More Urban Warfare Drills – Military Blackhawks Buzz Downtown Chicago

Chicago seems to be the newest city selected by the military to perform urban warfare training. Late last night, calls started flooding into police departments and newsrooms throughout Chicago as concerned residents reported Blackhawk Helicopters with heavily armed military hovering outside their windows.

Just like the Urban Drills that were performed in L.A. a couple of months ago, concerned citizens reported seeing Blackhawks and A/MH-6 Little Birds flying extremely low throughout the downtown Chicago area.  At least three of those Blackhawks were filmed flying in formation with heavily armed special forces by local news crews in Chicago. Residents report that the choppers buzzed though office and residential building for several hours last night.

This morning the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications put out a statement calling last nights drills a  “routine training exercise.” They announced that Chicago was the site of a week-long military training drill that is designed to improve the military’s ability to operate in urban environments.

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  1. Unbelievable, the fact that the US is being conditioned to accept the military “training” that is going on. The military has numerous bases and facilities for urban training. Shame on the media for going along. This is just a precursor to the inevitable taking of our rights and freedom. Go back to sleep.

    • @Chris: I believe you’re dead on with your response. They think are just plain stupid. I admire our military for their sacrifices but if the President declared Martial Law, they are trained no matter what to follow his command. ‘To protect against enemies foreign or domestic’ is a bunch of bull, if you ask me.

        • What do you mean when you say this? Are you dreaming in the throes of a fever or are you laboring under a madness?

        • This is happening RIGHT NOW under the watch of a DEMOCRAT President. One who has announced and carried out multiple times that he would act if and when congress did not act (as he would want them to). We have a president and party in control RIGHT NOW that are moving to take as much of our freedom and rights.

          • Much of your freedoms and rights were taken after 9/11. The entire machine that Obama now operates were made part of the executive tool box by a GOP Administration. He is only using that gift. Because even the GOP never thought that the WH would leave their control. What were they thinking to make so much power in that office? Do tell? Homeland security is practically an nationalized police of the executive office and NDAA is their constitution. Thanks Bush. JSOC is another creation of Reagon Another republican the internation war machine above the constitutional restraints of congress and answerable only the the president.. Your drones. NHS, arose out of FEMA. Both executive power houses answerable to the exectutive branch thanks to Bush. TSA and NDAA. Freak out. They knew that Obama was going to be elected as the charismatic game changer and scapegoat as well as lynch pin in the Oligarchies plans. You don’t but they did. Do you think that Bush and Obama are nemisis? Actually they get along great with each other. Who do you think vets the tributes that we vote for? On any level of government? The people that lay their money and support their campaigns. The nominations go to the most publicized because of the national media attention and money. Who got all that money to play with and the lime light positive media? Who owns the media? What groups finance that? Follow the money. Strings are attached to the wealth that support them. And you will know that it is they that run the show. That is why Ron Paul was snubbed. he was anti establisment. They turned his lights out early in the race. No one will shut off the lights to the FRB. Including Perry of Texas. That body is just a finger to a much stronger hand that runs all the world banks. Those are not people you piss in the wind with if you want to be in politcs.

        • Republicans,+ Democrats,+ Supreme Court,+ Military industrial +complex and the private wall street= banking cartel controllers. There is no branch of Government that is not in bed with the banks, and their puppet masters. Indeed you don’t worry about the muppet squad. Worry more what the owners of those banks are doing. They have been manipulating and tooling countries and nations for 300 years. We have been owned for before we were a nation. Our sole reason for being is to make them powerful. And when they don’t need us for that. Or we wise up and don’t play they will shove us rudely under the bus. I would think that the Civil war would have taught you as much as what they are willing to do to get what they want. Global power and control of all human resource and natural resource. With them at the seat of power. By any means necessary. But hopefully with your help if they can con you into it they will. If they have to kill you they will do that too.

