600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Knockout Game in New York

On Christmas Night over 600 kids and teenagers swarmed a movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida violently attacking moviegoers, an off duty police officer, and each other in one of the largest flash mobs to date.

Somewhere around 600 crazed teens swarmed the theater attacking people and stealing everything in sight. 62 police officers were dispatched to the theater, where they had to fire pepper spray into the crowd to get them to disperse.

400 Teens Storm Brooklyn Mall

At the same time, another flash mob swarmed a mall in  Brooklyn, New York. In this case, over 400 teens stormed a Brooklyn mall violently attacking security guards, shoppers and each other. Local reports say that while part of the flash mob was violently raiding stores around the mall, another large group of teens strategically targeted innocent shoppers as part of the now infamous knockout game.

Both Attack planned on Social Media

According to police, the teens in both areas used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to plan the violent attacks and mass looting events. Even while events unfolded, teens were still taking to the internet to brag about beating up innocent people and looting stores.

We’ve written many times in the past about how to protect yourself from these violent flash mob attacks, and one of the things we’ve always advocated is using social media as a way to protect yourself. The people who take part in these events, as witnessed in both the Brooklyn and Jacksonville cases, often plan these types of things on social media.

Before heading out to any large mall or area where large amounts of people congregate, take a couple of minutes to do some reconnaissance on social media. Jump on to sites like Twitter and type in the name of your destination; if you see a large amount of people talking about that destination it may be a sign of an impending dangerous event.

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  1. now in a case like this you are rather out numbered and really your best case is going to be find the nearest exit and get as far away as possible. distance from the enemy is key.

          • hell yes..let one or more of those punks try knock out game with me..i may loose in the end but i will take several with me…lock them up and charge them as adults…have fun getting jobs in the future with a felony conviction..if that dont work line each and everyone of them up and let ufc fighters play the knock out game with them..most of the punks who did this their mom should have swallowed

        • Pretty much A shit storm best option get out take any threat down hard make others see A consiquence break bones what ever find an exit. guns sound cool but bullets don’t stop in your target very likely to hit inocents not only would you have to live with that but manslaughter charges as well maybe not for the attacker but the mother behind him or a baby,

      • Agree with yourmom….however, that’s too many to shoot. Get out and defend yourself and your family along the way if you have to!

        • Food for thought….if the store owners were armed, and the general public was also armed, this would never happen. This ‘mob’ would have a yes-sir, no-sir mentality when faced down with multiple weapons pointed at them from every direction!

          • What if those punks were armed? Superior fire power? If I draw first a 48 and you have a AK47 on your bach, let’s see who wins. You americans should give up arming yourselves. Aren’t you sick of school massacres already?

          • Lucian and you people who come from countries with no rights should just mind their business regarding guns.

          • Lucian: I don’t know where you’re from, but why don’t you go back there? If it weren’t for people like you we wouldn’t need guns.

      • Nice plan… you so happen to carry enough ammo to slaughter 600 pissed off youths, without having to reload? you’d get ripped apart.. try again..

        • You’d probably only have to use about half your ammo before the rest all cut and ran. You may only have 6 shots in a revolver but nobody wants to be one of those 6.

          • It was accomplished during the LA riots in Korea Town. The rioters knew to stay well away from that area.

          • Mike – great line: “You may only have 6 shots in a revolver but nobody wants to be one of those 6.” That is my new favorite quote.

        • I dont need to kill all 600 of them, I carry in upwards of 75 -100 rounds on me at all times, i Only need to drop 10 to prove that they wont get far with their actions, if i need to drop more then so fuckin be it worthless punks, shoot first when your life is in danger let the coroner sort out the rest.

          • I agree with you MarineDog too bad ya weren’t there to stop the damage those future exconvicts did, you would have been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize for saving humanity from its youth !!

        • You’d be amazed the impact of seeing your buddy get his head blown off. I bet it could stop a group of kids. You don’t need to shot them all. Just make an example of one.

      • i was just thinking that if someone was packing that would have been damn good crowd control. and they want to take our guns away? YEAH RIGHT.

      • mother told me that sometimes you just need to defend yourself some times it can be much worse for the people that have attack me and will be that way in the future

      • These are stupid kids… out of control teens. You pull out a gun and after you get disarmed and shot they become stupid armed kids…

        600 teens against your one gun.

        Superior numbers trumps superior firepower in this case.

        Try to think of a more mature response, please.

        • Angry granny–
          Please post a photo so I will know to hold my fire if I see them beating you. I laugh when I hear some fool talk about these “yoots” taking a gun from somebody who just shot the animal next to them.
          In WWII, the Germans tried to rush American soldiers when they heard the en bloc clip from the M1 hitting the ground (it made a bell-like sound). The Americans quickly learned to carry an empty clip, throw it onto a hard surface, then kill the Kraut as he rushed them. Who wants to be the one to find out the hard way that, no, he’s not out of ammuinition?

          • Bubster is stupid. As are most of the gun toting mouth breathers. No plan, no clue. Superior firepower equals a stick when used with no IQ. (looking at you Bubster)

        • Nobody will stay around to check for an empty magazine. I really really do not think that some unarmed criminal will attack an armed citizen.

          Why do you expect a person to cary just one mag? Yes, they sell 30 rd. mag’s for criminal interventions like these!

          Just awesome that the police were there and able to arrest all 600 of these criminals!! So happy that all the goods stolen were returned to the rightful owners.

    • these youth are children of members of the community they are attacking.. They should hardly be described as the enemy. they may be “crying out for help” so to speak? This us vs them mentality is probably a huge part of the problem

      • no. they may live in the community, but they broke the social pact. when you act like a mob to intentionally inflict suffering and pain you are a danger to society.

        your excuse making for their bad behavior is also to blame. you create hypotheicals to rationalize away their actions. two things are certain, it was premeditated and innocent people were robbed and beaten. it is a small comfort to them and the people who have been murdered by this game.

        if you so desire to love them and treat their “pain”, i suggest you go out and do so. i however will call them what they are, criminals. violent and dangerous criminals at that.

        • What social pact? I don’t remember making a pact with anyone. I deff wouldn’t make a pact with someone too dumb to run away from a mob.

          • A social pact or contract is the set of rules that we as a society agree to live by. Social norms, what is & isn’t acceptable. If you honestly think you are exempt from it then you are the problem. GTFO now or just kill yourself please.

          • So it is the fault of the innocent people out shopping because they were “too dumb to run away from a mob?” I bet you would be the first to scream racism if one of those feral teens had been shot in self-defense by one of their victims.

