White Child Brutally beaten and hospitalized in Violent Hate Crime on School Bus over a Trump Hat

In yet the latest hate crime ignored by the mainstream media, a white 14-year-old child from Hamilton County, Florida was brutally beaten by 8 black thugs on his school bus.

His mother posted the violent attack on Twitter and shared her story.

It all began weeks before when her son bought a Trump 2020 hat from a local flea market. She says he bought the hat with his own money and was beyond proud to wear it; until he started being terrorized at school. The moment he stepped foot in his school with the hat, the bullying began.

‘To be clear, my son bought his Trump 2020 hat with his own money at the flea market a few weeks ago,’ the mother wrote.

‘He was proud to wear it. He wore it to School, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn’t wear it to school again, sadly the damage was already done & [he] was now a target,’ she said.

‘From that point on he was steadily getting messed with. He was getting hit, tripped & verbally abused on the bus, but it all came to a head yesterday on his bus ride home,’ she continued.

He was assaulted, bullied and relentlessly harassed on a daily basis – he kept the abuse to himself until the bullying turned into the brutal mob attack where he was beaten by a pack of wild thugs on his school bus.

She said that when her son was examined, nurses found older bruising along with the new injuries from the attack. ‘He didn’t tell us about the bullying, but they took it to a new level yesterday and we are just now learning what he was going through,’ she said.

The hate-filled mob attack occurred on November 21; the video was just released to the public on Thursday after the boy’s family retained an attorney for possible legal action. The incident left the boy, identified only as Tyler, hospitalized with head injuries, according to his mother.

Tyler’s mother says the assault was racially motivated. Tyler is white, and the assailants are all black. 

‘Plain and simple this was a hate crime and attempted murder according to the state of Florida since it was over three kids that jumped him and these kids are older and larger,’ the mother tweeted.

Hate Crimes against White Students covered up by the Media and Public School Systems throughout the Country!

If you have a child in the public school system, you are sending them into a warzone, filled with angry brainwashed fools that have been programmed for violence. These attacks, while rarely covered, are happening on a daily basis in public schools throughout the country.

Your child may not be telling you, but they are experiencing this! We’ve documented a lot of these recent attacks in our article on Hate Crimes against White Students in Our Public Schools.

Its time to Homeschool!

If you are curious how to get started in homeschooling your child, check out our article on Homeschooling: Taking your Child’s Education Off The Grid!

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  1. They should be charged with hate crimes you know is it’s was black kid getting bear up by white Kids I would be all over cnn msnbc . It’s disgusting how the black cry racist and they are the ones perpetrating it. Make a Example Out of them.

      • More blacks are killed by blacks than any others,same over turf wars and drug related crimes,now it’s driven by Democrats in Congress showing hate for President Trump who was elected by the people of America

          • That is a very ignorant comment. You are why there is racism.you envoke racism and the media only reports a one sided agenda.

        • I didn’t vote for trump an I’m not racist, I just know the differences between right an wrong, Trumps just flat out racist an a idiot, even my 11 yr old son can see that.

          • What does that have to do with these kids that need locked up for mob action against a kid trying to support the president. And just cuz you say you are not racist doesn’t make it so.

          • Really Stacey, based on what evidence?? Why? Because your 11 year old said so?? U both have the intellect of a 6 year old which is a main source of the problem!!!! Critical thinking is not a part of your agenda!! Do u even know what critical thinking is??

        • He didn’t win the popular vote. Apparently you are brained washed by the Republican fueled Fox fake news because if you weren’t then you would know that whites kill more whites than anybody & killed more people (regardless of race) than anyone else. It’s also common knowledge that the people you live amongst (family, friends, relatives, neighbors, & even some co-workers, etc.) are the people that you will have conflict with the most so your black on black crime is nothing more than a media fueled character assassination of black communities in Amerikkka.

          • The same is said about CNN and MSNBC and democrats cause chaos and are violent,this even proves the left are intolerant and hateful,when do you EVER hear Trump supporters harassing or being violent to Democrats, you don’t, but you always hear Democrats hurting and being hateful…your comment showed your hatred.

      • I donot care what damn color u are. You donot do what you did. Who do u think u are??? You are not special. You NEED your ass whipped. I would be glad to oblige!!!!

