WHO planning for another round of Worldwide Shutdowns, Mask Mandates, and Vaccine Mandates!

In the never-ending push to indefinitely lock the world down so tyrannical governments can take what little bit of freedom you thought you had left, The World Health Organization is getting ready to push another round of shutdowns and mandates as media outlets around the world yet again stoke the latest variant fear.

“I’m concerned that cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, putting further pressure on [sic] health systems and health workers. I’m also concerned about the increasing trend of deaths. The emergency committee on COVID-19 met on Friday last week and concluded the virus remains a public health emergency of international concern,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom.

Adhanom is now recommending that countries return to implementing mask mandates, mandatory COVID testing, and mass surveillance programs.

Despite being triple vaccinated and still catching COVID, Chief Medical propagandist Dr. Anthony Fauci is once again making the media rounds, saying that the American people need to start once again wearing masks.

In New Zealand, government officials are bringing back more COVIC restrictions as COVID deaths supposedly reach record highs in the country. Unfortunately, the media who love to say follow the science is refusing to tell people that 95% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated,  75% are boosted, and they have a mask mandate – Yet, COVID deaths are skyrocketing in New Zealand. It looks like the magic shot and the magic masks might not be so magical after all.

So, if are to believe that the “pandemic” is back, or not over, or whatever line of bullshit they come up with next, then anyone with half a brain would have to conclude that years of mask-wearing and quadruple vaccinations did NOTHING to stop it – so why triple down on insanity again?


As we’ve shouted from the rooftops since the day this started, this is all about breaking your spirit and controlling the populous. In Canada, citizens were just informed that they would NEVER be fully vaccinated against COVID, and they may be required to get booster shots every nine months.

Last year we outlined the plan, and showed how these tyrannical “progressive” governments were using classic psychological warfare techniques to break the populous and enact total control.

In 1957, Albert D. Biderman, a social scientist with the US Air Force, developed a method of eight chronological general methods of torture that will psychologically break an individual. The chart has been used to physically break the enemy, and gain complete coercive control through “dependency, debility and dread”.

Eerily, and probably not coincidently, this chart seems to parallel exactly what is happening throughout the so-called COVID pandemic, almost as if one of the largest phycological warfare campaigns of all time has been declared on the free people of the world!

Read more about Biderman’s Chart of Coercion here.

Take the lessons you have hopefully learned over the last three years, and start planning for things to get worse!

None of this was ever about a virus; it was always about killing your spirit, killing the American Dream, and enacting total control over the people – and if you think I am wrong, take a trip to your local box store and see how many of these mental midgets are still out there following orders!

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  1. I still see MISGUIDED FOOLISH people not free individuals wearing masks like robots even in their personnel vehicles with the windows rolled up,as they say fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me Tedros and Fauci can go suck a Hachi.DUDA

  2. By the way I’m a truck driver all thru this lie not once did I see bodies laying about unless it was a nursing home you want to see disease riddled dead bodies back in the 80s in parts of Africa I was in the Military Tuberculosis Leprosy rotting corpses no services to clean them up and bury them and a lot of that suffering was brought on by the western powers raping their environment for greed not giving a shit about the Africans welfare they were just in the way and I’m not surprised we are now in the way and of the buildup of China by the same powers that wrecked Africa. The UN should be disembembowled they have stood by and let these atrocities of war pestilence famine more so than at anytime in world history. The creation of the UN after WW2 was never about ending these things it was about the creation of a one world global Gov. DUDA

  3. This shit is getting crazy out of hand. What is the plan to fight for our country and our rights. How can we stop this from continuing. I believe after watching all the Intel. And seeing people following powers that be off the vaccination cliff without question and listening to gates, that these shots are dangerous and there is more than vaccine in them. I’m wondering if those who are pushing for depopulation have chosen who among them and their families are they willing to sacrifice for the cause??? I think it only fair that they come forward and show they are sacrificing the rights and lives of themselves and their families before they demand the rest of us to do so. We the people have the right to demand Biden and Gates and any others who are in support of this purge show proof of their
    sacrifcial contribution to the cause. I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting to see it.

  4. Fraudci needs to be fired. He was wrong on everything the first time, and he thinks were going to listen to him again.fstfu

  5. It is time tell Fauci , The WHO , THE UN , CDC, China, Biden, Obama, Soros, Gates, CONGRESS & all the rest of them TO BACK OFF, SIT DOWN & SHUT UP !! WE are all thru with shots, masks, spacing, mandates, gas Prices, Broken Supply Chains (?), & any of thWE ARE DONE !!!eir other LIES !!

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