World Health Organization calls New Virus a Threat to the Entire World

A New Virus, which recently popped up in the Middle East, has researchers very worried because they can’t figure out exactly how it’s spreading, or why the mortality rate is so high among those who have become infected.

While the virus is so far only responsible for 49 known infections, of those infected over half have died. Strangely, the World Health Organization is already saying this virus could be a threat to the entire world.

The new virus, named Middle East respiratory symptom coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, is a SARS-like virus that causes flu-like symptoms. The virus turns deadly when it attacks infected victims respiratory systems which can then lead to pneumonia and kidney failure.

So far a majority of the cases have all come out of the Arabian Peninsula, but health experts from the WHO say infections are now starting to show up in other areas of the world. Local transmissions are now being reported in France and the United Kingdom and health officials still have no idea how this virus spreads,or how to prevent future infections.

WHO’s general director said Monday, the virus is “a threat to the entire world.”

At the same time, Health officials in Alabama are reporting a mysterious new respiratory illness that has killed two people in southeast Alabama, and caused five other hospitalizations. Local health officials have no idea what this disease is or where it originated.

Considering the fact that two new and mysterious respiratory illnesses have popped up at the same time,  this is probably something that we should all keep an eye on. The world is becoming increasingly more likely to see a major pandemic event; if history shows us anything, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

If you haven’t read our article on, “How to protect yourself from pandemic outbreaks,” I suggest taking a quick look to see if your prepared to deal with the threat.

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  1. Now this is real world scary. Rebellions rise and empires fall all the time we are about due statistically speaking, but they’ll give you a warning. This could come out of nowhere and kill us all indiscriminately

  2. Well, I have to say that this scares me. Quite a bit. And since they don’t know how it spreads… bottled water, canned goods, general isolation and respiratory masks for me if it gets any closer.
    I hope they figure out what it is.
    And I thank OGS for the constantly-updated news stories; I hear pretty much none of this anywhere else.

    • Prepper, I work n the municipality water treatment field. IDK if u know, but the bottled water isn’t regulated as well as the municipalies and privately owned municiple type plants. That being said, sum bottled water comes from these type of water plants, sum from companies like coke and others like that. They usually treat it w/ ozone instead of chlorine. Ozone is fine n the short term, but doesn’t last as long as chlorine. U can treat ur own w/ a filter and disinfect it w/ house hold bleach ( cheap is fine) make sure it’s not scented. @ 8-16 drops of bleach per quart of filtered water ( the dirtyier it is, the more u need up to 16 drops), Shake it well for a minute and let it set @ 30 mins b4 consuming, or u can store it n a cool dark place for up to a yr. , U can also use hth swim pool chlorine n grainular form ( make sure it’s mixed well). bottled water is soooo expensive! U can use rain water or pond or ditch or lake water to filter and treat w/ bleach alot cheaper and its better. Run thru carbon filter b4 drinking if u want rid of strong chlorine taste/odor.

  3. Sounds to me like some government is testing some type of bio weapons. That’s a very high percentage of deaths and to me suggests someone is letting this out into the public.

    • I don’t want to jump ahead with so little to go on, but assuming that’s right, I might as well enter a hypothetical reason. An engineered super-bug would be an effective method of depopulation for those agencies that are in favor of population control.

    • Debatable, as there are always new diseases/sicknesses, but I could see that happen.
      But smallpox wasn’t engineered (From what I know) and it was pretty deadly too. I know with all the people saying “It’s the government” it seems likely, but it could be a mutation, or a virus not known until now. I can’t suggest either way, but it seems that it’s a “new” virus. The Middle eastern one; probably a “normal” virus. Alabama one; A weaker strain of MERS-CoV (Weaker based on fewer deaths to hospitalizations)…? But as always, we’ll have to see.

  4. The CDC and the WHO are taking way to long to find the reason for these outbreaks, this is the reason for a high infection rate. With all of the resources that they have we should have been told something, IF they wanted us to know.

  5. Great now we have H7N9,MERS-COV,and another virus.Get ready people!buy hand sanitizer,bleach vitamin A,D,C, N-95 breathing masks and nitril gloves.And PRAY!

    • Get them while the getting is good, and at a reasonable price, before price gouging comes into play and the supply-in-demand is overwhelmed.

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