          • William seems your living in a dream world. also i’d like to say i wouldn’t mind seeing all malls torn down and go back to single stores.get rid of these places where these punk gangs have a chance to gather.

          • the “pact” is the LAWS we live under when we choose (or not, regardless) to remain in our countries. No one can claim to be lawfully outside this “pact”. What pact LOL: LAW of the LAND! Act like a wild animal be treated as one. Do unto others it’s all a pretty easy equation bringing us back to society’s ills does NOT excuse behavior. Right or wrong behavior is a choice. When we choose, life in our communities actually does judge us & will certainly deal out consequences. You can blame who you like, that is your behavior it does not make you right.

          • By living in any society, you agree to follow the norms , mores, and laws that describe proper behavior in that society. These teens stopped being members of the community when they decided to terrorize it and become a subversive and violent counter culture (read a book on sociology before you make comments about it please). These teens are pathetic , they don’t want to fight they, they aren’t making a statement, they just want to hurt people, but they’re too cowardly to take up boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, or any other combat sport or martial art. Both they and their parents should be treated like terrorist, because that’s what they are.

          • LOL… someone too dumb to run away from a mob. What ignorance. If you were standing in a mall and 400 people surrounded you on all sides and bum rushed you, you’re telling me you have the ability to NOT be beaten and robbed? Wow… you must be made of magic. Could we all have some of your protective magic?

            We should all take example from William and talk about helping these kids in need. Not actually get off our lazy useless asses and do something. No, lets just talk about it. Yes, that will help.

          • I agree the “pact” is a law of nature and freaken dogs are able to follow if you are too dumb to follow that unspoken law you are a fail of nature and you now what happens next right?

          • Do you really feel that running away from 400-600 younger people is that easy, or even always possible? I would guess a good number of them are faster and in better shape than most anyone of the older age group. It’s also pretty hard to get out of a group that large that is swarming around your location.

          • Should make automatic bean bag guns for such an occasion. Personally I would have used self defense grabbed a blunt bat like object and started swinging for the fences. Or pulled a hand gun and started popping a few punks who deserve to be shot. Come at me with 600 teenagers after the first 15 hit the ground and the next clip gets loaded im sure order will be restored and they would think twice before commiting such crimes.

          • How about this pact? To protect people abiding by the damn law, I shoot as many stupid mobbing people as I can.

            p.s. I carry extra ammo.

          • Oh, good. The people reading about the teenagers using social media to plan attacks are using social media to verbally attack each other. I’m glad these teenagers have so many great examples to emulate.

          • This kind of violence changes my mind on gun laws, everyone should be allowed to register a weapon and carry it. Personally, I don`t think it`s fair that I might end up in a situation where a bunch of thugs swarmed me. I would want the right to start shooting back in self defense. The bigger question now is, which of these kids will get charged and will it even fit the crime. I bet the reason theres a rise in crime like this is that the criminals get away with it most of the time and only get probation or a few months jail sentence when they do get caught.

          • Just a response to BA who thinks these young people AND their parents should be treated as terrorists. I agree this act qualifies as terrorist, but don’t lump all parents in. My son is a heroin addict who has broken into homes for a fix. I don’t condone or defend him, and he was not raised in a home that promoted or tolerated anything of the sort! After his last arrest, I called the arresting officer to try to ensure the charges would not be reduced once again. This traumatizes the victims, and actually puts him in jeopardy of being shot. He got 30 days in jail again, for theft, criminal trespassing, etc. So please realize that some parents fight this violent behavior, thru much sorrow, yet with all our heart!

          • William you are an idiot. You want to defend people, no matter the age, who purposefully inflict pain, suffering, permanent or temporary injuries of serious nature or perhaps even murder upon unsuspecting moviegoers and shoppers? Women children and the elderly alike? Throw you in jail or shoot you also is what I say. YOU and people like YOU are the problem.

          • Pissed,
            Your and idiot! 400-600-1-2 I don’t care thugs try some shit like this with me around I’m going to take my civil liberties out (aka) 45 with three clips and do whatever it takes to get my family and friends and self out safely and if a couple warning shoots dont work so be it. Then I’ll go to court show vedio evidence my permit and gun and take my chances in court. Someone has to take back or country from this stupid MFer’s
            God Bless America

          • William, idiots like you are the ones who want us to have to flee our own homes rather than fight back against some POS that has invaded our home. Go ahead with your plan of reasoning with them and determining why they are killing you. Let me know how it works out.

        • exactly Wait4it! These are not little 5 yr olds that don’t know any better…these are teenagers that are well aware of what they are doing, and the consequences of their actions if they get caught! They need to spend some time in jail or better yet a military camp! They need to learn respect for others and other’s property!

          • Agree… Young people now days have no natural respect and fear of grown ups…they are protected by too many laws and they know this…only the other day I seen about 7 year old girl having a tantrum in a shops sweets department and when her mother told her ‘stop that right now’ the girl looked at her with terrifying anger, smiled and screamed ‘why? you can’t do anything to me!’ I was left equally shocked as her mother… the litle consumer brat knows precisely that her parents are not alloved by governmant to punish them. when I was a child it was simple – I either did good or I got a belt over my bottom, so I tried my best! I respectd my parents and my eldery. System of today is creating cryminals because they feel invincible. army camps is a great idea Deb

          • “The word ‘normal’ keeps changing as you become educated and learn new things. If you found out that all criminals were made by society, you wouldn’t put them in jail. You’d correct that area of society that makes criminals. What’s ‘criminal’? Well, in the old days, they said that a criminal was a person that took something out of your possession without your permission. Do you know what the new definition of a criminal is? One who’s caught. Think about that. That’s closer, isn’t it? So, if you do criminal things and you’re never caught, you’re never a criminal. So, the whole idea of criminal is bullshit because all politicians are criminals. All military people kill. They’re not called murderers. They’re called defenders of the country. So, when we stole the land from the Indians, we were murderers. We killed a lot of Indians. But we weren’t considered murderers because the nation says that’s what you do.” – Jacque Fresco

        • These ANIMALS need to have the CRAP beat out of them, that’s what they NEED. Unreal, that these ANIMALS were raised by other ANIMALS and are let out in society is DISGUSTING. We have to suffer all because some “parent” should have never had these ANIMALS in the first place.

