencies in Houston Texas are training in some type of drill that involves a Houston area High School.

A number of concerned Houston residents started flooding the 911 system after people reported hearing shots and seeing men dressed in tactical gear storming a local high school. After concerned citizens started asking questions, the Army admitted that they were involved in a multi-agency training drill that involved old Carnegie High School in Houston.

Helicopters could be seen circling the school, and a local news crew captured footage that seems to include multiple semi-automatic weapons and a number of high school age children who appeared to be walking around with backpacks.

Military Drills at High School

Military Drill at Houston High School

Drill Houston High School

The army is not giving any further details as to what they are doing or why they are training with local Houston law enforcement officers at a school. I guess we can add this to the long list of bizarre government training drills and DHS Civil Unrest Training.

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  1. They might be doing some training for response. I go to a college near an air force base and lately, military helicopters and planes keep flying over and around the school, and nearby areas.. Was never this frequent in my past four years of college.

    • lastnight there were the same drills in miami and LA california. whats strange. military and police are compleatly different entities. strange. and something to think about.

      • Yeah, I’m near the LA area and the military copters still fly. They did an active shooter drill in a town in Northern CA too

  2. It’s the best tactic to quell the masses and make them think this kind of thing is “the norm” to further an Overall agenda. If we see it to begin with, it makes us more accustomed to it. What better way to push an agenda of gun control than to put it in your own backyard and texas wasn’t the 1st. Furthermore those don’t look like teenagers. Take a look at the “teenager in backpacks” with the grey shirt & a bald head, I’ve seen grey hair in HS but not bald headed teens so I say they’re all on the same team… This is certainly a ploy to push for this new gun control issue and MORE. Seriously take a look at those guns laid out, every one meets the requisite of the newly proposed gun ban. On top of EVERYTHING, the masses always have to be in the majority FOR rather than against for any radical legislation is to be passed.

    Let us for a moment take a walk down memory lane and explain this in a different context. Many years ago there was a gruesome attack on our soil and many lost their lives. The authoritative party conned the masses into doing anything possible to make sure a terror attack like this never occurred again. With the applause of the masses came legislation to see all our communications, set up FEMA camps, suspention of habeas corpus to american citizens & to limit Posse Comitatus. A slew of bills and things to look into are: NSPD 51, HSPD-20, HR 1955, HR 1959, HR. 5122(Repealed, but obama re enacted last year). Worst of all of this is the overall plan… Take our guns, freedoms, microchip us (Read the fine print of “Obamacare”) and to heard us together with AGENDA 21 slowly but surely…


    • Everyone needs to read Agenda 21, it will open your eyes to what is really going on. This is so much more serious than people realize.

      • Yeah, Deb, I’m already making my plans to move into the ‘rewilded’ zones and get out of the ‘supported infrastructure’ and ‘sustainability’ zones. Those are really just ‘containment’ zones. Maybe out in ‘the wilds’ they’ll leave us alone. They will certainly have their hands full in the ‘sustainable’ areas when the global financial system brings down the economy and food & oil supplies.

      • I wouldn’t worry about it, closed minded people are not going to pay any attention and in one ear and out the other

    • not saying they were not on the same team but 5 years ago i was in highschool and i have been shaving my head bald since the 9th grade… just sayin!!

      • As did I, but I cant say I ever shaved just the top and not the sides. look at it closely.

        Furthermore everyone, If you were to never research anything again for the rest of your natural life PLEASE at least take a look into AGENDA 21. It truly is a scary and diabolical plan of control that we have(politically) signed off to be a part of!

    • what if it was training to take the kids when the masses don’t comply to the wishes of our gov…. if they have your kid ,you will do as they say !!! our gov. is out of control ….this will be the quick way to control the masses to bring us in line to their way of thinking….. JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT I JUST SAID

  3. I live in central ca and webe been having f16 and f22s flying less than a thousand feet off the ground over crowded city streets…way to low…way to low…somthings brewing…it aint gonna be good…for either side…


      • If they’re trying to intimidate, they’re messing with the wrong crowd.

        Obama is behind this. He and Holder need to be dealt with under “The Patriot Act”.

        They’re not just preparing for economic collapse and civil unrest, they’re planning to start a civil war.

    • I live in Sac and I see this as well. Actually I have been doing extensive research and these trainings are being done in many urban environments daily. Yes something is brewing and it is not good I do not like it at all.

  4. I help train the Sheriff deputies and other agencies back home on occasion with exactly this type of exercise.

    These things are just to practice for active shooter response and for inter-agency coordination with comms and getting to know each other.

