US Hunger Crisis: Food Banks Struggling as Jobless Americans Demand Free Food

Food Bank Line

Food banks across the United States are reporting major problems in being able to keep up with the unprecedented demand as an estimated 6.6 million Americans are now out of work.

Huge numbers of newly unemployed Americans who lost their jobs as a result of government-mandated shutdowns of “non-essential” businesses throughout the United States are showing up at food banks demanding food, that in many cases isn’t there.

In some areas, the demand has created longer lines at the food banks than we are seeing at the grocery stores as the real danger of the pandemic becomes apparent: the government response and the widespread layoffs it caused.

For years we’ve been warning this could happen. In fact, we’ve done numerous articles on how 60% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. Now that we are 3-4 weeks deep into this crisis, it’s become apparent that this could become one of the most significant dangers of the Coronavirus Pandemic. If we don’t get the country back up and running soon, we are going to start seeing some major problems and social unrest as people become desperate.

Food banks are reporting a 40% increase in demand, on average, said Katie Fitzgerald, chief operating office at Feeding America, a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs nationwide. Some say they are seeing double to quadruple the number of people asking for help.

“It’s the speed that this is hitting us that is making it so difficult to contend with,” Fitzgerald said. “The current inventories that we have in place were not designed to serve the numbers of people who need help now.”

“We’re definitely feeling the impact of families and individuals, many who’ve been laid off or have been furloughed, had hours cut back, needing that food assistance,” Michael Flood, president and CEO of Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, told Fox Nation’s Abby Hornacek.

“Just last week, the L.A. Regional Food Bank distributed 2 million pounds of food, which is a record distribution amount for us–49 percent higher than last year,” he said.

In many cities, the National Guard has been deployed to food banks to cope with rising demand in cities including Cleveland, Phoenix and St Louis amid growing concerns that supplies may run low and social unrest could be the next problem.

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As we’ve been saying from the beginning, the problems created by shutting down the country are likely to cause more long-term problems than the Coronavirus itself. Combine that with the media’s 24/7 push of panic and hysteria and we have the perfect storm that we’ve been warning about for years.

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  1. This is getting harder than expected for everyone and I believe it will get worse very soon. I worry about my children but there is little I can do. At some point the store’s will have to just give it away before hungry mobs just take it!

  2. A local Price Cutter store just charged a lady $35 for 2 bundles of toilet paper; the people left to furnish food banks with food and such things as necessities aren’t going to be able to provide everyone unemployed or homeless with food later on this year!

    What are the food banks gong to do then

  3. I’ve wondered why we haven’t seen more social unrest already? All the factors to produce it are in place just waiting for a spark. I think it’s coming very soon. I do hope not but the news is worse day by day and we haven’t even seen the Apex yet.

    • Hello Broadwing, Thomas Jefferson called that one 245 years ago in The Declaration: “all experience has shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

      People tend to put up with things for as long as they can because the alternative takes so much effort.

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