          • My impatience would have me refer to the kids as animals but I don’t want to live by my impatience. I do believe we are all responsible for our actions. These kids have been consumed by negativity through their life journey. The life we lead is very competitive and is the root to the behavior. Many have a difficult time in this competitive society and people are held down by it by different degrees. We are just living is a very sad time were people are being consumed by the competitive negativity. I wish to view these kids as more than animals because they are more than animals. If I react to their actions with negativity I just help to build the environment that builds them. In saying that, they are still responsible for their action and they should pay accordingly.

          • we are all animals and our species belong to the Great Apes. So if you try to insult them try harder ;)

          • any years ago we had a punishment caled the Birch. Courts would give people who were convicted of crimes so many strokes based on the crime. They say not many people returned to court for a second go. maybe thats what we need a physical sore deterant. Nobody is locked up for years at the states expense and society is brought back into line with its laws.

        • Great job, the blame game has been around for way too long. It’s not coddling they need, it’s time in prison, if that doesn’t straighten their act up then put them in the chair we don’t need to babysit them on our dime behind bars. Parents need to watch their children more, and be involved until they move out. If they are under your roof you should be responsible. Sincerely a real mom that isn’t afraid to be a real parent that will knock the wrong attitude right out. RESPECT= BRIGHT FUTURE

          • Seriously, you can’t be that naive to think that prison is going to straighten these people out.

            We, as a culture, have created these people. They are a symptom of a system “we” continually protect and push off onto other cultures.

            As someone else said, they have broken the social pact, and the social pact is NOT the laws any given culture has IMO. The pact is a set of rules we as humans should enforce regardless: Do no harm, do not take what doesn’t belong to you unless it is given willingly, etc.

            There’s no easy solution for this behavior. Some actions cannot be taken back. If we treat these people with violence (shooting, prison, etc), yet do nothing to alleviate the source then we’ll continue to get the same symptoms

          • Who cares if prison straightens them out or not they at least wont be out in the public anymore last time I checked prison is designed to protect society from crimimals which is clearly what thay all are

          • we as a culture, ahh no, your dead wrong, my parents raised me to respect people, all people of all races, this is not aour culture nor is it to be understood by those whom had proper upbringing. stop the search of why and punish those whom act out. We are too soft, and prison?? where else do they get ac, food, bed, cable, and a gym? Things that we have to pay for in the real world. Put them to work for the state without pay. Once they have to work they wont want to go back.

          • yeah, more people in prison is obviously the answer, the usa is already the top incarcerator in the world. maybe theres something wrong with the whole thing don’t ya think?

        • I could not agree more with you…they were aware of what they doing fully and liked it…that is a problem as they do not have the right to harm others and seem to think they do. It is time to stop tolerating this and it starts at home. These kids were raised by people and their parents are fully accountable in this also.

        • okay so instead of everyone getting online to complain about who is right and who is wrong. how about some people use their obvious lack of anything to do and figure out why the hell this whole “event” started what was its purpose. and why those spots. nothing is jus random chances are it started with a few and built from there. but verbally attacking each other on a blog is stupid debates are onething but damn people are taking this way out of scope. My Opinion innocent people were hurt. Guilty should be punished. and who started this whole thing should also be accountable for all the crimes due to the nature of how the “event” started

        • What if your kid or grandchild or niece or nephew or one of your sunday school students was acting stupid and went along with the crowd. Teens sometimes do dumb things… massive groups of teens can almost always be counted on to do dumb things.

          Parents??? Where you be???

      • Saying that the disrespectful little shits are the victim in all this is the single most retarded thing I’ve heard all year. Congratulations.
        To all those people that were getting the hell beat out of them and their belongings stolen, please explain to them that they’re not the real victims.

          • william you are either stupid or are one of the teenagers from the mall trying to manipulate us in to thinning that those brats need even further protection from the ‘grown ups’ . true is – you are an idiot. – look at the situation – who needs protection now? O.o

          • william this situation is majorly created by people like you – defending strictly guilty people for sake of being heard and getting attention yourself. shake off YOUR VICTIM ACT and grow up.

          • William–
            Would you and AnmgryGranny please post photos and addresses so I will know not to offend you by defending you as you are being beaten by these “victims”?
            AG–Even in a large group of “yoots”, my kids know better than to beat some stranger. You are what you hang with. Your friends illustrate your character. After all, I don’t socialize with murderers. Its kind of a weird personal quirk of mine.

      • Are you kidding me? 600 teens uniting to fight their community is an act of war, not a cry for help. Pansy, kid-glove, politically correct handling of serious issues in our country is why we are in the mess we are in. If my children and I are attacked by a stampede of feral humans, I am going to protect myself and my children whatever the cost. It will most certainly become an “us versus them” situation.

        • And they wonder why people pack guns. Mickey is right when you take other people’s right to free passage then you will give up your freedom for jail.!

          • Jail is the lesser of the solutions. acting like this these days can get you shot and killed by someone with a CCW. I wouldn’t hesitate to smoke any of these shitstains on my escape from this melee should they impede my exit.

        • I agree with mickey. I have a VERY sharp folding knife on me at all times and while I use it for all kinds of things which are not harmful to anyone (mostly as a package/letter opener), you can guarran-fricken-tee if I see a big group or mob coming at me and my wife with intent to harm, I will pull it out and use it to defend us both. I can’t run for anything thanks to a bad knee but I will aim to maim anyone attacking us. While some people I know may call it a redneck mentality or not worth the risk, if we cant run then I’ll make damn sure I take as many of them with me as I can before I’m overrun. Some of you may say “but you’re attacking kids” and in a sense you’re right but to me they stopped being innocent kids when they planned a mass attack on people just trying to spend time with their families or friends. When they plan to attack others in that way they are no longer innocent children, they are terrorists and should be dealt with as such.

          • I completely agree with jp, I will rip the the throat out of someone trying to hurt my family regardless of their age. if I have some sort of weapon on my person or something in my reach that can be used as one your dam straight I would use it with deadly force to protect me and mine.

