WHO Pushing for Extended Lockdowns and Social Distancing until Vaccine Can be Made

The corrupt World Health Organization who helped China coverup the initial COVID-19 outbreak and for weeks claimed there was no human to human transmission is now pushing for extended worldwide lockdown orders in what will likely cause irreversible damage to the world wide economy and bankrupt most small business owners.

Yesterday, we reported how three new studies proved this so-called “pandemic” was no more deadly than the average yearly flu, yet corrupt organizations like the World Health Organization still trying to push the world over the edge.

Takeshi Kasai, the WHO’s regional director for the Western Pacific, is yet the latest member of WHO to push to lockdown orders and extended extend social distancing measures until we have a vaccine – which by all estimates won’t be ready for at least another 18 months.

“Individuals and society need to be ready for a new way of living,” Kasai said.

Just a few weeks back, Dr. Michael Ryan, the executive director of the corrupt World Health Organization pushed for authorities to remove infected people from their homes and move them to isolated facilities.

Have we lost our civil liberties a pandemic that has the same death rate as the Flu?

Our world is turning into a de facto police state in the name of public health where people are being threatened with arrest and fines for playing at public parks, attending drive-in church services, or even walking to close to each other on the sidewalk.

Here are just a few articles where we document the crackdown on freedom over the last couple of months:

Preparing for Government Tyrants and the Coming Economic Disaster

From the start, we’ve told people to read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Infection Numbers.

The key to preparedness is knowing what the threat is, understanding the threat, and then taking the actions to protect yourself from that threat. So far the only threat we see is the unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties and the destruction of our economy and small business infrastructure.

Preparedness Resources

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  1. If we can get our economy restarted without a mass casualty event from COVID19, fine, I’m all for that. As I’ve stated before I’m in a medical issue and age group particularly at risk for serious consequences if my S/O or I catch it so I’m staying put and safe for now. Hopefully if and when a vaccine is developed and works, I’ll get back to normal, until then I’m just fine with on line deliveries of staple I need.

  2. I’m 76 years old living in Cape Town South Africa. As an elderly gentleman who falls within the bracket of the “most vulnerable” I am completely sick of this lockdown. If I happen to get the virus and am one of the small percentage of people to die from it, then it is my time to die.

    This living in absolute fear, in isolation, without human interaction and not being able to take my dog for a walk each day- according to me – is not living at all!

    I say lift the lockdown and if God wants me dead then that’s just how it’s supposed to be.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you, but I am only 69.
      None of these people seem to realize that WE ARE NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS WORLD ALIVE, so I am glad to see there is someone who agrees with my thoughts too.
      Congratulations on your intelligence, and also common sense too. Common Sense doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden, not anymore anyway.

  3. Hmmm, maybe WHO would be willing to forfeit their money from all the countries and give it to the citizens that they want to stop from continuing living their life???
    I mean get real, they were so SLOW to call a pandemic to begin with, now they want to stop the world from turning?? I hope that never happens.
    I hope the world realizes the hoax that is being shown to us, by shutting down the countries and expecting everyone to just “shelter in place” well explain to me, how that is going to happen when the people they are wanting to stay home even longer have no money?
    Our government can’t keep sending out checks, the ink well will be going dry soon

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