      • President declare martial law? Come now let us not be so one sided. Where is the congress? the Senate, your local legislatures? Why are they not being heard bawling about this? Especially the assumably rabid right wing red state wall street nut huggers in Congress? Forget who put up NDAA? NSA DHS TSA. Congress, Bush, The whole senate that gave it a green light? Can one man plan all that in four years with an unyeilding house against him?

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. Shame upon and woe upon those in the media and Chicago city hall that it is merely a “routine military exercise”. Yeah, right!! This convinces me even more that ‘The country is gone!”. Shame upon the blue-pill sheeple fools; go back to sleep sheeple! And so it goes in Amerika.

      • I do love that Dave but your assuming to much. Let us be frank and ask who owns the press and the media. Follow the money. Now let us follow the strings on the puppits in Government including presidents. What hands are feeding them. That should be more intersting considering the peice of legislation the supreme court gave a green light to Corporate personhood. Citizens United? I would shine a light up those strings to the Corporations in MIC,Wall Street, The energy district, Food production, Water companies, Health and insurance, Banking, et al. Also foriegn affairs interest. More intrigue. Noticed that since Woodrow Wilson every Presient is vetted by their party by a litmus test of their feilty for Isreal? Notice how the right wing made that a big issue with Obama? Slamming him for being a muslim brotherhood lover and hating Isreal? And the chair man of the banks, Commissioner for the foreing corporate business and such the like all have Isreali connections. CIA, FBI, CIC JSOC Hillary Clinton. The Republicans too. Swear that come high water or hades before thinking of our own national needs first we will protect Isreal and to say otherwise or think otherwise is anti -semetic.

      • Obama can’t take two steps without everyone slamming him for something. What can he really do so conspiratorial as is suggested by right wing pundits and Alex Jones types that he could get away with in a hostile Republican enviroment in the House? Everything he does is an Automatic NO. All the rights you lost were lost when Bush created those agencies that Obama must now nurse. Could it be that Congress and the supreme court and the Presidency is compromized? Imagine the money and the sources and the intrigue from the middle east for the last 100 years nearly. The monatary system and Corporate over reaches has litterally made it possible for special interest bodies to vet our leaders even before we get to vote for those that they approve. Personally I think Obama is a false flag. I think if my tin foil hat is working right that he may even be killed. In the not to distant future. By the very ones that put him in that WH. To start the coup. Via civil war. Why? Because the banking system is going to collaps. They can’t save it and we can’t pay the bills in all honesty. So to hide that collosal fail of the Aristocratic king pins take out the old order and really shake things up. Pit red against blue again. But as the world melts in withering economic collaps following us no one will be able to help and the perps? Them fellows with every resource from energy to water already under their belts can declare internation Oligarchy on the planet you have no choice that or starve.

    • Did the thought of maybe they were taking down a terrorist or some threat was being taken care of? Conventional Army doesn’t fly around on Little Birds hanging off. Ever seen Blackhawk Down? That’s my guess on what was going on. Not training.

      • Listen up Doc. You beter follow politics a little better. They are NOT chasing someone down. They are traininng to take over our lives at the whim of our Chief. And I don’t mean the Indian Chief.All is not well in America, one day all this is going to bite us.

        • I agree, remember the movie RED DAWN, well it will be many of us fighting our own forces led by NATO commanders . I talk openly to military and police to get there opinion on where they stand (not if) but when the GOv turns on it’s own people .

