U.S. Prepares to Take 10,000 Syrian Refugees: DHS/FBI admits NO way of knowing if they’re Terrorists

As the Obama administration prepares to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States, two senior Department of Homeland Security officials admit there is no way to screen these refugees for terrorist ties.

Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said in a briefing last month that the president has decided to raise the number of Syrian refugees admitted to at least 10,000 in the fiscal year beginning in October.

“Refugees go through the most robust security process of anybody who’s contemplating travel to the United States,” Mr. Earnest said. “Refugees have to be screened by the National Counter Terrorism Center, by the F.B.I. Terrorist Screening Center. They go through databases that are maintained by D.H.S., the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. There is biographical and biometric information that is collected about these individuals.”

DHS Admits Systems will not stop Terrorists from Coming in with so-called Refugees

At a congressional hearing to address the fiscal and security implications of the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program, DHS director Matthew Emrich contradicted White House claims that these “refugees” would be screened. Emrich admitted his agency had no reliable way to check these individuals for terrorist ties.

Emrich’s testimony comes on the heels of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Assistant Director Michael Steinbach’s admission that the U.S. government has no system to properly screen Syrian refugees.

“The concern in Syria is that we don’t have systems in places on the ground to collect information to vet,” Steinbach said. “That would be the concern is we would be vetting — databases don’t hold the information on those individuals. “You’re talking about a country that is a failed state, that is — does not have any infrastructure, so to speak. So all of the data sets — the police, the intel services — that normally you would go to seek information don’t exist.”

We know ISIS sympathizers are already here inside the  United States. In February, FBI Director James Comey said ISIS had already radicalized young Muslim men in all 50 states and warned ‘thousands’ of Islamic Terrorists were operating in the country. And according to a Report from House Homeland Security Committee, at least 250 Americans have traveled overseas to train in ISIS terror camps, and many of them have reentered the U.S. without being arrested or monitored.

Feds allowed 1,500 Known Terrorists into the U.S. last year.

The U.S. simply doesn’t have the resources or intelligence to stop Islamic radicals in Syria from slipping into the country through the State Department’s refugee-resettlement program; in fact, just last year the Obama administration allowed 1,519 refugees and asylum seekers who had direct ties to terrorist organizations into the country. Despite being warned of the threat, the Obama administration is plowing full steam ahead.

A look at the chaos we are about to let in…

In Europe the Refugee Crisis is tearing countries apart; unfortunately, the mainstream media is ignoring what’s really happening as these so-called refugees flood the European Union. Raping of female refugees has become epidemic at the Muslim-dominated refugee centers, and widespread rioting and violence have spread throughout Europe. Here are the videos the media and the Obama administration don’t want you to see…

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  1. Yep. The key word here is at LEAST 10,000. There will be a lot more before they are done. Bring them in, give them homes and put them on public assistance. Hell, maybe even set them up in business. They have done that before. There will be enclaves of them all over the country and no they won’t assimilate. They will demand you change so as not to offend their religious beliefs. Schools will have to be changed to better serve them and new mosques will have to be built. This is our government serving us?

  2. Rape. Get used to it. The fella with his middle fingers espousing F. U. Take it literally.

    These Hungarian Europeans have no guns.

    American- Syrian confrontations are going to be much worse if this planned resettlement takes place. Is it true that Isreal caused the wars but refuse to take even one refugee? Do Zionists in America secretly want chaos and violence? Is Obama a Zionist and an avowed enemy of the American people. There will be blood in the streets of American cities. Then the U.N. strong cities/undeclared Marshall Law goes into effect. Both sides American and Syrian off to detention camps (FEMA camps). This is not going according to plan, or is it?

  3. You censored my comment. Is it because I talked about Isreal. Is that subject to censorship. Why? Is David Duke for real. I think he is a plant as are most racist sounding people. None the less. Some of the things he says seem logical. I wish I could hear a real debate. But not allowed. Makes me think the conspiracy theorists aren’t completely nuts and that there is definitely something to hide. But what?

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