We Have Been Censored By Facebook For Telling the Truth

CensorBook Facebook

If you don’t see my articles in your facebook feed for a while… here is why.

The Gestapo (otherwise known as the assholes at Facebook) are apparently in the business of protecting politicians over telling you the truth. This morning we received another notice from Facebook, informing us that yet again they were censoring (or as Facebook likes to nicely call it, “limiting our reach”).

So, what was our egregious crime?

Posting a 100% ACCURATE Article on how the Governor of Michigan’s  Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is warning physicians that prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for treatment of COVID-19 ‘without further proof of efficacy’ may be investigated for administrative action.

Yep, That’s it!

Apparently posting facts is now considered “False News”…

But if you look at the notice we received from Facebook, you will see that we are flagged by Politifact (the bullshit censors they use to “factcheck” articles) for posting “False News” because according to them “Chloroquine is not banned in Michagan, New York and Nevada. “

Censored by Facebook

Well hey assholes, where do I say it is banned in my article?

Go ahead, the article NEVER said it was Banned. We said the Governor threatened doctors which is a FACT that has even been reported by mainstream news organizations like the Washington Post and Yahoo News – somehow I don’t they are getting the same treatment that we are receiving.

So who is really posting false news?

Facebook gives you no recourse to appeal, to prove the article is actually factual, they just censor your reach which was already down to only about 1% of our followers. 300,000+ people who choose to follow our article and less than 1% of those people are now allowed to see our articles!

Maybe we should have pushed Coronavirus Fear porn like the mainstream media, I mean these guys never get into any trouble for doing shit like this…

*to the overlords at PolitiFact and Facebook, the following is our OPINION – It is not News, but our opinion which I think we still have the right to have!
If not, sorry we didn’t get Zuck’s Memo!

Anyone who doesn’t push the Agenda is going to be punished!

When this Coronavirus hysteria and panic started, we warned our readers that the big tech giants were censoring Coronavirus information.

We knew we would eventually get flagged, after all we weren’t pushing 24/7 Coronavirus fear porn on the public, and instead decided to focus on actually helping people prepare and documenting the unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties. The fact is, you can go back and look at our article over the last 10 years and you will see that everything that is happening now is exactly what we predicted over the last decade.


It’s time to start networking outside the system.


I’ve been warning our readers that this was coming for years! For the last 5-6 years, this site has been routinely censored and even suspended from a number of Social Media sites, simply for sharing our opinions — or in some cases factual news they deemed not acceptable. Here is what I suggested then, and here is what I still suggest today.

Limit, stop using, or take control of how you use these Social Media Ghettos!

For years now, Silicon Valley Tech Giants have been swallowing up content and killing organic growth for alternative media websites. These internet giants have created a system where it’s impossible to exist without them; they are literally swallowing up the Internet and forcing people into communities that they can control, censor, and regulate.

Out of the 300,000+ followers this site has on Facebook (Facebook has removed 50k of them over the couple of years), I’m lucky if Facebook shows my post to 1% of those people. And now with this latest hit, who knows!

While there still may be some value to sharing these types of articles, almost like going behind enemy lines, the fact is it’s almost impossible for alternative media to reach the people who want to see their stories.

Start your own website or online community.

I’m one guy; if I can do it, so can you. I started OFFGRID back in 2007, and I have slowly grown it one day at a time. It’s not easy, but I do believe it’s important.

In the process of building the site, I’ve talked to millions of people, written a book that helped expand my reach beyond the internet, started other websites like Country Hookers and Ham Radio Prepper, and helped a countless number of people become better prepared for the very real threats in today’s society.

So yes, it is worth it!

Even if it’s just a small blog, one that is only read by a handful of people, you have the power to create your own community that isn’t owned by Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any other media conglomerate. You can write about the things that are important to you, and you can share the stories and links that you think are important.

  • Don’t just leave comments on Facebook: Comment in the comments section on this and other blogs and free internet forums. This will help move the conversation off of these social media sites, and back into arenas where we control the content.
  • If you don’t want to start your own page, shoot me an email through my contact page and you can write for OFFGRID Survival or one of my other sites.

Go Old School: Monitor HAM, Shortwave and other Radio Frequencies

I don’t trust anything I hear from the mainstream media, and even the internet has become tightly controlled and a vast majority of the popular sites have been bought off long ago by large media conglomerates. For another look at what the rest of the world is saying, we suggest getting a radio to monitor international shortwave stations, local police and first responder frequencies, military communications, ham radio communications, and any other kind of radio transmission you can think of.

Click here to Read more on Radio Monitoring and Ham Radio.

Download and use an RSS Reader

While not many people still use RSS Readers — Facebook essentially killed them — it’s one of the best ways to collect the news you want to see. Instead of relying on Google or Facebook to tell you what’s important, Subscribe to our RSS feed and download an App like Feedly to subscribe to this, and other alternative media sites. With an RSS Reader, you choose what you see, when you see it, and how much of it you see.

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  1. I gave up on face book and most social media 8-10 years ago as it became to intrusive with gathering personal data etc. shortwave is fine but a lot of the Ham talk is really whacked out conspiracy theory especially the good old boy Ham network down South. Jesus those hillbillies can sure come up with some whoppers. And I thought TRump was bad.

  2. I have never had Facebook or anything like that and never plan on getting it kills me when someone tries to tell you something that they seen or did you hear about this and I asked where did you hear it from they said Facebook and most of the people believe it 100% just because it was on Facebook idiots keep up the good work man

  3. This is the way I see it. The people are not listening, and have not been listening…..for decades. I see this routinely in friends and family. For many years, I have been a Voice, Crying out in the wilderness. I believe that the Constitution was inspired by those who were close to God. Who were directed to lead the nation….”We, The People”

    For many of us also close to God, we have been directed to live a new life, a one as separate as can be had, from those who call materiality their God, who have made the government their God. A great many are like children and think the government, the military, the police force, the entitlement programs will take care of them, as children.

    Many of us have paved the airwaves and talked to as many people as we could reach over the years. NO ONE is listening. I have people I know that are excited that the stocks have fallen so they can buy more stocks and end up rich.

    We cannot reach them thru the intellect. We cannot reach them thru common sense or reason modalities. They are lost and unfortunately, I think will stay lost, right down to their last breath.

    There comes a time when talk will no longer do any good. Those who still have a Heart that listens, will hear the Call, and they will find places like this site. These are the ones we should concentrate on. We are wasting our precious time and energy trying to reach the masses.

    There is a saying in the Bible that people were drinking, working, making merry, and starting marriages, until the very last minute (before the flood); they did not believe or want to hear the Voice Crying in the Wilderness.

    The government may not fall just yet, but it will, it is not sustainable. They are systematically taking away our Amendment Rights and no one cares. The Federal Government has mandated that states MUST do what they tell them to do concerning everything…..and yet people go blithely on, buying their $1,000 cell phones, spending their money on entertainment and big houses they cannot afford.

    How many people had any food stored at all, for any kind of emergency? Almost none.

    I thank you for the time and energy you have put into this site. I am a 75 year old single woman sustainable farmer, and have been so most of my life. I still learn new things on sites like yours.

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