        • Or not. We know somethings. We know that Citizens United is a corporate front to finance the candidates they want in offices of all levels. We know that they don’t have to reveal their funders. Makes it kind of hard to follow the money. We know that the apperatus of DHS and NDAA and HLS Were erected By Bush’s Administration and all the exectutive powers that come with it were vested on Bush. None in congress at the time forsaw the future of Obama. At the time they orchestrated out of the Fear of 9/11 every conceivable prying eye they could. And the MIC and Private Corporations including Honeywell and Haliburton and Microsoft, IBM got on board to do it. Both Dems and GOP Congress and House ok’d it. All the very vetted well moneyed back press kept mum. This machine was born on the heals of a major event and rush delivered on demand. Neither Bush nor Cheney would answer questions about 9/11 or Iraq. And the news coverage was a mess of discord and anomolies. Same is true of Sandy hook. And another national rush for emergency executive powers. Congress again backs it up. Only a few are lathering and the news is consipuisly quiet on anything regarding these trainings. Much less saying anything about the Government buying billions of rounds of hollow points bullets enough for a seven year war. Congress hasn’t explained how billions of dollars were used to fund that. And they are the party of no new spending? But they want you not to have alot of bullets yourself? Your a terrorist if you have more then 1,000 did you know? All this lather about Obama another false flag. Let’s see. He is black. said to be Muslim, likes the Muslim brotherhood, Anti Isreal and all that stuff and a fascist. Those are all the right wing rhetorics. Media cranks out quite a bit freely on those. While painting the right as crazy haters and retro revolutionaries. Got a debt ceiling, Got this and that and everything is always at a state of emergency. Piting one side against the other. I am old enough to know I heard this chit before. JFK. Same song and dance. What happened to that fine man? He was murdered a year after comming into office. Speculation are rife. I point a finger at the banking Cartel. I think Obama for his dear sweet soul will be another JFK. And he will be the cover for what the well moneyed players on the internation scale of of hidious fraud will accomplish in bringing this country to ashes. I pray for us. and for him. Because I think this social diaspora is about to unleash hell on earth. With Obama as the first target.

        • Why do I think that? Because the well moneyed F’d up. They messed their game up real bad. So bad in fact they can’t stop the rot that now consumes their carefully laid machine. It is in decline in a major way. Before leaders of this nation were taken out for not cooperating with the establisment. Banking Cartel. Lincoln certainly gave them plenty of chaff and fought a grudging battle with the emergent industrial complex. That is hwat the Civil War was really about. The industrial complex deemed slavery as an obsticle to profit and growth. In their lusts for money they would sway political powers even if it meant ripping the nation in blood to get their way. And they succeeded. But when Lincoln went up against the Bankers and insisted that the American people had a right to coin their own money chit hit the fan. Garfield faced a similar fight as did Jackson. While not killed in the line of office 11 attempts were made after he shut down the Central bank. JFK suggested that The FRB make loans to the Government without imposing interest. What a thought. Their answer. “H” no. Bang. Obama dispite constant set backs and subterfuge really wants bank reform. Hard reform. We all want it. We need it. Adn the consensus in public opinion is screaming for it. But the fight goes on. Legislatures continue to stall it. Now it is really quite to late. As the EMF said it is not a matter if we will see another crash but When. And this time it will send the world into a great depression. This could be deliberate as was the first depression. Which the FRB admitted was of their creation. They owned that debacle. But now they can’t stop this. It is too systemic. The players on the field are doing their own thing and are wild. So they are setting up game plan three. Global currency and international state hood under a single credit and money less system. I have heard of it twice now from the IMF. Much like the Euro. But the U.S said they would not be willing to go that route. Obama said not at the last business summit in 2011. Oops.

    • This reminds me of a line out of the movie, “Crimson Tide” (Gene Hackman/Denzel Washington).

      “You don’t put on a condom unless you are going to “

    • You’re right on. This is getting the public used to seeing Military everywhere and getting the military personal used to operating in civilian territory.

  2. Yeah, cause we have lots of urban training areas that replicate the high rise buildings and infrastructure found in major cities. Not to mention the ability to replicate the small weather patterns and micro climates that those urban areas produce.

    We train for all contingencies and possiabilites. That is what you pay us for. Too bad the sheeple of the Democratic Republic of Chicago were “frightened”.

    Make sure your tin foil hat is tight……….

      • I take it you are a rated rotary wing pilot that understands the wind shears and weather patterns flying between skyscrapers….

        yeah, it works different than flying around 3 story buildings.

