Major Violent Crime Wave Hits Anti-Gun Cities Across America

As crime rates drop around the country, a somewhat predictable but disturbing trend is starting to pop up in big cities across America. In a number of large metropolitan areas throughout the country, where guns are severely restricted, crime is actually increasing. In fact, it’s increasing at a rather alarming rate.

gang member holding gunTake the notoriously Anti-Gun city of Chicago, where in the first 6 months of this year the city has already seen over 228 Homicides. Last weekend alone, Fifty-three people were shot; nine of them fatally, in what’s becoming a deadly weekly trend on the streets of Chicago. From Flash Mobs attacking shoppers on Michigan Avenue, to the Gang Violence that’s plaguing the city, Chicago has become more violent than the deadly war zones in the Middle East.

While gun control advocates point to Chicago as being a major reason for needing stricter gun laws, what they fail to mention is that nationally crime rates are actually dropping. In areas that actually respect your right to bear arms, crime rates have been dropping year after year.

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that violent crime decreased 4 percent in 2011.

So why are national rates dropping when places like Chicago become deadlier?

If you look at places like Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City where they refuse to recognize the right to bear arms, one thing becomes painfully obvious. Gun Control Laws DO NOT WORK!

While national crime rates are dropping, the cities mentioned above are becoming gang infested war zones with sky rocketing murder rates. If these gun control measures actually worked, then why are these cities all in the middle of unprecedented violent crime wave?

When will they ever learn?

Chicago’s answer to the problem is almost too stupid to believe. This week Chicago is encouraging residents to turn in their guns in exchange for a $100 gift card. The Chicago Police Department is asking residents to get guns out of their homes and turn them in during their annual gun turn-in program, “Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life.”

Anyone who turns in a gun will get a $100 gift card, no questions asked!  

In a public statement, the City of Chicago said they are encouraging:

“people come out that have weapons lying around the house, or weapons, maybe, that they don’t necessarily want in their house. This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on the street.”

I fail to see how asking law-abiding citizens to turn in their guns and leave their homes defenseless is a viable option for solving the violent crime issue in Chicago. I mean let’s get real here, we all know criminals are not going to be the ones showing up to turn their guns; so who are they really targeting with this campaign? If you ask me, it seems like all they’re doing is making it that much easier for the criminals to rob and steal without fear of being held accountable.

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  1. I don’t see how this could be true. No way is crime less in the gun happy citys guns are the problem and I refuse to believe that putting more guns out on the street will make things safe

    • And I guess you still believe the tooth fairy will leave you money under your pillow right?

      Must be a nice blissful world you live in…

    • Guns are what made America free and if you don’t like guns well there is a lot of options for you other then living here!

      • I keep hearing that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If guns made America free, what were the Americans doing?

    • A Firearm is a tool. They have NEVER killed anyone. The person holding said tool pulled the trigger. This is as stupid is saying a fork made you fat. If tomorrow somehow all the firearms on Earth disappeared are you so ignorant as to believe murder and violence would magically disappear ?

      • This is a brilliant response! “If tomorrow somehow all the firearms on Earth disappeared are you so ignorant as to believe murder and violence would magically disappear ?”. I can usually hear and unserstand both sides of an argument, but for some reason, I cannot wrap my head around why people think getting rid of guns will stop murder. I will concede that it would eliminate accidental shootings but that’s it. Like I said, I can usually see two sides of a story. Does anyone know the stats on accidental shootings?

        • Gun accident rates are falling as well. – Make no mistake when the anti-gun folks want to they consider “children” as individuals up to the age of 25 in their statisitcs. They will do everything they can to make you “feel” that inanimate objects can move about and kill. Blaming guns for killing rather than the criminal is like blaming the auto makers for drunk drivers.

    • Its not guns on the street, its a gun by your side that makes you safe from the gangs and thugs. You waanna believe in fairy tales? Be my guest, its a free country; just don’t tell me what I can or should do to protect myself

    • Wow, you are one ignorant person…Have you ever opened up a history book? I think there might have been a murder or two prior to the invention of firearms…

      “If guns kill people then pencils misspell words.”

    • Interestingly enough, people who believe that guns are the cause behind murder and violence also believe that abortion is OK.

