1. Nothing new, they have been doing this since the 80s. I live and work in LA and have cross trained LE when I was in. In fact as I’m posting this I see two backhawks flying over LA following the 5 south.

    • What I find most amazing about all of this is how little people actually notice. You would think in a city with millions of people there would be all sorts of people chattering about this online.

      The fact that people are so unaware of what’s going on right above their heads just goes to show how unprepared people really are. I guess if it’s not on some stupid reality it isn’t real to people.

      • I’ve noticed the same thing, in larger cities the people there seem so blind to their surroundings while in smaller cities things like that would never go unnoticed.

        • its a common phenomenon studied in psycology the more people ther are to see an event the less likely an individual will “notice” and do something because they are all in the frame of mind that all those other people saw it surely someone will do something

  2. I agree with Kevin, But I think it actually goes far beyond that.

    First, I have no problem with the military training, what I have a problem with them is training on American Soil in an American City. We have plenty of training centers on our own bases and we have been in an urban combat situation in the Middleeast for 20 years so anyone who thinks this is normal training is out of their mind.

    This is both to strike fear into the Citizens and to train for possible martial law. Trust me most of us in the military won’t go for this crap but those of us who disagree will be cut soon as Our great President plans to cut 40k army/navy and 20k Marines.

    This is to find out who will support his policies to arrest and detain Americans. This is just an extension of the National Defense Authorization Act and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to open there eyes. We all need to start prepping for what’s to come.

      • Well to be factually accurate it was both the Democrats and the Republicans in the house. Yes the Republicans control the house but let’s remember that it the Democrats control the senate which also passed this.

        And let’s not pretend the President had nothing to do with it. After all he is the one who signed the bill after he lobbied congress to give him the ultimate power to detain Americans.

        In my opinion they are all equally to blame.

    • ” Give me Liberty or give me death ”
      Remember that ?

      All former miltary need to begin the rally.
      Guys How many of us have fought, bled, died and are still bleading or dying slowly because of our wounds.
      When the time comes, I know for a fact that about 400,000 former military who did nothing but follow orders and give there all for this country will stand and fight.
      Listen closly all of you who think it wont happen.
      We took the MOST SOLEMN Oath you can imagine to ” defend this country and its way of life from ALL ENEMIES BE THEM FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC.


      I hate war, I hated being in war and I went to war so that there would be NO war in this nation but if it takes a war to win this country back on its own soil, then you who remain loyal to this government who illegally oppress its people just to save your own skin and conveniently forget the words of that oath you took are enemies as well.

    • Thank you for saying the TRUTH!!! it needs to be HEARD!! on social websites so the word gets out to the public!!!

  3. Ok so Chris dude really wake up this isnt a joke. I love close to one of the largest bases in the us.,I am not military though I know a few. Helicopters used to fly high and one or 2 at a time. Now they fly in flocks with all kinds of equipment oh and they are checking out the land the roads and its crazy. I got a shtf plan a bob loaded and ready so all I can say be prepared. Cuz something is happening more than just la..

  4. I agree that this is crazy. They have centers on our bases for that type of thing. Why create public fear? Then again, most people have no clue what is going on.

    Speaking of newer topics, OGS, have you heard about the new bill(s) that are drawn up/on floor? The new EEA(Enemy Expatriation Act)is horrific!! The news is starting to swirl about it on the net. It goes hand in hand with the NDAA and it is a very scary bill. Definitely check it out, I would love to hear feedback on this. I hope this doesn’t pass.

    • Yea I am working on an article about the Enemy Expatriation Act I’ll try to have it out as soon as I can.

      I agree that when you put this together with the NDAA, SOPA, DHS monitoring preppers on social media, these urban training exercises, the OWS movement and the overall political climate it’s a very scary world that we now live in.

  5. i personally believe that this “training” is motivated by the prevailing albeit misguided belief in the “2012 Mystique” much like the y2k silliness… further, i believe it’s become almost a desire by tptb for “something” to motivate such an action against Americans predicated on the 2012 misbelief(it’s the “not letting a crisis go to waste” thinking)… this will be a very tense election time and as the left sees it’s last chance for many years to control the nation’s engineered descent into socialism die off, they will resort to every dirty, harmful, and unConstitutional action they can contrive… from thier view, 0bamination must be kept in office as they have no viable candidate to push – any other demonazilibtard would be crushed by another landslide republican victory… many who may have been possibilities have already begun to quit their political careers, seeing what’s coming… all that said:

    watch carefully for the false flags as so much can go wrong from acting on disinformation… keep the gasoline tanks full… keep your powder dry and within reach at all times… my wife and i recently purchased conceal-carry holsters and use them – even on Sundays as evil is no respecter of days…

    • Preacher,
      The 2012 “mystique” is the real deal! I’m not talking about the predictions by the Mayans, Nostradamus, the Seer @ Delphi, the Hopi, the Sybil, and anyone else who predicted the end (or change) to the World; I’m talking about the collapse of the Euro, dollar, and U.S. Constitution! That, in itself, is enough to have (knowledgeable) Americans worried about our future! Oops, Big Sis just sent a copy of this to the king. Great!

  6. This is the most terrifying Century in American History. The United States Government have infringed on its citizen’s civil liberties in 11 years than the 223 years prior. We will see massive horrific changes in the next 2-4 years. Don’t buy gold… Buy Glock!

  7. I recall in 1981 the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) at Ft. Sill, OK conducting familiarization training on the then m113 armored personnel carrier.

  8. What struck me as weird or off about this, Is the comment of “training in a place that is very similar terrain as to where they will be going” Iraq and Afghanistan don’t have anything that looks like that. So what terrain are they training for!

  9. I thank most soldiers think its just training. but under new arms treaty there just getting ready to protect un soldiers when they come round up and collect your guns with there metal crushers like they did Australia.There is 1% in world how runs this country. but in all I have said terrorist can kill a Million people a politician can destory a nation

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