          • JP, I have a bad hip that won’t allow me to run. I use a crutch to get around. I also Carry a knife and living in Wyoming I have the right to carry a firearm. If this BS ever happened here. I would use both to defend me and my family. I will not allow animals to harm my family or myself. I have watched this “game” going on in the rest of the country and can not believe that the law is going so easy on these animals! I can’t believe that those who live in these areas are not in the streets screaming to the government and the law to stop this! Instead they all try to hide it from the rest of the country. Just like they try to hide that these ” youths” are all black. To those that want to jail these animals. In what jail do you want to put them? We in the USA have more people in jail and prison than any other country in the world! To all the bleeding hearts now would be a good time to stop reading this. Because you won’t like what I have to say next. The whole country should be armed! If we started shooting and killing them when they start this crap it will soon stop! The threat of death would cause these animals to stop and think before they pulled this crap. If they could end up hurt or killed instead of their victims being hurt or killed. It would change the rules of their game. Where they hurt and kill other people, to them being killed. The game would not be as attractive to them. It would end then! Why would they stop other wise? They get away with it every time! To you nut jobs who think these animals are crying out for help! Grow the hell up! They are doing this because they have been lied to all their life’s by Jackson and other race baiters who tell them that it’s all the white peoples fault their living the way they are! Instead of telling them that if they go to school and WORK hard they better themselfs! Funny think is I have never seen a story where this as happened in a state where open carry is allowed.

          • We are the largest incarcerator in the world, only because the bleeding hearts won’t let us exacute them fast enough.

        • agreed.

          I’m surprised no one got killed, meaning, why some of these kids didn’t get killed. It amazes me how docile people are when confronted with abuse.

          The only solutions I can see are extreme fascism with more and more police fostering an ever darker “fear your neighbor” mentality or utter chaos. Either way, until the reasons behind this happening are addressed the attacks will only get more sophisticated.

          • The reason no one was killed is both of these attacks happened in a “Gun Free Zone”. These animals know exactly what every criminal knows.. “GFZ” means easy targets.

          • Imagine if these happened in places that allowed guns. A lot of kids and adults would have been killed

      • Anytime you are in a situation where they could seriously injure you or kill you, they become your enemy. I don’t give a crap if they “crying out out for help”, my life and limb > their bullcrap.

      • Crying out for help,PLEASE WAKE UP,,the government and people like you have made it so that generations now have grown up feeling ENTITLED,,they are just getting theirs,NO CRYING OUT,the ones crying out are at home crying out

        • Entitled to shit they pay for rather then depend on their children to pay for them? I should hope so.

          I agree this isn’t a cry for help, its just violence, but it needs to be dealt with objectively. Not with guns, but probably months of community service and some kind of rehabilitation

      • If they are crying out for help a well placed .50 cal slug will shut them up real fast. it is liberals like you why these children get no discipline.. you coddle them and feed them and give them free housing then they turn on you and knock you out and rob you.. You are such a pathetic excuse for a human being. You and your ilk created this mess.. CLEAN IT UP!!

        • Excuse me? I am a proud liberal with four well behaved, disciplined children. They say, “Yes, ma’am” and “No, sir,” and treat others with respect. They dress neatly in clothes that fit…and I’d better not see anyone’s jeans sagging down. They do their homework and if their grades dip, they are punished. Of the four, the oldest girl is a college student and the oldest boy is a 1LT in the Army. So perhaps you should rethink your hateful, ignorant stereotypes.

          • Thank you! As a fourteen year old guy, i felt this whole group was dead set that all teenagers were bad. It’s horrible what happened to these people and those resposponible should find their way into prison, but before you all decide to continue to throw around stereotypes, keep in mind this generation isn’t completely screwed.

            My grandpa whipped me as a kid, and even though i sometimes deserved it, that still doesn’t mean we should be advocating it. I was whipped when i deserve it, sure, and it sure as hell taught me manners, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it was to easy for it to get out of hand and sometimes a simple scolding would’ve sufficed. There’s a fine line between discipline and abuse, so keep that in mind before you continue.

      • I agree. Nothing like this is known to have started without a cause, it’s not acceptable behaviour, no; however turning against them instead of helping them isn’t going to stop it.

        • the help will come when our government/society make the parents accountable and give them back the role of displinary figure. sure there will always be the odd parent who goes to far, those are the ones that need to learn how to disapline with a level head. i got my lumps and so did my children when they caused harm to any living being. they now have a backbone and compassion!! we would all stand and take on the mod cuz thats what needs to be done!! if the mob knew it was going to be challenged do you believe it would have happened/continued? how many where in the mall??

      • when they run in pacs and break the law and attack people they are terrorists and enemy’s of the community reguardless of age

      • Not the enemy??? Hey, give me some of what you’re smoking! If you think these are poor innocent children crying out for help, you’re the one who needs help. 1,000 teens congregated on Facebook and Twitter and PLANNED this whole thing and you’re sticking up for them? I’m sure you would be singing a whole different song had it been you or your family.

      • This is an act of terrorism with in our society…. it is no different than a kid taking a gun to school or someone hijacking an aircraft with intent to do harm…it’s terrorism plain and simple. we might as well be living in Afghanistan. I say , get you a carry and conceal permit and face the enemy head on. Looking down a gun barrel usually slows stupidity down,if not hot lead will. Come on….check the social media before you go to the grocery store? I thought that this was the land of the free and the home of the brave. In my opinion,this is what happens when you take away the rights of the parents to discipline your children. Children now days don’t know how to take responsibility because the parents have to always account for them.

      • hmmm, “Isn’t this like condemning a robbed man because his possession of money precipitated the evil act of robbery? Isn’t this like condemning Socrates because his unswerving commitment to truth and his philosophical inquiries precipitated the act by the misguided populace in which they made him drink hemlock?” mlk

      • And how quick would you be to answer their “cry for help” if it were your mother or father or child that these animals put in the hospital or killed? It’s bleeding hearts like you that encourage this type of behavior. They pull this crap because they know that someone like you will be right there to hold their bloody hand and get them less than a slap on the wrist for this vile act!

      • One of the dumbest comments I have ever seen!!! Are u serious? Aww poor kids, they are just victims of society……GTFOuttahere. Is that the right way to cry out for help……hurting people and terrorizing civilized human beings in a mall?

      • These kids that play the knock out game need to get their asses kicked! Its not a cry for help its kids realizing they have power in numbers and using it to take what they want. Its bullshit! My husband was a victim to a knock out game in Arizona, someone hit him in the face with an unknown object and almost cut his nose off his face, I was 5 months pregnant at the time. These kids doing this have no regard for the people they are hurting and thats what makes them dangerous, and one day soon they will do this shit again and someone will shoot them in self defense.

      • All 600 of them are “crying out for help”? They are spoiled, entitled out of control teens that have access to everything. Ridiculous. Then when someone shoots them protecting themselves the parents will be on TV crying about what a good kid they were.

        • You’d do better pulling out a thesaurus. Spoiled and Entitled is that Rich kid that was sent to rehab that is more like summer camp for 4 counts of manslauter because he suffered from affluenza.