    • When blacks get attacked or killed by whites. We hear about it kn every news channel. Race is
      always mentioned. Not whenwhites are attacked by blacks. Nothing said about race then.

      • maybe we’ll feel like equality exists when police stop murdering unarmed black citizens in their homes and backyards. or maybe when prisons release all the non-violent black offenders in for selling weed before legalizing it for the folks w/ money to “pay their way” into the industry

          • Then you all should be mad at foxnews for not talking about the bad cops that yall say is killing more white than blacks,why ain’t yall talking about that so we can get the bad cops exposed,who fault is that CNN news,quit blaming on media and do something about that if they getting killed fo no reason by cops show it on your Facebook page and quit just talking about it,then yall get mad because blacks expose the bad cops,damn if we do and damn if we dont but I will never agree with kids jumping other kids because of what stuff they heard from there parents or for wearing stuff they dont fully understand as a child,at that age black and white kids shouldnt be worried about what’s going on in politics

          • Justice seems to be rare these days. I am hoping Tyler recovers completely and wont let bullying stop him from being the awesome guy I know he is. Merry Christmas to Tyler and his family, hey there are many on your side.Warm regards and prayers for you.

        • What makes you believe no white people are locked up for selling weed? Or no white person has ever been shot by a cop?WOW! Sorry to burst your bubble but white people go to prison for breaking the law just like any other law breaker!

          • How’s he disgusting, now your just saying random things that don’t even contribute to this interesting and important discussion.
            Just shut the fuck up.

        • Of course. It’s always someone else’s fault. These Black kids blatantly beat this white kid up. If the roll was reversed you would be crying hate crime. People need to fucking take responsibility for their actions. Make an example out of these kids. Send their asses to jail.

        • er, well adjusted kids don’t attack. children may have playground territory lessons but 8yo kids attacking you in a gang for political reasons is psychologically motivated and unacceptable from schools, LEO and the community. That’s who we punish.
          I’m told they used to deal with black gangs by white children just had an agreement when one was attacked they all jumped in and it kept the gang from wanting to ‘get some’. Political Correctness has prevented this just like the news won’t mention race or share photos if the perpetrator doesn’t fit their false narrative of “neonazis attacking our vibrant youts”.
          People are scared of being called ists/isms and obes because they are classically conditioned to believe that is the worst thing to be labeled. what used to prevent the fight is now promoted in reverse by the anti white movement. People better start suing school districts and LEO because the lesson here is that beating isolated white children is ok. little girls will submit to boys for fear of violence and then be attacked by black girls jealous of SMV. It’s the zoo, socialized people don’t behave like this.

          • Video doesn’t lie… what’s it going to take to stop the hate?? The government needs to be an example and stop the constant witch hunts!
            They’re the problem….

          • So a bunch of kids beat up a little boy and it’s the school and law enforcement that should be punished? That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. These kids need to be held responsible for their actions.

        • Devin, the problem is you think your feelings matter more than anyone else because you resort to violence. Most violent is perpetrated by 13% of the population and yet white men are the primary targets of police abuse. it is misreported by the media when a Brown, Grey or Green acts up and gets restrained so police are slow to use force knowing “optics” can end their career. the militarized police state uses black and brown gangs as justification for their armor and canine units which in turn are used against white people and rarely reported. So your feelzies aren’t important to me at all. Met society half way. No excuses.

          • What’s a Grey or Green? I’m legit curious….I’ve never heard anyone called a Green….I was unaware that humans have green skin….I could be showing some ignorance but I’m for real curious…..

        • Get tf out of here with that equality bullshit. First off 99% of the time when the cop shoots an “unarmed black man” in almost every video. You only see what the black guy wanted you to see. Did you see the dash cam footage? Did you see them turn their chest cam off? And another fucking thing. The black population got locked up for a reason just like the white population did. They were doing shit illegally ya dumbshit. So in theory if were going off of what you said than we should let out all the non violent white inmates out right? Pay their way my ass. Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

          • Your comment just generalized the entire black race ….check your verbiage. Not all blacks are perpetuating this behavior. They should be held accountable for attacking that kid. Now if we are to speak frankly, more racism and trash comes from the white race and is covered up by the white race. So while you’re busy holding blacks accountable make sure you do the same for those that have the same skin color as you….homie!