        Sheep, the ones saying how “frightened” they were seeing US Military Helos with warriors training to protect thier helpless unarmed asses since thier city won’t allow them to protect themslevles.

        You have more far more to fear from socialist city governments than you do the US Miltiary. We are a bit busy with real enemies.

        • I noticed how you ignored my comments on the NDAA or your comander and Chief who can order you to arrest Americans at a moments notice.I guess it was a little to inconvenient for your story huh?

          And I don’t buy your micro climate bull either. The military has been involved in Urban operations overseas now for almost 20 years. They have no reason to train in Chicago unless it’s in preparation to use that training on Americans citizens. Why would they need to train in Chicago?

          And if it’s that difficult to fly their how is it that police helicopters and news crews do it on a daily basis without a single problem?

          • I did not address NDAA as it is nothing more than a reguritation of exisiting law (take a look at AUMF when you get a chance). Nothing new in NDAA. Not to mention, that pesky Posse Comitatus Act which of course applies. But if you need something to be worried about, then I am not going to convince you otherwise (and frankly, I don’t care too).

            As far as city flying, exactly how many high rise cities HAVE we been operating in over the last 20 years? I must have missed those conflicts.

            How many police and news helos do you see flying in close proximity, landing on roof tops, hovering for fast rope insertions, or manuvering low and fast around buildings??? Oh yeah, none. Different type of flying.

            Or maybe I am covering up for the black helos that are actually conducting survaillance and “snatch and grab” operations in support of NDAA on those of you that are posting to this thread in opposition.

            By the way, you might want to check the oath of office for a military officer. My oath is to the consitiution, not any person.

          • A police chopper and the ones the media uses are totally different from Blackhawks as far as flying capability is concerned. It’s like saying just because a Honda and a Hummer are cars they can do the same things.

          • Lot’s of high rises in Chinese mega cities. Seems prudent to train in one, though I’m doubting China would clear their airspace for it. The real question being, why was it not announced on the news to lessen the shock and awe for Chicagoans? Well, if people knew it was coming they could prepare for it – and some people’s preparations might be nefarious in nature.

        • I don’t think for a minute our military would take a order to turn on its citizens, however I do not trust our current administration to try it. I agree with you 100%. There unarmed liberal city damn sure can’t protect itself.Thanks for you service Tim.

    • I guess you forgot about the NDAA that Obama signed that allows for the detention of American Citizens without a trial huh? Or did your local news not tell you about that?

      People have every right to be scared when they see this happening. When we live in a country that allows U.S. Citizens to be arrested without a trail, allows the Constitution to be defiled and ignored, and one that sees its citizens as slaves then I think people are justified in being frightened.

      I just hope you remember that Oath you took when you joined the military! Maybe you trust the guy in office but most of us don’t and most of us see what’s coming. So who’s the Sheep?

      • I’m not part of the discusson ongoing, but a point of clarification is in order.Under the rules of Land Warfare, which all military personnel are required to abide by, an illegal order or one that violates basic human rights is to be ignored ….no matter who gives it.That was decided during the investigations of Mei Lei.

        • You seem to forget how the police and military took weapons from the people defending their property and disregarded the 4th Amendment regarding unreasonable search and seisure! Moron.

    • back up there buckO. Why train in a place you (our military) are never supposed to deploy. Something happens in Chicago, we have the IL National Guard. No Federal Troops are to be deployed in American cities.

      I pray that most of your fellow troops have heard of “The Oath Keepers”, or God help us.

      • EXACTLY. They are never supposed to be deployed here at home some people really need to open a history book.

        Also 100% agree on your Oath Keepers comment. Oath Keepers are the true military Heroes and I have the utmost respect for anyone who actually takes the Oath seriously and obeys what the founders intended.

        • If a person opened a book on US History, he or she would find Shays Rebellion after the Revolutionary War and the American Civil War to name a few, both instances where federal troops were used. If one were to delve deeper, he or she would find suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War years to include General Stoneman, who protected the President during his Inauguration, no charges preferred, prisoner never advised why arrested.The Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Taney was over ruled.