      Feel free to explain this to me Guns Kills. I will apologize if you will post a statement on the evil’s of abortion.

        • Actually if you count the numbers murdered by the Progressives, guns killed a whole more. The numbers killed by the communists of Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba are staggering.

          Of course it is the Progressives that push abortion as well. And imagine this, it is there Progressives that want to grab your guns.

    • What you don’t understand is that in those cities that restrict guns; you are free to attack almost anyone without fear. In other cities, criminals are restrained because they fear that some of their victims might have guns and will fight back. The more people licenced to carry – the safer the general public. This is a documented fact whether you like it or not.


    • If guns are the problem, they why does Mexico have such huge violence problems. Afterall, citizen are not allowed to own firearms there as they have no second ammendment in Mexico. It is because only the criminals have guns and they are free to intimidate and corrupt. Wake up man. Lets the FACTS speak for themselves.

    • You are partially right. Guns don’t make anyone safer, but they make most thugs think twice, and makes some thugs drop dead. Guns aren’t the problem. N###rs are the problem. Gangsters are the problem. Commies are the problem. Americans have guns to fend off foreign invaders and enemies. Well, now those enemies have decided c##ts like you are easy prey, and the law is even on their side half the time because they will get a free lawyer if they do get caught “puttin a cap in yo azz”.

      • It is comforting to know that we have guns so we can repel foreign invaders. Think of what we can save on a redundant national defense!

    • I bet you blame your fork for being fat or a pencil for bad spelling. Stop being a shill for a govt that wants it’s citizens defenceless and obedient.

    • That’s fine. But the 2nd Amendment is my gun permit and don’t forget it.

      I don’t want MORE guns on the street, I want to keep what we have to DEFEND ourselves.

      AND YES, crime is less in cities where citizens’ 2nd Amendment right is intact.

    • You fool! I would love to bring you to Chicago and drop you off on Michigan ave on a Saturday night. You can proudly proclaim your antigun liberal bs while a gang of black kids beats you to death

    • You dont see how this could be true? Check out a few historical facts (you know, that which has already happened and proves a point) with regards to Europe in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Germany BANNED the private ownership of firearms as did Britain. Hitler came into power, and WALKED ALL OVER Britain and Germany with virtually NO resistance. Why? Because there wasnt anyone able to fight back effectively. During WWII, MILLIONS of STEN guns (9mm fully automatic machine guns) were air dropped into England and France to assist the Allies in their repulsion of the German army. The underground resistance used these weapons with great effectiveness in securing their FREEDOM.

      Even you must consider the following. Lets say you decide to commit a violent crime, using a knife, gun, bow and arrow, sword etc. Now, are you going to commit it in lets say a store where you KNOW there are no weapon carrying folks, or are you going to commit it where 3 out of the 4 patrons in that store MIGHT be carrying a gun?

      When North Carolina was considering its concealed carry law, folks like you screamed and hollered that it would turn NC into the ‘wild west’ and there would be shootings galore in the streets. Well, I hate to tell ya, but it hasnt happened.

      I will also tell you about the time some punk black kid decided he was going to try and steal his 12th tank of gas from a store I worked at. I confronted him at the pump, got his money, went back inside and waited for him to finish. He pumped 8 bucks of gas and shut the pump off, and came in for his 2 bucks change. I had already called the cops so they could get him for the 11 warrants the manager had taken out on him, and he got snotty. His last couple mistakes were saying “Man, I gonna bust a cap in your ass” and when I asked him what he said as I was walking around the counter he stated it again and reached under his jacket around his back. The last thing he saw was the barrel of my 9mm pointed at his face.

      So yeah… you go ahead and live in your little world where peace love and joy still exist. I have the ability and knowledge to kill someone with pencils, knives, guns, cannons, IEDs, paper clips, rope, screw drivers, automobiles, sticks, stones, and even my hands and feet. It happens every day in the USA, and if you think taking guns away from law abiding citizens is the answer, then you probably believe that banning alcohol will stop a drunk from getting wasted too.

      Semper Fi

      ps. Please let us law abiding gun toting armed citizens know where you live, so we can be SURE not to offend you by using our Constitutionally legal right to defend you should the need ever arise from the willful and wanton abuse that may just come from or be allowed by your own government!