          • Priscilla…. BWAHAHAHAHAHA nice joke. Now when you want to have a serious conversation let us know. Cause last i checked. Facebook and googles ai to reduce racism proved that shit ( your incorrect POV) way wrong.

          • Do you post it on Facebook to expose these bad cops,quit talking about it and show what’s going on,action speaks better than words,show it if whites getting killed for no reason by cops,what I see on tv when whites shooting groups of people they get took alive and took to McDonalds to get something to eat,wrong is wrong no matter the color of the kids they shouldn’t be jumping anybody because of there actions from what they learned from there parents

          • Link to this taken alive and taken out for a bite to eat bullshit your parading?

            How about you come back to reality and quit your bullshit. Plenty of white people recording bad cops, check out audit the audit for one numbnutz. Two white are demonized and majority, so why would the media cover it?? They wouldn’t go against their agendas and message.

        • How does that make this ok? Wow. Just wow. You are excusing what happened here because there are blacks in jail who are there on weed possession? There are individuals of all races in jail for weed possession. One does not have anything to do with the other.

        • Maybe they ought to quit being gangsters and thugs. Most is black on black. Check milwaukee, detroit, baltimore, chicago, etc etc.. most are black on black. you are nothing but a flame fanner quit complaining about the white people. blacks are way more racist than the white people are.

          • First of all in the last 50 years of life black people was getting hung from trees by white people ! Now u have a president who want take on dat those same black kids dat was getting bully 50 years ago got grand kids who not gonna take dat shit it the curse of yo grandma and grandpa who will come back to hunt u if u take part in any support of racism ! Sad what happen to dat boy but we really don’t know what he was saying to the girls ! Dey still shouldn’t have touch him ! But those witch hunts yo great papa was on brought hate and power dat was giving to black people to over come those witch hunt ! Don’t send yo kid to school putting him in harms way Knowing dat can cause a problem dat me being a parent sad u have to do dat blood was shed over skin color people was murder lot of blacks murder so for u white folks think smarter !!!! Today u not going to win a race war your people took lives it’s a reason y’all lock your doors when u see the black Man U turn him to a thug who don’t give a fuck and dat hanging shit forever in the mind of blacks u think cuz u or your kid had nothing to do wit it gonna stop him for being innocent! No the curse on u guys when it comes to race u murder people cuz of color ! Till u his kid his kid kid kid kid fix it sorry and I know it ain’t right don’t be preaching trump at school cuz it mean war to black kids

          • High 5s to that, nobodys above it. Bullying is a very traumatic experience. The consequences to victims of it are unbearable. Laws need to protect innocent and naive kids from attacks like this. Wonder if segregation would help.?

        • With your statement, are you condoning what happened to this child? Two wrongs don’t make a right. They never have and never will!!!

        • Weve reached a time when we are being brainwashed to believe that onky whites are racist when blacks are way worse any day. Bkack pride is wonderf but where is there any pride in gang violence and hate crimes? Should we excuse them because of all the excuses we are given to justify violence against whites? Are blacks always right and justified. I think niy. Its ikay to be white and we have rights too

        • Go to Birmingham Alabama and watch the news every morning,the blacks are killing black,even little black kids everyday in gun violence.Dont blame the police for trying to keep law and order,blame the ones breaking the laws.Its not ok that only blacks are allowed to break the law,even if it is just pot.the law is the law period!

        • So let’s get this straight Devin, you are sticking up for the savages (that’s right, I called them savages because that’s exactly how they are behaving) and their actions in this video? It’s a tally sheet in your warped and apparently racist mind? You have been successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated by the left and liberal media. I’m betting you wouldn’t have that same reaction if the races were switched. People like you are destroying this country.

          • Are you kidding me!!! You cannot be for real we did not ask to be brought here in slave ships We did not asked to be sold rape beaten and we are still being in slaved… you people kill me with your bullshit.

          • Yes philomene blacks are still enslaved. In FUCKING AFRICA YOU DUMB TWIT. And the irish didnt ask to come here either as slaves but i dont see them bitching.

            Your fucking warped and fyi you all already got restitution, it was 40acres and a fucking mule. Which 40 acres today is easily sold for 1/4 mil.

