600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Knockout Game in New York

On Christmas Night over 600 kids and teenagers swarmed a movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida violently attacking moviegoers, an off duty police officer, and each other in one of the largest flash mobs to date.

Somewhere around 600 crazed teens swarmed the theater attacking people and stealing everything in sight. 62 police officers were dispatched to the theater, where they had to fire pepper spray into the crowd to get them to disperse.

400 Teens Storm Brooklyn Mall

At the same time, another flash mob swarmed a mall in  Brooklyn, New York. In this case, over 400 teens stormed a Brooklyn mall violently attacking security guards, shoppers and each other. Local reports say that while part of the flash mob was violently raiding stores around the mall, another large group of teens strategically targeted innocent shoppers as part of the now infamous knockout game.

Both Attack planned on Social Media

According to police, the teens in both areas used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to plan the violent attacks and mass looting events. Even while events unfolded, teens were still taking to the internet to brag about beating up innocent people and looting stores.

We’ve written many times in the past about how to protect yourself from these violent flash mob attacks, and one of the things we’ve always advocated is using social media as a way to protect yourself. The people who take part in these events, as witnessed in both the Brooklyn and Jacksonville cases, often plan these types of things on social media.

Before heading out to any large mall or area where large amounts of people congregate, take a couple of minutes to do some reconnaissance on social media. Jump on to sites like Twitter and type in the name of your destination; if you see a large amount of people talking about that destination it may be a sign of an impending dangerous event.

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  1. this is exactly why I carry. if my girl and I were there with our 2 kids (6yrs & 15months) and we were not able to get out of harms way, there would be at 26 confirmed deaths of the maggots. they knew what they were doing and they know the consequences. willing to harm innocent people means you accept your fate should it not go the way you want. arm your self, a cell phone isn’t going to save you…

  2. I was waiting for it, someone to say it like it is, maggots. Yep, this is what they are today. Throw those punks under the jail or better yet force them into the military. All you people that think you can’t discipline your kids think again. Gain control over your punk kids this minute. You can discipline them by spanking/hitting with force look at family law for your state. You are only breaking the law if you are a complete idiot and go beyond that. If you can’t teach your kid right from wrong before it comes to you beating them to death stop now and don’t have them. The government is not the problem but you are definitely the problem. Stop being pansy wimps and stop letting schools tell you how to raise them.

  3. at a time like this it MAY have been beneficial to be perusing BATS in a sporting good store……..they haven’t tried to outlaw THOSE yet……

  4. If 100 people rob and vandalize, no one should be shot. They should be punished, but in a sense, they are attacking corporate giants and the whole philosophy behind a corporate agenda. Now, concerning the violence against random, unsuspecting, innocent people. That disregard for the safety and rights of a fellow human being and the act of using numbers and fear to prey upon the weak, unprepared general population should be met with unhindered brutality. If they aren’t shot on the spot, they should be made accountable by act of physical retaliation. Maybe they just honestly don’t know what it is like to know pain… Poor kids. Let’s help them out.

  5. Firing bullets into this mob of rabid animals would have been far more effective than pepper spray. Seriously….”crying out for help”???? Bullshit. Unbelievable, the ignorance of some people!! Help all the innocent people being attacked, not these monstrous little shits. Put them down or put them away before they wreak anymore havoc on their communities!

  6. Some of you don’t understand this and want to find an explanation for it. I grew up with people like this, and I can tell you what is going on. 1) Their parents had them solely to get welfare, free housing, food, and income. Their parents didn’t care whether they lived or died; in fact, unless they could trade their pre-teen girls’ bodies for drugs, they had no use for their children.

    2) They join gangs because they have no status in their lives, and gang membership gives them that status. They have no capacity for love, mercy, or respect for others; “respect” is given only for violent behavior. The more violent they are, the more respect they get.

    3) Those who think that they can be loved or forgiven out of their animalistic behaviors are jokes to them; anyone who tries it, is used to further their own criminality.

    4) They are sociopaths. They neither need nor want education, jobs/careers, homes, or families – they only thing they seek is immediate gratification, and they neither know nor care what it costs others.

    And, finally, 5) they will continue to do these things and escalate their attacks until they are forcibly stopped, because the only thing that they understand or respect is greater force.

    It does not matter if you want to believe these things or not. You will discover that all of your hugs and concern and caring will be used by them to manipulate not only you, but the courts and any and every other bureaucracy or individual who comes into contact with them. They are feral animals, and choose to be so. And, BTW, race, origin, nor color matter – there are whites, hispanics, asians, Indians, Somalis, and American natives who are all participating in this behavior. It just depends on which part of the country you live, as to which gangs are dominant. All you can do is think defensively (code yellow) and be aware of your surroundings at all times. If at home, be prepared to defend yourself commensurate with the potential threat… because sooner or later it will be on your doorstep. You can thank those who still believe that these animals can be educated and/or loved for that.