      • @ wolfy. I think you need to look in the history books a little better. Hitler was already in power when there was a gun ban for jews. The germans never invaded england so the was no need to air drop stens there. And the gun bans in england are a recent occurance like the past 20 or 30 years. Even wikipedia will tell you that much

    • Well Guns Kill I see that you are smugly sitting there feeling you are superior due to your libreal mantra? Few problems really Buddy! Fact is that you are Wrong both in your views on guns killing guns don’t kill bullets do! And it takes a Human on the trigger to accomplish that feat! You are also wrong in your Superiority and “intelligence” while you feel that you are smart you avoid things that don’t fit in to your world bubble like the facts! The facts speak for themselves and all your feelings will not change that fact! Like most liberals you spew propaganda not facts! If you had facts you would use them but since the facts don’t fit into your limited world view you spew half truths and bits of semiunderstood feelings from others of your ilk. Why are you here just to stir up trouble? Because it is obvious if the crap hits the fan you will not survive! So why don’t you just wanter down internet lane and find a place you fit in to! It sure aint here!

      • It’s people like this person that should be afraid of SHTF situations, they are the first to go! totally relying on the state for protection and care. Every individual is responsible for their well being and safety.

    • what a disturbing comment. guns are not the problem, it’s unfortunate for people that think like you, really is. You just completely disregard the facts and think with emotion. It’s not about putting MORE guns on the streets, that’s not the idea, but, allowing people (if they so choose) to be able to use a firearm in self defence. Criminals are not entirely stupid, they are predators and they will prey on the weak. If criminals know that people are unarmed by the state, it will just embolden them to commit more crimes as they know the chances of someone having a gun to defend themselves is minimal. After all, only the criminals will have the guns.

    • Well, it would certainly save lives and countless injuries if people didn’t engage in mountain-climbing, hang-gliding, motorcycle-racing, trampolining, big-wave surfing, cave-diving, heli-skiing, and a host of other dangerous activities. And, like guns, knives and baseball bats are common murder weapons. Does it logically follow that these items and activities should be banned?\

      The point is that we never treat saving lives as the only imperative when devising policy. If we did, we’d perhaps consider reducing speed limits on highways to 5 mph, since this might save most of the 43,000 lives lost on the road each year. Speaking of which, since 40 percent of those deaths are alcohol-related, we can consider resurrecting Prohibition, too.

      Now, since gun-control advocates think they have morality on their side, they may want to ponder a question: is it moral to sacrifice 43,000 lives just so we can be free to zip around at 55 or 65 mph? The answer here is that the safety imperative is balanced against an economic one, in that too much productivity would be lost with a five-mph speed limit.

      But sometimes far more trivial things trump the safety imperative. No one needs to drink alcohol, go rock-climbing, or play baseball when doing so necessitates the availability of a dangerous weapon. So, imagine that, we’re actually placing fun and enjoyment ahead of saving lives. In fact, some among us will even tolerate death on a massive scale if we think the reason is good enough. An example is when the anti-gun left is willing to accept 1.2 million killings a year through abortion

      So if we’ll accept death through fun, should we question death through the gun? As with dangerous recreation, the enjoyment justification exists with firearms, too, in the form of target and sport shooting. As with driving, an economic justification exists in that revenue is collected from hunters and because some poorer rural Americans help feed themselves through hunting. But there is something here that is a true imperative, one that’s greater than most any other:

      Thwarting evil.

      The apocryphal saying, “God made some men big and others small, but Samuel Colt made them equal,” gets at the point here. Whether it’s a smaller person or a smaller group, firearms tend to even the odds. They help create parity, and that’s not what criminals want — they want easy prey. Thus, like a predator in the wilds that generally won’t attack a creature more than half its size, even if a criminal is armed himself, he’ll be reluctant to tackle a target that can target him back.

      Even more significantly, as Prohibition, prostitution, and drugs have proven, illegal isn’t synonymous with unavailable. So, again, let’s assume that a gun criminalization that left firearms in the hands of a few criminals did save lives overall. What should we conclude if those armed miscreants could nonetheless ply their dark trade with little resistance? What should we feel if good people were declawed and rendered powerless to thwart their evil?