            Additionally it was indentured servitude dumbass your free after so long working. And most became plantation owners themselves.. Or did you miss where 1 out of 5 plantation owners in the south was black in history class

          • First of all no one alive today was brought over here on a slave ship. So, don’t even go there. This was a blatant crime done to a kid. He was beat on by a mob with a mob mentality. They should be prosecuted.

        • Devin Verrette…..WTF does that have to do with this attack, as always the facts are ignored and stuff is brought up that is completely irrelevant

          • They are doing this brutality to us in country,now they throw a frenzy when the tables are turned.But again it’s wrong to do this to this Lil boy ,black or white..Same as racist cops

        • That doesn’t justify this violence, even if it were other way around, no matter who’s getting abused and attacked is Wrong!!! No matter what color skin you’re, my question where the heck is the bus driver?

          • Exactly!!! I was wondering that myself.. I know for a fact if a fight broke out in my bus back in the day our driver would’ve had that baby parked to the side of the road in a second.. she’d been back there grabbing kids getting right in the middle of it..

        • What exactly does that have to do with kids beating up another kid that has two totally different meanings the majority of people that are locked up or locked up there for a reason no child should ever have to get beaten by a bunch of kids that are on their way to juvenile detention and probably a life of incarceration two totally separate things seriously

        • No. You’re just a bunch idiotic animals that can’t fight one on one but in a pack of dogs like your lifestyle. You breed when you smell the first blood drop from your whores even if its your mother or sister. Wrong again, the LEO kill the blacks that’s robbing or killing innocent people. Blacks kill other blacks in their home while sleeping or in their backyards bbq’ing. Shoot black babies because they got the wrong color on like you can tell color.

        • So to you fool a thousand wrongs make a right, equality does not exist in man’s legislation , it’s in the heart and presence of a man

        • So your justifying that attack? Generalizing racial hatred DON’T make it justified!! Clearly a hate crime and that girl is was clearly choking that boy!!! I hope they get prosecuted to fullest degree of the law!!!

        • And that statement isn’t racist?? It’s ok for a man of color to be racist, but let the “cracker” do it and all hell breaks loose? Devin, your statement is just as racist as the bullshit you are preaching. Stop racism on both sides and maybe the world would be a better place. Stop justiying a crime done by a black man only because he is the same color. A crime is a fucking crime! That’s like me saying what a white serial killer did was ok because he was white like me.. No dumbass, the crime is just as bad as the crime the black guy did! Stop justifying someone’s crime because he looks like you! How about we take the race out of it and see it as it is, human on human crime! Jesus!!

        • More of you monkeys are killed by other fuckingn apes, stop blaming PEOPLE cause y’all still act like fucking savages . Only a mooncricket would condone that behavior. Maybe someone should stomp your mudbabies face in fucking junglebunny

          • Hey stupid have you ever look in mirror black peoples don’t have the ears the size of apes and nose size of potato head but guess who do your white ass why do you white devils keep telling black peoples who slave to build this country while you lazy bastard rode on a horse and now y’all want all the credit for doing nothing and you continue to be lazy stealing others ideas and taking the credit I guess it’s hard to change animals into humans and for future reference stupid you should stop telling people to go back to there country when your stupid ass is also not from this Country please keep that evil lazy mouth shut pick up a book and learn your history so you can stop looking stupid

        • WTH does that have to do with a gang of black thugs beating a defenseless child? Stating untrue and exaggerated events only makes things worse. There is NOTHING you can say that makes this crap right. Keep your race-baiting to yourself. We’ve heard it enough.

        • Wow the utter ignorance of your comment. So by committing more hate crimes you think that will wake people up hmm. Wow also you believe they should only release the non violent black criminals but no where did you say white or mexican or Chinese. Only worried about blacks why even specify black or white non violent offenders or because your only worried about one color of person very sad. Comical you also believe only black people sold weed before it became legal. Very sad open your eyes it’s not all about one race.. poor you

        • Are you trying to say there’s no whites in jail for weed? If you are I don’t believe that. I know a white guy with a sentence of 25 years for that

        • Once again; most black crime is black on black. Look at the stats of black on n
          Black murder vs police on black murder, you’ll be surprised. Oh and for the record people in jail for selling weed, (black or white) are in jail for breaking the law. Also people who could “pay their way” to grow and sell weed waited until it was legal.