          • Perfect example of logical fallacy. You appeal to a past example or practice of such deployment and suspension of habeas corpus to justify its present use. Just because something CAN and HAS been done doesn’t mean it is RIGHT or LEGAL to do so.

        • All of you liberal democrats are a bunch of wusses ! Really ! Really ! Get over yourselves. There is one word that describes your uneducated assumptions and that is niggle. Much to do about nothing !

      • The IL Guard to respond to a Mumbai style terrorist attack? How long do you think it would take a Guard unit to mobilize to respond? How many anti terror units are there in the IL Guard? How ready are they to execute the take down and clearing of a skyscraper or highrise? (and I am not bashing the IL Guard, I started my Career there).

        First line of response will be the CPD and Cook County Sheriffs office (along with mutal aid departments). Only IF requested by local LE would DoD Anti Terror forces be utlized to address a terrorist threat within our borders. There are legal options for deploying Anti-terror forces just as there is legal precedence for deploying convential military forces. You seem to need to go refresh yourself on federal laws regulating use of military forces “buckO”.

        Oath Keepers started with a good thought process but has been co-opted by whack jobs and nutcases. I don’t need a “group” to remind me of my oath, my morals, and my beliefs.

        I am not a “Obama Goon” (frankly can’t stand the man, but I have to be careful what I say as it is against the UCMJ for me to totally trash or state my true feelings, all I can do is wait until the next election and pray!), this type of training has been going on long before BHO. As far as NDAA, I am very curious on your opinion of AUMF (which passed under GW) and which NDAA is nothing more than an affirming document. Sure there are things in it I don’t like, but I can say that about pretty much every document that comes out of DC.

        Bottom line, there are elements of the US Military that are training for or already operating in defense of the Homeland. That is our number one mission, always has been, always will be. If that bothers you, well, not sure what to say to you other than get your head out of the sand.

      • It is likely those helos were IL Army guard but this was a federal mission as not state is paying for this without it being federally funded. The military must train and be ready. If Americans were like many of you in WWII we might be discussing our lack of civil liberties in German right now.

    • Sure they do. I have never seen one look like chicago repleat with sky scrapers though. And if they are so good with keeping on the ball with enemies on the home terf both domestic and foreign care to tell me how they failed so badly in 9/11? Where was the bloody miltiary then?

  3. Guys, relax, it’s Delta Force, they do this stuff around the country when you least expect it. It’s been going on for a long time and no, you’re not giving away your freedoms by letting these professionals do their thing.

  4. It is very important to be able to train for the proper types of operations in the proper places, as Tims says, so this is to be expected… of a government that wastes billions on war toys and cares nothing of your freedoms.
    When Chomsky is suing Obama, you better start thinking really hard about what’s going on around you.

  5. Hey Tim,your right not many conflicts with high rises, so why practice this unless they are expecting a conflict there

    • uhm, because the US Military does have a homeland defense mission. US Cities are high value targets for the bad guys. Mumbai anyone?

      Practicing for that eventuallity does not mean that a military operation against US Citizens is being planned or even considered. But we have to be ready if and when there IS an attack against our country.

      The same people that bitch about the Military, Police, Federal LE, etc doing this type of training and preperation are the same ones that bitch the loudest when something happens and they even think that we were not prepared to respond….

      • Im all for training to protect the U.S. and all,but we have a very serious problem on our southern border and nothing is being done about that.The enemy is coming across the desert in droves and the fed turns a blind eye.Instead they focus on naked scanners and sexual assaults at airports on our own citizens and this urban training garbage.

      • You sure weren’t prepared for 9/11. The only preventative measure that helped that day was to ground all aircraft. I have no reason to believe we won’t be attacked again. Let’s hope that training helps somehow. I know they can’t be everywhere at once.

      • Ever hear of Posse Comitatis? Did you ever here of Local Police? The military has no business training over US cities! Pretty soon you’ll see TSA doing roadside check points! Can we see your papers please?

