600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Knockout Game in New York

On Christmas Night over 600 kids and teenagers swarmed a movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida violently attacking moviegoers, an off duty police officer, and each other in one of the largest flash mobs to date.

Somewhere around 600 crazed teens swarmed the theater attacking people and stealing everything in sight. 62 police officers were dispatched to the theater, where they had to fire pepper spray into the crowd to get them to disperse.

400 Teens Storm Brooklyn Mall

At the same time, another flash mob swarmed a mall in  Brooklyn, New York. In this case, over 400 teens stormed a Brooklyn mall violently attacking security guards, shoppers and each other. Local reports say that while part of the flash mob was violently raiding stores around the mall, another large group of teens strategically targeted innocent shoppers as part of the now infamous knockout game.

Both Attack planned on Social Media

According to police, the teens in both areas used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to plan the violent attacks and mass looting events. Even while events unfolded, teens were still taking to the internet to brag about beating up innocent people and looting stores.

We’ve written many times in the past about how to protect yourself from these violent flash mob attacks, and one of the things we’ve always advocated is using social media as a way to protect yourself. The people who take part in these events, as witnessed in both the Brooklyn and Jacksonville cases, often plan these types of things on social media.

Before heading out to any large mall or area where large amounts of people congregate, take a couple of minutes to do some reconnaissance on social media. Jump on to sites like Twitter and type in the name of your destination; if you see a large amount of people talking about that destination it may be a sign of an impending dangerous event.

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  1. After a quick trip to my vehicle there would be a few less animals running the streets bragging about beating up girls. That’s all I saw on the groung were girls. These THUGS need to be put down as they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as us law abiding citizens that actually contribute to society vs. those trying to take whatever they can for free-including many girls’ innocence of going to the movies as opposed to breaking laws. Sad.


  3. It’s plain and simple : about 1000 snotty teens need their asses handed to them with a belt. Yes, the girls too. And a slap in the face and someone who isn’t afraid to paint them into a corner verbally. There’s a point where teen angst gets too ballsy and when it does, shit like this happens. I’m only 24 but I would NEVER have been allowed to act like this. I was only smacked on the face one time my whole life, spanked once. You know what really shows I was raised right though? I never wanted to so something like this. Parents, I’m sorry, but one small across the face, even a little one, might stop this kind of bullshit in its tracks. Kids these days are selfish, rude, and ignorant, and sometime needs to not be afraid to kick their bratty asses.

  4. They are dumbed-down, wild animals who feel entitled. This society is doomed. The parents/family are partly to blame also. It’s disgusting.

  5. This is a true sign, stong ass kicking parents are a dying breed. When I was a kid if I did anything foolish my mom, short as she was, was in my face. Believe me have an actual adult in your face is a thing of fear. I say we take the Bernie Mac approach and have a “whoop a kids ass day”. Just my personal opinion.

  6. In order to truly understand what these kids are you have to look at what it is they are doing. After all a person is defined by their actions. These flash mobs are meant to intimidate, bully, and terrorize. If these flash mob events were carried out by camo wearing red necks, they would have been labeled by the government as homegrown terrorists. And they would be correct. Inciting panic, inflicting pain, and destroying property makes anyone nothing more than just that. A terrorist.

  7. What is going on over there on the other side of the ocean? Packs of violent teenagers attack innocent people, and people on this forum find justification for it? We need to help them? No, we need to punish them for their actions. I don’t believe we should punish the parents, if they are truly good people with bad children, the disgrace will be punishment enough. People cannot carry guns here in Poland, but their is not this kind of violence on the streets, mainly because I think young people know the consequences of their actions, something that these teenagers in the USA are not afraid of.

  8. according to the US Patriot Act these teenagers and kids could be held as terrorist, which means the Federal government would have the right to hold them indefinitely, not tell them what they are being charged with, not given representation, given a short quick trial..which they would lose and executed. Keep in mind that all of these things that the federal government now has the power to do are because our government officials are too stupid and lazy to read before signing something into law, all of these things violent the Constitution and specifically the Bill or Rights. Still if one of these kids tried to attack me with this stupid shit..they’d be carried by 6.

  9. The teens that behave violently like that should be treated as adults. They need a stint in prison. 15 to 20..no parole. And I don’t say that as a form of rehabilitation or reformation. I say that because they do not deserve a second chance.