    • So glad someone actually spoke the truth! I used to be one of these animals but being somewhat intelligent – learned how my actions effected others and changed my life! Your “respect is earned” comment, no truer words have ben written in this entire thred! Violence is a wsy of life for these people, and I’m not including race in this factor as I am an ex gang member and guess what I’m white! As were many of my brothers in the gang ! Violence is respected and kindness is weakness returned brutality is the only thing that will stop them!!!!

  7. crying out for help ? I call that Organized crime and it should be treated as such! they should do like in Italy where if you plan a crime together with other people in a organized way (in this case social media)it is considered organized crime and you get the same jail term as a Mafia member….By the way if you are jailed for Mafia in Italy you get a cell with no TV, no reading material and total isolation for all the time that you spend in jail, also in Italy if you are under age the parents pay for you… because they are responsible for their children, There the parents are the first to slap a teenager if he does something wrong, not blaming the society, your kids are the future society ! if you let them behave like criminals, what will it be the next generation of teenagers ?

  8. OK, this begs the question: WHERE IS NSA AND DHS? Since the now paid off judges consider the NSA and their task of collecting everything on us through social media sites their right, why didn’t they stop this??? If they are monitoring these sites wouldn’t they pick up on this and have DHS standing by with their billions of bullets to quell the violence?

    Just ask’n…

    • Are you serious?
      Those federal bureaucracies were not set up to protect citizens! They were set up solely to enforce fear, terror, and subservience from the masses. By ignoring and ‘allowing’ these sociopathic terrorists to inflict their horror on others, they are encouraging you to believe that, when they go after their ‘pinpointed’ terrorists, you will be proud of and glad for them, even cheer them… just like the mouthbreathers did at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  9. This is EXACTLY why I carry a concealed weapon. I have a carry & conceal permit & I am not afraid to use it. I go to the gun range 3 days a week just to keep my shots accurate. I was robbed @ gunpoint by a 17 year old & decided I would not be a victim EVER AGAIN.

  10. How bout all you lil punks put your aggression to use for a good cause,storm capital hill and try it.or just tazer each other.to the retard saying they are misunderstood..I need to take you hunting dick cheney style.you are part of the problem

  11. learn to protect yourself dealing out a severe beating that results in broken bones will discourage most future aggressors all else failing acitya .45 with spare high capacity mags will sort it out.every action gets a reaction

  12. The whole thing is sad.

    What a lot of people don’t realize (or choose to ignore since it’s simpler to just put a label on all of them) is that not every kid is driven by the same thing.

    Now, if you took the kids who bragged about what they did afterward, odds are good, they’re the worst of them, the ones who thrived on the chaos and “aren’t fit for society” so to speak. Rather than punish them all equally, these kids need to be made an example of specifically.

    I would not be too surprised if there were also kids there who were terrified to be there, but even more terrified to say “no” to their above-mentioned friends. The tag-along kids, if you will. I’d give them a slap on the wrist because, most likely, if you separate them from their negative influence friends, there’s a good chance there’s still a lot of hope for them.

    Of course, there are plenty of kids in between these two examples.

    Keep in mind that many of the kids were attacking each other, not just bystanders, that’s a good indicator of mob-mentality taking over, and the others posting here should not pretend to be above the influence of it. It affects different people to different degrees, but the only people who are truly ‘immune’ to it are those who have certain specific mental conditions that prevent them from ‘fitting in’ with society to begin with (ie, autism, among others).

    The teenagers are not victims, nor are they innocent, but not all of them are truly monsters either.

  13. Everyone wants to prove how tuff they are now days. These kids everyone of them need to be locked up. And every one of these computer tuff guys should be locked up for waving your guns. Oh yeah you should be considered dangerous to the community. Protect yourself, but dont be so quick to take a life. Its a shame what those teens did, and its equally a shame to read all the ignorance coming from grownups. No need to commit on me im not perfect either.

  14. All I can say about these dumb ass kids , that obviously they have some really bad parenting , if I was at the mall with my children and wife and this happened , I would have drawn my Glock and been shooting any 1 of these idiots that got within 2′ feet of my space . Pretty sure if anyone else was there and shot a few of these idiots it would have ended really quick.

  15. Garbage like that does not deserve to walk amongst civilized society. killem all and let god sort’em out. Guarantee you will be preventing future crimes from those thugs.

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