    • Did you ever stop to think a natural disaster could occur that would necessitate helicopters in the area? Since no one can accurately predict Mother Nature (or is she part of the sheeple too?), it is best for pilots to be trained in all situations. When duty calls to save lives (Hurricane Katrina), I am sure that the loved ones of the soldiers carrying out that domestic mission will be thankful they had training in urban areas.

      I am so curious as to why everyone is so quick to believe that all militar training is ONLY for the purposes of war? I guess the next time a state needs its National Guard for “domestic” reasons, we should tell the people to figure it out themselves? Makes me wonder who the real sheeple are… Maybe it is the folks who believe every sensationalized thing about the government. If for any reason other than not sounding ignorant, please study up on how military helicopters have aided in our own country’s natural disasters!

      • Well because some of us are smart enough to realize that the military doesn’t respond to natural disasters in American that would be the National Guards Job and these were not National Guard

        • Actually, the military does respond to natural disasters in America…Katrina?? There were more military aircraft there than any other. Of course you probably weren’t there to see that. Oh, and let us also not forget we train constantly to fight wildfires while we’re not out defending your freedoms!

      • I wouldnt be talking too much about the Katrina mess.Was it not the guard that threw the Constitution out the window and went door to door confiscating peoples weapons? If I remember correctly ,they followed orders like good little soldiers even though that violated citizens legal Constitutional rights to bear arms.

        • Amen, Eric! I challenge Tim, Ed and Old Soldier to visit YouTube and watch the videos on how the rights of U.S. citizens were trampled on by the military and police. The discarding of the 4th Amendment is a great place to start!

  6. In case you haven’t noticed Tim seems to be an Obama goon who is trying to deny the fact that the NDAA gave Obama unprecedented powers to arrest and detain American Citizens. While he would like you to believe that everyone in the military is OK with this THEY ARE NOT!

    There are still patriotic members of the military who know exactly what this is and exactly what they are trying to do. Unfortunately Obama is also going after the military and is actively cutting the patriotic members and has slashed troop numbers by over 100k.

    Pretty soon all you will have left is those that will follow Obama’s orders no matter what they are.

  7. Tim just wanted to say thanks for doing your job bro…it’s because of guys like you that we can all sleep soundly at night…or even complain about the people who defend us :( Try that in some of the other countries and see how that goes! Would love to see those black hawks in action!

    • Maybe you should open your eyes! No one from what I read so far has said anything negative about our military. It looks like to me like they are just stating facts.

      Yes, the NDAA was passed giving Obama powers like nothing this country has ever seen (even if Tim wants to deny it)

      Yes there are a huge number of military men who are not happy with what’s going on right now and don’t recognize the service anymore. (just look at the Marine who is being kicked out for doing his constitutional duty and pointing out what Obama is up to) If you want to be proud of someone be proud of that guy because he is what the Marines and the Military is all about

      And Finally. YES OBAMA Wants to and eventually will use the military on the American public. (look up Rand Paul’s Comments from the Senate Floor where he warns of this)

    • Thanks mdcclendon, I can promise you that the vast majority of the uniformed military take thier oath very seriously and know EXACTLY what it says. The Soldiers I am honored to lead, are the finest this Nation has to offer, and it is amazing to see them at work.

      I carry a pocket copy of the Constiution, bill of rights, and Dec of independence in my right shoulder pocket every day I am in uniform. Lamintated on the front page is MY oath of office which I have taken 5 times now at each promotion. Every time I promote an officer, I always mandate that not only the officer being promoted recite the oath, but every officer in attendance recite it as well. That is pretty common in the units I have ahd the good fortune of serving with.

      As far as seeing those ‘hawks in action, it is an awsome sight to see when those mini-guns get to talking!

