Mainstream Media Asks, Why is DHS Stockpiling Ammo, Weapons and Armored Assault Vehicles?

DHSAfter years of reporting on the Federal Government’s war on the American Public, someone in the mainstream media is finally asking why the Department of Homeland Security seems to be arming itself for a war on American soil.

Early this morning, Forbes released an article asking why the Department of homeland security was buying over 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, and why they need heavily armored personnel carriers designed for war.  The article points out that DHS has stockpiled enough ammo for a 20-year war in the homeland.

Dispelling the myth that it’s all for training.

Despite the fact that most of the mainstream media has dismissed these purchases, by claiming they are for training purposes, the article rightly points out that DHS only uses 15 million rounds every year. At that rate, the current stockpile would last the Department of Homeland Security 106 years; keep in mind that the 1.6 billion rounds is what they’ve purchased in the last 10 months.

To bring the numbers into perspective, the Forbes article goes on to point out, “at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month.  Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years.”

If this is all for training purposes, why are they purchasing MRAP armored personnel carriers designed for war?


So we need to ask, what exactly is DHS preparing for?

The amount of war time machinery being purchased by DHS is staggering. As we pointed out last week, DHS has is now in the process of building a whole new fleet of Predator B Drones that will be deployed throughout the United States. These Drones, which are being built to military standards, are being fabricated to accept “targeting and weapon delivery” systems.  So I’ll ask again, what is DHS preparing for?

Predator B Drone

Why would drones, which are being built for homeland operations, need weapon and targeting systems? Is this why Rand Paul demanded answers from the White House, and is this why Senator John McCain is arguing for the President’s Right to Target American Citizens with Drones?

We are living is some very troubling times. While some would like to dismiss these facts as the ranting’s of conspiracy theorists, we have people in the government actively preparing reports targeting those same “conspiracy theorists”, as a terrorist threat to the nation. There is something seriously wrong when asking questions makes you a threat to the nation!

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  1. It’s about time we start seeing more MSM outlets bringing this conversation to the forefront. The war on our guns is to disarm us so we wont even have a fighting chance against a tyrannical government…

    • Oh yeah we will. Even if they were able to confiscate every gun in the U.S., making something out of common materials that can be found in any house (abandoned or otherwise) in order to liberate one of the blacksuit thugs of thier personal arsenal, is very easy to do.
      google l i b e r a t o r just take the spaces out or wikipedia.

  2. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, flies like a duck and cops a squat like a duck, i don’t care if it barks or meows…it’s a duck!

    • Ducks have been known to tell lies. You identify them by their size and shape, their walk, and other behavioral characteristics. But they know they’re tasty, so don’t believe them because they’ll deny being ducks.

  3. What I’m thinking is that I’ve read two possible reasons for these purchases – martial law / NWO takeover, and creating an artificial ammo shortage. Since the feds eventually dump all their surplus on the market, I hope it’s the latter. When that day comes I’ll clean buy enough ammo for my own 50 year war.

    But there are also two more possibilities – both of which involve doing this through fed agencies and budgets to avoid having the real agenda identified or the budget expenditures questioned. One – buying this stuff to give to some other nation in secret for a coup of some kind there. Two – buying it all for use in some place like Mexico to destroy the drug cartels. If I were Mexico, I’d be worried about the expansion of US forces there helping to catch the drug runners. But most likely Venezuela and Colombia should be worrying also.

    My personal opinion? I’m not sure, so I’ll consider all of them as possible. Its too weird to ignore.

    • Colombia doesn’t need to worry, I was there in the jungle gathering intel on the cartels in ’86. The U.S. had been there prior to and ever since. Sadly we don’t do much.. except use for taxpayer money to be funneled into other programs.