        • Please don’t distract from the subject matter at hand. We are all aware of the issues faced but the black communities. It’s reported on extensively by the media. This kind of violence against young Whie children goes back many years as well.

        • First of all none of us was around when African Americans were brought over here. Why does your race always have to go back to that? Hell I mean the Indians that we’re here before anyone else didn’t ask for what happened to them. The Jewish ppl didn’t deserve what they got. The problem is the government. They want the hate. They want us divided. That is there way of covering real important issues that none of us know about. They know if WE the ppl All of us black, brown, white, red whatever stood side by side they wouldn’t have a chance to control us. Hate is everywhere. It will always be there. We have to stop looking at this as a race issue. We are all what make The United States of America. None before the other. We have to live together on this Earth. We need to realise that if we can’t come together there won’t be much of an Earth left for our children’s children’s children. I mean I’m white as all get out. I treat everyone the way they treat me. Ignorance is in every race. This shit is just plain ignorant. Everybody wanna justify shit. Nobody wants to take accountability. Y’all need to stop living like animals and realise we need one another to keep this country alive and to keep this Earth around for as long as we can. Quit thinking about ourselves and being selfish. Quit being mad about shit ppl alive today had nothing to do with 100 plus years ago. Quit acting like your the victims. And quit treating others like they were the perpetrators. White ppl. Y’all need to stop being so scared of other colors. There some really damn good colored ppl out there. Life is all about acceptance
          It’s about time we all accept each other. Don’t have to like each other but damn atleast respect each other.

      • Really? So how do you explain the front page story in The NYT last Wednesday, of a white 1 year old student, being attacked by 3 black youths, including a 13 year old?

      • I’m a 19 year old female from Ohio. My name is Hailey and I am a Republican and I am not racist. But here’s how I saw it in the video the kid was obviously happy for our Mr.President Donald J. Trump and was supporting him by wearing his supporter hat and the poor angel just got attacked for apparent reason besides for sticking to his beliefs. Think of it this way when Obama was president did you see any kids get attacked on busses for supporting him. Answer that to me and I have an a immediate answer to my question is nope because I was little when Obama was elected as president so I honestly couldn’t care less about who was president then but now I do. Nowadays if you are a supporter of Trump and wearing Trump supporter merchandise you’re gonna get your ass beating by people who are obviously on the Democratic Party for no reason. So here’s what I am saying it’s mentally fucked up that we can’t as Republicans be happy for the good that the president has done but it’s funny because it was also what Obama thought about doing when he was elected as president back then. Don’t believe me check articles that factual based rather then fictionally based.

    • OMG…that was only 21 seconds and one girl beating on your son!! The pit I felt in my stomach watching this sent my blood pressure flying off the charts! And there were 8 kids total pouncing on this one young boy?My child would never be stepping foot back into that school district .I would sue the school district along with each child and their parents ,for raising children so full of hate!!! The school should have protected that boy and they failed miserably! He’s going to need years of counseling to get passed this!

      • Wow….no wonder you didn’t use your real name!!!! You probably wear a white hood and burn crosses as well. Those kids may be awful but those words are unnecessary…..you are a disgusting, obscene, and vile human, and people like you are a HUGE part of what is wrong with America today.

        • I totally in agreement with you, hate filled words always make wounds that are hard to heal. way too much hate goin around today in the thoughtless society that has no conscience.empty headed bigots should STFU

      • All nigger must hang. No peace in America while niggerps are free to do this shit. Cause he WORE a hat. Fucki niggers and nigger sympathizers.

        • Only people deserve to hang is all of you white devils y’all are not even human you’re all weak that why no w matter what other race you have a child with they will always look like the other race your race of people is always calling others race animals but Dumbass the only people in entire whole world that have DNA of a dog I know ass white devils is dumber than a rock let me help you out (a dog is a animal and y’all carry the same DNA Lol

    • Whites are under attack from other races.Blacks use their race as an excuse of why they can not.But really they can not because they are not willing to put forth the effort to succeed.I am not saying all blacks.Many are super successful.No l am not a racist but call things as they are.Have friends that are black and color is not of ANY concern to me but don’t tell me l can not because l am black.Put forth the effort.

    • I’ve grown up in a padomenetly black neighborhood were you had to learn how to fight… they say white people are racist… they need to look in the mirror… cause if that was my kid I’d be going to prison cause I would get them and there parents….

