With only 104 Deaths, Oregon Governor extends Declaration of Emergency to July 6th

As states start to reopen, a number of Democrat-run hellholes are attempting to use the so-called pandemic to consolidate power. In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown just extended her unconstitutional emergency orders until July 6th, despite having one of the lowest death counts in the country.

With only 104 deaths in a state with 4.14 million people, the extension of emergency powers in Oregon is beyond ridiculous. The extension allows the looney governor to extend the prohibition on large gatherings and to extend her shut down of small business for another 60 days.

Protestors hit the streets in Oregon

On Saturday, protestors gathered outside the state Capitol to demand the reopening of the state and the immediate reopening of parks and campgrounds that were also targeted by the insane governor who is using her powers to basically imprison the state.

Many believe that the governor’s attempt to push this passed the fourth of July holiday is nothing but a backhanded attack on the constitution and the principles that founded this country.

The attack on Liberty, Our Economy, and the American Dream

It’s never been more clear that this bullshit was never about a virus. As we’ve said from the beginning, COVID-19 is simply the vehicle they are using to takedown western culture, kill the American Dream, and destroy our livelihoods. It is nothing more than an attempt to push the socialist new world order dream.

Facts no matter to these people. They do not care that frontline doctors are saying this virus is NOT a threat and that the hospitals are laying-off healthcare workers. You now have 40% of the country who say they may not leave their houses even if the so-called pandemic ends! America has turned into a de facto police state, thanks in large part to a bunch of narcissistic left-wing millennials who have sold out our country.

Here are just a few examples we’ve covered over the last couple of months:

Preparedness Resources:

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  1. This is the same governor that ordered the assassination of LaVoy Finicum, with approval from Obama, FBI head Comey and the State of Oregon’s leadership to include both of Origon’s senators. Of course Brown was more than happy to execute the orders from comey and Obama. That’s what Oregon is dealing with…a narcissistic, sociopathic head case–very sad.

  2. Well, it looks like I won’t be going to going to Minnville to see the spruce goose any time soon and sponge off the relatives.

  3. I wonder how long it is going to take for this country to erupt in a War? These governors who are thinking they are “all that” and think they can tell us all what to do, when to do it, and also how, are really risking our country to the citizens who are sick and tired of having others having the so-called power to tell us all what to do.
    We all should be prepared for what is coming next and I am not talking more deaths from the virus, but from a war that all of these governors are asking for, by doing what this governor has done, to extend a quarantine for longer than would/should be necessary.
    Aside from the fact that so many of us disbelieve the statistics we are being spoon-fed daily about how many are dying.
    When a video of doctors dancing in a hospital, because they are not as busy as the “main stream” media tells us, we all can still think, hopefully, all of us can still think. Keep posting these news reports please, so those of us who want real, factual news can still get it.

    • I totally agree – in Virginia we have a black face idiot who is nothing short of a DNC’s puppet just like a governor preceding him now in Senate and Hillary’s pick for her shadow. I’m pretty sure that this idiot will not be replaced by another Democrat – by then all of the State and Federal bureaucrats living in northern Virginia – all have their hands out for everything free – will outnumber the rest of us in this State. Quite unfortunate for the State but the bureaucrats only care about their own well being – absolutely not the overall well being of the working families.

    • Sharon, sweet lady(I hope), you are the perfect example of the success of the whole”great plot;”–. Lie to the people, then lie about the lies– confuse the people, attack the institutions, paint them as the lyers– confuse the people, cheat the people by stealing their tax monies in plain sight, etc. etc. etc.
      From what I’ve read, every attempt at TRUE DEMOCRACY throughout history has been thwarted by first deluding and confusing the people. Well guess what girl, “THEIR” plot is working. Just make sure you choose the correct “THEY,” to hitch your wagon to.

    • The first shots have already been fired by the looney left. That is the intention of them extending their pandemic orders.

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