      • Ah, it’s good to meet someone who really knows, even if just in part, as I’m sure they’re are alot more parts than even I know. But, from my sources, we took Norriago out of Panama after we allowed him to bring his cocain into this country to make his money, actually setting up a drug business for us, then jerked this President out of his own country without even declairing war and put him through a trial and imprisoned him in this country for the last twenty five years and no one found that strange? Then Bush senior in the first year of his reign declares he’s going to columbia to get rid of the drugs, but instead we just hung around for nearly twenty five years, those programs are still in effect today! And here’s the WHY? Bush did not go to Columbia to get rid of the drugs, but to get control of all the drugs! The world has been on the Drugs and Gun Monitary Standard for the last thirty to forty years! Bush, emplimented his plan,and we have to remember, here is man who was head of the Cia during Viet Nam, was Vice President during the Communist Aftgan war, while securing the Central American High Way against the so called Contra during the Reagan administration, setting the stage for his Grand entrance, with his experiment with the United Nations forces to see if we could all work together as a New World Order, Desert Storm! Finding out we had too many cheifs and not enough indians he waits until he can get his kid in as president and comes up with the scheme of how to get the American people to buy into going back to the middle east with 911! And we all fell for it because Bush Jr. said JESUS? You have to remember the Bushes are about oil, the middle east is about oil and then try to wrap your mind around the FACT that Viet Nam was the doorway to the Golden Triangle Opium people and thats why we were actually in Cambodia And Laos when we weren’t supposed to be and why the Viet Nam War happened. They are the number one supplier of good Opium in the world and Aftganistan is the second with Mexico being number three because of quality! It took me years to get the full details out of my sources about the drug deal Bush made with Columbia, where he would brake the backs of all the supplying countries around Columbia and they could could go on with business as usuall as long as they did what he told them to do or else we would have just declared war on all of them! But everything worked out Bush’s way and that freed him up to focas on Aftganistan because they’ve never given in to anyone and why we are at war there today! They say all the guns in Mexico are coming out of American Gun Shows when my sources assure me we are transporting plane load after plane load of guns and ammunition out of Pattric AFB in Floida continually! And if you ever get to see real picture of the confiscated weapons you’ll see that they are military grade and not what we can get at gun shows! Thanks for listening, I’ve been compiling this stuff for a long time, know this; our country is being run by a BUNCH OF DRUG DEALERS with the same mentality as street thugs and war lords, so if you don’t find something wrong with this, your part of the problem?

  4. Points to consider:
    A: More likely: This purchasing was a strategic decision to swamp demand on the open market, eliminating the opportunity for a majority of the public to stockpile addition guns and ammunition. Taking this step bridges the time-frame necessary for legislation to be passed and to take effect limiting individuals ability to purchase ammo in quantities. Most of the current legislation being moved through the the legislature will take effect this summer. Massive purchase of ammo by the government can just be stockpiled in warehouses indefinitely. This approach is an easier method of impacting the ammo marketplace then trying to shut down ammo manufacturers by legal means. Since the DHS can spend billions without any oversight, this method of impacting the ammo market is the path of least resistance. The ammo may never be used, will certainly not be sold as surplus to the public (remember the legislation will have been passed by then and these types of rounds will be/are illegal anyway), and will probably be scrapped for metal content years from now. All of the people involved with the decision to purchase these stockpiles will be long-gone, and the media will not have any interest in reporting the story. Recall how the Mint kept generating billions of dollar coins that are crammed into warehouses just sitting there waiting for.. something to happen with them. This approach to impacting the citizenry is right out of the Alinsky school of thought. See Obama and his Chicago cronies.
    Possibility B: The DHS is planning for something much more sinister over the horizon. I would be worried save for the mindless bureaucratic s’ that can’t seem to manage their way out of a paper bag. No need going down this rabbit hole.

    • Am trying to think this over. Could it be the very ideal that there will be no more bullets made? Just a thought. If it is, think they will couch in other terminology which would be say-a nuke. Theynare dangerous. Have to safeguard weapons and then render them inoperable.

  5. Why don’t you have a regular email that people can use to forward this article to others. I don’t use facebook, don’t tweet and don’t want google to know what I’m forwarding and to whom!!!

    • AGREED what martha just said. I am not going to Google or Facebook, nor use the popup as wants my URL before sending!

    • Martha,

      You don’t need a link to any email to forward this.
      You simply highlight and copy the web link for this page and the paste it into your own email.

      Too simple.

  6. One thing to never forget! There is never a shortage of guns and ammunition in a war zone. When the time comes there will be Patriots that gain access to the Government Stockpiles.
    The biggest lie ever told,
    I’m with the Government & I’m here to help!

  7. The Homeland Security employees are not well educated or trained. They are bullies. This reminds me of the German SS during WWII. They were not well educated or trained. They were bullies. Look how well that turned out.

  8. One possibility is that the forecast collapse of the dollar will result in massive civil unrest and looting as food supplies dwindle. Another is that planet X which is now in the inner solar system will pass between the earth and sun within the next 1-2 yrs causing a pole shift preceded by asteroid showers. When the elite emerge from their underground bases they will face about 30 million survivors, many of them armed, assuming a 10% survival rate.

  9. When a potential enemy country begins arming for war, you begin arming for war.
    When your country is not arming for war but has an internal goverment department quietly arming for war there is somthing very wrong.
    In the climate of severe political, idealogical division and economic uncertainty we find ourselves I believe it’s wise to do the same.