    • It’s a viscous little circle kids speaks his opinion by wearing a hat black kids beat him up does something to him mentally white kid goes to school with fun starts shooting black kids, black parents say it race related parents blame white parents
      White parents take black parents to court might win money black parents use race card
      So all in all the race card will never go away

    • This is getting out of hand when children on school buses start doing this crap . The democrat party and the News that people watch and the parents in the home what they say and do effects how kid react to things. People should be held accountable for what they say . Everyone is accountable for their actions ! Its are responsibility to make sure are children don’t act this way … This is shameful !

      • The teachers are indoctrinating the kids. Preaching hate for Trump and the Republican party. They change history to fit thier agenda.

    • It’s sad that kids don’t get along because adults teach them all their life that there’s a differance and it should be acted on no matter what .black and white do it. As adults we need to just see gray and get to the bottom of the real problem.

    • Youre 100% correct. He was beaten with so much hate and force; the intent to do massive damage was there.Dont let this disolve as so many White assaults usually fade into nothingness. Step up for your child’s right to free speech and to be white in America.

    • It’s descusting I couldn’t agree more with you if it was reversed it would be in the news non-stop . Poor you black child beaten badly by group of dangerous WHITE KIDS on bus but because of what it is very quickly swept away

    • Are you kidding me!!! You cannot be for real we did not ask to be brought here in slave ships We did not asked to be sold rape beaten and we are still being in slaved… you people kill me with your bullshit.

      • You wasn’t brought here so shut the fuck up you can all leave when you what instead of being lazy wanting the white man to pay you if that was my son I would be whooping some little punks ass

    • Your comment just generalized the entire black race ….check your verbiage. Not all blacks are perpetuating this behavior. They should be held accountable for attacking that kid. Now if we are to speak frankly, more racism and trash comes from the white race and is covered up by the white race. So while you’re busy holding blacks accountable make sure you do the same for those that have the same skin color as you….homie!

    • They are doing this brutality to us in country,now they throw a frenzy when the tables are turned.But again it’s wrong to do this to this Lil boy ,black or white..Same as racist cops…
      Separation is the answer

    • For sure. I went thru it for 8 yrs. Can never forget it it. Nobody should be treated like that. Nobody. And while nobody in the world cared about me
      I was hated mistreated abused discriminated against threatened just cuz my skin was and still is. I still suffer from the trauma if it all. And still nobody cares. Somebody including authorities need to start caring now. These victims do not deserve to be mistreated whether they wear a hat have white skin or express themselves without hurting anybody. Nobody should be afraid to express themselves especially when they are not hurting anybody. If they don’t like the way a person expresses themselves they need to just walk away. People are always walking away anyway.

    • I hope the busdriver gets fired, the school district sued and all the kids that threw punches at this kid get charged for their “HATE” crimes!!
      Then, the family ought to take him out of that district! That’s what I would do…

    • What did he say to them? What they did was dead wrong and they deserve serious punishment. I still doubt it came out of the blue as I see no maga hat.

    • I agree this kids no doubt they should be charge, I don’t understand why you don’t do a police report on them. Please so so not only that sue the bus driver he shouldn’t let this happen. This kids should be suspenden from school until next year. And parents should be responsible for this. This is BS

    • I don’t feel sorry for any white person that’s beaten they deserve that and more for all the people life they have taken just because of there greediness they have stolen from every race they’re not human pure evil white DEVIL

      • Dude what the actual fuck. No white/republican/or anybody in that matter deserves to be beaten in this time period because we didn’t do anything wrong and you’re obviously holding some grudges from shit that happened obviously started 1619 so obviously it’s been 401 years since it started and ended 1865 so obviously it’s been 155 years. We have no absolute control from what happened then but we do have some control of what happens now and what would have happened if you saw you’re damn kids killed/beaten for supporting Obama. It’s so honestly fucked up that you think that.

    • It’s totally all all our fault, we teach our white children to have respect for others, but they know respect for us! It’s time get get rid of soccer moms and start teaching our white, mexican, asian children the 3 r’s plus how to fight back.