      A virtuous, justice-oriented person should find this intolerable to the point of outrage.

      He should quote Emiliano Zapata and say, “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” Yet better still is to live on your feet. And a gun in the hand makes that more likely.

      As for debating the Second Amendment, there’s nothing wrong with using facts to refute the notion that more guns equal more deaths. But this should be only part of the debate, not the debate itself. Otherwise, we miss some great principles, one of which is that life at all costs is too great a cost. Living is about more than just life, and whether the matter is sports that can kill, drink that can kill, or guns that can kill, you can’t really live if you’re suffocated with a Big-Brother bubble-wrap mentality.

      • I forgot to add. Gun Kills says:”I refuse to believe”. Well, that says it all .
        All the logic in the world makes no difference in convincing anti gunners of their opinions.
        There is a sinister reason for the leaders of this anti gun movement. The rest ,at best,have a brain damage,improper brain development or brain wiring issue.

    • No of course you wouldn’t believe it. The fact remains when criminals have guns illegally and they live in a city which bans them, their thinking is is that the chances of having the tables turned on them are slim, so it’s basically a turkey shoot. Think about it, the law abiding citizen cannot buy a gun to protect themselves however the criminals know where to get them, often very cheap. And since their is no record of these sales how does one ever think that these guns could be confiscated when there is NO RECORD. That doesn’t even include the guns that are stolen and we know there is no record of those. Gun bans leave guns in the hands of crinals ONLY.

  2. Look up the ethnic make up of these places. Guns don’t kill people. Dangerous minorities do. Check the facts, stats, whatever before calling me a racist. Whether a town is liberal or conservative it is always the same, the ethnic enclaves are full of crime.12% of the population is responsible for 50% of crime, 40% of welfare etc etc. Have a good day.

  3. to the person who first posted, because i can’t even think those two word together, i’ve seen your previous posts and they are all the same, if you don’t get it, then please move on. this is a SURVIVAL page. please stop posting ur opinions witout ever being able to open YOUR eyes and see the other side. people with closed minds should maintain the same with their mouth.

    • People are allowed to have dissenting views. It is just as easy to ignore them as it is to suggest they not share the opinions that they are entitled to share.

      BTW…I couldn’t agree less with “Guns Kills”, but am choosing to ignore the troll instead of feeding it.

      • by responding you are not ignoring anything and obviously people are entitled to their opinions, nor am i suggesting they stop having their opinions or differences of opinions, even on this site, however with this persons previous posts on other subjects their closed mindedness is beyond obvious. or they are just saying these things to get people upset.

        however i do agree with you on ignoring this person from. so from now on that is what ill do thanks for the suggestion

  4. Another adverse effect of gun buy-backs is that it allows criminals to dispose of stolen weapons ior weapons used in the commission of a crime. “No questions asked.”

    Since these weapons are usually destroyed, many murder weapons are never recovered, hence the murderer never brought to justice.

  5. Three things come to mind with gun control. One, if someone breaks into your home what do you do, throw insults at them. Second, in 1968 when DC had it’s riots, I was told by a guy from New Orleans they didn’t have that problem. The mayor announced anyone caught on the street after 8pm would be shot. Result: no violence I was told. Third, a $100 gift card sounds like poor substitute considering what a weapon costs these days.

    • “Third, a $100 gift card sounds like poor substitute considering what a weapon costs these days.”
      -Nailed it! Hell you’d be better selling that gun in an alley to a criminal… oh wait. :I

  6. The minority thing is true. Big Cities that have a higher ratio of minorities to whites have have higher crime rates. I was curious one day and started checking it out. If the city collects guns and pays money no questions asked they should be forced to check serial numbers and give back the guns to the people that they were stolen from. It should be illegal for a city to accept stolen merchandise just like an individual.

