Violence Expected to Spread: Over a Dozen Buildings Burnt, Police shot at over 150 times

After a night of some of the worst looting, violence and rioting this county has seen, violent activists are warning they seek to take the chaos nationwide.

The family of Michael Brown, who everyone is trying to set up as some sort of martyrs, kicked off last night’s violence by telling the crowd to “burn this bitch down.”

Brown Family tells Rioters to Burn down the Town:

What followed was a night of intense violence and rioting where police were shot at over 150 times, looters destroyed over 50 separate businesses, and arsonists burnt down at least a dozen buildings and businesses.

Thousands took to the street burning and looting everything they could get their hands on. The situation was so crazy, that police and fire crews had to pull out of the area and let most of the buildings burn because they were taking direct gunfire from the crowd.

Jon Belmar, chief of the St. Louis County police, told reporters that unless he could bring in another 10,000 officers, “I don’t think we can prevent folks who really are intent on destroying a community.”

Violence expected to Spread Tonight

Activists are already planning for another night of violence, with some trying to take the movement nationwide. Last night demonstrations broke out in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and a number of other Urban areas.

Black Friday may Bring Big Trouble

Activists took to Twitter, and other outline outlets threatening action on Black Friday, something that could spell disaster for this country on a night that’s already filled with chaos.

Here is some of the ignorance directly from Twitter:

Stay Alert; Be Prepared

There are a lot of mentally unbalanced people out there trying to spread this chaos. People need to be on high alert in the coming weeks; as you could easily become a victim of this violence if you let your guard down.

  • Stay alert for spontaneous protests in your area, and keep an eye on your local news for signs of trouble.
  • Stay away from high profile Black Friday events.
  • I would also be especially aware while out shopping, and if at all possible would put off these shopping trips until at least next week.
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  1. I think protestors in Ferguson have no intention on getting justice. All they want is free stuff, and to cause violence. What kind of message are they sending? Peaceful activists protesting for good reasons will now suffer because of these people.

  2. first of all,these are neither activists nor protesters. they are criminals.
    secondly, the lovely and charming manners of the brown family show that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. Buncha idiots destroying their own cities. It does nothing but hurt the community why should these business owners suffer loosing money. All this violence and destruction is just going cause police to be even more brutal and pissed off at this animals

    • And we must also confess that upper michigan pretty much north of GR you find a whole lot less color exspesially in the winter…

  4. if the idiot media would quit fanning the flames and giving the family and their lawyers air time to get people riled up would be a good starting place. I feel so sorry for this police officer, his life is forever altered and in jeopardy because he was doing his honorable work. and btw…what the heck kind of educated lawyer used the term “flusterated” in a nationally broadcast press conference??? it just shows that he’s as brilliant as the family he is representing. ugh! this makes me sick

    • You are so right Learner. My thoughts EXACTLY. Between Sharpton, & Holder & Obama race baiting and the lawyer who has no command of any correct English and the media fanning the flames it will just get worse.

  5. This is not a “skin” problem, it is a Sin problem. There is no respect for authority, no love for their neighbors (the store owners), and no fear of God. The young man GOT Justice! What these people want is revenge. Apparently, the Law only applies when you agree with it. “Judges 21:25”

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