Concern in New Jersey as U.S. Military Conducts Simulated Urban Assaults with Local Law Enforcement

chinook helicopter over new jerseyLast week a number of New Jersey residents were awoken by the sound of helicopter flyovers, gun fire and loud explosions. The disturbing sights and sounds, were yet another, in a long string of urban training drills on the streets of America. In the last couple of months, large-scale urban training drills have been conducted in Chicago, Miami, Tampa, and Los Angeles.

The newest urban assault drill, involved over 100 soldiers from the Fort Bragg, N.C., Special Operations Command who teamed up with local law enforcement to conduct, “realistic urban training.” military raid on apartmentsThe drills included helicopter flyovers, explosions, simulated gunfire, and a simulated raid on two abandoned seven-story apartment buildings in Long Branch.

What has many concerned, is the growing number of drills that have the military teaming up with law enforcement in what seems to be aimed at policing the streets of America.

If these were really just urban training drills to prepare our soldiers for wars overseas, then why are local law enforcement teams being trained in military operations? After all, the Posse Comitatus Act was passed specifically to limit local law enforcement agencies from using federal military troops to enforce the laws of the land.

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  1. The Posse Comitatus Act doesn’t mean anything to Obama. He ignores the Constitution. We mau already be at war. Ready to bug out?

  2. I’m guessing you are not familiar with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by ‘fearless leader’ on December 31, 2011

  3. The drills here are more frequent than they depict in this article.. I live in NJ and the amount of fly overs by Apache gunship,A-10 Warthogs,Chinook military and UN types are very alarming..The bombing runs near Joint AFB McGuire/ Ft. Dix in NJ are deafening and sometimes cause windows in nearby homes to burst.. The military and law enforcement say that its normal and is nothing unusual.. I have lived here all of my life and never have experienced anything like this with state police and our military . The US government and state police are gearing up for marshall law and its coming very soon.. Sooner than you think..This is not a hoax of a paranoia.. Its the real deal and I hope you are ready to protect your rights because they are not going to be recognized.

  4. The fact remains… Are we ready? How many really care? or even believe that the proverbial shit has hit the fan already?

    We have duped into believing that its business as usual. Think again! All things are not as they appear! I for one, being a former sniper in the USMC have seen what it is like looking out from the inside, and now I am on the outside looking in and it does NOT look familiar at all. In fact, it looks so unfamilar that I will say that I am willing to risk it all just to eradicate the virus that has consumed America from within. The biggest problem is,with the exception of a very few, there is NO ONE.. and I mean NO ONE that will back my very words up.There is NO ONE that is willing to do what I have been asking many militia minded people to do in order to resist the upcoming onslaught.

    So, I implore those of you who do have the testicular fortitude and what is left of your freedom.. Take up arms and prepare for a long HARD transitional period that has been planned for about 26 years.. This period will transform America into a very different place.. a place that will empower local,state and federal law enforcement to dictate,and yes I say dictate, where and when you can do the things that you used to be able to do without impedence.. You will need justifiable reason to travel from state to state.. you will need proper ID in order to travel highways and biways.. you will need to get permission and pay for it.. Sound familiar? It should.. It is kind of like that now..But wait!! If you think you have been violated in the past due to all the laws and regulations.. you haven’t seen anything yet..

    The time has come America for you to put down your TV remotes,video games,beer,dope,and toys so that you will shit coming before it hits you dead in the face..

    If you dont? Prepare to eat shit for the rest of your lives!

        • Agree as Americans your not only obligated to defend the natural law that the constitution recognizes its our duty to do so. If we don’t then you have accepted a life of servitude not only for yourself but your family, friends and neighbors.

  5. I live north of Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. We’re used to the sounds (booms)coming from Pinon Canyon, but they have ramp the live round drills “down range.” We had a lot of choppers and jets flying over the city last week, which is not “normal.” People had better wake up and smell the coffee because “our rights”
    will be a thing of the past.

    • June…They already are a thing of the past.. Everything that we once new is no longer.. The things that the Constitution used to stand for and protect have changed.They have recategorized guns and now call them weapons..The 2nd amendment no longer is valid for such classification..The right to free speech etc have been changed so the first amendment does not apply any longer.. In my opinion I think these two example alone warrant a least some kind of retaliation for the infringemnt..

      • This, unfortunately, is not the country that I grew up in . . . this crap is getting scarier and scarier – and, normally my level-headed military hubby is on alert as well! Wake up, patriots!

  6. The statute only addresses the US Army and, since 1956, the US Air Force. It does not refer to, and thus does not restrict or apply to, the National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state’s governor (in its federal capacity, the National Guard forms part of the Army or Air Force of the United States). The Navy and Marine Corps are prohibited by a Department of Defense directive (self-regulation), but not by the Act itself.[1][2] Although it is a military force,[3] the U.S. Coast Guard, which now operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is also not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act, primarily because the Coast Guard has both a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency mission.

    • I thought the National Gaurd was Federalised in 1919. Feds own the guards vehicles and weapons so they have to follow federal orders. So I was told.

  7. A couple of weeks ago, I was out checking alternate routes and on a main US Highway SW of Denver I saw a white Crown Victoria up ahead with the red & blue lights flashing and a car pulled over.
    Traffic was continuing normally, just the one car pulled over; as I get close, I am looking to see what ‘authority’ the flashing red and blue represented… it was not the Colorado State Patrol, it was not County Sheriff, it was not City Police, but what I did see scared the hell out of me… across the back of the trunk of the white car was big, bold “HOMELAND SECURITY” with a uniformed individual strategically positioned to the side of the pulled over vehicle.
    Hmmm… I recall another period of time when a government had its own ‘Secret State Police’ back in the 1940’s, I believe they were called “Gestapo.”

  8. We are in Marxist America. Look up “Real ID”, “VIPR”, “FDA and NSHEA”, “Predator drones in the USA”, and you will find programs either implemented or near to implementation. The reasons for the coming lockdown garrison state is far beyond our Administration. If you want to know more then look up the “Committee of 300” and read about how it all started-if you are brave enough and want to know the truth.

  9. UNITED STATES is a corporation. (notice spelling in all CAPS?) Now look at your name on gov documents. Notice your name is ‘Capitalized’ (spelled with all capital letters)?
    Burtons legal thesaurus defines:
    *Capitalize–> Utilize for profit/manipulate/take advantage of.
    *Utilize–> incorporate.
    *Profit–> Income.
    “Incorporated for income”? By capitalizing our names, have we been incorporated for income (profit)? Do we appear as a business on paper?
    Consider this….A business has value coming in (income). The currency a business recieves, already contains value. What about the average worker who is charged income tax?? The average worker does not have value coming in (income), because the value for the currency they are paid with, is CREATED through their time/energy and labor. The currency does not pre-exist with value, it comes from our labor.
    The value a business ‘receives’ is the value the average worker CREATES!
    Notice the average worker/homeowner is charged similar to a business, such as land rent, water, electricity, registration fees, and so on.
    But Before you decide, research.

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