Urban Crime’s so Bad that Neighborhoods are Hiring Private Security Forces to Keep their Towns Safe

Crime is getting so bad in some of America’s urban centers that residents have had to hire private security firms after the police, and liberal gun control policies, have failed to keep the streets safe.

A neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland is considering hiring a private security firm to patrol the streets after 10 black teenagers brutally beat a white teenager, in what some residents insist was a hate crime.

The victim was brutally beaten while he was on his way home from work. A neighbor who witnessed the event told local reporters, “They beat this boy. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him.”

Members of the “Little Italy Community Organization” plan to hire private security to patrol the streets after police refused to call the crime a Hate Crime, and have failed to curb the rise in armed robberies and assaults that have plagued the Baltimore neighborhood.

The sad reality of this situation is we have a culture that’s obsessed with violence, and a government who is unwilling to take on the real problems facing this country. Instead of looking at what’s really going on, they’ve chosen to go after the law-abiding citizens with asinine gun control laws that do little if anything to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Earlier this year we featured an article that showed how the capital of gun control, Chicago, Illinois, was actually more dangerous than the war zones of Afghanistan. Despite the epidemic levels of violence facing cities like Chicago, politicians continue to disarm the public – making the susceptible to this type of violence and emboldening the criminals who terrorize these neighborhoods.

Is it any wonder we have so many youths taking to the streets and randomly attacking people? What else would you expect when this type of behavior is glorified by celebrities, the news media, and Hollywood?

In my opinion, these types of attacks are going to become even more common, and will increase in brutality in the future. With the rise of social media, combined with our sick depraved culture, it’s never been easier for these criminals to target their victims.

If you live in, or travel through one of these urban centers, you need to always be aware of your surroundings, and always be able to defend yourself. Remember, the teen that was attacked in Baltimore was doing nothing but walking home from work when he was attacked. These random attacks are becoming increasingly common and are incredibly hard to predict.

That being said, we wrote an article last year on protecting yourself from Flash Mobs and random attacks that can help prepare you should you be faced with a similar situation. Remember, preparedness and training are the keys to staying safe; don’t be caught off guard because you failed to prepare!

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  1. Where’s good ol Barrack on this one? Could this have been his son that got beat? Where is MSNBC/CNN? Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

    I guess it doesn’t count when the heat is directed at a white kid. What a country!

    • I was thinking the same thing. The news media couldn’t get enough of the Trayvon Martin story but they don’t talk about this, the Florida kid who got beat on the bus, or the thousands of cases like this that happen every month.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. This is 100% a culture problem and would not happen if our country wasn’t so immoral and corrupt.

    Drugs, No Fathers in the homes, celebration of everything immoral, the list is a mile long of where this country went wrong.

    • Interesting article. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When I read a movie critic’s article on the first “Robocop” back in 1997, he didn’t comment on the acting. He said the movie was scary because it was a look into the future: private organizations doing the job of the police. I see, by the article, that prophecy is starting to come true.

  3. Do not put your safety in the hands of the police or even private security guards. Whether it’s budget cuts or not enough police to go around, the fact is they can not be everywhere at once and the criminals know it. With crime increasing exponentially, it is no wonder people are looking for other options. Here in Florida, there is a murder almost every night and at least one armed invasion a week. Society is going to hell in a handbag and it is only going to get worst. The future is going to be a boom for private security agencies as more and more police are let go. But, even with the employing of private security you are not going to be able to let your guard down. They can not be everywhere either. Too many people want to just sit back and say we don’t have to worry, they’ve got us protected. Do everything you can now to better prepare yourself for the future. We have installed a security system, cameras and motion detectors all the way around our house. Nothing happens outside our house that we are not alerted to. Two of our neighbors have followed suit and installed cameras as well. We are in the process of planting more thorny bushes around the house to make it difficult to access the windows and reinforcing the doors with security bars. We also have our guns with us 24/7.

    • Everything your doing sounds great if you never intend on leaving your home again. You still have to go out and get food, work, mail, doctor and such what then???????

    • This is just another reason for law abiding americans to have a gun.
      No I do not want some weekend cop protecting me, but I guess in some areas it’s better than nothing.

  4. Here in south africa, we have an average of 5 or more armed response security companies per city and at least 12 or more security companies for basic guarding services also. That still doesnt deter the robberies, home invasions, murders and rape from happening.

    • I have read about the streets of South Africa. Police are more or less gangs, and the private security companies are hired to make up for them. I would say the US is just a few steps behind you.

  5. In my townhouse complex in Houston, there have been two armed robberies in the last six weeks. Gangs of thugs have been assaulting people on bike paths near my home, stealing expensive bikes. After the last armed robbery, it took the police 15 minutes to arrive. The idea that an unarmed population is safer is just ridiculous. It’s sad that I’m starting to feel compelled to carry while walking the dog, but that’s where I am.

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