  8. According to my checklist (check all that apply),1.) Powerful Continuing Nationalism. 2.) Identifying Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause. 3.)Rampant Sexism. 4.)Obsession with National Security. 5.)Corporate Power is Protected. 6.) Disdain for the Intellectuals and the Arts. 7.) Rampant Cronyism and Corruption. 8.) Disdain for Recognizing Human Rights. 9.) Supremacy of the Military. 10.) Controlled Mass Media. 11.) Religion and Government are Combined. 12.) Obsession with Crime and Punishment. 13.) Labor Power is suppressed. 14.) Fraudulent Elections. These are the qualities of every Fascist Government since Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain, Suharto’s Indonesia, Pinochet’s Chile and Yes even Hitler’s Germany. Buckle up, we are in for one long ride friends. The real threat is those 500+ traitors in DC. Indict them for treason, let them prove their innocence. I’m betting the majority can’t.

  9. Wow, some of you people are detached from reality. Despite that we will continue to protect you (even though I’m one of those evil army helicopter pilots training to enslave the American people as soon as we get the order). Now I must get back to work on my death ray.

    Almost forgot… the Oath Keepers are the real military? I don’t remember seeing them during my three plus years of combat. Or anytime over the last 20 years of my active military service now that I think about it. Please continue your retarded rants, NDAA. They make me giggle.

    • Training my ass, and you are a joke when it all happens our Military will not shoot Americans , The out of control Government will be taken by us oboho is a clown our Military has been trained in urban warfare and does not need to be having drills over our City’s unless oboho is getting ready to claim Marshall Law…our Government needs to be taken down …EVERYBODY needs to be fired from there job and WE THE PEOPLE need CONTROL

  10. i’m curious as to why a few here would so strongly try to defend a position that they seem to want to indicate needs no defence… methinks thou dost protest too much… there are elements within and as integral parts of the US military who WILL execute the orders to seek out, detain and fire upon Americans while on American soil(what may be left of it)… to think or say otherwise points up the kind of “sheeple-ism” that prevades American thinking – specifically: it can’t happen here… they are psychologically screened for just such tactics then trained to respond to the orders… a few years ago there was the leaking of the initial psych test(under the guise of “survey”) to either Nat Guard or Army Reserve wherein that very question was raised in several different ways then denied until someone posted a portion of the actual test online… then, as usual, the military went numb and dumb… i would advise those in the military and reading that you more fully investigate the Oathkeepers as to who we are and why we exist and trust this: there are exponentially more of us than the few numbered on the homepage… as a side note to those who would deny the possibility of the use of US troops here in America – why then have an 80,000 strong contingent ALL with combat experience and urban-training billeted here in the US..?? nevermind the facts, right..?? we’re being “protected”… you scoff at “Posse Comitatus” – which displays such ignorance on your part… truth is, if the American People were armed and given basic arms training, there would be no need to worry about “terrorists” nor tyrants such as those on Cap Hill ever thiking about trying to rule this sovreign land but we have the political anti-gunners trying to shove and manipulate the right to self-defense away from us daily… thanks, i have the training necessary and am continuing with it so i can protect mine, as are so many, many others – inspite of what your Big Brother and Sister gov’t intends… make no mistake: i have never advocated any kind of overthrow… i love this Nation and all she has stood for inspite of what your muslim/commander-in-chief in our White House thinks or does… YOU brought up the issue of “our oath” and in principle you are right – 100% but men control the application of your training as your oath obligates you but their ideals and ends are not what our Constitution allows and demands – they do in fact run counter to it… at what point do YOU as individuals refuse to follow UNlawful orders or have you lost/surrendered the right/ability to think on your own or to make moral judgements about questionable orders(defined as those which violate standing, established law and practice as covered by our Constitution and other Founding Documents)…??? is the source(issuing individual) of any order the sole and singular determining factor for any order’s legality or lawfulness or your obligation to obey it..??? think about it… we are not the enemy here…
    Semper Fi USMC ’72 – ’76

    • Ah but while this is all well and good do tell me what good it would do to go there? How is sustaining their power over 315 Million pissed off American’s being fired on going to work? That would result in the collaps of the market, destablization of industry, Shrink revenue for the Government, Destroy public trust, So many things can go wrong by being so overt as doing martial law without real cause just to gain power. Not exactly real world thinking here. There are far to many losses to mitigate in doing that. I love a good conspiracty to curl up in bed to read. But Goldfinger and Waterloo’s aside to actually do Syeria in a nation this side definately has it’s disadvantages. Considering the risk of losing the power of intenational money and military game and world trade? I don’t think so.