          These kids are Naive, Ignorant, and out of control. Call it what it is please, and not some buzz words.

      • Onelove – wonder if your loved ones were knocked out or trampled on that you would feel the same way. Inviting and inciting fear in large public places is against the law. They are terrorists and violent criminals that need to be dealt with swiftly and harshly to show there will be
        no tolerance. We need an example set now but the laws instead protect them. I will defend my family at any cost, even if that person is an 11-12 year old girl. So onelove, you can make excuses, but the truth is, you are part of the problem.

      • “Crying out for help?” Are you kidding? This was a premeditated act that took coronation and planning–just like Hitler planning to bomb England. Hey, maybe he was crying out for help too!

      • I want to hear you say it’s a cry for help after you get jumped and beaten. This is an organized event where the criminals were fulfilling a premeditated assault. They had time to walk away but decided to continue on. Mob mentality should not relieve them from the consequences.

      • Crying out for help? WTH? Where I come from, when a mob attacks innocent people, the only thing they are crying out for is about 5 rounds each.

      • Onelove You are stupid. I hope someone attacks you beats the shit out of you then knocks you out, which can lead to death….. then when you can cry about it I hope they say maybe they are just crying out for help oh well

      • They may be in fact “victims” of their community, but I still draw the line on allowing myself or others to become their victims.

        And they assume all the risk of having a handful of those also in their community that believe in taking their chances being judged by 12 vs. being buried by 6

        No different than that motorcycle mob going after that guy and his family in NY. I’d try and run away too, but chase me down and corner me. I’d run as many of those bastards over with my SUV as i could.

      • Hahahahha… Crying out for help? Bullsh*t! These are ghetto thugs who obviously havent had proper discipline and upbringing in their home. I don’t feel one bit sorry for low-life degenerates who join in on this type of criminal behavior and do it “because they can”.

        • You’re George Zimmerman. Conceal Carry and be prepared to take the legal heat for protecting yourself and your family from the tsunami of violent stupidity headed your way.

          • Zimmerman’s mistake was calling 911. Shoot the bastards and flee. the just-us system will try to crucify you anyway.

      • Cry for help…only cries you’ll hear are from the innocent people they attack. Us against them is the only way to approach this. This is a society of no moral values, you must be rotten to the core to attack those who have done nothing to you. If need to take out something on someone…well beat the shit out of each other. Its a total shame when you can’t even go to the store without some dumbass trying to walk past and knock you out…I can only hope these idiots run into someone with a concealed weapon permit.

      • As angry as this makes me and the human nature of me wants to take out as many of these motherf###ers as I can, we also have to realize that no one is innately “evil” or bad, this type of behavior is taught. There is no taking back what they did and what I’m saying isn’t in anyway justifying what they did. However, there needs to be an education and awareness process that is applied, not only in these black teens but in all communities. I mean think about it, sure, there’s a lot of equality in our society today relative to 40 years ago. In fact, more equality is given to african americans through, for example, affirmative action, but is giving these people a “break” really contributing to their progress as a race? And is it making them feel anymore equal? I don’t think so, but that’s my opinion. The african american community began building this type of behavior years ago and it has evolved into what it is today as a result of racial inequality. Like I said, before people start calling me a “liberal” or “democrat” or some other man-made title designed to create division, these kids need to be shown what their actions are doing to people and they need a black role-model to step into their community and encourage and motivate them to quit being dregs of society, stop feeling sorry for themselves, and start contributing and thriving in society. Look at the jews for example, they were persecuted for thousands of years but look at them now! They’re a thriving and successful culture (a majority). You can go ahead and say that “that’s because they are god’s chosen people” but that just affirms my point that mentality dictates one’s ambition. How are blacks any different? It’s a mentality and a lack of drive and ambition. There needs to be a peaceful revolution of consciousness!

        • Two or more is a conspiracy black or white or brown they are criminal terrorists they know 18an under is juvenile charges it will cost the parents won’t cost the kids a dime the states will make money like a MF it builds bigger govt systems which we all know they want they being the govt its job security and it will get a lot worse .their are 2 sets of victims the abused and the parents this has been started by the feds and the states control of the parents the corruption from obumma to local authoritys this is just the beginning does mad max ring a bell anyone

          • >.> This kind of stuff started way before Obama took office

            Government doesn’t make bank of inmates of prisons, it actually looses money.

            It is rather sad that we aren’t trying to rehabilitate the kids in juvy to be better people and are jest letting them become adult criminals

      • I do not know where in the hell you are coming up with this nonsense, does the term Terroristic Acts ring a bell or mean anything to you? Planning such attacks as these are called committing acts of terrorism and each one of these kids will be arrested and tried for multiple felonies and be imprisoned for a very long time by committing acts of terrorism. Those are the facts period! And I would be the first to make sure they all go to jail!

      • You are extremely naïve and an idiot. These are animals that need to be locked up. probably their parents too that is if they have any

        • Point of fact: A sizeable percentage of homicide bombers are “teens”. The answer here is not jail, but a shallow grave. We all know that, just some here are too wimpy to admit it.

          • The answer is rehabilitation, not killing them. They are still kids and can still be taught to be better people.

            People that advocate for killing someone as a punishment are ether too Lazy to try something else first or blood thirsty enough to just want to see the corpses, Or purely motivated by revenge, which isn’t an objective emotion.

            Frankly it is rather sickening that one would advocate for the execution of 600 kids for something that can be corrected with some time and effort

      • not sure what planet “onelove” is living on. The innocent people who were at the mall purely to shop and go about their day ARE THE VICTIMS. not the other way around! when you premeditate an attack like this, you are a criminal and deserve to be treated like one. Even if that means being shot in self defense. Notice this happened in two places that don’t allow open carry. Your “crying out for help” bullshit is the type of mentality that allows kids to think this type of behavior is ok and that they won’t receive and consequences for it. this “onelove” post is so assbackwards it makes me sick.

      • This reeks of a CIA operation to restrict internet access in America. “They used the internet to plan mass lootings and assaults”. Yeah, sure buddy! Teens in this country have better things to do. Trust me on that. The government, on the other hand, spends our tax dollars creating false scenarios that will be used to take away freedoms and basic rights. They go so low as to hire people to go to peaceful protests and start riots and be violent while pretending to be part of the group of protesters. Teens went online to plan mass beatings……and nobody questions this ridiculous story? Americans need to recognize and become aware of what is REALLY going on. They are being played like fiddles.