    It started after 9/11 actually due to the lack of communications that were flushed out but they’ve increased with the public exposure due to the school shootings.

    • “There are some in the United States who argue that
      there is no authority under Title lO of the United States Code
      (U.S.C.) to use the military to quell civil disorder except under
      circumstances equivalent to war. Others argue that the military
      mission is to help civil authorities protect life and property,
      preserve social values, and maintain the tradition of individual
      liberty together with social order. Probably most citizens feel
      that when civil disorder occurs, “something must be done.” It is
      generally accepted that National Guard units are the first line
      of defense, and if they are insufficient, that active duty forces
      reinforce them. It is the latter argument this paper supports.
      Using military units to enforce civil law is distasteful and
      dangerous, but it is preferable to lawlessness and anarchy.
      While abusive use of military forces in the domestic sphere can
      cause untold destruction to domestic values and political and
      social structure, judicious arrangements can nurture, support and
      bolster internal institutions and morale.
      Conclusions: The use of the military in domestic peacekeeping
      missions to preserve order and backup civilian police has a long
      history. This mission is both justified and constitutional.” — Major Lawrence P. Stawicki USMC

    • Graywolf, if what you say is true and these are “innocent” and commonplace training exercises for sheriff deputies and other agencies (which agencies?), then why weren’t the local people forewarned not to panic over a simple training exercise? Sorry, but the fear this so-called training exercise struck fear into the heart of local people and it is UNFORGIVABLE, in my opinion. As of yet, we are not living in a police state, but I see we are fast heading down that slippery slope. I am so ANGRY over this Houston incident, I am seriously considering writing a letter of complaint to the sheriff of Harris County. I don’t know that it would do any good, and it may do me more harm as I would be speaking out and speaking my mind. But this level of combined military & local law enforcement which was done recklessly with NO REGARD for the local population’s peace of mind and feeling of security is downright immoral. By no regard for the public, I mean the very minimum that should have been done for the local people was to give them some advance warning of this exercise. Our country is deteriorating rapidly thanks to the poor leadership of those in power and the complete disregard for our civil liberties and civil peace of mind.

      • Most training exercises are not forecasted, so that the data gathered is closer to what would take place in a real instance.

    • Dear Graywolf Survival,

      I appreciate your response and hope it’s what’s happening. Yesterday on my FB was a post about the VA Hosp system restricting gun ownership to specific veterans. Ten years ago my brother was 101st Airborne & Special Ops and feared this would happen. Born & raised in Texas, I’m in agreement with the 2nd Amendment. I lived in Viet-Nam 68-70 and was married to an Air America/CIA pilot who was KIA flying in Laos 18 Feb 70. We all routinely had guns for protection. Troubling times.

  5. Looks like they are already planning another school shooting. I sponsoring one school shooting was not enough for Obama.

    • If we only knew the real story, after reading and listening to all news stations, there appears to be a lot of timeline issues with the entire event, some things just don’t add up.

  6. I was there you could hear all of it they had swarms of circling helecopters dropping low right above our heads and all you could hear was rapid fire and flocks poppin off. They got so low to the ground you could feel the wind from the blades

  7. Most of you are all paranoid idiots…did you ever think that they were just plain training? If you don’t like that kind of stuff and are sick of Obama move out of the country!!! Only sane person that posted on here was sniper…

    • Paranoid idiots? Have you ever heard of posse comitatus? I’ve been in the Army for years and have been through multiple deployments and training exercises. We NEVER trained with local PD or other federal agencies. The military is not to be employed within the borders of this country unless it is in response to a natural disaster or similar situation.

  8. Per the Army spokesman, they wanted realistic training using an unfamiliar building. The only reason Carnegie High was picked is because the building is unused.

    The chief of police has already issued an official apology for dropping the ball with notification. Galveston, the location of the next training run, has already notified its citizens.

    Sometimes things are exactly as they seem.

  9. some of those guns do look like they may have hoopers like a paintball gun, but then again it is a little blurry. not saying they are or not but the army does train with paintball and airsoft guns. it is cheapier then simunition. also ive been hearing a lot of helos flying around over my house at night compared to a couple months ago. i find this fishy when i live in MI and it is winter. i would think it more practical in the summer. just saying.

  10. what if it was training to take the kids when the masses don’t comply to the wishes of our gov…. if they have your kid ,you will do as they say !!! our gov. is out of control ….this will be the quick way to control the masses to bring us in line to their way of thinking….. JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT I JUST SAID

  11. Strange.. they are doing this in my neighborhood in League city you would think the homeowners assoication would have notified us. My family says it sounds like a warzone.. it is very creepy.

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