  7. a trained, armed homeowner is a safe homeowner and a dead, armed intruder is never a repeat offender and does not cost the taxpayers through legal actions nor incarceration… sounds like a win/win to me…

    here’s how the gun-turn in works:

    criminal A illegally obtains a weapon, selects his target, commits his act of street terrorism then runs like the coward he is, all the while trying to figure out where to dump the gun; anti-gunners make ludicrous offers of “no-questions-asked” turn-ins; criminal A hears of it, takes said gun, pushes it in the face of “pops” and orders him to turn it in and to keep his mouth shut or else AND to bring the $$$ back to him… now, criminal A has no connection to any weapon used in any crime and he has $100 of taxpayer money toward his next gun and crime… this next gun will be turned in post-crime by his loving mama who knows down deep in her heart her son is a “good person” despite the accusations and known behavior…

    hence, another attempt by government to meddle in things they can’t possibly make turn out right… sounds a bit like the welfare system to me… give “assistance to make life better” all the while creating lazy, demanding parasites

  8. “Guns Kills” is a troll and has posted similar things on other articles. Ignore him/her. That user is just trying to get attention and start an argument.

  9. I have a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) permit in Ohio, and there is nothing like having the peace of mind of knowing I can protect myself & my family. Anyone who thinks otherwise is un-American, uncivilized, and living in a dream world. Good luck with that.

  10. Simple answer responsible gun owners should move out of this retarded whipped state, ignoring there 100 dollar bullshit giftcard program

  11. The gun buy back is basically a way to get an idea on how many thugs the city is up against. The city pretty much knows that law abiding citizens aren’t stupid enough to get rid of their only real protection, but thugs and druggies see this as fast money and figure they can get their hands on another gun easy enough. When I was out in L.A. I seen this, and the final purpose behind this was to get a rough head count of the low lifes in and around the area.

  12. Anywhere you have subhuman ni99ers in the majority, you will have LOTS of crime. That’s the nature of the subhuman beast. The only thing the subhuman ni99er understand is the lash, the bullet and the noose!

  13. Look around for all the guns that are worth less then $100.00, turn them in and then use the money to buy a better quality weapon.

    • Wish they would do it here, I have a couple of beaters that need upgrading, but not for $100, maybe 150.

  14. Self preservation is a built in reflex and without a weapon you are reduced to a sheep headed for slaughter. Without any means to defend yourself & your family you are an easy target, the crooks don’t like to get shot so they avoid people that may be armed. Also remember that “FREEMEN OWN GUNS, SLAVES CAN’T!”

  15. I recently did some research on this for a blog post.

    In 2011, a record number of guns were sold in America, up 10% from the prior year and up a whopping 50% from 2001.

    In 2011, violent crime went down by 4% across America. Property (non-violent) crimes went down by only 0.8%.

    In Chicago, a city with a burdensome and restrictive gun control laws, violent crime only went down 0.7% and has skyrocketed so far in 2012.

    Can we safely assume that there is a causal effect? There are probably many factors that influence this, but the trend is there nevertheless.


  16. Violent crimes have been around for millennia, look at Cain and Abel; and there was no firearm… oh my gosh, how can that be?

    As already stated, guns do not kill people; it is the person wielding the gun that kills people. I am sure a person with the intent to do harm wielding a knife or club could also kill people with that / those items too; maybe not as quickly or effectively, but dead is dead. Unless of course, that knife wielding fool tried to use it against a person carrying a gun; in a gun-banned city, you, the law abiding citizen being only able to carry a knife, will be “the fool” when the criminal / gangster carrying the gun overpowers you.

    I believe the reason so many politicians are afraid and want to disarm citizens is this…

    The world’s largest army… is America ‘s hunters!

    600,000 in Wisconsin, 750,000 in Pennsylvania, 700,000 in Michigan, 250,000 in West Virginia…

    That is just four of the states, and almost every single one of them comes back safely unless they went hunting with Dick Cheney… oh yeah, he’s a politician!

    65 MILLION legitimate gun owners did not kill someone yesterday.

  17. “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” (Quoting Cesare Beccaria)

    The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. Some Thomas Jefferson Quotes.

  18. i think the point is that gun control laws don’t work if you can easily get a gun in another state. if the nation outlawed all guns, then of course in the long run, gun crime will drop to the levels of countries where guns are illegal.

  19. of course weapons today are much different from earlier weapons where to load one bullet took a while.

  20. PA is an oen carry state, you don’t need a concealed carry permit to carry your legally obtained firearm in plain view on your hip.

    I personally have a concealed weapons permit just to avoid people not understanding why I carry my firearm and avoid unwanted harrassment for putting my 2nd amendment right into practice.

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