    • I am definitely not going say what he did to the little guy was right, it was wrong, just like slavery 400 years ago up to today in some parts of the world, some black peoples are still not free in 2020.. breeded to hate over Hundreds of year don’t wash away over night. Many African Americans feel like get back on Caucasian for the next 400 years should be Justified, there are probably only a hand full that wouldn’t actually say that, but many have thought it! And in Certain parts of the world DT2020 is the worst president ever!!

    • I am an Black American woman and if my child did this to anyone I don’t care what color they are I would beat the brakes off them and hand them the phone to call child protective services because I would NEVER allow a child to do that to someone.

      • Right on sister. I’m a white Mom and I don’t care what color you are but if that was my child fighting like that I’d knock him into next week. I taught my son against racism, he’s 29 years old now and loves all people of color, let me label someone and he’s all over me. This is so sad my heart breaks for that little boy and I also have compassion for those girls who are being raised to hate, what a waist

    • The incident is very brutal however its not like the narratives description I see a little white boy being pummeled by a little black girl also what happened to cause the fight cause this doesn’t look like this little girl is angry over a maga that at all so were both kids questioned.

    • Oh yea cuz these high school kids are just a pack of wild animals. TRUMP REPRESENTS RACISM AND HATE. U wear a trump hat u spreading that same message. Kids can’t wear dreads but they can express a political opinion they clearly don’t understand. Yea it’s a hate crime and it started wit that hat. Wild thugs? You don’t know what a thug is mam

  2. No it is not time to homeschool, it is time to prosecute. The fool that says other crimes justifies this is half of the problem.No child should be attacked and the thugs that did this should be tried as adults aND prosecuted as such!!!!!!

    • Totally agree! Hold them accountable for what they do and this country can get back to what it use to be. Quit sugar coating every little thing, our kids of this generation have no responsibility, no manners! ( a lot of them )

    • No human being deserves to be beat like that. Those adolescents need to be taught a lesson.
      Caucasians are now the minority, have been for awhile.
      My oldest was involved in a similar situation, he is a big Trump supporter. Only difference is he put an end to it when the first physical assault happened. His was also recorded by the offenders entourage. The end result was my son had a busted lip, and was asked to join the wrestling team. The offender became the victim and his parents tried to press charges of assault against my son. The video showed two attackers and my son the defender. The police were called and so was I. We all watched the video.
      The officers asked what the parents wanted to do. They said press charges, I said okay. I agree to press charges of premeditated assault, punishable by a minimum of 2 years in the state penitentiary.

      This beating was thought out in this video. Someone was recording, the black children instigated and carried it out. Send to Africa and let them become soldier boys and girls.
      I don’t have much sympathy for animals.

      • I believe the blacks had it planned.
        Because look there was a camera on the boy before the beating started.
        So everyone of them should go to jail including the one videoing it.
        The first female look like she is in maybe sophomore year.
        But the worst of it (if any e really watching the blacks made sure their faces were not filmed but kept beat the young man and I believe that female was choking the boy after hitting him. I mean that’s what I see.
        Back to camera man did not try to catch those involve of the attack afterwards to give the evidence. What did the bus camera catch or was that blocked.
        I’m just saying.
        I hope the boy was doing well after the attack and recovery. His family ad his self are doing well. God bless

      • Your people are the real animals of this world coming into America beating raping and murdering the Indians to steal their land going to Africa doing the same thing to the people bringing them here against their will to work the land that your people stole from the natives. Smfh!!! Your people called the native Indians God less savages in reality your people by the savages and the animals

        • You didnt go through any of it so stfu. Maybe abe should have sent all your ancestors black asses back to africa.

          Then you could whine about how the militant forces are killing people by the thousands to this day. IDIOT

    • oh, its time to homeschool AND prosecute. its time to unshackle taxpayers from the yoke of losing children to ideological subversion in marxist education labs. Public schools intentionally subject children to the worst among them, it removes the masses from ever competing with the elites psychologically. John Taylor Gatto has written numerous books and YT has some great summaries you would be surprised it goes back to the second industrial revolution where bankers crashed the property values forcing families into factories and off the farm (80% lived rural and were welf sufficient at that time).
      Just as the bullies are manufactured, so is the propaganda. it doesn’t take 12 years to educate. 12 year is for indoctrination.
      Homeschool your children. they’ll be happier, smarter and way ahead of the game of life.

