Welcome to the Matrix: Soon, everything you read online will be written by AI algorithms

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We are entering a new era of propaganda and control, and they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they are planning to phase out human content in favor of AI-created content meant to control everything you see and read.

This week, BuzzFeed said that is working with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to use artificial intelligence to help create content for its audience. Jonah Peretti, the company’s co-founder and chief executive, told employees in a memo that they can expect “AI-inspired content” to “move from an R&D stage to part of our core business.”

“To be clear, we see the breakthroughs in AI opening up a new era of creativity that will allow humans to harness creativity in new ways with endless opportunities and applications for good,” Peretti said. “In publishing, AI can benefit both content creators and audiences, inspiring new ideas and inviting audience members to co-create personalized content.”

“When you see this work in action, it is pretty amazing,” Peretti added, vowing to “lead the future of AI-powered content.”

The admission comes after CNET was caught using an artificial intelligence tool to help write stories for its online publications. After publicly apologizing, CNET Editor-In-Chief Connie Guglielmo admitted the outlet would not shy away from using artificial intelligence moving forward. “The process may not always be easy or pretty, but we’re going to continue embracing it – and any new tech that we believe makes life better,” Guglielmo wrote.

BuzzFeed has inked a multi-year deal with the Facebook parent, Meta, for content creation – guaranteeing that an algorithm will control almost everything you see online. These algorithms are so powerful, that they are now using them to ban content even in photos that don’t fit the narrative of controlling the masses.

In fact, as we reported earlier in the week, we have yet again been shadow banned from posting content or showing up on Instagram and Facebook, because the AI algorithm decided that the tradeshow pictures we posted were much to dangerous for people to see.

banned for covering SHOT Show


As it is, the internet is 90%+ controlled copy and pasted crap, designed to dumb down our populous, control every aspect of your life and give you the illusion of a free and open internet – all while a handful of mega-corporations run almost every website that shows up on Google and social media.

Who owns the internet

There is no free and open internet, the image below shows just a snapshot of what is actually going on. Most of the websites that you encounter through social media and search are all controlled by a handful of outlets. They are giving you the illusion that what you are seeing is coming from multiple sources, IT’S NOT!!!

Internet content companies who own the web.

They have taken over everything you see online, here are just a couple examples of how even generic searches are being taken over by these companies so you don’t accidently stumble upon an independent website and get a different view…

And the actual picture is much worse, most so-called small blogs and independent websites were bought off long ago. In fact, years ago we were offered incredible amounts of money to sell our site to various larger conglomerates, so they could pretend it was an independent site — we told them all to fuck off. The results is we were almost immediately shadowbanned and lost over 95% of our internet traffic overnight. We then had a large media company steal our name, trademark it, and then pretend they were us by putting out magazines using our name and images. You can’t get a large following without selling out and compromising everything you believe in!

The moral of the story here is they want to control everything you do, see, and think. And what’s coming is worse than the movies they made to condition you into excepting it. Just look at how easily they locked us down and used phycological warfare tactics to break the American Public.

Welcome to the Matrix!!!

As we reported earlier in the month, when we attended this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Virtual, augmented and mixed reality were everywhere at this years show. In fact, they made no attempt to hide how they want to control us all by strapping us into virtual worlds where AI controls everything we do and see.

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