      • onelove- are you kidding?? you spend all your time & money helping these little angels. The rest of us will be defending our life & property from these ungrateful, unsupervised animals. Where the hell are the parents? They should be charged too

    • pretty hard to find an exit when your getting bashed in the head! These people do NOT see it coming…this is plain cowardness by our teenagers…hitting people when they have done nothing wrong and are not expecting it! They were doing this one on one…but too many were getting their ass kicked…so now the new trend must be in groups of 100’s. Yep real brave little shits!

      • When you act like a mob to intentionally inflict suffering and pain you are a danger to society.
        Where do you think these kids learned this type of behavior? Could it be from our current political structer? They just hurt OUR country more then these flash mobs, yet ya’ll get on here and complain about “Cowardness”,while you lay there like a wiping boy and let politicions and large companys intemidate you out of food and money and do nothing,what kind of example is that to show to your children?Yes your a real brave little shit yourself.lmao :).
        SO Don’t you create hypotheicals to rationalize away the actions of our politicions and large corporations? YOUR excuse making for their bad behavior is also to blame.
        if you so desire to love them and treat their “greed”, i suggest you go out and do so. i however will call them what they are, criminals. violent inhumane and dangerous criminals at that and a lot worse for OUR country then these flash mobs.

    • The weapon I carry holds 16 rounds. I imagine that would stop a few and change the minds of most of the remainder of the pack of pussies.

      • The ONLY thing this story tells me is to carry MORE ammo. Its a shame to have to go from 2 clips to 4, but i’ll be damned if some punk is going to intimidate me into running for the exits. Lock and Load… :)

        • I would hope if you are a CCW permit holder, you would only use your weapon if your or someone else’s life was in danger. If you did as you say, you would you would be an armed punk and help fuck up the rights of responsible CCW holders.

    • Public execution!! Maybe people will think twice before hurting innocent people!!..these people aren’t crying out for help!! They are scum and should be put down. Not put in prison so again the innocent have to pay there way!

      • When you act like a mob to intentionally inflict suffering and pain you are a danger to society.
        Where do you think these kids learned this type of behavior?
        Could it be from our current political structer? They just hurt OUR country more then these flash mobs,
        YOU SAY”Public execution!! Maybe people will think twice before hurting innocent people!!.””They are scum and should be put down. Not put in prison so again the innocent have to pay there way!”
        Yet ya’ll get on here and complain about them,while you lay there like a wiping boy and let politicions and large companys intemidate you out of food and money and do nothing,what kind of example is that to show to your children?
        SO Don’t you create hypotheicals to rationalize away the actions of our politicions and large corporations? YOUR excuse making for their bad behavior is also to blame. i however will call them what they are, criminals. violent inhumane and dangerous criminals at that and a lot worse for OUR country then these flash mobs.

    • While self protection mode might kick in and make me try to put distance between the mob and myself I think the bigger issue here is why should I, an innocent, law abiding citizen be the one to be a position where I have to flee. The law should protect the innocent citizen and deal harshly with these hoodlums. If we keep backing down or backing away then we do nothing to deter these kinds of attacks. Find as many of these teens as possible and give them sentences that might have a chance of making future participants think twice. This is a ridiculous situation and it’s only going to get worse…so unless you want to spend your life behind the locked doors of your home make your voice heard. Stand up for what is right and demand justice.

      • Where do you think these kids learned this type of behavior?
        Could it be from our current political and corporate structure? these “Political and corporate hoodlums” are hurting OUR country more then these flash mob hoodlums,Yet ya’ll get on here and complain about them,while you lay there like a wiping boy and let politicions and large companys intemidate you out of food and money and do nothing,
        what kind of example is that to show to your children?
        You are right The law should protect the innocent citizen and deal harshly with these “hoodlum politicians”. If we keep backing down or backing away then we do nothing to deter these kinds of attacks.
        You are right we should Find as many of these Political,corporate and flash mob hoodlum as possible and give them sentences that might have a chance of making future participants think twice. This is a ridiculous situation and it’s only going to get worse…so unless you want to spend your life behind the locked doors of your home make your voice heard. Stand up for what is right and demand justice.

    • So people wonder why we as a society are starting to feel so paranoid. Well here ya go 600 teenagers or young people mobbing a mall and doing the knockout game and stealing then bragging about it. I hope the poice use the information to arrest and jail these punk ass people. In my case I have a conceal license guess I wills tart carrying even in the mall whether they like it or not. Let them try that with me will end up with a bullet in their ass.

    • They are criminals and should be arrested, tried and jailed. These attacks are PREMEDITATED!!! Parents should face civil suits!!!!

    • sounds like a ploy by the government hype a new violent activity like the knock out game involving mass teenagers in a flash mob that documents everything online to the public and then institute martial law as a counter measure in this case where no one thinks twice about it. Wake up people and think why am i doing this and what could be the repercussions. Youth today i swear they are brainwashed Zombies.

    • if you guys say its ok to bear arms in public, what will be stopping those kids who can obtain a gun from anywhere to not have one. I’m all in for protecting yourself, but it’s going to get worse than it will get better.

    • This is just the start! look at our social progression. violence will be the norm. thats why i carry a gun. there is no place for this in a civilized society. unchecked aggression should be met with swiftly with force.

      • (sarcasm) Yeah! put the guy/gal attacking you in the ground and live with your mind clear that you did everything you could to de-escalate the situation before killing another person(end sarcasm)

        In the united states, Fear and paranoia are the norm already. Aggression should be dealt with swiftly, yes, but not at the business end of a weapon

    • If you find yourself in a place with 600 aggressive teenagers, you failed the first rule of prep which is situational awareness. And if you think carrying a gun into a situation like this is going to improve your odds, your name is George Zimmerman.

    • Being a minority and being a parent. I do not look at these youths as being in need of help. Saying they are crying out for help by committing criminal acts is an excuse to justify what they are doing. They are not taught simple home training, I blame the parents also. Some parents for this generations youth are too occupied with other things to raise their kids and they just have them and let them run lose in the streets. As a result, they grow up to be f*ck ups crowding the prison and detention centers. Its not a shame to say but its the truth with all races but more so the black communities. To start with fixing this problem begin in the home, if they still do not listen make it a law that when they wanna join gangs an terrorize the street, enroll them in the military and ship them off to another country to fight a real war and see how they like that.

    • In crowd situations it can be difficult to tell who is doing what or to identify the leaders of any hostile action. Yes, if you are there, try to get away unscathed. But the best choice is to not be there. Shopping online allows us to avoid malls.