    • Thats what I said at first. You could see the stuff going by as the buses still moving, BUT toward the end of the video, the bus had stopped. They DO have to take the time to find a safe place to pull over and stop.

    • You are absolutely right because what they do is they go home gather up their parents Guns and go to school and kill everybody all of the school shootings are always the white student name one school shooting that were by a black child you people are a whole bunch of savages and you guys raise your children to be savages…

      • What does your comment have to do with this fucking event? None of what you say defers fault of those persuing illegal actions as evidenced BY THE FUCKING VIDEO. None of what you say makes THIS SHIT OKAY AND EXSCUSABLE.

        Now go back to drinking your cnn koolaid the cyanide will work its magic soon enough..

  3. Why in the hell did the bus driver not pull over and do nothing about that?!?! I would definitely be suing, breaks my heart to see this.

    • No, we are taught that we should be ashamed to be white. Hell, I wouldnt mind being an illegal right now, then maybe I could cut down to working just one job to makeends meet and could collect $3,000 a month and get free healthcare just for being me!!!

      Neither I nor my parents, grandparents, great grandparents or great great grandparents and on and on and on owned slaves, but somehow, some way we are supposed to pay for the people that did.

  4. I grew up above Detroit and my high school was racist as hell. If the tables were turned, this would be all over the media and I don’t care what anyone thinks there. This was race. I found telling black people I am Mexican, ends the fight fast. So fast, it is sick. Each of those black kids need help from someone who stopped blaming and made a future for themselves, while being black. The black kids sadly keep the blame up. The Trump child deserves to see each kid face time and needed help for a probation. Sadly, the hate grows.

  5. This is the problem, people are focusing on either black or white instead of the child itself. People the black white hate is never going to go away unless we make it go away. Stop pointing fingers at one or the other. The fact is a child was very hurt over a hat. If we raise our children right, then things like this wouldn’t happen.

    • Regardless, this child was beaten by a gang of kids. It was 8 on 1. Who knows if the child would have been killed. Thankfully he wasnt, THIS TIME. These kids need to be charged at the very least with bullying and assault. This has to stop

  6. The mother needs to prosecute every one of these animals and their parents. Who raises kids like this? They beat him because they thought they could get away with it. Apparently this boy had been bullied by these kids before this incident happened. Maybe all of it wasn’t reported to the school or the authorities when it happened. So these thugs thought it was ok to jump him even on school property. And where was the bus driver when they started beating him?

    • Baloney. Even though he is a minor, he has the same right to express his opinion as every other American citizen. It’s called freedom of speech. There is absolutely no difference in your response as saying that a rape victim was asking for it because she wore a short skirt.

    • People like you are the problem, it’s called Freedom of speech for a reason. So your saying it would be ok if 8 people beat the shit out of you for wearing a gray shirt?

  7. Dont wear that kind of hat? Lmfao If that’s what you think, then jump in line with the rest of the useless fucking people on this planet
    It’s about this child getting hurt and no-one stepping up to help or defend him, it’s about the violent mob mentality that children see through their parents and bullshit on TV and they think it’s ok, one of the biggest problems, kids don’t get their ass beat at home by mom and dad anymore because the parents done give a shit or their too scared to have the cops and CPS called on them. Every child needs a good ole’fashion ass whippin on an annual basis at home by their parents, they need to be taught respect, manners, morals. Not how to dress in the latest fashion, how to gang up on people, or when the next iPhone is going to come out. Stop the bullshit and pay attention to your children!

  8. Let’s face it, period; Black culture, mannerisms, values, and mores, are completely different and always will be to whites. All they continue to do is hate and blame whites for all their problems and lot in life. Honest to God we should have shipped them all back to Africa after the civil war in 1865 so they could live and thrive with their own kind in their own homelands or the countries of their ancestors. They will never be happy here! To late now, we’re stuck and paying the price.

    • There are just so many things wrong with this comment. Your name is true to form. You are a MAJOR part of the problem in America. Maybe we should pack up your shit and send you back to where your ancestors are from….oh wait, they wouldn’t accept a racist garbage spewing “warthog”….they would put you right back on the boat with a return to sender sticker…..maybe we could lose you in the Bermuda Triangle. I’ve never heard something quite so unbelievable……wow….just WOW!


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