  11. Wow, some of these people really need a reality check! These are ordinary men using Chicago to train for real missions down the road. Why is that so hard to believe people?!?! Why don’t you idiots do some research. The military meaning mainly Special Forces does urban training all over the US and not just Chicago.

  12. I would rarely post on these sites despite the fact that I do read them alot. I do have to also say that I am not in the military, am not a man, and am not prone to alarmism. That being said, I would like to say that I do not have one shred of confidence in any thing that is put forth as truth,or even simple information, by our government. I was recently reading an article that made reference to the national security archives, a non-government archive maintained at one of our prestigious centers of higher education. I would encourage all persons here to go to that archive and begin looking around. There are recent documents pertaining to the war in Iraq, as well as massive quantities of other previously-classified information that was released for public review, based upon a mandate to do so,by our current president. For those of you as old as I am, you will also find tremendous information regarding the assassination of JFK. This archive exists so that “regular” “average” people like those of us posting here, can review information that the Federal government has previously refused to declassify.
    I would like to say that our government most certainly would kill any and all of us who posed a real or imagined threat to those in power. It frightens me, and I don’t frighten easily. I would also like to say that while I respect those persons who try to protect our nation and our citizens, a time is coming, in the very near future, when war will be declared upon the American citizenry. Actually, I think that I can say this with 100% certainty.
    One last thing that I think ALL readers do need to become very familiar with, if you are not already, is the organization Skull and Bones.
    I believe that there will soon be a complete devaluation of the US currency, even more so than has already happened, and when the reality hits home that we are now like some nations whose money suddenly bought nothing, there will be mass revolt in this country. That is when the killing begins, in earnest. Washington and China are in the final phases of making this currency devaluation happen. It will likely occur shortly after the next election.
    good luck to all who post here, and may God bless each of you and your family. I believe that both sides of this discussion genuinely want the best for our nation. We are being pitted against each other, as this is how psychological warfare works folks. When our lives begin to crumble at such an accelerated pace that we are at risk of dying, for lack of ability to purchase even bare essentials, our government does not want the regular citizenry to trust the military and it does not want the military to see the US citizenry as family, friends, brothers, mothers, etc. We will become some dehumanized, crazy, militant, THEM! this will have to happen if the military personnel are to be capable of shooting us, on sight.
    I don’t know what the answer is except an immediate lawsuit against everyone in the government, for treason. They MUST be disempowered soon. Lega; options must be initiataed NOW!

  13. The people who call this a conspiracy are morons. I am glad to see we are running drills like these, it would be nice to be prepared for something for once. (Katrina , 9-11) The major cities, with the tallest skyscrapers in the world, are not at all similar to flying around an army base training facility. The taller building, various wind patterns etc… should be learned for emergency situations. Its better to practice something now and be aware of variables ahead of time, instead of finding them out during a possible emergency situation. I.E. We planned ahead a ton im sure, when going after Bin Laden, but we didnt EXPECT to lose a top secret helicoptor that night… The winds caused by the high walls at the complex caused an unexpected problem, forcing an emergency crash landing. Why not learn about your major cities before something bad happens…. Instead of invading everyones rights, and hoping nothing goes wrong when we are at our most vulnerable.

  14. Agenda 21 U.N. is why we are seeing all this.

    The wealthy and communist manifesto is stealing our country, looting us and using our own military against us. new world order.. goolge on you tube you will the last 4 presidents boast about it.

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