    • because when youth act contrary to how we’d like them to the solution is to .. shoot them? don’t you think there is an underlying reason this is happening that should be addressed?

      • Why is it the minute someone mentions a gun, someone else comes along and acts like the only thing anyone ever does is go around shooting people the minute they get a gun. Wake UP! A gun is to protect yourself in cases like this. If you personally want to try to stop 600 people and question as to why they are doing this, go ahead, feel free. But if you are already there and they start in on you, do you honestly expect people to stand there and allow them to beat the heck out of us? The minute they hit a complete stranger they stop being “children” and start being criminals. Everyone has a right to protect themselves from criminals. Plain and simple.

        • the single thought that someone in the crowd might have gun to shot them might stop many of them even to gather in the first place… unless they expect it and have a gun too…than it might turn not so nice. remember riots in London few years back? this was provoked by governmant than, but I don’t think anyone anticipated how big and out of control it will get…it should be dealt with fast and exemplarly harsh so they don’t think they can get away with it.

        • This is the best answer I have seen yet. If it was my family that was under attack lethal force is all I will use to defend us. But here in Canada we do not have carry laws unless you are a cop or armored car guard. But I keep my S&W 40 at close hand when I am at home. And if you enter my house by force you are met with force.

      • I am not a sociologist, nor a legislator, but i have a pistol and a right not to be victimized. YOU figure it out, I’ll try to hold ground while they are kicking your teeth in.

      • Yes, there is an underlying reason for this happening. More often than not it is because of people like you condoning their behavior, defending their actions, and making excuses for them. There are children who have worse problems than these kids and they would never act out in such a manor. Besides the reasons I gave for an underlying reason, there is also the fact that children, and adults, like this have very little discipline in their lives. Yes, if they attack someone, especially in large groups like this, the victim should shoot at their poorly bred, undisciplined, psychopathic asses.

        • This what happens when you have system that steals all the money, jobs and hope from people. When your bankers, politicians and military are out of control and have no morals. but suddenly the kids growing up watching that are told they must have morals. Media has brainwashed these children into thinking they will all be rock starts, actors, millionaires if they try hard enough, but after a while they see that its just lie and now we are seeing the results.

          What scares me, someone feels its ok shoot someone for attacking them. LOL, you think shooting one these people is going help the situation or do think its just going spark more and more. Look what happened in London.

          • No, shooting one of them may not help the little darlings’ angst and confusion, but it’s going to.keep me from getting my head bashed in. If one is coming at me, I’ll point my gun at them and suggest they go talk to you, how about that??

          • Are you real, Kitten? What makes you think a person has no right to protect themselves from attack? Were you part of the mob?

          • So Kitten you think everyone there should have not defended their ground and take a beating because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have read everything written here and I just want to say as a single father of a 13 year old boy that I would blow a hole in someone at any age if they were going to hurt me or my son. Just so you know that if you were standing next to me in a mall and 600 kids were attacking people and looting and you couldn’t run. You too would be glad I shot some kid about to hit you with a ball bat in the head. Think about it 600 people. What if you were at church and 600 people surrounded the church and set on fire. Wouldn’t you try to protect yourself and your family at any cost. If you had 600 idiot kids beating everyone around you wouldn’t you defend yourself and your family and blow a hole in the first one that reached for you four year old next to you. I would try to do anything to survive the attack and yes I would shoot for a leg or to not kill but I would shoot. I bet after one shot id fired it would be over and they would all run. Yes some may have a gun also and it could escalate but I like many here have said I would fire with no hesitation to protect my family, myself, my country, and even you. You can not reason with a mob of 600. You shoot an attacker and you point at the next and see if he or she has changed their mind.

      • @onelove,

        when the “youth” act out in dangerous ways that may result in your death, you darn well have a right to defend yourself.

        the way you think presupposes their is a reason. not all crimes that are committed have a reason. secondly, does a reason justify your actions? if so, then there can be no culpability for ANY bad behavior. i hope you see this is a dangerous line of rationalization.

        no, these children do not understand civic virtue and responsibility. something their parents never instilled upon them and a behavior you appear to be facilitating.

        • unfortunatelly parents have no way of instilling rulles up on children because kids are too protected by government those days. they know they are invincible since the day they became socially conscious, and in my case it was when I was 5 and really badly bit up a child from my neighbourhood only brcause it insulted my fathers name…needless to say I had my bottom red from belt (from my father’s belt) because I overreacted and could kill that girl, who was purposly winding me up. needless to say I never did it again, and I learn to protect my father’s name with words instead. so I learned not to go and bit people for reason or no reason! as simple. if I would be 5 year old today my dad would be shewed why his 5 ussr old child has psyhotic behaviour, if he would hit me with the belt he probably would be in prison because I would tell my teacher, and I would be no afraid to bit up another child to prove my point…must love todays child protection system. if I would grow up in the society of today…i would not be a very plesant person…instead I was brought up in fear, respecting my elders and I tried my best so I have clean cryminal record and I am a gardener because I am short tempered with idiots like william ;-)

      • I am tired of people saying it is because they are young. They are a hemorrhoid on the ass of society. Listen to them laughing as they hurt people. They will NEVER be a contributing member of society, more likely a social parasite leeching off the hard work of others. A gun would have been perfect if you were present. My family’s safety trumps your false dream of utopia. Wake up! This knockout game is a racist game and only white people are victims.

      • sure…they act like that because the parents didn’t teach them any better…shoot the parents! Don’t freak out…just kidding…well kinda! lol

      • I’ve worked as a counselor with incarcerated youth and yes they have issues that put them in these situations but they always knew what they did was wrong. I was never one of those touchy-feely counselors trying to pin the blame on upbringing because there are plenty of kids who have it worse and don’t do bad things. It is about accountability and our system has to put that back on them not on their upbringing or living situation.

        Far too often these kids are told that they are the way they are because you “well-intentioned” people tell them that it isn’t their fault but a variety of excuses. Stop giving them excuses and hold them accountable because you do them no favors, it isn’t just for disadvantaged youth but most youth in our society are given excuses or behavior instead of being held accountable for their actions.

        • I believe that more of those violent children were from middle and wealthy class families than many want to admit. We are always telling each child that he/she is the future of America. Telling them they can be anything that they want to be. It’s not true. Sorry to burst everyone’s balloon, but the real leaders of this country will come from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. For these criminals its time for parental fines, community services, permanent crime records, more boot camps, and for all over 18 years old mental health issues and possible prison. Today children are growing up with a lot of hate in their lives while business and our city, state, and federal leaders ignore they exists. They expect our schools to solve all their social problems and recreational fun. It’s time to shelf the war and spying mentality away and work with our children. Hands on! Maybe it’s still not too late to be more proactive with youth.