  10. This could be no more obvious if it was stuck in your face. If you can’t see whats going on I feel sorry for you. This is what I think. Its also why I no longer live in the US. First Hollow bullets are banned by the Geneva Convention. They are used for one thing and one thing only. TO KILL YOU. When the stock market goes down, The banks close and you have no money BTW Bernake lent Billions of dollars to foreign banks last week to create a rally in the stock market, but the is another story for another time. When the Banks collapse and all your money is gone and your pension and your 401K and your probably your retirement and the just on time delivery systems leaves store shelves empty. And your Hungry, And the kids are HUNGRY and all your trying to do is get food you will find out exactly what those people killers were bought for. We have been taken over by the lobbies the corporations the banks and the Bush, Clinton Crime syndicate. One of our great leaders that piece of shit Henry Kissenger describes us as useless eaters and our soldiers “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” This should give you a good adea what they think of us. First they will steal every piece of gold and silver they can, at half its value through the TV ads and shops opening up all over. You want some advice buy silver today while the price is low. buy as much as you can. Stock enough food for 6 months. Its going to be bad, the Main Stream News knows it. They also know if they talk about it they will get one of those hollow point Obama surprises.
    If your really smart you would get out while you can. Check American Kabucki and see how many have quit resigned and or left the country. God Help Us All.

    • Robert,

      So military are just dumb, stupid animals eh? I am not dumb, I am not stupid, and I am not an animal; but then I only spent 44 years in the military and I’m proud of it. In the event what everyone suspects is true and the government turns on its citizens, you will quickly come to appreciate having those so called dumb, stupid animals around who are experienced in warfare.

      Your comment concerning the military is inflammatory and you should apologize. It is obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Dont be stupid and actually read the article. “targeted people who’d once legally purchased firearms and lost the right after being convicted of violent crimes, committed to mental institutions or hit with restraining orders.” I fully support my right to own guns and i fully support the right to take guns away from those types of people. You cant legally purchase a firearm if you have been convicted of a felony so why should you be allowed to legally own one you purchased before you commited the crime? Dont be stupid.

      • Please do read this article, OK, lynnett did something to qualify her for Chris’s good enough for me list! But what about Dave? This is still about the right to protect yourself isn’t it? Like my son cleared up for me about the Sandy Hook Massacre that he has never had free access to my gun safe like the boy in that shooting obviously did. So why couldn’t Dave have a gun? Why did they have to take his? Why couldn’t they have simply instructed him to secure them and send someone by later to make sure that he had? And how many marriages end up with bogus restraining orders on them, and so then, there goes your gun rights! Folks this is nothing but back door gun confiscation, look at how many chances they’ll give for DUI’s, but guns, no sir! Who was more likely to hurt someone Lynnett or the drunk? I know you don’t want me to talk commonsense to you, but gun deaths in this country are still one of the smallest percentages of death in this country, accidental or otherwise, right next to pool drownings maybe less! But not counting rightious shootings which you never hear about accept on a local level and that is if the states attorny’s office hasn’t tried to villify it, because of the use of a gun! I have lots of stories to tell you about states attornys’, don’t trust them! It’s all about them creating jobs for themselves, not serving the public! Listen folks, CRAP HAPPENS, but look around you is everything not peaceful, even with 84.000,000 gun owners? Well it won’t be if they succeed in trying to fix something that isn’t broken! Which is what many of us believe in the first place, that the United Nations has caused all the assault weapon histaria in the last twenty five years, so that when they tried to take them away it would cause the break down they needed for them to bring about their New World Order or as the Bible says; the One World Government! Jesus told us, don’t be fooled, they’ll have you running here and there, but stay, sell all your guns and use the money to fight for your right to have guns? Get involved; when good men do nothing bad men will prevail!!!

  11. It only took how long for these twits to catch up to what’s been going on? Those bids have been out for how long, exactly?

  12. Hum ever see the Seinfeld soup NAZI episode where dryfuss orders so much soup the jerk lost his business when he couldn’t make the order? Same thing is going on right user your noses with the so called ammo shortage and rifle shortage.

    You guys watching what your local LEO are doing? Two cities I know of now have military up armoured hum-vs some are using them to serve arrest warrants. And that is in Indiana so much for so called oath keepers. They have night vision as well.

  13. I have been watching this for years, you can see the actual PO’s for the orders DHS is procuring in GSA records in Washington, DC. Look, it’s plain and simple, the country is $16T in debt, the national reading comp level is third grade, elected official are almost all universally crooks, definitely don’t vote as their constituents desire and all great nations in history fail and we are in that process but, the rich that are our elected officials want to hold on to what they have in the “name” of the country, when it is not the true motive, they just crave power and think that somehow after taking office that they are nobility, just look at their health benefits and retirement plans. America is no different from Spain, England, Russia, Portugal, Germany and the other empires, they all fail and we are failing too at a velocity that is unprecedented in modern time because of technology, social media, and the web. We are headed for civil war and it will happen in 3 to 7 years unless voters elect the best and brightest to serve. Frankly I see the country broken up along the Mississippi, if you don’t believe me just look at which states are bucking the president’s executive orders on gun control.

  14. I guess we’ll have to go back to the basics. MRAPS may be fine for deflecting small arms fire but…..they are NOT fireproof. One or Two well placed molatavs snd it’d a worthless pile of burnt steel. We can even use that neat little trick that the CIA taught the afgans back in the 80’s. Let the choppers get close enough or find terrain where you’re above them and use “rope throwing guns” to fire into their rotors. They come down real fast after that.

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