  10. We don’t have carry laws in Canada for citizens unless you are a cop or armoured car guard, but we don’t see this level up here. But I do feel it will not be long till we do and as a father of 3 I will do what ever I have to and ensure the safety of my kids and wife. As is I do carry my asp and cuffs when I am not at work so that I do have some form of defence for myself and my family when we are out.

    • Just in reply to James….most of us Canadians do not feel like we have to take any kind of “protection” with us when we go out. This is not typical of Canada…..I don’t know where your are from James…must be close to the us border because you are not a typical canadian.

  11. The US is turning into a weak ass parenting society where no one beats their child’s ass anymore and we have guidance counselors telling the children in schools to report it when they do get disciplined. Idk about you guys but parents need to wake up a beat their kid’s ass and stop blaming everyone else for their child’s problems. Also, people do not have any “grit” anymore. Always complaining about having to work so they sit at at home and collect a check cause they have ADHD..you people need your ass beat as well. The police are tired of raising your kids for you. End of rant.

    • Omg, I was just going to say, this is the generation where parents arent spanking their kids no more…but someone beat me to it

    • Hitting your kid doesn’t make you a good parent. It’s a lot more complex than that.

      The problem seem to be that adults don’t know how to be PARENTS. Not that they don’t know how to hit their children. I bet you anything, the majority of the teenagers in this mob know what a spanking is.

  12. Wow…can’t believe the amount of hate on here for your own children. Pretty sad since you raised them. Not just the parents….the community…you all had a hand in raising these kids by the way you treat them. We had a similar situation in a town I lived in…until someone suggested we focus on what the kids did right. It use to be every front page of the newspaper was about what the kids did wrong….so the people changed that to what they did right. It made a difference and the city supported more programs and activities for the kids, most were the kids ideas because someone was willing to listen to them. Society today does not support these kids…the materialistic world they live in was not their doing, it was ours and now they have to face the consequences of our greed. Why would you expect our children to do the morally right thing when they have been brought up in a society where money and power determine who you are and how important you are. These kids need your support and love…not jail or beatings. Most of them likely would have not participated individually …just got caught up in the group think mentality. Someone better listen to them….and soon.

  13. This is where this country shows a weakness. No matter wat happens we always make excuses for events that take place. Its no different from the attacks on 9/11 or the Boston Marathon attacks. Its a terrorist attack, just call it wat it is and stop making excuses for people especially kids. Why do you think kids are not afraid to commit a crime anymore. Its because its not wat everyone else that’s on the social media is doing. Stop worrying about what ways we need to use to protect ourselves and start thinking like adults. What would your parents or even better grandparents have done if you did something horrible like this. The blame is on the kids they have a brain they can use it when they want but everyone acts like they don’t have one when an event like this happens. STOP making excuses already and beat ur kids ass for the wrong and not sitting them down like a little baby. There not kids after the age of 13 anymore. Stop treating them like they are the upcoming future because if that’s wat everyone wants for our future good licks and may God watch over all of you.

    • Don’t you DARE call these MY children. The only way they could remotely be considered MY children is that their activities are being funded through MY taxes being channeled into social services they and their lazy parents receive. Lady…YOU are the one who is sick and needs help. You wanna preach to someone? Go in the socials media sites in which they planned these acts and preach there. Tell ’em you heard it here lady. We are going to rise up and take this country back!!!

      • In a healthy community…the community members take responsibility for all the kids. You know….the saying…..it takes a village to raise a child….but seems you don’t think that way. I do. But then…in Canada…we do not have to carry weapons to protect our “stuff” Are the kids in the usa allowed to carry hand guns to protect themselves from the adults?

          • I know not all american people are like you dan…and I am sure some canadian people might agree with your view. I really could care less if you agree with me or not…this is for others that might be a little more open minded and less likely to use stereotyping than constructive debate. By the way…not all canadians watch hockey….just like I am sure…not all americans carry a gun around with them. I have relatives living in the usa…and a lot of really nice friends there.

        • It takes a village is BS from Hillary. It was smack when she said it and it is smack when you say it. It does NOT take a village .. it takes TWO parents. And i am betting the vast majority of those committing this crime do NOT have two parents. In fact i bet most of them don’t even know who their father is. We don’t have a violence problem in this country we have a FAMILY problem. That said, the liberal soft hearts in this country just feed the problem. This WAS a CRIME and should be treated as such. Good luck finding the perpetrators. But i do agree that if force had been met with FORCE we would see a lot less of this behavior.

  14. Instead of gathering up to do something positive; gather up to do harm to others… that’s weak… its really sad that with numbers like that you can be heard……

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