      • OneLove, we will see if that is what your worried about when the tables turn and it’s YOU under attack! Yep, just ask them to stop beating the shit out of you for a minute so you can ask them what is the underlying reason for the attack on you!

      • Well, why don’t you head out the next time you hear of a mob attack and try to work with these sweet, innocent children. While you work to get to the bottom of it all, the people don’t have their heads up their arses, like you do, can get busy protecting themselves and their innocent families from these feral brats.

        • I can assure you that if a mob of people come at me like thatI can assure you im not gonna any time to be asking birthdays and since im a person that dont see color and treat people equal I promise that wont be a factor either . However I can promise you after a few drop they will surly reroute their un acacceptable behavior in another direction . Where I come from that is an act of terror . All I can say is god have mercy on their souls .

      • Yes if someone takes the initiative to assault me when I have done nothing to them you bet your ass I reserve the right to shoot the violent little thug in self defense.

      • Yeah…the underlying reason is nobody raises these damn kids from the moment they are spit out. A large mob like that would put fear in me against serious personal injury or death….which is what makes deadly force justifyable. Try me…..

      • onelove?? if you want to hold your arms out and give those 600 violent cretins hugs and tell them that you will make it all better?? good on you! i’d rather use a baseball bat or gun to hold them off…… what a freaking jerk you are.
        you and all of your sickening pudding friends are why people and kids have no respect for other and have no boundaries!!!

      • i think the underlined problem is we have not shot them,yep,shoot them,they will behave after that,or be dead,so i am for shooting YOUTH haaaa,not youth,but this new crazy youth you refer to as youth,when obvious to me they are just taking advantage of idiots like you,i was a youth once,i did things,because i could,never wanted to hurt another person,or rob them,for FUN,some thing is in the cool-aid

      • Its called “self-defense” onelove. Are you really stupid enough to believe that victims should lie down and be pummeled while you speculate about underlying causes? Perhaps the refusal of people like you to take strong action against these criminals is and “underlying cause”?

  2. Now I know why Americans thrive by having guns. Thank god we don’t have problems like this where I live, then we would be fighting to own guns.

  3. We’ve obviously learned absolutely nothing since the days of “Clockwork Orange”. Too many people with too little useful function, regardless of age, create these shitstorms. And sadly like American educational dysfunction and Faux News it’s only going to get worse in the sadist areas of our benighted country.
    Thomas Jefferson et al RIP.
    Have a happy day.

      • its all they got,its fox’s news,its bush,its conservatives,its guns,its god,because other wise they might have to really look and see it is them,its their fault,its their kids,their youth,but if you watch the liberal media,it is all unicorns and goodness

    • @Ajent and Kelly

      He said faux news not fox news. Faux news is the bs your bs government feeds you on EVERY news station in the NSA (Nazi States of America) because its all about brainwashing and control of the mass population because if you were actually given the truth, you’d be educated enough to have a say, which by the way is NOT what your government wants. Think about it, if you had any real say in how your country is run, would this have ever happened? Society and useless parents are to blame for the actions of these 1000 teens. Don’t believe me? How many of you “good parents” have bought your children video games like Grand Theft Auto, that romanticize this behavior? How many have bought them Call of Duty, which romanticizes mass killings all in the name of peace? How many parents allow their kids to watch TV shows and movies in which violent acts are not only portrayed as acts of patriotism but romanticized as “making the world a safer place”? Everyone wants to blame these kids, which isn’t wrong, but you cannot just blame the people who do this. The people who’ve allowed this to go this far are just as much to blame as these kids. That means, Hollywood is to blame for making these acts of violence romantic, as well as the parents for not monitoring the intake of violent actions in their daily media, whether it be through movies, TV, or video games, but mostly government is to blame for taking our rights as a parent to punish our children from right and wrong. Jail doesn’t scare people. The scary ass murderers who’d kill you for a thrill insidethe jail are what scare people. Threat of bodily harm is a good punishment because its in human nature to do what is necessary to not come to harm, whether it be a belt across your ass or some bubba who’s gonna shank you cuz you ain’t pretty enough for him

  4. just think if they did this where you can have guns. oh yeah, shyte like this doesn’t go down well where people can carry sidearms.

    • their parents are probably paralysed with fear of being jailed for violence aginst child! the system is all wrong now. it looks like government is strategicaly leading to those sorts of situations O.o

  5. After many of the home games for Florida A&M the fans would crowd into the local malls and frequently loot and riot. This wasn’t a problem with the FSU fans.

  6. Thats so stupid. Even when I was a wild teenager I had enough common sense to not act like I have no common sense at all. Its ridiculous. I hope god protected all the innocent people shopping with their little children. Dumb ass people. Teenager or not. And then we all wonder why the government feels like we are useless.

  7. Perhaps the internet and social media has turned our knuckle headed misfits into real life zombie swarms aimlessly wandering familiar places like malls and movie theaters from their normal lives and attacking normal humans?…well the onlh wag to stop a zombie is to bash its head in!

  8. I just watched one where the girl didn’t get knocked out and got him on the ground and beat the crap out of him. The boyfriend realizes what happened and kicks him in the face.There is also a 70 year old woman that hit the ground, pulled out a gun, and shot and killed the 16 year old assailant. Hopefully she will not get into any trouble for that. He got what he deserved in my opinion.

  9. Pretty absurd that 1000 teenagers united together to cause violence and chaos….kinda torn on this….

    on one hand, it’s fucked up

    on the other, it’s necessary in many ways…

  10. I see these attacks as racist, it is almost exclusively blacks who target whites to be knocked out and robbed. These are racially motivated hate crimes!

  11. I must admit I congratulate these kids for organizing a group this big maybe these little dick heads need to be taught a lesson I learned a few tricks in the Army and the trick is when one of us fucks up we all pay the price so maybe there should be a curfew put in place and make an example of them put it on every news station make it to where the kids are not allowed outside with out a adult or into a store yea it might be hell for those that did not participate in this event. Unfortunately this is a cry for help I am not saying what they did is right but kids nowadays have no respect and I use to get my ass spanked with switches from the tree guess what I never did it again. Now I am 25 and have never been in any kind of trouble. I am the nicest person and seeing these kids that are only 7 years younger than me and is sad cause this is the next generation that will run our country

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